I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: United as One!

Dawn District.

The gloomy twilight gradually turned into darkness.

In an ordinary household, a young man took out an ancient, rusted copper mirror from under his bed.

This is a gift from the "God of Luck"!

A few days ago, an old lady suddenly came over and gave him this thing, and told the young man that he could receive the blessings of the God of Luck if he followed certain instructions.

However, there are conditions for using it. He must complete those rituals tonight and cannot tell anyone about it.

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"Otherwise, the blessings of the goddess of luck will become ineffective."

The teenager believed this to be true because the old woman had shown him a magical power that made flames and water float and merge.

"We need items that represent the four elements, hmm, according to the old woman, it seems that these will do: water, stones, an empty cup, and matches."

After arranging the four items in order, the boy drew the magic circle that the old woman had given him with chalk. His excitement grew more and more.

He was the lucky chosen one!

He closed his eyes uneasily and revealed a smile... As long as I complete the ceremony, I can gain extraordinary power and become a hero like a member of Babel Tower!

Everyone in school will envy me to death!

"The Lord of Balance, the Lord of Ruins, the great master of all things."

In the twilight, the young man stood in front of the window, whispering to himself.

Language has power.

The unattainable appellation of mortals is being praised by insignificant people, the weight of humans is of no importance, and language itself begins to exert dreadful power. The ancient magic circle drawn with chalk on the ground begins to emit a grayish-white light in the dimly lit small room.

The wind blew through his hair as the young man continued, "I beseech your power, hoping you can bring my distant friend here, I..."

Suddenly, he became somewhat uncertain, as to how there could be wind in a room with the doors and windows shut.

At that moment, a voice was heard!


The boy was startled, and as he opened his eyes, he fell backwards onto the ground.

A handsome man wearing formal attire stood before him. He lifted his foot and kicked away the ritual items, and the chalk-drawn magic circle on the ground quickly lost its glow.

That was a close call, fortunately, he made it.

Alan calmly gazed at the young man and said in a detached tone, "Your actions will not bring any good, only summon true demons, and the price will be your precious life and youth."

The young man stayed on the ground for a long time, then suddenly excitedly asked with a loud voice, "Are you, are you from Babel Tower? You must be!"

He is a hero of Babel Tower. I actually saw him with my own eyes, awesome!

Alan fell silent for a while and said seriously, "No, I am the Night Watcher."

Upon hearing this answer that lacked excitement, the young man visibly deflated, displaying a despondent expression.

Although he had also heard of the Demon Hunt Agency and Night Watcher, they were not as cool as Babel Tower! Everyone in school loved Babel Tower - they were heroes who saved the world!

Night Watchers were just minor characters in the story!

Upon seeing the other's unmasked expression, Alan's mood was not very good, but he didn't show it to the young man. He simply said, "Do you think Night Watcher isn't a hero? No, each and every member of Night Watcher is just like those in Babel Tower, willing to sacrifice themselves for the happiness of the innocent."

Everyone is undoubtedly a hero.


The young man remained indifferent, completely uninterested in understanding the Night Watchers, who were not strong or handsome enough, only busy.

Alan stood in silence in the shadows, no longer arguing.

In the century before the appearance of the Babel Tower, the Night Watchers of Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency saved this city countless times, sacrificing countless lives...

Let it go.

This is the destiny of the guardians in the darkness itself.

Alan lifted his palm and used the newly learned spell, "Sleep," to make the young man in front of him return to bed, with lifeless eyes.

Then, Alan spoke through the team channel on his earpiece.

"I succeeded here, interrupting the teleportation ceremony. It seems that the Balanced Saint intended to enter through this method."

A nervous and hesitant voice came through the earpiece.

"Hmm, but over here... it seems like I failed."


Alan was immediately shocked.

In another part of Dawn District, in an ordinary family's room, a young man who had turned into an old man with white hair was lying unconscious on the floor with his eyes closed.

Several Night Watchers were standing aside, looking at the identical magic array on the ground, shaking their heads, realizing they had arrived too late.

There were too many.

At least dozens of people in Dawn District had started the ritual at the same time; they could not stop all of them. It was obvious that Church of Ruins had prepared for this in advance.

"He needs immediate treatment as it's quite apparent that his lifespan and youth have been taken away."

From the room's decoration, the Night Watchers could tell that the old man lying before them was probably less than thirty years old.

However, he appeared to be as aged as a sixty-year-old person at this moment.

"It turns out you had already laid a trap, waiting for me to stealthily sneak in. This is truly immoral."

