I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: "Monster"


Count Gallard was gaping, unable to believe it.

The Demon Slayer in his hand was slipping at this moment. His whole being was severely struck, and he aged significantly in a flash.

"It's me, it's my fault."

The elderly man who had experienced hundreds of battles, bathed in blood from his frenzied killings and fights, was now shedding tears of remorse.

"The Wettin family perished in my hands! I have dishonored my ancestors! I never thought that my descendants would fall to such a low point!"

He simply couldn't believe that all the children he had raised with his own hands had betrayed him.

One, two, it's not a big deal, but everyone…

This indicates that the impure desire has been accumulating, only that he has not been aware of it.

"Not correct."

The eldest daughter of Count Gallard has come forward.

She had her blonde hair piled up, dressed gorgeously. Even though she was over forty, she still had her charm.

The eldest daughter stated calmly, "Father, your statement is incorrect. Our family will not perish, on the contrary, it will become stronger in our hands, because… we have gained the favor of the Ruins."

Count Gallard became angry and roared, "Ruins…have you joined that ancient cult? Haven't you seen the fates of Black Star Faction and the Left Hand of Dark Light in Tatsumi City? In this city, neither the Demon Hunt Agency nor the Babel Tower will tolerate heretics!"

The eldest daughter's face was expressionless as she spoke calmly:

"Of course, we have seen the Babel Tower's wanton tyranny…but the Saint has promised to help us eliminate the Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower…this is the will of God and it will definitely come true."


Count Gallard was stunned.

The so-called saints are the chosen ones of God, the sons of God… They are the people chosen by the gods, whose status in various denominations is second only to the pope and high priest.

Of course, most of the pastors themselves are also saints.

For high-dimensional beings, ordinary believers are meaningless, but "chosen ones of God" are like pets that they raise, and they will definitely have some preference.

And this high-dimensional favor for low-dimensional beings undoubtedly represents unquestionable power.

The Church of Ruins is an ancient denomination that has existed for a long time. Its history is even longer than that of the Air Alliance itself, and the saint of the Church of Ruins will definitely be a heavyweight figure.

"But he could never defeat Babel Tower," the old man's tone was profound. He had seen many things in his eighty years, but he had never encountered a mysterious organization as eerie as Babel Tower.

This mysterious and dreadful organization seems to take "saving the world" as its own responsibility. Every member of theirs seems to become stronger every time they appear, and the speed at which they become stronger is simply terrifying!

Even the ancient Church of Ruins with its saints possessing the power of balance cannot defeat Babel Tower!

The eldest daughter remained silent for a while and said emotionlessly:

"Perhaps our chance of victory is not a hundred percent, but Father… we have actually had no chance to turn back."

So that's how it is.

Count Gallard suddenly realized that they had been bound to the Church of Ruins not only for one or two years, but for a much longer time, during which they had already done many heinous things.

Babel Tower would never let these people go.

It is really a united family that he has been kept in the dark by his descendants for so many years.

"Since you have committed such heinous crimes, let me put an end to all this."

The old man suddenly stood up, took up his rusty sword, and the power of his sword suppressed the lights in the hall, which flickered and finally went out altogether.

In the dimly lit hall, many people couldn't stand it and fell to the ground, screaming.

Cultists, they should be killed!

Even though they were his own descendants! Count Gallard deeply understood this!

Neither oneself nor anyone should associate with cultists. Those people can no longer be called human, able to do any terrible things, even to bury the whole world.

"Eve, I'm sorry… It's all my fault," Count Gallard sighed deeply, calling his wife's name.

Let only the underage family members who were not present remain. Let the once glorious knight family be buried by himself before losing all its glory!

This might be the best ending.

Count Gallard is very powerful.

He possesses the strength of the Potential Crown level, and even in his old age, he is still not to be underestimated! Even Marquis Scarlet was once Gallard's defeated subordinate!

Pastor has already passed away, and probably only the legendary Queen of the Scarlet Moon and the mysterious "Profligate" of Babel Tower can stand firmly against him in this city.

However, Count Gallard suddenly found his body unusually heavy, his joints stiff, and blood flowing continuously from his mouth.

"It's the Giragin poison…"

He realized why these people had kept it a secret for so long but now dared to confront him.

The cultists are devoid of humanity…

"You are truly insane, for even contemplating the murder of your own descendants."

