I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: The Gathering of Impure Desires

Core Operator:

Title: Fusion Slime

Gender: None

Plane: Material World

Level: Awakening (Potential Crown)

Race: Slime

Operator Identification: Tank/Control/Support

Milestone: Rare experimental subject

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 78


Skill: 65

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 5

Loyalty: 5

Mood: 8


Damage Reduction: Possessing a special body, it can greatly reduce the damage from conventional physical injury in the material world.

Pure Heart: Will increase enthusiasm for new things and loyalty will increase due to easily understandable favors.

No Weaknesses: Possessing a special body, there are no weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Even if it is shattered into pieces, it will not be fatally wounded. Recovery is possible with the existence of a certain amount of cells.


Nuclear Fusion Power (Proficiency 21%)

Devouring (Proficiency 68%)

Super Recovery (proficiency at 78%)

Self-Destruction (upon release, damages the Fusion Core)

Item: None

Description: The Slime, born in the laboratory of the Sage, is the only survivor among countless creatures of its kind. Its god-like luck enabled it to gain immense power, yet it remains unaware of its identity and future whereabouts.

The physical strength of Fusion Slime is robust, and upon activating the power of Fusion, its strength drastically increases.

Its skills should not be underestimated as well, for it is capable of transforming into a vast number of flexible tentacles that can vary in size, and can even fill every hole inside a beehive without causing any damage to itself.

Well, also due to its unique physique, it can divide itself into a considerable number of small portions.

With additional auxiliary features later on, each Core Operator can have a "Fusion Slime" on hand.

Although the Nuclear Heart is used for nuclear power, it is not actually a nuclear reactor or anything similar. It is a relatively powerful Civilization-level Relic, which doesn't belong to the true core of the Fusion Slime. After it splits, the Nuclear Heart will also be evenly distributed among each small slime.


This is the ultimate move of Fusion Slime, which will not result in the death of the main body, but will leave it in a dying state. The cost is temporary damage to the Nuclear Heart.

The power of this "self-destruct" move is substantial and may even directly blow up a Crown-level monster.

As for the later growth path of "Fusion Slime," in the regular world line, it can actually be summarized in a single word.


However, Bai Yan still decided to leave it temporarily in Tree City.

In fact, there won't be any problem for it to stay in Tree City at the moment.

Professor Bai Lan has more than just a "quite good" attitude towards it.

This guy is really Professor Bai Lan's "lifeblood". Even if the "cold, evil and ruthless" Babel Tower kidnapped the poor Slime and asked her to exchange it with her arm, Professor Bai Lan would definitely agree.

After resolving the issue of the new Core Operator, Bai Yan decided to complete the remaining tasks of the large-scale event "Chaos of Equilibrium" as soon as possible.

His previous completion of "Fleeting Beauty" was only the smallest and simplest task in Chaos of Equilibrium, which became easy to solve after gaining more strength.

After all, the Boss of this small task was only an "awakening level" evil priest, even a fragile one restrained by "Deep Blue World".

The current Babel Tower actually possesses strong power, and as Bai Yan, who has the compound ability of all Core Operators, he naturally has the strength of Crown level.

In this city, he no longer needs to be afraid of anyone except for the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Well, provided that the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire have all left and won't engage in a "downgrade attack".

The three strongest of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City only have the strength of a Potential Crown. They may not be Mu Ling's match in single combat, let alone pose a threat to Bai Yan.

This is not because they are not strong enough.

It is entirely because the members of Babel Tower are increasing their strength at an extremely fast pace.

"The Second Task", Fleeting Beauty, has already been solved. Next, Bai Yan decided to complete "The First Task" of the four tasks.

However, the difficulty of this task is higher than that of Fleeting Beauty.

"Accumulation of impure desires."

Bai Yan's memory of the task "Accumulation of impure desires" was not very deep.

But he remembered that this was a task related to one of the five major families, and that family happened to be the Wettin family.

Their branch family, the Ferrener family, was involved in a lot of organ trafficking. The Wettin family itself was likely not clean, and even without the task, Bai Yan had already decided to "deal" with them.

The Wettin family was originally a fairly well-known family of knights. Hundreds of years ago, their ancestors guarded Tatsumi City, tirelessly repelling invading enemies, and ultimately died on the battlefield.

There is even a heroic monument of him in the center of Tatsumi City.

But this knightly family has truly changed now.

It was a place filled with filth and dirt.

