I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: Nuclear Fusion Power

In the darkness, it had an immense and supple body of high temperature, with a completely amorphous and ferocious huge mouth. Its body also emitted a special chemical scent, and through its flexible and evil tentacles, it crazily preyed on the pitiful and wailing victims. These bait seemed to become part of that horrific body.

Although Count Gallard had defeated many enemies, he had seldom encountered such a fearsome monster. Although it looked like a slime, its ferocious and powerful degree was completely different.

Surely, no slime could be so terrifying.

Count Gallard couldn't help but speculate.

Could it be a Spawn of some Outer God? Or perhaps, an unknown superior race? Or even a special product caused by some forbidden black magic?

The consumption capacity of the "Fusion Slime" was certainly limited. In the end, it vomited out one person after another that it had swallowed, but these people had already been infiltrated by the deep blue sticky substance, which was also a part of the "Fusion Slime". It could easily destroy the entrails of the infiltrated just by wanting to do so.

The eldest daughter was also eventually vomited out, covered all over with a deep blue sticky substance.

Although she appeared to be in a terrible state, she seemed to have stabilized her own emotions.

"The flame of purity, purifying the world…"

The eldest daughter muttered, apparently preparing to cast some sort of spell, but completely unaware that her body had already been corroded.

In the next moment, she vomited out a large amount of blood, feeling a tearing pain throughout her body.

The eldest daughter raised her head and wailed, her body convulsing with agony.

"Horse, what are you waiting for?"

In a corner of the Wettin family, a handsome middle-aged man in a grey suit shook his head.

He looked impatient.

"Although I compromised with you people, I originally didn't want to intervene… As far as I'm concerned, this is just a annoying farce… Following the Church of Ruins is all in vain."

"Hurry!" The eldest daughter shouted.

Impatient "Third Son" Horse finally punched with both hands. Huge void sword blades appeared in the air, instantly shattering the ground of the hall, and the terrifying impact immediately left a few indentations on the body of "Fusion Slime."


"Fusion Slime" had no sense of pain, but it could feel its life under threat.

The eldest daughter knelt on the ground, with blood oozing from her nose, mouth, and eyes, looking as if she was about to die. However, soon two family members stabilized her injuries with magic by force.

A young woman from the family in black clothes and long hair took out a Relic from a nearby alley.

This high-level Relic looked like a palm-sized, black cube with a special sign resembling a moon in its center.

She calmly aimed the Relic at the "Fusion Slime" and uttered a sentence in ancient Noah language.

"No escape."

In an instant, the "Fusion Slime" became immobile.

"Let's just solve it like this. I don't even know what this thing is…"

The "third son" of the Wettin family, Horse, coldly punched repeatedly, and the huge blade of nothingness, which was a hundred times bigger than his fist, hit every time, with enough power to easily tear apart beasts. The continuous and enormous power finally crushed the "Fusion Slime".


"Uncle Horse is so strong!"

"Truly a man known as the 'dark horse'."

The dozens of people present breathed a sigh of relief, some were almost cheering, but Horse just impatiently yawned, seeming to already want to sleep.

Although the Wettin Family is in decline, as one of the five major families, they are not without the ability to fight back when faced with threats.

The eldest daughter stood up again, her body already burning with hot flames, gradually burning away the components belonging to the "Fusion Slime" inside her body, rendering them completely inactive and unable to harm her body.

The young woman with the black Relic block in her hand stood motionless, still expressionless.

She is the daughter of Count Gallard's deceased second son, with an extraordinary constitution, a monster who can tolerate various Relic costs to a great extent.

Therefore, she has always been the sacrificial pawn of the Wettin family, with a remaining lifespan of twelve years.

The young woman said lightly, "I think this thing is a bit like a mutated slime… but a slime can't be this powerful."

The impatient Horse shook his head and squinted, "It may be sent by another family, wishing to wipe us out, so annoying… I hate things other than being a killer."

The eldest daughter who had just been on the brink of death had stabilized her injuries, fully recovered her calmness, and quickly shouted, "No matter what this thing is, it probably hasn't died yet! Immediately use fire spells to continue the attack, so it cannot recover!"

Her command was very correct, and she didn't take it lightly because of the temporary advantage. Such people cannot survive long in the Otherworlds.


The young woman nodded and just as she raised her hands to cast a spell, her body suddenly collapsed.

The eldest daughter was stunned, unable to react in an instant, only to be shocked to discover… her niece's head had been smashed to pieces by a red tentacle, beyond any possible survival.

"How can this be…"

Two crimson tentacles that suddenly appeared were extremely powerful, with one killing the indifferent young woman instantly, and the other narrowly missing the dodge of Tres Horse, but still grazed his left arm at incredible speed.

"What kind of monster is this…why is it recovering so quickly, when just two seconds ago it was just a puddle of mud!"

Horse's body leaned to one side, his brow furrowed in concentration. He narrowly avoided a fatal ambush but his left arm was shattered by a terrifying force and rendered useless.

