I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Interval - Level Nine Danger

Professor Bai Lan could hardly believe everything she saw.

She watched the video replay repeatedly, witnessing the dense black mist suddenly appearing in the laboratory and surging towards R21, eventually carrying it away.

And the great Nine Trees System had no reaction to all of this.

"What is going on…this is simply impossible. This is the headquarters area of the sages, with the highest level of protection measures for the entire Tree City and the entire Nine Trees Foundation."

"Even the top-level masters of the Apocalypse level cannot take things away from here so easily."

So, who ultimately kidnapped R21?

Professor Bai Lan's incredible anger was about to become uncontrollable but deep inside she was lost and couldn't comprehend what was really going on.

She remained silent for a while, closed her eyes, covered her head with one hand, and felt a bit dizzy.

All these years, day and night, all the efforts were put into the artificial life forms of the Fusion Series, and finally, only R21 of the Slime family in the R series succeeded, which was outstanding among thousands of failures.

It successfully integrates the power of Fusion as a part of itself!

This is undoubtedly a miracle!

R21 is their greatest masterpiece, even more important than their own life!

"Why, why is this happening…"

Professor Bai Lan couldn't accept it and finally shouted:

"Nine Trees System, I want to purchase information! I want to know who stole R21."

The Nine Trees System responds immediately.

"Ding, acquiring the information requires 50,000 points."

Hearing the voice in her ear, Professor Bai Lan nodded gently and continued, "Yes, I'm willing to pay."

"Nine Trees System is searching globally, please wait a moment."

"The most likely suspect is the mysterious organization 'Babel Tower', with a probability of 87%."

"Babel Tower? What is that?" Professor Bai Lan had lived for over 100 years and had never heard of such an organization.

The voice of the Nine Trees System was neutral, devoid of any emotion.

"Babel Tower, suspected to be associated with the Tower organization, has recently been active in the Air Alliance Tatsumi City, eliminating members of various Outer God cults. Its members have rapidly increased in strength."

"According to the current intelligence revealed, the leader of the Babel Tower is referred to as the 'Savior' with unknown objectives and strength, carrying a danger assessment of level 9…"

Bai Lan was stunned.

Level 9?

Isn't that close to the highest level? It means it's on par with the rainbows, just below the Outer Gods of level 10!

You see, even the Nine Trees System has only rated itself a threat level of 9.

Once the Nine Trees System has gone insane, the whole Night Union may be buried with it…

"No wonder it was so easy to rob the R21, everything makes sense now… everything unreasonable that happened to them was actually reasonable."

The leader of the mysterious organization Babel Tower, the Savior, is actually such a dangerous presence? So, why would he set his sights on oneself?

Upon identifying the culprit, Professor Bai Lan suddenly fell into despair.

She seemed to have lost all her strength, sitting silently in the chair.

In fact, Professor Bai Lan has experienced despair more than once in over a hundred years, but each time, she would quickly overcome the dangerous emotions by inducing the secretion of happy hormones through medication.

But now, Professor Bai Lan doesn't even have the mood to take the medication.


Because ninth-level enemies are unbeatable no matter what, she, as a member of the upper echelon of Tree City, understood this best.

The intelligence of the Nine Trees System cannot be wrong, therefore, in front of the Savior of Babel Tower, she was nothing but an ant.

What she should do now is to be grateful that he didn't accidentally step on her while taking away R21…

Therefore, she will soon be deprived of her title as a sage.

Everything was gone.

Her cloned assistant Huang stood by, expressionless but for a hint of concern in her gaze.

Bai Lan stood still for a long time before suddenly speaking calmly, "Huang, please prepare some red wine, new clothes, and X454 for me."

Hearing the name of the lethal drug, Huang hesitated for a moment before instantly understanding the professor's idea.

She never knew how to comfort people, but still tried her best saying, "Professor Bai Lan, in fact, we will still have a chance in the future…"

"It's unnecessary to say more, I'm tired… Huang, I will transfer all my points to you, as my clone, you will actually be stronger than me because you don't have my biggest flaw… being emotionally unstable."

Huang shook her head and said, "As a natural person, being emotionally unstable is normal."

"Sorry, Professor Bai Lan."

I must stop you from your current foolishness.

With a determined gaze, she, for the first time in her life, disobeyed Professor Bai Lan's command and administered an injection into Professor Bai Lan's body.


Bai Lan froze, but then gradually relaxed her body, with a relieved expression on her face.

"Feels so comfortable…"

This injection, which is used to alleviate depressive mood, is a black technology of the Nine Trees society, invented by a great sage several decades ago. Its side effect is that if you inject too much of it, you will literally feel… "too good to breathe."

She narrowed her eyes and completely relaxed her body, shaking her head with emotion:

"The human body is really just a slave of hormones, Huang… I really don't have suicidal thoughts anymore…but, I really can't accept the fact."

Huang, who was thin, weak and short, reached out and hugged Bai Lan, saying softly, "To me, you are my mother, my relative. Please don't think about dying, okay?"

Bai Lan remained silent for a moment and spoke, "Mother…this archaic term should not be present in a society governed by the Nine Trees System."

"Professor! Look at this!"

Suddenly, Huang extended her finger and pointed towards the monitoring screen.

Professor Bai Lan immediately looked over and widened her eyes instantly.

"How can it be!"

She was surprised to find that the thick black mist had appeared in the cultivation container without warning, and the massive body of R21 quickly emerged from it.

It's back! It really came back!

Wait, during these few hours of disappearance, could it be that R21 had come into contact with the god-like "Savior" of Babel Tower?

Upon contemplating this, Bai Lan's emotions were immediately invigorated.

The topic regarding deities has always held significant research value.

Professor Bai Lan, who had been on the verge of death just moments ago, immediately rose to her feet and opened the microphone, saying, "R21! Immediately inform me of everything that has occurred during this time!"

Fusion Slime, who had just returned to its familiar room, was a bit excited and rolled around when it heard its creator's command. After thinking for a moment, it gave a very serious answer.

"Guruguru gu, rugaru, guruguru gu-guru!"


Meanwhile, in the Platinum Zone Demon Hunt Agency…

In the Night Watcher team's office, Alan sat calmly at his desk, finishing his weekly work report.

During this period, Alan had not found any clues about Bai Yan, but he believed that the man must still be alive.

"You must still be alive, right, Bai Yan? But why haven't you come back…"

He furrowed his brow, feeling that there was no reason for Bai Yan not to return, perhaps he was caught in some sort of predicament.

"Could it be that the people from the Dark Light Church have taken you away?"

Alan sighed, feeling that this was a possibility. The worst outcome would be for Bai Yan to be transformed into a crazy believer, even becoming his own enemy.


No, I must think of another solution!

Therefore, Alan wrote another letter to the "Emperor", expressing his difficulties and hoping that he could be taken to the Euro League.

Yes, Alan was prepared to go to the faraway Euro League to find Bai Yan!

[What is going on in your mind?]

Alan was slightly taken aback as he suddenly heard a familiar voice echoing in his heart.

Mr. Profligate?

"Where are you?" Alan asked uncomfortably. This is Demon Hunt Agency and it's not appropriate for someone from Babel Tower to just show up like this.

[Don't speak. I'm communicating with you through my thoughts. Just listen, I have something very important to tell you…]

Alan nodded and remained quiet.

[Tomorrow, the 'Life-and-Death Saint' of the Church of Ruins will arrive in Tatsumi City and he will appear in the Dawn District.]

[His aim is to destroy the Demon Hunt Agency, and…eliminate Babel Tower.]

The Balanced Saint's target is actually the Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower!

The stunning news widened Alan's eyes.