I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: The Fifth Core Operator!

Although there's only been a few days after "Cybertyrant" was launched, Bai Yan always feels like it's been a while since a new Core Operator has been released.


It must be released this time!

"It seems like I always think this every time…"

However, before summoning, Bai Yan decided to clean up the cult's stronghold.

The decoration inside the Church of Ruins stronghold is actually similar to that of a health center. The only difference is that, while the staff in the health center of the secular world are ordinary people, the "staff" here are all cultists, without exception.

At this moment, there are still many ordinary people inside the Church of Ruins stronghold. Some cultists have also cleverly disguised themselves as ordinary people, trembling and hoping to escape the disaster.

However, under the power of spiritual strength, they are completely exposed and have nowhere to hide.

"Tell me, what evil deeds have you done?" Bai Yan stood in front of a female cultist, asking softly.

The young woman's appearance was decent, but she was trembling and too scared to answer while crouching on the ground.

"Don't kill me, I beg of you…"

She only pleaded for mercy with a pitiful and charming manner.

Nonetheless, the ugliness within the woman's heart had been exposed in such a nauseating way.

Bai Yan nodded gently, his smile revealing as he pretended to reach out to help the woman in front of him.

At the next moment, the Fire that Burns Everything had already ignited the cultists and her screams and pleas for mercy resounded incessantly.

Those truly ordinary people had already hidden aside, shivering in fear. They always felt that this young man in black robe was more like a villain, cruel and ruthless, unrestrained.

The so-called cultists seem more like victims.

As the only emergency exit of the stronghold had been blocked by Maryse, Bai Yan felt no urgency and focused on solving the problems here step by step.

"Oh, I almost forgot, those people will come too."

He turned his head and saw Raven Reaper standing silently in front of him.

As expected, the Night Watchers had arrived.

Raven Reaper looked at the woman who died in agony and said, "Are you sure she was the one who deserved to die?"

Frankly speaking, Bai Yan can ascertain, but he has no intention of confessing so easily.

"Sure, if I wrongly kill an innocent, then…" Bai Yan in the black robe smiled and continued, "I promise I will never commit such a mistake again."

Raven Reaper understood that the man in front of him had poor principles, or rather, he had no principles at all.

If he were a villain, he would be extremely terrifying and troublesome.

"Profligate, your black flames are too showy, so we came quickly."

Raven Reaper undoubtedly referred to Bai Yan's act of burning down the stronghold's barrier.

"Mm, I know."

Bai Yan didn't deny it and thought for a moment before saying, "Do you want to fight with me here?"

There is a significant gap in strength between the two sides now.

Even if they fought ten times, a hundred times, or a thousand times again, Bai Yan had the confidence to defeat the Raven Reaper right in front of him.

However, Raven Reaper shook his head and replied softly, "No, let's forget it. I volunteered to come here instead of letting the first team's field agents like Lin Bian come, because I don't want Night Watcher and Babel Tower to fight anymore."

"Oh, it seems like you're not that stubborn after all, would you like to cooperate?"

Bai Yan smiled and said that it didn't matter what Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency thought, but it would be better if they caused less trouble.

"Yes, I have worked with a member named Mu Ling among you." Raven Reaper nodded and continued, "I want to have long-term communication and exchange with you."

He sighed and said, "Everything I have done is for the people of the Air Alliance…and I have no regrets."

Bai Yan nodded and said, "Yes, we can work together, but I have a condition."

"What is it?"

Raven Reaper was alert instinctively, knowing that any "condition" in the mysterious world could potentially be compulsory or have traps.

"I want to see your face," Bai Yan finally spoke his long-time curiosity.

Raven Reaper was stunned.

What kind of condition was this…

After much hesitation, he nodded lightly.

If it was just a simple request like this, there was no reason to refuse.


Therefore, Raven Reaper removed his own bronze mask, finally revealing the appearance behind the mask.