The sudden emergence of the voice made Night Watchers alert.

The voice was very frivolous, coming from a hidden corner covered by a blanket. However, that corner could not possibly hold a person, only small enough for cats and dogs.

The Night Watchers must be cautious, and the voice continued to soliloquize.

"Hmm, should I escape now? It's better to leave now, or it might be dangerous."

"Jokingly, it would indeed be very dangerous if it weren't for me... But since it's me, it doesn't matter. Fortunately, the master and that guy are both working on the Eruo League, so they can't come here for the moment."

"My direct combat ability is the weakest, but it is very suitable for the current situation."

The Night Watchers wanted to inform others through the team channel that the target they were going to capture today was right here!

However, they suddenly found that they couldn't even move their bodies.

When was it...

Soon even their autonomy was gradually being suppressed.

Then, a small mouse about the size of a palm crawled out from the shadow under the blanket.

It surprisingly revealed a sinister smile and spoke human language, "Hmm, my abilities are just too appropriate for causing trouble in the city. Let me make a mess here and look for suitable opportunities."

"Hmm, my abilities are just too appropriate for causing trouble in the city. Let me make a mess here and look for suitable opportunities."

Suddenly, several Night Watchers also said the same words while revealing a smile.

Then, they all began fussing with their headphones and collectively shaking their heads, saying, "As a sinner who grew up in the wilderness, I'm not great with technological items."

One of the Night Watchers opened the team channel and spoke in a normal tone, "You don't need to come to this area, that person should have left long ago. We only need to continue monitoring here."

"Understood, received."


"Third team, received."

Closing their earpieces, several Night Watchers smiled identically, all raising a finger to tap their own heads and shaking them.

"To be honest, even the 'Left Hand of Dark Light' from the Dark Light Church failed here. I really didn't want to come, but there's no other choice...we've been searching in this city for over a decade, and we finally have results. We absolutely cannot give up so easily."

"Babel Tower...I cannot afford to provoke them. I beg of you, spare me."

Several Night Watchers immediately shook their heads. "Saint of Life and Death" seems to be very afraid of the mysterious and unpredictable Babel Tower.

"According to current intelligence, Babel Tower is likely to possess some sort of ability to foresee the future, which is far more powerful than Demon Hunt Agency's "Prophet's Book"."

Thanks to the help of Outer God's power, the "Prophet's Book" within the Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency has long ceased to function normally.

They all laughed and said in unison:

"Fortunately, my goal is only to find that thing... once I get it, I can retreat."


In the slightly chilly autumn breeze, Bai Yan sat calmly on a bench in the deserted park and played the game "Babel Tower."

Well, let's first attempt to solve the problem through the use of simple gaming means.

Bai Yan clicked to begin the mission and was greeted by the streets of Dawn District, now shrouded in darkness.

Pixel-art style "Nightsaber" appeared on the scene.

"Face your sins!."

She, as usual, proclaimed her entrance line and under Bai Yan's control, "Nightsaber" entered the city streets.

At that moment, more and more units with "yellow names" appeared on the street. They were neither friendly green units nor enemy red units.

Bai Yan furrowed his brows, sensing a very ominous feeling.

Suddenly, one of the Night Watchers merged from the group and began shooting at "Nightsaber" with his enchanted gun!

His marksmanship was extremely accurate, and the gun he wielded was also enchanted, causing "Nightsaber", who had been standing still, to take damage with each hit: -1, -1, -1, -1.

"Nightsaber", who possessed the "Blood of Darkness" healing effect, quickly regained full HP.

However, why did the Night Watcher initiate the attack?

Bai Yan felt strange in his heart, and soon saw even stranger and more astonishing things.

Countless civilians surged in from all directions of the street, numbering in the hundreds and thousands, men and women of all ages, causing a congested mass around the screen.

They began desperately attacking "Nightsaber"!

Yet no one could truly harm "Nightsaber," and Bai Yan restrained from allowing "Nightsaber" to kill these people, as they were evidently controlled by extraordinary powers.

After a while, everyone suddenly stopped moving and encircled "Nightsaber," and black subtitles appeared on the screen.

The sound of tapping text filled the air.

"Just commit suicide here in front of me, otherwise you will bear the guilt of dying in front of everyone."

Bai Yan furrowed his brows, as he could guess the opponent's plan.

"It seems that the situation is more serious than I thought."

The next moment, in the pixels of the phone screen, people kept jumping down from the high building, falling freely and turning into a red pixelated mosaic when hitting the ground.

All individuals' actions are so consistent... United as One.