I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: The Strongest Tactical Card

Select a Tactical Card or an Entertainment Card?

Frankly speaking, there are quite a number of things that can be chosen, and Bai Yan was plunged into contemplation for a moment.

There is a natural division between Tactical Cards and Entertainment Cards, with good and very good distinctions even within the high-level cards.

There are even more than just good and very good distinctions, with some cards having strong versatility, others focused on growth, and some with high levels of randomness… only what is suitable is the best.

To be honest, Bai Yan really wants to keep this "choice" and make a selection at the appropriate time; this kind of "universal trump card" is the most appropriate choice.

However, he quickly discovered that the phone screen had already entered the self-selected card screen.

"Alright, it seems that 'self-selected' cannot be kept for later, what a pity."

Several beautifully drawn cards shimmered with light and floated on the phone screen. By sliding the screen with a finger, other cards could be viewed… all Tactical Cards and Entertainment Cards from the first playthrough of "Babel Tower" were included in the selection.

"Therefore, the best cards I remember having are really only those six. Now, I actually have to choose one from the six… to be honest, I want them all."

Bai Yan recalled that the best cards were four Tactical Cards and two Entertainment Cards.

Firstly, there's the Tactical Card, "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity!"

It can significantly enhance the strength of a singular Core Operator in a short period of time. However, the downside is that the specific effects are unpredictable as luck doesn't always favor individuals as they desire.

Moreover, after completing the mission of "the Hand of Dark Light," Bai Yan had already obtained a "Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity," thus obtaining another would be a repetition.

Option eliminated.

Tactical Card "Eye of Mysteries."

Upon usage on a Core Operator, the recipient gains permanent access to the "Eye of Mysteries" status, enabling them to replicate and comprehend all witnessed spells in the future.

This is an incredibly promising Tactical Card for long-term growth and development. Theoretically, acquiring it earlier would be more advantageous.

Perhaps it can be chosen.

Tactical Card "Hell's Border".

Summon all the deceased (requiring their souls to be present) that Babel Tower Core Operator has killed so far. They will be forced to fight for you, lasting for the duration of a battle.

This is a Tactical Card that can directly transcend divinity in "Babel Tower" and can definitely play a huge role in preventing the "Doomsday Crisis".

It is not weak even in the early stages. Bai Yan stared at the face of "Hell's Border" for a long time.

The illustrations above depict numerous terrifying undead creatures that crawl out of the decaying earth, silently howling, while in the distance, shadows of several strong figures standing with folded arms seem to exist.

Perhaps it can be chosen.

"Cycle of Life and Death", an active skill of Tactical Card that targets a single unit, grants the Core Operator with this status the ability to never truly die for a month, and each time they die, they are immediately resurrected.

Making a Core Operator constantly resurrect for an entire month is still a very powerful Tactical Card.

However, for some unknown reason, Bai Yan is not very keen on selecting this one.

As a result of a painful experience in the first playthrough, he learned that sometimes unlimited resurrection is simply an endless cycle of being killed repeatedly, a form of torture.

After all, there is a huge gap in power between the superiors in this world, and the possibility of simply relying on numbers and quantity to defeat an absolute strongman is not very high.

"Next is the Entertainment Card…"

"Endless Treasures".

In reality, this card's effect is to open a mysterious space that contains the ultimate treasures.

It is a secret island where gods store treasure, with countless treasures inside, and even divine tools that can be obtained. Undoubtedly, it is theoretically the highest-yielding card.

However, Bai Yan is also very aware of one thing - there is more than one semi-divine level monster on the island, and mishandling the situation may even lead to an encounter with a god.

The level of this card is too high.

Even the strongest "Nightsaber" in Babel Tower wouldn't be able to defeat the BOSS on guard…She would definitely be knocked down with just one punch.

The option is excluded.

"Entertainment Card - Ultimate Descent."

This may be the best cost-effective card currently available, much stronger than its counterpart "Dawn" in the Entertainment Card series.

