I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: New Gameplay - Non-Core Operators

Even though the Wettin family's core generation has been completely massacred, there are actually many underage members still remaining in the family.

In order to increase the probability of producing transcendent individuals, most nobles have a considerable number of spouses and children, and of course, this is completely legal. Only a very small number of nobles who have committed serious crimes will be deprived of the right to marry multiple times, and the family will also decline from then on.

Oh, by the way, the Air Alliance is not a system of polygamy, but a system of multiple spouses for nobles.

Female nobles can also have multiple spouses, all for the sake of making the family have more transcendent individuals.

Count Gallard remained silent, waiting for a response from the huge creature in front of him, but he never heard any words.

Could it be that both he and his daughter have misunderstood each other…

In fact, it was just a passing monster and had nothing to do with the mysterious savior organization, Babel Tower.

As Count Gallard was contemplating, he suddenly felt a certain breath that was filled with sadness and suffocating.

It's approaching me.

Thick black mist slowly emerged from all around.

Count Gallard was stunned and watched as the black mist approached, but he didn't dodge. Instead, he reached out his hand and approached it actively.

He recognized it. This was the black mist that often appeared in the videos from the Babel Tower.

This "monster" is the "person" from the Babel Tower!

The thick black mist connected with his palm, while a cold and ruthless voice appeared in Count Gallard's mind.

"Are you willing?"

[Reaching a "connection" with the Babel Tower.]

[To contribute effort towards saving this world.]

Count Gallard remained silent for a moment, of course, he knew what this meant.

Once agreed, the Wettin family will stand with the Babel Tower in the future they will advance and retreat together.

"I am willing."

He solemnly said:

"To regain the glory of the Knight's family, I am willing to give everything and dedicate it to the Babel Tower."


The old man continued with a serious tone, "All of this is premised on saving the world, and if the Babel Tower betrays me, then the Wettin family will immediately begin to oppose the Babel Tower!"

Count Gallard's words were very clear - if the Babel Tower's goal has always been to save the world, then the Wettin family is willing to be loyal to the Babel Tower. However, if the Babel Tower deviates from this great goal, then he will immediately rebel.

As the head of the Knight's family, he can only be loyal to a belief, not to a person or any organization!

[Contract, already signed.]

The old man heard the cold and ruthless voice again and knew that the source of this voice might be the legendary "Savior".

The next moment, the thick black mist surged again and soon merged with his palm!

After a wave of intense pain, the imprint appeared.

A "001" mark suddenly appeared on the back of his aged hand.

"This is it!"

Count Gallard immediately understood!

From today on, he and the Wettin family were already a member of the Babel Tower war chariot!

The eyes that had lost their vitality were gradually regaining some brightness.


"Accumulation of impure desires, mission accomplished."

"Legend points+200."

"Have received the allegiance of the "Wettin family" and can view the corresponding information in the "related forces" list."

"The Non-core Operators system has been activated!"

"Acquired Non-core Operator #001, 'Count of Knights' Gallard."

"Reward obtained: Entertainment Card - Deep Sea Secret Cove."

Bai Yan was completely stunned.

Non-core Operators, which clearly is a system that would only be activated after the First Doomsday Crisis, has unexpectedly appeared now.

Just like in the case of the "Different Dimensions" pool, compared to the first playthrough, there are many things from Babel Tower that have appeared much earlier in time during the second playthrough.

Generally, there are only two ways to obtain "Non-core Operators." The first is for individuals and forces that declare allegiance to Babel Tower during a mission, just like the current situation.

The second way is for Core Operators to have the authority to appoint others as "Non-core Operators."

However, each Core Operator can only assign five individuals to be their "Non-core Operators", and the total limit of "Non-core Operators" cannot exceed the number of Core Operators multiplied by 10.

The spots are limited.

Babel Tower is a mysterious organization of salvation, and it is not possible to rely solely on a few Core Operators to work around the world. The role of "Non-core Operators" is often that of assistant, vice captain, and combat support.

Bai Yan saw Count Gallard's information card.

Non-core Operators:

Title: Count Gallard.

Gender: Male.

Rank: Material Realm.

Level: Awakening (Potential Crown).

Race: Human.

Primary Attributes:

Physical Body: 82.


Skill: 77.

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 7.

Loyalty: 3.

Mood: 1.


Preemptive strike ineffective: the expected damage will be nullified directly.

Description: Count Gallard of the Tatsumi City Knight Family.

Gallard is not weak and even has the strength of a potential crown. He can definitely fight against Mu Ling and the "preemptive strike ineffective" ability also restrains the one-hit kill type of "Deep Blue World".

As long as he can predict the attack, it cannot cause any substantial impact. This is a causal type of extraordinary power, which is very strong if used properly.

