I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: The Master of the Witch

Can I make three requests to the demon in front of me?

Although the demon lord was kneeling on one knee, he was still taller than the two standing people, and the strong aura of warfare emanating from him made it difficult for people to breathe.

After all, this is a true demon lord, the master of countless black wizards. Even in some weak civilizations of certain universes, it would be worshipped as a god.

If it exerts its full power, it should not be underestimated.

Being able to make three requests to it...this is undoubtedly a very important and enormous privilege.

Compared to the power itself, what makes the senior demons who have lived for countless years even more formidable is their profound background, which includes vast treasures and extensive knowledge, that they possess even when they deal with just one human or even no force at all.

Bai Yan fell into contemplation and remained silent for a long time.

To be honest, he has always had a huge doubt deep in his heart: whether he was the one who participated in the death game ritual with the members of the "Tower" in the first place.

So, were these countermeasures left behind by the completely different "self"?

Or is it possible that someone else left them?

This demon lord claims to be a defeated one, and the question is, does he intend to satisfy the demands of the "current Bai Yan", the demands of the "Bai Yan back then", or perhaps even the demands of the "master of the Babel Tower"?

Although these three people all seem to be Bai Yan himself, he is very aware that they are three distinct concepts.

Nevertheless, Bai Yan spoke up.

He remembered his purpose, and believed that lifting the curse was far more important than seeking powerful forces from the demon, such as beautiful servants, precious treasures, or anything else.

"My first request."

Bai Yan said calmly:

"Lift the curse from Adelaide and Black Vulture."

Although he didn't mention Adelaide's full name, he knew that his request would still be effective, as all of his knowledge came from the library of the Demon Hunt Agency.

[I understand now.]

[When tonight passes and the sun rises once again, the curses on the two will disappear.]

The heavy voice echoed in the hearts of the two. Demon Lord Sburnak agreed without hesitation, very quickly, as if afraid that Bai Yan would change his mind.

Bai Yan also caught this small detail. It seemed that he could make even more unreasonable demands, and yet he felt like he was taking advantage of the situation.

If, and it was a big if, he could turn this guy into a demon little girl and make it work for him for a hundred years, maybe then...

Now I have two more requests to make, well.

Sburnak, who was kneeling on one knee, stood up. Suddenly, he took out a sheepskin scroll from his bosom and it flew straight into Bai Yan's hands.

[Now you need this.]

Bai Yan was slightly stunned and, upon opening it, he discovered that the sheepskin scroll listed the names of many ancient demons, along with corresponding methods for summoning them.

Wait a minute, this texture...doesn't feel like sheepskin.

Sburnak's heavy voice echoed once again.

[It records the names of many demons in Hell, but they are not their 'true names'...Their powers and abilities are varied, and many of them are even more powerful than me. The remaining two requests you have should be directed towards them, which would be more in your interest.]

"So that's how it is," Bai Yan finally understood that the entity he could make requests to wasn't actually just the demon lord, but rather all the demons in Hell.

There are still two requests left out of the three...I need to make good use of them.

He immediately understood why Sburnak had taken out this scroll.

Truly a demon, it was a cunning and deceptive existence. Because it didn't want all three requests to be used on itself, it proactively provided information about other demons.

Well, this way I do have more and better choices, and am not limited to just Sburnak anymore.

[I have already acted in accordance with the contract and will leave immediately.]

Sburnak clearly wanted to leave very badly, as if afraid that the person in front of him would make an unreasonable request, as if Bai Yan was the true demon.

Bai Yan thought about it, nodded gently, and didn't leave any of its thoughts behind. What if it accidentally revealed its true identity by saying too much?

What will be the witch's reaction at that time?

She might immediately kneel down with a smile and lick my shoes, or she might take the gamble with a grin and try to imprison and research me... It's all uncertain.

Although, Bai Yan doesn't think he would be caught and imprisoned by the Moon Witch now.

A pale light rose to the sky, and the heavy atmosphere at the crossroads gradually dissipated, as the powerful and ancient demon lord Sburnak gradually left the present world.

"Profligate, I never imagined your status would be so high... In the multiverse, even upper-level demons fear many beings, but those beings without exception are all very powerful, even immortal."

The Moon Witch narrowed her eyes, gazing at Bai Yan trying to search for any new information.

But at this moment, Bai Yan didn't show any psychological changes for her to read.

Merete Chambers froze.