The previously crushed "Fusion Slime" had fully recovered and its entire body turned a deep red, emanating a terrifying heat that caused everyone in the entire hall to break out in a cold sweat.

However, even in the scorching environment, people's hearts were trembling with fear.

The "Fusion Slime" that had undergone a high-speed recovery and reorganization no longer spoke but instead let out an angry roar.


The "Fusion Slime" shot out more and more red tentacles, not for capture this time, but anyone hit by them would instantly be pulverized!

The terrifying power and bouncing mode turned these red tentacles into steel cannonballs!

"So annoying, just die quickly!"

Horse showed no mercy towards his own kind's death, impatiently throwing another punch, but this time he could only use his right arm.

The invisible blade still posed a huge threat, even the tentacles strengthened by nuclear fusion could not stop it, and in an instant they would be cut off by the terrifying power.

Several tentacles attacked from hidden corners at tricky angles, but Horse, fully focused, dodged them with ease.

"As the one who has always taken care of the troubles for the family, I am not so easily defeated."

He squinted his eyes, and his grey formal dress was drenched with sweat.

This powerful assassin's body moved swiftly and gracefully amidst the crimson tentacles of death, yet he managed to find a glimmer of hope.

"My life is just about killing, I don't care who I kill, I just hope it's not too much trouble."

Without hesitation, the eldest daughter turned around and rushed towards her niece's body, picking up the fallen Relic on the ground. "Fusion Slime" immediately shot out a tentacle towards her as she moved.

This strike was carried out with premeditation.

If the eldest daughter had even the slightest hint of fear, or had hesitated to pick up the Relic on the ground, she would not have been hit.

She decisively lifted her right arm, which was instantly surrounded by flames, forming a basic protection.

With a loud bang, the arm was still shattered.

But this was expected!

The eldest daughter, in excruciating pain and on the verge of passing out, gritted her teeth and picked up the Relic from the ground, blood flowing continuously from the severed arm.

"Nowhere to escape!"

The eldest daughter immediately aimed the Relic at the monster, immobilizing it and said, "Horse, my body may not hold on any longer. After I die, I leave the Wettin family in your hands. Please promise me that you will…"

She suddenly couldn't continue.

Because her impatient but reliable and powerful younger brother had already died at the moment.

Horse stared with wide eyes, covered in blood, and died in place.

The murderer was the cut-off crimson tentacles that rolled to his feet unnoticed and suddenly transformed into spears. With one wrong move, Horse was killed instantly.


She eyed wide for a long time before finally saying the remaining words.

"You failed too."

It ends here.

The attacks of others were unable to cause any effective damage, and it has all ended.

The eldest daughter calmly put down the Relic in her hand, indifferently watching as the members of her family were slaughtered. Soon, she realized that only she and her father remained alive.

So that's how it is.

Upon careful consideration, during this period of time, the only ones who were enemies with the Church of Balance were Babel Tower and Demon Hunt Agency.

"You, are you sent by Babel Tower?"

The eldest daughter calmly looked at the gradually approaching red monster, whose terrifying body emitted an extremely high temperature, almost burning her, but she no longer cared.

"My father is grateful to Babel Tower for avenging him against 'Mr. Mystery', and has always been your supporter, hoping to cooperate with you…"

She vomited blood.

"Cough, cough, all the trespassers of the Wettin family have already died here, please don't kill the next generation."

"I will provide all useful information, but I hope that the Wettin family in the future can receive Babel Tower's protection… no, not hope, but I beg you for it."

At the speed of light, the eldest daughter who betrayed the Church of Ruins continued speaking:

"The balanced saint from the Church of Ruins, who goes by the nickname "Saint of Life and Death," will arrive tomorrow at Dawn District in Tatsumi City through certain means. Additionally, he will possess a powerful Civilization-level Relic with the effect of "Piercer of All Things," with the goal of destroying the members of the Demon Hunt Agency as well as the Babel Tower."

Her voice became smaller and smaller, and finally couldn't hold on any longer, slowly falling down.

The breath of death filled the hall, and noble corpses were scattered on the ground, and no one could stand up.

The skin color of the "Fusion Slime" gradually returned from red to deep blue.

Count Gallard was silent at this moment, lying on the ground, using the power of his Demon-slaying Sword to slowly remove the toxin.

The tears in the eyes cannot be stopped no matter what.


Why is this happening?

They were all innocent and happy children a long time ago, but slowly began to become indifferent. Perhaps, it was due to their strict upbringing that went wrong.

The true and important spirit was not conveyed…

At this moment, all of it must be my responsibility and fault. Count Gallard has aged and seems almost about to die, with no vitality left in him.

"Fusion Slime" had already arrived in front of him.

Almost exhausted, Count Gallard sat up from the ground, leaning on the demon-slaying sword and gazing at the deep blue behemoth in front of him, weakly waiting for the final "judgment."

What on earth is it?

Is it a simple monster that wants to slaughter all living beings, or is it really an envoy from the Babel Tower?

He closed his eyes, and doubts arose in his mind.

Will the Wettin family be completely destroyed today?