However, the biggest disadvantage of "non-core operators" is that their strength often reached its limit, which is the biggest difference between them and the core operators who have the possibility of saving the world.

The limit of Count Gallard, who is eighty years old, should be a potential crown. His core strength cannot be improved in his life again. Bai Yan cannot use the Awakening Soul on him.

Although he can still enjoy other blessings and welfare projects such as resurrection.

Of course, non-core operators don't have their own "skins".

When performing certain strategic or card-based missions, players can also choose non-core operators as "summons", "soldiers", "cards", "followers" and other forms to assist in combat.

However, players often cannot directly use "non-core operators" for operation.

Bai Yan clicked on the newly added option "faction-related", which is different from the "otherworldly" option.

The civilizations and factions presented in the "otherworldly" are all from various different worlds, while the factions displayed in "faction-related" are all within the Noah world.

The first thing that catches the eye is a map of the Noah World.

On the Sea of Fantasy, represented by a large expanse of white mist, there are three countries arranged in a right-angled triangle layout, with the Air Alliance to the north, the Night Union to the east, and the Eruo League to the west.

The emblem representing the Air Alliance is a white triangle with an eye gazing ahead inside it, and Bai Yan thought it might represent the "Eyes of the Empire".

After clicking on "Air Alliance", Bai Yan immediately saw a long list of various faction names, but most of them were gray.

Only the factions that he has encountered so far are clickable.

So, Bai Yan clicked on the Demon Hunt Agency option under "Tatsumi City".

"Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency"

"Faction strength: 78."

"Leader: Mr. Trap."

"Recent trends: Maintaining order."

"Current favorability rating: 58."

He clicked on the Eyes of the Empire again.

"Eyes of the Empire."

"Power intensity: 1231."

"Leader: 'World'."

"Recent trend: Expedition to parallel worlds."

"Current favorability rating: -15."

Finally, Bai Yan checked "the Wettin family" in the sub-options under "Tatsumi City."

"The Wettin Family. (Loyal)"

"Power intensity: 12."

"Leader: Count Gallard."

"Recent movements: Massacred."

"Current favorability rating: 35."

Since the Wettin family is already in a loyal state, he can continue to click on it to view more detailed information.

"Current members of the power: 214,567 people."

"Current Status: Intervenable."

Bai Yan knew that the current members of the Wettin family's power were so many because it included everyone that could be mobilized by the Wettin family, including the subordinate employees of its numerous industries.

The five major families are undoubtedly the absolute dominators of Tatsumi City's public world, controlling numerous economic veins and industries. It is also normal for them to have so many subordinate employees.

To be honest, compared to the personal strength of being superhuman, these are the truly useful resources of the five major families. There are nearly a million people working in their industries in Tatsumi City.

Bai Yan clicked on the "Intervenable" option and a search bar appeared. He could intervene to some extent with any member under the Wettin family's influence, as long as he entered the correct name.

"So I have no idea what the name is at all…"

Therefore, Bai Yan first searched for the people of the Wettin family through the news.

Iwen Jielin, 19 years old, the young lady and little princess of the Wettin family, is often featured in the news as the goddess of Tatsumi City's entertainment industry. She has starred in several movies and has countless fans in the civilian world.

It seems to be the eldest daughter of Count Gallard.

Bai Yan entered the name in the search bar and quickly found a pixel-art format image of "Iwen Jielin" on his phone. At the moment, she was sleeping face down in a room that looked like a dressing room, completely unaware of the big events happening in her family tonight.

"She is already an adult, but she narrowly escaped a disaster… so lucky."

For a girl from the Wettin family to become an actress basically means that she has been abandoned by her family. Bai Yan was well aware of this fact.

The intervention options are only three simple ones.

"Reward", "punishment", or "erasure"

The third option was a bit scary, so Bai Yan ignored it and clicked on the "reward" option with his finger.

The rewards are also divided into several types, which are "life", "physical fitness", "energy", "skills", and "money". Each reward requires 10 Source Energy Points.

Bai Yan certainly wasn't idly spending his points, and immediately exited and clicked on "punishment."

The punishments also correspond to the five types, "life", "physical fitness", "energy", "skills", and "money", but they don't consume Source Energy Points.

"Honestly, I'm tempted to click on the third option to see what happens, but if it's an erasure that takes effect instantly without confirmation, that would be too unfair to people."

Never mind, I better not do it out of curiosity.


Actually, I really want to do it out of curiosity…

Bai Yan shook his head, and began to ponder the information revealed by the eldest daughter of the Wettin family.

If what she said is true, then maybe one could try to get an early jump on the final boss of the current Chaos of Equilibrium event!