I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: Madmen

No one present, except for Merete Chambers, had heard of the so-called "Ruins-level" Relic.

The Civilization-level Relic, isn't that the highest level of Relic?

But this matter can be completely set aside for later, it's time for Miss Witch to take action now!

People became tense, simultaneously recollecting many legends about the "Swordbearer."

Swordbearer is a special elite unit of the Demon Hunt Agency headquarters, dedicated to handling the most crucial issues related to Outer God. In the past, when dealing with foreign forces such as the Dark Light Church, they were aided by the Eyes of the Empire, who are known as the "Iron Wall" of the Air Alliance.

And this time, the support to deal with the evil cult is likely to be Swordbearer, who usually only focuses on domestic affairs.

It is said that each previous leader of the Sword-wielding Troop has become the next director of the Demon Hunt Agency.

Miss Witch herself is a member of the Swordbearer, and she came to Tatsumi City to become a "special advisor" for some reason.

The platinum-colored page quickly transformed into a short-haired teenage boy with silver-gray hair. He was wearing ancient cloth clothes, which made him look completely out of place among the people around him.

This silver-gray teenager has a pair of dog ears and is a half-beast.

"Master, I smell it."

He sniffed wildly on the ground, and suddenly reached out his hand towards a middle-aged Night Watcher not far away!

"Just over there, that person is the entity!"

Merete Chambers smiled and stood still without saying anything. She just flicked her finger slightly.

The middle-aged Night Watcher was stunned and shouted angrily, "How could you have found me? You're just a mere..."

In the next moment, his head rolled to the ground and nobody could tell how Miss Witch did it.

The next moment, all the controlled Night Watchers present fell down.


The people in front of the Demon Hunt Agency building were stunned for a moment, and then the Night Watchers cheered loudly!


"Miss Merete is simply our shining light!"

"Fantastic, we did it! Miss Merete is so amazing! She solved it as soon as she took action!"

Mr. Trap and Raven Reaper on the upper floor looked at each other, feeling that something was not quite right. Could it be that a Crown level expert was defeated so easily by Miss Merete Chambers?

"Not very likely..." Mr. Trap's expression remained grim.

Merete Chambers stood silently in place, with a smile on her face as usual, but the alertness in her eyes never dissipated.

"It's better if everyone doesn't cheer so early."

After she spoke, the voices of the Night Watchers behind her immediately fell silent, and they all turned to Merete Chambers.

Miss Witch said seriously, "After all, our opponent is a saint-level figure of an ancient, evil cult. Perhaps, he didn't completely die, and anything is possible in the supernatural world."

These words seemed to have poured a big pot of cold water on the Night Watchers, making them calm down immediately.

Mr. Trap stood silently upstairs for a while before saying in the team channel, "Immediately bring items with 'mental power' resistance, control both the living and the dead, and lock them up for a rigorous examination."

The Night Watchers obeyed the order and began to take care of various post-incident matters. Everyone was nervous, as if the enemy would come and attack them immediately.

However, that Balanced Saint seemed to have really died. For a while, there was no sound in the voice channel, and no one was assimilated by the power of the mind.

Merete Chambers didn't smile and calmly turned around and left.

She arrived at the building of the Demon Hunt Agency, looked at the concerned people surrounding her, shook her head, and wearily said, "I'm a bit tired and need to go back and rest for a while."

And so, no one stopped Merete Chambers anymore. She went into the elevator of the Demon Hunt Agency building.

Suddenly, Miss Witch flashed a very coquettish smile.

"You scared me for a moment. And you claimed to belong to the Swordbearer battalion? What a foolish, brainless beauty. It was so easy for me to manipulate you. Heh."

She was stunned looking at her own reflection in the elevator.

"As a woman, I really hate people who are so much prettier than me."

"Merete Chambers," she squinted and murmured to herself:

"After I leave here, I'm going to ruin your body, and sell it to some sick millionaire who likes to collect beautiful women... I love to watch people like you who think they're in control, fall into despair!"

On Merete Chambers' face, there was an unprecedented look of ecstatic joy.

She pressed the button for "B6" in the elevator.

Soon, the elevator started moving.

Proceed to the underground!

"It's unbelievable that the Ruin-level Relic could appear in Noah's world, and in this city of all places! Hahahaha, who would have thought!"

She couldn't help but burst out laughing at last.

There are twenty-four Outer Gods in the multiverse, each corresponding to one of the twenty-four Ruin-level Relics. With possession of just one, one would have unimaginable power!

Innumerable civilizations exist, and the chances of one person encountering a Ruin-level Relic is almost negligible. She really didn't expect there to be a Ruin-level Relic in Tatsumi City of Noah's world... and to have it already within reach at this moment. It's enough to make even the "Saint of Life and Death" ecstatic to the brink of madness!

