I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Helpless and Unprepared

As dusk gave way to nightfall, the air grew increasingly cold.

Bai Yan knew that in order to stop the other party, he must make use of the limited few hours. Otherwise, if the game follows its intended path, the consequences could be unimaginable.

He called Nightsaber through the "Babel Tower" game, while Alan was already in the Dawn District. Finally, he messaged Maryse through the private forum constructed by "Cybertyrant".

Maryse quickly arrived at the deserted park, dressed in a white fluffy autumn coat, her hands in her pockets, wrapping herself up like a little rabbit.

Maryse saw "Profligate" and revealed a sweet smile.

"Senior Profligate, how exactly do we locate the enemy you mentioned? The Dawn District has a population of over one million people..."

She was a bit perplexed, and Bai Yan nodded and said, "Balanced Saint, his nickname is the Saint of Life and Death. He is indeed not an easy presence to deal with... he can assimilate the minds of others like himself, and he will assimilate more and more."

"Spirit... Maryse... What I need you to do is to investigate the 'like-minded' people in this area through your psychic powers."

Maryse was slightly stunned and asked, "People with completely identical thoughts?"

Through the powerful "premonition" effect of the Babel Tower, Bai Yan gained advance knowledge of the extraordinaire power type of the "Saint of Life and Death", which is actually a huge advantage.

"If you find someone like that, it means he has already been controlled by the 'Saint of Life and Death'. If you encounter such an enemy, immediately send a message to others and don't act rashly."

Maryse was stunned and asked in confusion, "So, Senior, are you saying that the enemy's power type is the same as mine?"

Bai Yan nodded slightly and said, "That's right, both of you are users of psychic powers, but the nature of your powers is somewhat different. You control while he assimilates... For now, this enemy should be stronger than you, with Crown level power."

"Users of psychic powers stronger than me." Maryse fell silent for a moment and answered seriously, "Okay, I understand. Then I'll leave now."

She left the park quickly with her hands in her pockets.

To be honest, Bai Yan didn't expect her to find the other party, after all, the Dawn District is too big.

He just hoped that when the fight really broke out, Maryse could rush to the scene nearby.

Bai Yan also sent the intelligence about the enemy to Alan and Mu Ling. He silently walked to the center of the park in the autumn breeze, raised his head, and stared at the camera on a tree not far away.

The members of Babel Tower didn't lack means of investigation.

Power Possession.

The power of "Cybertyrant" can be fully utilized in both the Air Alliance and the Night Union. One of her strengths is to use surveillance cameras for reconnaissance.

Bai Yan instantly invaded the surveillance network of the Dawn District and began investigating its streets, searching quickly for people who seemed out of the ordinary.

After conducting round after round of searches, he finally had results.

On the edge of a street, the surveillance camera clearly captured a group of Night Watchers, who walked out of a residential building in incredibly neat movements, before getting in the car in unison.

The movements were too neat and uniform - even if practiced beforehand, it would be difficult to achieve such an effect!

Bai Yan instantly understood that these people had been assimilated mentally by psychic powers.

At this time, these cars were rapidly leaving the Dawn District, and through the identities of the controlled Night Watchers, it became very easy for the "Saint of Life and Death" to escape the encirclement of the Dawn District.

It's them.

Bai Yan quickly took note of the license plate number, then pulled out his phone to message Alan.


"The license plate numbers are CH7680976, CH7807080, CH7788919, and the Night Watchers on top have already been controlled by psychic powers. They are currently driving away from the Dawn District."

Alan stood at the top of the building and fell into silence while looking at his phone.

The amount of information is quite large and very important, but if he were to reveal everything now, how could he explain the source of the intelligence he possessed?


He took a deep breath.

"I understand."

Now is not the time to be thinking about these things. The source of the intelligence can be explained later. A dangerous terrorist cult member is on the loose in the city, capable of causing major casualties at any moment. He must be eliminated immediately!

So, Aaron shouted loudly in the voice channel, "The license plates CH7680976, CH7807080, CH7788919, which team do these three cars belong to? Someone just informed me that they have all been controlled by the target. The target has extraordinary powers this time, it's telepathy!"

"Who told you that?" This was Lin Bian's voice, and Alan recognized it right away.

Then, new doubts were raised.

"The license plates you mentioned belong to us. We are the first and second group from the Eighth Team. It's too much to say that we have all been controlled, isn't it? Alan, your intelligence source is very inaccurate. Where did the misleading information come from?"

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This voice was from the captain of the Eighth Team.

It was the same person who just said that the area he was responsible for "failed to stop the ceremony".

Alan was immediately taken aback, as he didn't expect the "controlled person" to actually respond to him, let alone turn the tables against him.

"It's Babel Tower," he said coldly.

"Oh, so it's Babel Tower. You are quite close to them," the captain of the Eighth Team chuckled.