That was an extremely beautiful face, crystal clear, flawless, nearly perfect. Beneath his golden sand-like hair were gentle sapphire-like eyes.

The countenance behind the mask was not inferior to Mu Ling's and Maryse's, causing Bai Yan to be stunned.

"Are you a woman?" he asked in confusion.

"No, I am a man."

Raven Reaper's previously gentle voice inexplicably became very cold.

Bai Yan smiled.

Alright, he's in a hurry.

Bai Yan smiled and squinted his eyes as he said, "I suddenly understand why you wear a mask. Hmm, this secret is very good, I am satisfied."

Raven Reaper remained silent.

"This is my contact information."

After Bai Yan finished speaking, he disappeared, leaving Raven Reaper holding only a piece of paper with his contact details, but with no sign of his whereabouts.

"Is this really alright… my current behavior…"

He slowly put on the mask.

However, I have a clear conscience.


Since the Night Watchers are here, there's no need for me and Maryse to stay.

Bai Yan quickly took Maryse and left the Church of Ruins base, then decisively returned to the temporary villa and took out his phone to open the "Destiny" pool to start summoning.

Ten in a row!

Wrapped in the enveloping black mist, card after card appeared before Bai Yan's eyes.

First summon!

"Operator Fragment · Moon Witch×1"

This is the fifth fragment of Moon Witch.

In other words, half of her body has already arrived at the Babel Tower!

Bai Yan displayed a meaningful smile.

"I am now fulfilling your wish, Miss Witch. Show some gratitude."

Second summon!

"Operator Fragment · Innocent Singer×1"

Bai Yan was momentarily stunned. He had previously drawn Hidden Azure, but this time he drew Innocent Singer.

The two of them are the "evil god containers" that the Dark Light Church has been searching for tirelessly.

Hidden Azure is the most powerful melee assassin among the Babel Tower Core Operators.

In theory, Hidden Azure has the ability to kill with a single blow that surpasses her level.

Innocent Singer, on the other hand, is fundamentally different. She is a powerful mage, specializing in three types of spells: healing magic, lawful magic, and formation magic, with the strongest being the healing spells.

Although she is not the only "healer" character, she is the most practical "healing" character among all the Core Operators of Babel Tower.

If you manage to obtain her, it will be a great thing.

"I still don't have a healer in my Core Operator," Bai Yan muttered to himself.

Third summon!

"Operator Fragment · Fist of Duel×1"

Fourth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon×1"

Fifth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Sword of Demons×1"

Sixth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Gungnir × 1"

Seventh summon!

"Mystical Power Fragment · Manipulation of Reality × 1"

Eighth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Wishing Lamp x1"

Ninth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Blink Blade x1"

Tenth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Queen of the Scarlet Moon×1"

The ten summons have ended.

Troublesome, this time it's a complete failure, unexpectedly nothing came out.

Bai Yan was stunned for quite a while, and his luck seemed to have failed for the first time.

"Could this be the so-called law of conservation of luck? Last time, my luck was too good, and it led to…well, luckily I still have the privilege of the 'Regret Card'."

The only good news was that he had already obtained eight fragments of Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

So, he needs the "Regret Card" for those few fragments…

First of all, except for the two Relic fragments other than the Wishing Lamp, he can temporarily do without them. As for the Core Operators, the one he needs the least is the "Fist of Duel."

Although any Core Operator has its own function, the positioning of "Fist of Duel" completely overlaps with that of "Nightsaber."

Bai Yan took a deep breath and regretfully chose "Operator Fragment · Fist of Duel", "Relic Fragment · Blink Blade", and "Relic Fragment · Gungnir ×1".

"Hopefully this time something will come out…"

Soon, three new cards appeared on the phone screen.

The first card!

"Fragment of Relic · Blink Blade × 1"

The second one!

"Fragment of Mystical Power · Longevity × 1".

The third one!

"Core Operator · Fusion Slime!"

Upon seeing this scene, a contented smile finally appeared on Bai Yan's face.

The fifth Core Operator!