I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: The Demon Lord

On the way out of the coffee shop, as it was already late at night and Tatsumi City had been very tumultuous in recent days, nobody could be seen in the dark.

In the autumn breeze of the late night, Merete Chambers, pulled on her clothes and shivered slightly, and said anxiously, "It's a little cold."

Bai Yan knew that her physical condition was just average, so in order to set the mood, she deliberately wore an evening gown. Is she feeling cold now?

However, this is also a technique for women to get closer to people, deliberately revealing one's small weakness.

Although the witch's body may feel cold, she should not have such a "girlish" reaction. This person's tolerance for pain far exceeds the human limit.

He suddenly joked,

"What if we do these things together, and as I continue to grow fond of you, I end up falling for you in the end?"

"Falling for me?"

Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes and replied with a smile, "Well, that would be great. If I could make you fall in love with me, then I could have all the power and resources at your disposal, couldn't I? Perhaps you need me to have a child for you, so you can feel you have successfully controlled me?"

If it weren't for the wrong situation and person, Bai Yan would really want to spit out some saliva at this moment.

Well, this guy's brain is really abnormal.

"Not enough?" asked Merete Chambers with a straight face.

"No, the problem is not in there at all."

As Bai Yan spoke, he suddenly noticed a wicked smile on Merete Chambers' face.

It was the same smile as when she teased Samoyed earlier.

He understood that the other party was teasing him... using this slightly ambiguous sense of humor to bring the two of them closer and gain trust - these were all simple methods.

Merete Chambers suddenly said,

"You have many secrets stored in your heart that you can't share, which will only make you feel more and more lonely... If you're ever willing to share your secrets with someone, I would be happy to be that person."

Bai Yan smiled and nodded lightly. "Perhaps one day I will really share my secrets."

However, the person who knows everything is not you.

Merete Chambers nodded gently, and suddenly realized, "I see, you actually have someone you trust deeply in your heart. You were just thinking about that person earlier. But even if you trust her very much, you won't share all your secrets. That's just the way your personality is."

She shook her head gently. "If the person you trust happens to be a woman, that would be difficult for me."

"Don't make it sound like you're pursuing me," said Bai Yan calmly.

"Samoyed, did she also trust you unknowingly at first and eventually become your slave?"

Merete Chambers squinted her eyes and didn't deny that Samoyed was her slave.

In fact, she almost never denies anything that others say.

She continued to smile as usual and said, "No, Samoyed had many choices at the beginning, but she only chose the path she was sure to choose."

Bai Yan really wanted to ask where they were going next, but he still didn't. Since Merete Chambers said she could lift their curse, he would just follow her.

Adelaide and Black Vulture are both his teammates. He has no reason not to help them relieve their pain.

Moreover, she probably won't deceive him temporarily, and even if she wants to do something to him, it's meaningless.

At this moment, Bai Yan's original body is actually not here.

In the distant Platinum Zone, in the villa where he had lived for a long time, the real Bai Yan is having a late night snack with Maryse who had just arrived uninvited.

Maryse didn't know what to eat originally. She had only eaten various luxury food from her family since she was a child. So, Bai Yan prepared some Chinese hotpot, which made her mouth numb... literally numb. The little one is currently licking an ice cream bar to relieve the numbness.

Yes, how could tonight's Bai Yan possibly make contact with the witch using his original body? Who knows what kind of things she might do.

Being so fragile and kind, if one doesn't pay attention to self-protection while away, what if he is imprisoned by the malicious and despicable witch?

It's scary to even think about it.

Finally, Merete Chambers and Bai Yan arrived at a place that looked unspectacular. She shivered and stopped in her tracks.

This is just a commonplace crossroad that can be seen everywhere.

Merete Chambers, with a red face from the cold, pulled out a set of leather clothes from somewhere and quickly put them on.

"Let me explain briefly. Although this place doesn't seem to have any problems, it actually meets the longitude and latitude requirements to summon the demon lord, 'Sburnak'."

"Believe the information provided by Samoyed. Although she is foolish, she is an expert in this field and also the master of a small, accomplished black wizard sect, with more than a hundred lives on her hands."


This breed of dog has a gentle and cute appearance resembling that of an angelic smile, but in reality, they have a mischievous and devilish mind.

Bai Yan nodded gently and stood opposite the witch without saying anything.

The witch began to calmly arrange the ritual, placing "Disturbing Calm Wind" at four positions at the crossroads in order, corresponding to "White Bone Teeth," "Annoying Tears," and "Transparent Bats".