The eldest daughter shook her head with great disappointment, "Nevertheless, we are merciful. You will not meet your demise immediately. Your powerful body still holds utility, and we will find a way for you to forever protect this family."

Count Gallard, immobilized by his captivity, seethed with indescribable fury, yet struggled to utter a single word.

The eldest daughter silently gazed upon her elderly father, suddenly taken aback by something wet dripping down.

She slowly lifted her head, and was shocked to see a massive, deep-blue mollusk attached to the ceiling. Within it, a red-hot core flickered and nauseating slime oozed and trickled down its body.

"What kind of monster is that!"

The eldest daughter screamed in horror, and dozens of people present raised their heads in astonishment and discovered the terrifying monster on the ceiling.


"Look at me, look at me, look at me again! I'll eat you up!"

Bai Yan controlled the "monster" in his phone to climb onto the villa.

"Mission objective: Kill or capture all the cultists and find clues about the 'Balanced Saint'."

Hmm, the Balanced Saint, you say?

He should be the BOSS of this grand event, and undoubtedly qualified.

In Bai Yan's impression, all the saints in the major religious groups are strong, not only in strength, but also in willpower. At least they have Crown level strength.

For example, the powerful "the Left Hand of Dark Light" in a sense is also a saint, a chosen one by God. If no one stops him, he can easily destroy the entire city alone.

Using its physical characteristics, the "Fusion Slime" controlled by Bai Yan easily climbed to the roof.

Then, it was discovered by several guards marked in red.

Bai Yan quickly slid his finger and ejected several tentacles from the "Fusion Slime", which caught and devoured a few guards, just enough to satiate its hunger.

After a while, "Fusion Slime" vomited them out, and the guards of the fallen knight family had all lost their fighting ability.

Bai Yan knew that it was because their bodies had been filled with miniature "Fusion Slime", which could instantly devour their internal organs if anyone made a wrong move.

He manipulated the "Fusion Slime" in his hand and crawled quickly to the villa's rooftop window. Without opening the window, it flowed through the crevices like liquid.

The scene of the old man and the children confronting each other on the screen happened in pixelated form. Bai Yan enjoyed watching the drama unfold as if he were watching a play.

"To be honest, you look a bit too adorable, otherwise you would definitely be a terrifying monster in a horror movie."

Bai Yan made a remark, but the enemies of the "monster" would never think… it's adorable?


"Kill it!"

The members present from the Wettin family were not lacking in extraordinary individuals, and they all used their extraordinary powers to crazily attack the "monster" on the ceiling.

However, the "Fusion Slime" dodged very quickly, and was quite resilient, enduring several attacks without any major harm.

It suddenly leapt and effortlessly descended, its enormous body directly covering several people with a tremendous crash!

I presume those individuals who were crushed won't have had a pleasant death.

"Kill it!"

The eldest daughter shouted angrily and conjured a scorching flame in her hand, which expanded to several meters and possessed an intense heat. It was evident that she also possessed the power of "the awakening level."

However, the "Fusion Slime" abruptly shot out several tendrils that grabbed her ankle from dozens of meters away.


With a scream, the eldest daughter slipped and was dragged away.

The body was quickly engulfed, and the gap in power made it impossible for the eldest daughter to resist. The deep blue "Fusion Slime" emitted a strange sound in place.

"Gulu gulu gulu."

The people of the Wettin family watched in horror as the "monster" ate the eldest daughter, and their fighting spirit gradually dissipated.

The "monster" in the dark hall seemed to be the most terrifying existence in the world.

Count Gallard stared blankly at the scene, completely unable to understand what was happening.

"Look at me, look at me, look at me again! I'm going to eat you!" Fusion Slime suddenly shouted loudly.

They all stood there motionless.

Suddenly, an intelligent person shouted, "This monster might only respond to people who are looking at it! Everyone, close your eyes!"

Indeed, the attacks of many monsters are well-organized and peculiar, and those with extraordinary experience present knew this.

So many people immediately closed their eyes…and were then easily pulled away by the tentacles, screaming and devoured.

"Look at me, look at me, and I will eat you!"

Fusion Slime, who consumed live humans continuously, opened its hideous mouth and repeated this sentence with a simulated tonal organ. It seems to have taken a liking to it.

Its tone and voice were extremely cute, as if a naive child, but left those present from the Wettin family with endless horror and terror!

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