I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: Life and Death Saint

Bai Yan has actually thought carefully about something.

Why does Merete Chambers have to ask him to come and save herself?

In fact... the witch had no reason to get involved, as even if the Saint of the Church of Ruins destroyed the Demon Hunt Agency, it would not put them in danger.

After much consideration, Bai Yan could only come up with one interesting answer... perhaps this was Merete Chambers' way of getting closer to him.

Now, at this moment, the witch has reached a desperate situation, and if left alone, she would... die a very miserable death.

Deep Blue World.

Everything and everyone had fallen into absolute stillness, and even though it was just a short five seconds, for Bai Yan who had "Power Possession" over "Nightsaber" at this moment, it was enough time to do anything he needed to.

He calmly walked up to Merete Chambers, gently touching the ice-cold skin of her neck with his finger, and with a flick and a burst of power and skill, he instantly unraveled the thread made of special metal.

"The witch knows your secret and has told me how to remove the supernatural power called 'Assimilation Possession'."

Bai Yan closed his eyes and gently placed his palm in front of Merete Chambers' chest.

Power Possession·Psychic Dancer.

As time stood still, Merete Chambers was instantly shocked out of her trance and found that the man had already appeared in front of her. Subconsciously, she wanted to "Assimilate Possession" this man.

Bai Yan was already manipulating his psychic power. Following the solution given by Miss Witch, he made the psychic power form a chaotic wave and spread out.

Even though the psychic power of "Psychic Dancer" is weaker than that of the "Saint of Life and Death", as long as it can disrupt the frequency of the mind's waves, it can still lift the assimilation effect.


The 'wave frequency' of assimilation has been interrupted!

A phantom slowly emerged from Miss Witch's body. It was the shadow of a resentful woman, with an ordinary physique and a sharp and vicious appearance. Her eyes were filled with nauseating evil.

"So your true nature is a spiritual being...Saint of Life and Death, I see.... You, who are dead, are manipulating the will of the living."

Life and death, naturally, are a kind of balance.

Bai Yan hesitated for a moment as he gazed at Merete Chambers who slowly fell down in front of him. Eventually, he gently caught her body.

The phantom floating in mid-air looked extremely malicious as it gazed at the two people.

She didn't feel the slightest bit of fear, on the contrary, she sneered.

"Even if you can break the effect of 'Assimilation Possession', you cannot possibly defeat me... There is also a huge gap in our raw power!"

Crown level middle-tier, this is the extraordinary rank of the "Saint of Life and Death". Without a doubt, it represents truly powerful beings.

At the same time, she also carried a Civilization-level Relic named "Piercer of All Things"!

Obviously, she is an even more formidable enemy than Pastor!

The evil soul floated in the air, madly driving the power of the mind to surge in the entire space. Even Bai Yan felt dizzy at this moment.

The witch, who had been mentally devastated, had fallen into a coma and showed no signs of waking up.

"Hahaha! I will completely crush your minds, like crushing bugs!"

"Saint of Life and Death" laughed wildly, surging with the power of the mind. Bai Yan also used the power of "Psychic Dancer" to resist, but quickly found himself falling into a disadvantaged position, and in imminent danger.

Bai Yan tried to switch to "Power Possession" and take out his phone, but as his consciousness gradually became fuzzy, he also became somewhat uncontrollable.

Just at that moment, the door opened!

Alan, Lin Bian, Raven Reaper, Mr. Trap and other Night Watchers sensed that something was wrong and also came to the huge white room.

They saw evil spirits floating in mid-air, as well as a unconscious witch and the "Profligate", immediately realizing what was going on.

"The Saint of Life and Death" also immediately saw the Night Watchers who entered the room, and sneered with disdain.

"Hahaha, I told you, you're just a bunch of trash, why do you still want to intervene by coming in? Is this miserable salary worth sacrificing your lives for?"

Although she was indeed a powerful enemy, Bai Yan felt that her demeanor was far inferior to that of "Pastor", "Mr. Mystery", and "the Left Hand of Dark Light".

Lin Bian resolutely lifted his silver gun and dozens of offensive spells were shot out like flowing fire, creating a extremely magnificent visual effect in mid-air. The bombardment was so intense that it even made the entire room tremble!

"That's all, just a manic lunatic who only knows how to set off fireworks."

After the intense bombing, "The Saint of Life and Death" was still untouched, and her face was full of disdain and ridicule. Her psychic power had actually condensed into an iron wall in the real world, blocking the attacks in the material world.

Raven Reaper spread his arms and had already taken a stance. Once again, an extremely imposing aura condensed around him. Dense and numerous flame feathers grew on his skin. After acquiring the mythical creature feature of a phoenix, he carried extremely hot power as he charged towards "The Saint of Life and Death".

The extremely terrifying heat had evaporated the air around him, to the point that even the hardest and most stubborn rocks would instantly melt.

"Is that all there is to it?"