Alan didn't know how to answer for a moment.

He already knew that the intelligence provided by Mr. Profligate was correct!

Right at that moment, Mr. Trap's voice appeared with dominance and seriousness.

"Eighth team, answer me immediately, why did you deviate from your duties and suddenly leave the Dawn District?"

The technical department has already detected the strange movements of the vehicles.


The tone of the leader of the eighth team sank, became weak, but seemed to have a suppressed smile.

"Because...what he said is right, these fools were indeed under my control!"

Damn it! Alan gritted his teeth.

Many Night Watchers heard this conversation and each of them was startled.

"You are the Balanced Saint 'Life and Death Saint' of the Church of Ruins, right? Why did you come to Tatsumi City and what is your purpose? Are you here to deal with the Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower?"

Mr. Trap said calmly:

"Now, we have set up a dragnet, you came here means you can't leave, surrendering quickly would be a better option."

The Church of Ruins and the Black Star Faction are two chronic diseases of this city, one of which has been completely crushed, while the people of the Church of Ruins have obviously been killed by Babel Tower's "weekly mission".

So it is completely reasonable for them to call on higher levels to solve the problem and it's understandable.

However, the words spoken by "Captain of Team 8" were unexpected!

"Dealing with Babel Tower?"

"Please spare me. I don't even know what is behind that thing. Now, I'm asking for mercy... I can't confront Babel Tower head-on."

"Of course, I am not really afraid since Night Watchers of your Demon Hunt Agency are all useless."

"You bastard! I'll definitely slaughter you! I will kill you!" Lin Bian's fury was already uncontrollable in the team's voice chat.

But his threat was completely ignored. That person's tone remained frivolous and disrespectful.

"As for the idea of destroying the Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower, I only said it to those people so they can join us. Without saying that, they cannot feel assured."


The Night Watchers fell into contemplation, not knowing who the person was referring to by "they", and who among them were the traitors.

Mr. Trap, working in the agency's office, fell silent for a moment, then switched to a private channel and ordered the technical department to track and analyze the specific routes of the three vehicles.

Quickly, the results of the analysis were obtained.

"Director, they are all heading towards the direction of the Demon Hunt Agency!"

"What did you say?"

Mr. Trap's face showed a look of astonishment.

Balanced Saint really came for the Demon Hunt Agency!


After more than ten minutes, hundreds of Night Watchers have surrounded Demon Hunt Agency, waiting for the arrival of the enemy.

Under the surveillance cameras on different roads, three cars were recklessly driving at an extremely fast speed towards Demon Hunt Agency and would appear in sight in one minute.

Mr. Trap and Raven Reaper stood inside the Demon Hunt Agency building, calmly looking towards the distant street.

They're here!

Three black cars gradually slowed down and finally stopped about a hundred meters in front of Demon Hunt Agency, where all the Night Watchers on duty were already prepared for battle and fully focused on the alert.

All the doors of the black vehicles opened and Night Watchers got out of them one by one.

These Night Watchers stood outside the car doors in formation, with smiles on their faces as they looked towards the Demon Hunt Agency building in front of them.

They didn't approach the Demon Hunt Agency building, but instead calmly stood facing the crowd.

"Director, what should we do next?"

Raven Reaper stood beside Mr. Trap and said, "The people here who specialize in prophecy spells have done their best, but still have not discovered the true form of the enemy."

Mr. Trap remained silent. The enemy's ability was too difficult to handle, even for him who didn't know what to do.

Obviously, their power was unable to undo the effects of the Crown level power, nor were they able to find the opponent's true form.

What should we do?

There is absolutely no way!

Even if these controlled team members were to commit suicide immediately, one would still be completely helpless and could only watch as everything continued.

Mr. Trap closed his eyes and clenched his fists.

Another mocking and frivolous voice came through the voice channel.

"I have already said it before, the Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City are all useless. Actually, I am not targeting you specifically, I just like to state some objective facts."

"Unless the 'Swordbearer' comes from your headquarters, there is still a possibility for me to be stopped..."

"Didn't you ask me before why I wanted to come to this city?"

"Next, I want to make a deal with you about that legendary 'Ruin' level Relic..."


Suddenly, Mr. Trap saw a familiar white-haired girl stand out from the Night Watcher team and calmly walk towards the controlled people.

It's Merete Chambers!

With a gentle smile on her face, Merete Chambers stepped forward and said, "I am a member of the 'Swordbearer' as you wished, and I have come here now... One thing that I have read about in my studies is that the power of the mind is an immensely strong power, and it has a great role to play in modern society. However, all such powers still have one common weakness."

"That is... the 'Force Release' ability cannot be too far away from the controlled person."

Miss Witch smiled and a book page reflecting platinum light had appeared in her hand, she had likely produced it unnoticed.

"Find the enemies in the dark and herd them like border shepherds."