I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: The Malice of the Outer God

Dawn District.

This area is where the middle-income group of Tatsumi City mostly resides. Although they don't have a lot of money, they have a stable job and can at least have their basic needs met.

Tatsumi City is home to several renowned universities, commercial centers, hospitals, parks, and more, which are all located in this area. Overall, it can be considered a prosperous district.

In fact, Dawn District was one of the earliest established areas in Tatsumi City, existing as a gathering point for the Air Alliance several hundred years ago.

It was only after a rapid increase in population that people gradually expanded Dawn District and created it as an independent city, now known as Tatsumi City.

The Night Watchers had already received news from the Babel Tower.

The Balanced Saint, also known as the "Saint of Life and Death," from the Church of Ruins, is highly likely to have recently arrived in Tatsumi City, appearing from the Dawn District… To be honest, this is quite strange.

Because the Dawn District is the oldest urban area and is located in the central part of Tatsumi City, with no direction leading to the suburbs.

In theory, it is impossible for the "Saint of Life and Death" to appear here if he wants to sneak into Tatsumi City.

But in a world where extraordinary powers exist, any strange situation is possible, so the Night Watchers still collectively came to the Dawn District.

At the same time, they requested support from the Eyes of the Empire once again.

The Church of Ruins is a well-known cult organization worldwide, and their saint-level figures are probably not much weaker than "the Left Hand of Dark Light," which is not something that the mere Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency can contend with.

The Demon Hunt Agency, which is already in a "honeymoon period" with Babel Tower, has decided to trust the information provided by them and send several teams to Dawn District to wait for opportunities.

The Night Watchers have been patrolling since the morning, until the afternoon, and even until dusk, but they have not found any trace of the "Life and Death Saint".

Their search methods include but are not limited to technology, extraordinary powers, and even the use of Relics.

"Could the intelligence be wrong?"

Some of the Night Watchers had such thoughts, but they must continue the search nevertheless.


At this moment, Bai Yan himself is also in Dawn District, constantly searching for the figure of the "Saint of Life and Death" using Mysterious Magic's super senses to search through one region after another in the hopes of finding it.

However, he still hasn't found it.

In the twilight, Bai Yan, with a calm expression, stood in the deserted garden and felt the cool breeze blowing across his face. He took out his black mobile phone from his pocket.

He tapped on the third mission, "Raging Anger."

"Raging anger" is the third task in the large-scale event "Chaos of Equilibrium". Bai Yan has already completed it several times during his first playthrough.

"Well, from what I remember, this task follows a certain procedure."

In Bai Yan's impression, the "Church of Ruins", an ancient cult, had a total of three Balanced Saints, with the oldest and most powerful one being the leader of the Church of Ruins.

All three of them were undoubtedly strong individuals with Crown level abilities.

The "Saint of Life and Death" is the youngest Saint in the Church of Ruins.

During the first playthrough of the "Chaos of Equilibrium" Babel Tower game, a Balanced Saint will appear as the BOSS in Tatsumi City, but it is uncertain which Balanced Saint it will be.

This is random.

For instance, Bai Yan has never fought against the "Saint of Life and Death" in the game, but only knows about him in real life.

"Although I have never battled the 'Saint of Life and Death', I remember the other two saints, upon arriving in Tatsumi City, immediately joined forces with the local cultists."

"As long as we can locate him, everything will be much easier."

Bai Yan is well-versed with the procedures that should occur, and as long as there is nothing unexpected, he can easily cope with everything.


At that moment, Bai Yan was completely stunned.

"What is going on here?"

He suddenly realized that the name of the task on his phone was changing and the game screen of "Babel Tower" was constantly shaking.

This had never happened before!

Bai Yan could even vaguely see a golden eye staring at him from the phone screen.

Extreme coldness surged up and Bai Yan's whole body was covered in goosebumps, feeling a fear almost like drowning.

"It is Him."

Outer God.

Pupil of Chaos, a great being that once appeared in Bai Yan's Self Dimension.

He is an Outer God, also known as "the Ravager", "the God of Chaos," and "the Deep Gazer."

In people's consciousness, his symbol is a huge golden pupil, surrounded by black lines, possessing the power to disrupt and chaos fate and everything in the world.

His representative time is at three o'clock in the afternoon every day.

Pupil of Chaos represents the Outer God of "moths."

The moth, wild and ferocious, embodies chaos and craving.

Several minutes passed, and the faint golden pupil's shadow on the phone gradually disappeared. A shivering Bai Yan even had a hallucination that It didn't appear just now.

It was all perhaps just his own illusion…

But that was impossible!

Bai Yan stared at the phone, took a deep breath, and the mission name on the phone changed completely.

Originally it was "Raging Anger", but now it has become "United as One".

United as One…

A mission never seen before in the first playthrough!

"It really was Him…the Outer God who disrupted fate and changed what were originally ordinary missions."

Bai Yan could feel a deep sense of malice, as the autumn day which already turned slightly cold seemed even colder, as if it were an endless winter.

Through the experience of the first playthrough, 'knowing the future' was actually one of their greatest strengths.

However, with the interference of the Outer God's 'Pupil of Chaos', perhaps this mission has become even more unknown and dangerous.

As a result, I have no way to make an early layout, and the impact is still very significant.

Bai Yan clicked on "United as One" again to check the related mission requirement.

"Activity task."

"United as One: The task requires repelling the attack of Balanced Saint."

"Please select Core Operator to join the battle."

Is it not to drive him away rather than to capture him?

Bai Yan pondered if it meant that it was almost impossible to catch the "Saint of Life and Death" in the current situation.

Alan and the Night Watchers were already stationed here. After Bai Yan's contemplation, the Core Operator for the mission chose the strongest "Nightsaber" at hand.

Since the type, specific content and process of the mission were unknown, it's better to let the strongest Core Operator handle it.

"Assist me, Nightsaber."


At this moment, Mu Ling is in the courtyard of her own home.

In her hand is "The Heart of Death," once gifted to her by Bai Yan. The jet-black blade is shrouded in a large amount of black mist, constantly dissipating into the surrounding area. The already withered leaves in the courtyard instantly become more desolate.

The power of death turned into a black mist, surging out from the blade and roaring ferociously at its owner.

Amidst the roar, the scent of death released a more intense spread.

The sword blade that had already been subjugated unexpectedly rebelled again…trying to kill its master.

Mu Ling's body began to rapidly age and decay, with vitality slipping away at a visible speed.

The bloodline of demon hunters is surging.

Mu Ling's momentum appeared as a mighty warrior's phantom, immensely grand and possessing an unshakable steadiness.

The tiny black mist could only cry out in agony, kneeling down to submit.

She opened her dazzling eyes.

The lost life force has been completely regained due to the immense determination! Even the withered leaves that fell in the yard have been rejuvenated!

This symbolizes her adept use of the new weapon!

At this moment, Mu Ling has become a true strong contender, not just a mere "numerical monster".

In fact, the reason the Core Operators of Babel Tower are powerful is not because of Babel Tower's selection…but because they are all people with the potential to save the world.

The only thing Babel Tower can do is transform "possibility" into "outcome".

"Nightsaber, it's up to you now."

A familiar voice appeared in the mind once again.


She had long been accustomed to, and understood, that her blade was trained for this moment.

Mu Ling knelt skillfully on one knee with a calm expression and a firm tone, stating, "Respected Savior, please let me defeat the evil next."

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