In mid-air, "The Saint of Life and Death" still showed no fear. She converted all her psychic power into a terrifying flood, like the roar of millions of voices, capable of splitting a river in half. In the blink of an eye, Raven Reaper, who had transformed into a phoenix, rushed down from mid-air, imposing a force so great that it suppressed the Night Watchers below, making them unable to move.

The gap in strength is very evident.

"Let's start by assimilating you, old man with hidden tricks!"

The "Saint of Life and Death" in soul form suddenly rushed towards Mr. Trap, who had not yet acted, attempting to possess his body.


At the critical moment, Alan suddenly clapped his hands and his body exchanged places with Mr. Trap's instantly.

"The Saint of Life and Death" was slightly stunned, and then INT began to sound the alarm, which gave a very bad premonition.

The power of the mind had already attacked first, and Alan's consciousness was instantly confused. Before losing consciousness, he had already been staring at the enemy's extraordinary power being displayed.

The Fire that Burns Everything.

The black flames have started to burn.

Indescribable, extremely heavy aura made everyone feel suffocated and unable to breathe.

The "Saint of Life and Death" was burning with terrifying black flames. Even the barriers formed by her psychic power were unable to resist. The intense pain caused her to wail instantaneously and fall into a state of terror and madness!

"Ah ah ah ah ah! What is this thing! Impossible, impossible, you are just a Night Watcher! Ah ah ah!"

That is a terrifying power that can burn down twenty worlds, and will continue to burn until it ultimately destroys all worlds back to the beginning!

Even though there is a huge gap in strength, at this moment her "life" has already begun its countdown.

The consequences of the soul burning to ashes are self-evident. The "Saint of Life and Death" has completely fallen into madness due to great fear. Her eyes are full of ferocity, knowing that only by killing that Night Watcher can there be a possibility to stop this strange black flame and find a glimmer of hope.

"Just a mere Night Watcher!"

I will absolutely not die here!

You can all go to hell!

In her hand, there appeared a deep brown rusty spearhead, which was the "Piercer of All Things", a Civilization-level Relic that possessed the terrifying power to reverse the situation with just one attack at this moment.

The aged Mr. Trap also appeared with a playing card in his hand at some point. The front of the card was a ferocious black devil, while the back was a weeping kind goddess.

This is the Demon Hunt Agency's last Civilization-level Relic in Tatsumi City...the Negotiation of Good and Evil.

"I choose... 'peace'."

Mr. Trap calmly turned the goddess's side of the playing card face up.

In the next moment, he lost the ability to speak.

This is the cost of peace.

The 'Piercer of All Things' has also been launched, and the 'Saint of Life and Death', as a cultist, has consumed a lot of soul energy, but as long as she can successfully return, she can replenish it with living people, so she doesn't care at all.

A pure white aurora shot from the spearhead at the Night Watchers, possessing a dreadful momentum to tear apart the world and change all things!

However, a completely invincible invisible barrier stood in front of the Night Watchers, which could not be harmed at all.

This is the rule of peace.


Both being "Civilization-level Relics", there is also a difference in the effectiveness between the two.

The white aurora was instantly ejected upwards, piercing through the huge room, rushing out of the top of the Demon Hunt Agency building, and penetrating all the way up to the clouds in the endless black night in the sky at a height of ten thousand meters.

How hateful!

After being pushed to such a state by a group of nameless losers, the agonizing "Saint of Life and Death" felt immense humiliation. She decided to do "Piercer of All Things" once again! Completely kill them!

"Anyway, all I have to do is use the offerings to replenish it after returning!"

At the same time, the "Saint of Life and Death" also showed concern about the location of the prophecy book, fearing that it may have been robbed by the people of the Babel Tower while the situation is in chaos.

She soon discovered that "Profligate" had disappeared without a trace.

Where did that guy go?

By the way, there is another option, I can directly obtain the Ruin-level Relic inside the prophecy book, which may also alleviate the current crisis!

She pondered what her next decision should be.

At that moment, the "Saint of Life and Death" suddenly felt an extremely terrifying pressure.

From above!

"What kind of power is this?"

She stared at the gaping hole in the dome and felt a terrifying, unstoppable presence fixated on her.

This power...

Too exaggerated!

At this moment, the 'Saint of Life and Death', felt like a powerless fish in a tsunami, unable to stir even a tiny wave under this absolute pressure.


In the night sky.

There is a huge palace shimmering with golden light.

It moved.

The palace shimmered even more grandly in the darkness, filled with majestic golden light, like a sun above all things, instantly turning the dark night into a brilliant golden one!

The people of Tatsumi City raised their heads, each one feeling an aura of absolute dignity and resistance.

One after another, the people of Tatsumi City knelt towards the golden palace in the sky, trembling and prostrating themselves on the ground. Under this momentum, people dared not to resist.


The clouds gradually turned black, and thunderclouds gathered. The sky, which was once golden and glorious, gradually became dark and extremely gloomy. Some incomparable power was constantly gathering.

God's Punishment is about to be unleashed!