Under the moonlight of the night, Bai Yan fell silent, no longer speaking and calmly adjusting the appearance of the incarnation.

Moon Witch's ability is not to 'read minds', but rather 'Discernment', which is the ability to analyze surface-level thoughts by observing various subtle expressions and actions of a person.

Bai Yan can completely manipulate the changes in the appearance of 'the incarnation', theoretically even making it appear as anyone. Therefore, as long as he keeps adjusting the subtle expressions of the face, 'Discernment's' effect would be completely neutralized.

At this moment, she could no longer fully grasp Bai Yan's true thoughts.

The witch still didn't show too much emotional expression, just calmly smiling and saying, "So you have this kind of response, I didn't expect it."

"In fact, you are also very interested in me."

Bai Yan suddenly smiled, looked at Miss Witch standing next to him, and said, "We two are of the same kind, and one of the things you most desire is to know all my secrets, hoping to see through everything about me."

"And before this day comes, you will continuously want to get close to me, am I not right?"

"You have seen through my thoughts."

Merete Chambers smiled and fell into a peaceful silence.

Bai Yan nodded slightly and said, "I can promise you again that as long as you wholeheartedly assist me and agree to all my requests, you will definitely enter the Babel Tower within six months."

Even if she can 'read shallow psychological activities', so what? As an absolute master of resources, they have a huge overwhelming advantage, and over time, the strength of "Lightsaber" and others will continue to make rapid progress.

The witch was destined to be a loser from the very beginning.

Bai Yan's smile was full of mystery as he said, "Can you tell at this moment that I am not lying?"

He voluntarily stopped the act of constantly changing his incarnation's appearance, allowing his true emotions to flow out.

"You are indeed not lying."

Merete Chambers nodded lightly and smiled, "In that case, for the next six months, I will be like a 'collar' that you have put on me."

Bai Yan replied calmly, "Isn't this what you requested originally?"

"You did indeed accomplish this."

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The witch suddenly approached and whispered in Bai Yan's ear, "So, I will obey all of your commands from this moment on... my master."


The home where the witch temporarily resides is a classical style villa located far away from human habitation.

In fact, it was just like the Hunter family's base, both are located in separate barriers and not truly physically connected to Tatsumi City.

Samoyed walked out of the bathroom with a sullen face, wrapped in a white bath towel and sat nervously in the room waiting for [someone].

What to do, what to do, what to do...

So scary!

Finally, the witch has returned.

Merete Chambers smiled and looked at the freshly washed Samoyed, whose body was trembling.

"Um, I'm done washing... Master."

The witch nodded and said, "Oh, you can go to sleep now."

"Is that all?" Samoyed's face showed an expression of surprise.

"What about it?" Merete Chambers looked surprised, as if she couldn't understand Samoyed's question.

Samoyed opened her mouth, but couldn't find the words to speak for a long time.

"Then why did you, Master, tell me at that time that the man was a perverted scumbag and rushed me to take a shower?"

Merete Chambers shook her head and said, "Nothing, I just wanted to say something bad about that person."

"You did it intentionally, didn't you?!"

The witch neither confirms nor denies it, and suddenly says seriously, "Samoyed, do you know about hell? Is there a legend that demons in hell will kneel to a certain person and fulfill three requests of that person? Hmm, it's clear that you don't know... Then during this time, you need to summon more demons to inquire about any relevant information about this matter for me."

"Afterwards, I will reward you."


Bai Yan stood calmly at the crossroads, silently gazing at the scroll in his hand, which recorded various summoning ceremonies for superior demons, even beyond the level of "demon lords".

And above all of them... is the ultimate demon.

"If that thing were to emerge, it would be impossible to suppress it, and this city would be destroyed."

He shook his head gently, casually putting the scroll into the interior of the Babel Tower. Finally, this "Bai Yan" gradually began to dissipate and ultimately became a plain piece of paper.

The real Bai Yan sat silently on the sofa in his villa, surrounded by the darkness of the night.

There have been quite a few things that happened today.

At the time when the "Life-and-Death Saint" came to the Book of Prophecy, what exactly did she want to seize? She had arrived one step too late and didn't hear about her intentions.

But it is definitely related to the Book of Prophecy, and there must be something hidden inside it.

Bai Yan in the darkness shook his head gently and decided not to worry about this matter for now. He took out his phone.

The bright moonlight appeared, shining on the game interface of his phone.

"I have enough points now, let's summon."