Being the pillars of Tatsumi City's world, the five major families had almost everything they wanted, possessing wealth that could not be spent even in several lifetimes by an ordinary person.

However, there was one thing that was absolutely forbidden.

The greatest taboo is to never have any connection with cultists, yet the Wettin family has taken this evil path… The greatest proof is their involvement in the Babel Tower task.

Bai Yan shook his head lightly and opened the "Accumulation of impure desires" on his phone.

The seal-like pattern was unlocked in an instant, and the task introduction appeared the next moment.

"Game prompt:"

"The mission has been activated due to accumulation of impure desires."

"Please select a Core Operator to proceed to the mission location."

In Bai Yan's phone list, there appeared the Core Operator selection list, which of course included "Cybertyrant" and "Fusion Slime."

If Bai Yan selected them to fight, then "Cybertyrant" or "Fusion Slime" would be transported to this city by the black mist.

Similarly, in case of missions occurring in other countries or even other worlds, Core Operators from Tatsumi City can also participate in the mission.

That black mist with a special aura that is still unclear in its essence, will lead them to the place they need to go.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, Cybertyrant reigns supreme in the Night Union, even the god-like Nine Trees System cannot take her down. However, at the same time, her power is greatly diminished in other countries, and she is a highly specialized Core Operator.

Therefore, the mission in Tatsumi City is not suitable for her…even more so in the Euro League, where there is not even an electronic network. "Cybertyrant" can only rely on her own body to battle, and cannot do anything else.

Therefore, after deep consideration, Bai Yan selected "Fusion Slime."

"I hope your creator won't be too surprised."

Professor Bai Lan treats Fusion Slime like a son, even though she knows it has gone awry, she wouldn't choose to destroy it.

With the existence of Babel Tower, the Nine Tree System currently remains unaware of all this happening.

Therefore, Bai Yan can confidently let Fusion Slime participate in the mission.

"It's decided! Fusion Slime!"


Tatsumi City.

Platinum Zone.

The Wettin family.

The family with a knightly heritage is currently holding a meeting at the main villa of the family villa complex, located on the ground floor Knight's Hall.

Not only is the Knight's Hall decorated extravagantly, but also the heroic deeds of generations of knights are carved in gold on the walls, clearly a source of pride for the Wettin family.

All adult members of the family are currently present here, and dozens of people are silent, not daring to utter a single word.

This is because there is an immense pressure emanating from the head of the table.

Count Gallard, the 80-year-old patriarch of the family, sits at the head of the table, with a burly build and his eyes closed, not saying a word.

When Count Gallard was young, he had already made a name for himself in the Otherworlds with Mr. Trap, Mr. Que, and others.

The number of criminals and cultists who died at his hands is countless, and of their generation, only Count Gallard and the two elderly Night Watchers remain alive.

His wife was a crime-hunter who died many years ago at the hands of "Mr. Mystery" of the Black Star Faction. In a sense, Count Gallard and Mu Ling can be considered distant relatives.

At the same time, he is very grateful for everything that Babel Tower has done.

The current Count Gallard is already white-haired and has bid farewell to his youth. Despite the rust that covers his weapon, the "Demon Slayer" left by his ancestors still firmly rests in his wrinkled hands.

He opened his eyes and spoke.

"Someone among you has betrayed me, betrayed our family, betrayed our ancestors."

Count Gallard continued, "Mr. Trap has already told me that the Ferrener family was deserving of their fate… The Babel Tower didn't do anything wrong."

He paused and continued, "Although there was no direct progress in the investigation, the Ferrener family is still a collateral branch of our Wettin family and has been close to us for many years, so I know deep down… that someone in this family is secretly supporting the Ferrener family."

"Committed heinous acts."

The Ferrener family and the Wettin family are very close and collaborate on various investment projects, so even though there was no direct evidence found, the elder already understood… Since the Ferrener family had crossed the line, some individuals in the Wettin family must have as well!

"Step forward, show some responsibility."

The old man's tone was heavy, but with an unquestionable flavor.

However, the situation was beyond his expectations as none of the family members standing below came forward.

He let out a long sigh.

"I truly didn't expect that people from the Wettin family, would not have the courage to surrender themselves…"

At that moment, a voice rang out from among the crowd.

"In our opinion, the one who truly betrayed the family… was you!"

Count Gallard was slightly taken aback, suddenly realizing that the family members who used to avoid eye contact with him, as well as the descendants he had watched grow up, had all lifted their heads at some point.

They stared at him coldly.