Finally, the elevator stopped at the sixth underground level.

"Merete Chambers" left the elevator, correctly navigating through the branching paths of the unknown tunnels, and eventually arrived at the unguarded room marked "0000" at the end of the corridor.


A vast space, pure white in color, so immense that there seems to be no end in sight.

Merete Chambers' body was trembling with excitement. In the middle of the vast pure white space, there was a white giant square rock, inscribed with numerous pure black characters.

The book of prophecy!

That incredibly heavy, monstrously large rock carrying the concept of "the future," it drew the woman who had just entered the room to it.

Step by step, she walked over, her eyes growing more and more urgent.

"It is indeed here, this is it... Mighty Lord of Balance, your prophecy was correct... Just shatter this thing and you can retrieve it from inside..."

"Merete Chambers" finally arrived in front of the white giant stone, coming to a halt.

Inside the "Book of Prophecy" exists something even more valuable than its current form.

Ruin-level Relic!

"Saint of Life and Death" was very clear that at her current level of strength, it was difficult to make any further progress as if climbing to the heavens.

So, for someone like her, relying on external objects to enhance her strength is the simplest method.

After receiving a divine oracle from the great Lord of Balance, the Church of Ruins proactively came to this city and laid out its plans for many years, and finally discovered the existence of the Book of Prophecy.

The Book of Prophecy, once the spoils of Ailsa, the "Demon of Justice," who slaughtered over a million cultists in a single day, became a founding treasure of the Demon Hunt Agency. Ailsa placed the book in her birthplace, Tatsumi City.

However, even she didn't know the true secret of the Book of Prophecy.

That is, the Book of Prophecy, a Civilization-level Relic, is merely a special container.

The truly valuable things are inside the boulder!


Just then, the INT, which was powerful enough, suddenly began to sound the alarm frantically. "Merete Chambers" immediately turned alert.


That was a man with slightly curled hair, wearing a classic black robe, who appeared as if a noble scholar.

At some unknown time, he stood behind her with an indifferent expression.


A hint of shock flashed through the eyes of "Merete Chambers", who then narrowed them.

This Balanced Saint had actually conducted detailed intelligence analysis long ago and knew that one of the most formidable enemies in this city was Profligate of Babel Tower.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly appeared at this moment! And he was right behind her! Right at the moment when she was about to grasp the fruit of victory!

Bai Yan spoke up.

"Witch, I have already received your information."

Just ten minutes ago, right after Bai Yan had sent the message to Alan and others, he immediately received a message from Merete Chambers.

She claimed to have learned about the enemy's "secrets" and could fully anticipate their thoughts and plans.

So, he needs to come to the Demon Hunt Agency immediately to play the role of a "knight in shining armor" and assist her plan to lure someone into a trap.

Lastly, Miss Witch also said in the message:

If you don't come, then I will die a miserable death.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and considered that "Moon Witch" was, after all, a Core Operator of the Babel Tower and so far, had not engaged in any atrocious conduct on this particular timeline.

And... the "thing" that I am about to acquire cannot be destroyed by anyone else.

So he came and stood here.

"Just as she said, there is a distance limitation to using your psychic powers for "assimilation", and at that time, all of the Night Watchers under control were already marked for targeted attacks and had no opportunity for free movement... Your only option to infiltrate the Demon Hunt Agency is to possess her."

Bai Yan nodded and said, "Your behavior didn't come as a surprise to her."

Merete Chambers" was utterly astonished and incredulous, and could hardly believe her ears!

She could not believe that there could be anyone so insane!

"What are you talking about?"

"Did this woman intentionally let me possess her? How is that possible? Is she crazy?"

"She is indeed a lunatic."

Bai Yan nodded in agreement, then flashed a delightfully devilish grin, saying, "And I am one too."

"Merete Chambers" standing beside the book of prophecies, was stunned for a moment.

Finally, she also laughed and clapped continuously, the loud applause echoing in the vast space.

"Indeed, indeed, it's no wonder that she is a member of the Swordbearer and you are Profligate of the Babel Tower."

"Your plan is excellent, the coordination is simply perfect! I can't possess anyone else and escape now..."

She twisted her mouth and revealed a maliciously insane grin.

The only problem is... you can't possibly defeat 'yourselves'!

Merete Chambers' delicate fingers suddenly trembled as an invisible thread of Trait tightened around her fair neck. With a little effort, she could sever her exquisite head.

"Imagine this, a girl as beautiful as a work of art, at this moment, might very well pass away because of your foolish decision."