These are all spell materials used as sacrifices, and they are not particularly expensive. The total value of them added together is only a few hundred thousand.

"I will soon summon it out, and then use black magic to suppress the demon lord, forcing it to negotiate terms with us."

"Okay, let's begin."

Next, Merete Chambers closed her eyes and began to chant in order to summon the Demon Lord.

Her words were not of the language of the real world, but instead a complex symbol of magic that humans cannot comprehend. They sounded obscure and difficult to understand, as if they were whispered from an ancient and distant time.


With the extremely standard ancient syllables, the four sacrificial items disappeared without a trace. Bai Yan gazed at the center of the crossroads, sensing the changes in the surroundings as the demon was being summoned.


The air around me is gradually becoming murky and heavy, and my mind feels like it has entered another world. A pure evil is silently spreading, seemingly waiting for the opportune moment to bring about the world's destruction.

Finally, the wind ceased.

He knew that the entity had arrived.

Merete Chambers opened her eyes and smiled, while in the center of the pitch-black crossroads not far away, a pale light had already emerged.

Bai Yan gazed at the pale light and clearly sensed a powerful ancient aura.

The Demon Lords are powerful entities that are above regular upper-level demons. According to the literature within the Demon Hunt Agency, all of them are ancient beings with Crown level strength.

Even under normal circumstances, ordinary Crown level beings are no match for Demon Lords, because Demon Lords who have lived for a long time possess more abundant experience and knowledge.

The most important point is that the Planes of upper-level demons, including the Demon Lords, are very high.

They are even higher than the "Formation Realm", and are advanced life forms of the Plane known as the "Creation Realm".

Any existence that has reached the "Creation Realm" Plane will have a mind that surpasses common sense. Techniques such as psychic abilities, soul magic, and illusions will have little effect on them.

This is also the biggest reason why Bai Yan believes that the later stage "Psychic Dancers" are not strong enough.

"Speaking of which, Samoyed isn't an honest child." The witch suddenly spoke up.

"What do you want to say?" Bai Yan asked calmly.

Merete Chambers said intriguingly:

"I mean, Samoyed has actually tried to kill me several times. Being a sinner who grew up in the wilderness, she doesn't have the same values as normal humans. Although she looks cute, she is actually very frightening... she is a "talking monster" wearing human skin."

She smiled with narrowed eyes and continued,

"So, it's possible that the spell used to suppress the Demon Lord may fail, or it may even anger the Demon Lord. This is all very likely, so be mentally prepared."

Bai Yan remained silent and didn't respond, while his other self was playing video games and could release the incarnation at any time. If necessary, he had many other means at his disposal.


One of the many Demon Lords, its exact birth time is unknown. In the literature of the black wizards, there are records related to it dating back at least tens of thousands of years ago.

This is a man riding a white horse, wearing a dragon bone helmet, and draped in a white cloak. There is also a long sword hanging from his waist, ready to be drawn at any time. He exudes a strong atmosphere of war at all times.

Although its appearance is very similar to a human, when this guy actually appeared, Bai Yan could tell at first glance that it was not human in the true sense.

Because it rides on a white horse that is nearly five meters tall, even its humanoid form is about three meters tall. Its eyes are flames of blue, and the blue magic array on the ground is struggling to contain its footsteps.

[I am the Lord of Demons, Sburnak, providing weapons for those who fight.]


[Why did you summon me?]

Merete Chambers muttered incantations, a wound on her hand continuously pouring fresh blood as she cast the suppression spell to limit the power of the Lord of Demons in this world.

And then, it succeeded.

A faint black halo appeared above the Lord of Demons' head, its blue-flamed eyes twitched slightly, visibly filled with some anger.

[Another black wizard using petty tricks.]



It suddenly looked towards Bai Yan standing nearby, its tall body starting to tremble.

[Why are you here and how did this happen? So this was your hidden card?]

Next, the demon lord unexpectedly flipped down from the white horse, then knelt down on one knee in front of Bai Yan with an extremely agitated mood.

[According to the ancient agreement, as the loser, I will now fulfill your three requests.]

Merete Chambers unexpectedly looked towards Bai Yan standing by the side, with a flash of surprise crossing her eyes.

Meanwhile, Bai Yan, who was extremely surprised, pretended to have no expression, secretly swallowing his saliva.

The current situation is also very unexpected for him!

Although not very clear, the "self" or the "master of the Babel Tower" indeed had a great origin, and the ancient demon lord seemed to know some truth...

Fortunately, it didn't expose my true identity on the spot.

Otherwise, he really didn't know what reaction the "witch" would have.