The effect is to permanently give a Core Operator a portion of the power of the Outer God in the "dungeon," instantly boosting their combat power by more than one level.

At least in the beginning, having a Core Operator who had experienced the "Ultimate Descent" would be unmatched by anyone.

Bai Yan felt that he would breeze through the mid-game process of "Babel Tower" game with this card.


The Core Operator who had experienced the "Ultimate Descent" would completely die and vanish after the next Doomsday Crisis, with its soul returned to nothingness.

Excessive power always comes with a cost.

With the options eliminated, Bai Yan had no attachment.

"In that case, let's choose it. Obtaining this highly promising Tactical Card in the early stages is quite impressive."

Eye of Mysteries.

The strongest tactic is to copy and paste!

However, currently, the only adept magic user in the Babel Tower is 'Mysterious Magic.' Neither the fox nor the singer hasn't been obtained yet…

After thinking for a moment, Bai Yan says, "Okay, then let's give it to Alan."

"Excuse me, what are you looking at, senior?"

Maryse looked over curiously, but was unable to see a picture of Babel Tower on his phone.

"It's nothing."

Indeed, Bai Yan shook his head as Maryse couldn't see anything, and he smiled as he put away his cellphone.

He looked down at the victim who was already scared out of their wits by his feet.

This was a big guy, already so frightened that he was trembling all over, not even a little bit adorable or pitiful, he even wet his pants.

But Bai Yan still spoke gently, crouched down and said, "We're not the villains here, on the contrary, these people are cultists, and you are the deceived victims."

"I know you may not believe us now, but the Demon Hunt Agency will send their people to explain the situation in due time."

"Find a place to hide and don't stay here. We need to cleanse the cultists from this place."

"Are you from Babel Tower?" the man suddenly asked.

Bai Yan hesitated briefly and replied, "Yes."

The man quickly scrambled and fled.

After a moment of contemplation, Bai Yan added, "Dancer, guard this place and make sure no cultists escape. I will take care of the rest of the cultists in the stronghold."

"Mm, okay."

Maryse nodded gently.

Just as Bai Yan was about to leave, Maryse suddenly called out to him.


Bai Yan turned around.

"By the way, as you know, 'Psychic Dancer' is just my nickname, like 'Nightsaber' or 'Profligate'."

She hesitated for a moment before saying, "Actually, my real name is… Maryse Auguste."

"I see."

Bai Yan nodded with a smile, knowing that he had to reveal his "real name" at this point, otherwise Maryse's impression of him would decrease.

"My real name is Crowley Alistair Moriarty… but I still prefer if you address me as 'senior' or 'Profligate'."

This "real name" was of course made up on the spot.

"Hmm, I understand."

Maryse nodded earnestly and conscientiously remembered the name.

For her, Mu Ling and Profligate were friends worth valuing in Babel Tower.

During the twenty years, Maryse also yearned for youth and friendship…but only the maid could communicate with her sincerely.

Bai Yan suddenly thought of something and said calmly, "Augustus… could it be that you are from the Augustus family? I have done some research, and it seems to be one of the city's oldest and most prominent elf aristocratic families."

The little one admitted it.

"Yes, but I am actually a half-elf, and even legally an adult, haha… perhaps my father doesn't like me for this reason, because my mother's bloodline is not pure…"

Maryse didn't know what was going on, and so she started to soliloquize.

Some things she had been keeping in her heart for many years, which she has never spoken up to now, and these words were not suitable to be said to Mu Ling… This is something that Maryse cannot stand about her.

Mu Ling always believes that family honor is more important than individualism, and if it were her in that situation, she would probably choose to obey the family leader's command in pain.

Although Mu Ling sympathizes with her experience, these ideological gaps have always prevented Maryse from speaking to her.

"My father originally liked me because of my appearance, but later on, the family found out that I had uses and negative aspects beyond my 'appearance'…"

"He eventually decided to abandon me in exchange for more family benefits… Perhaps, at the beginning, he only liked this 'appearance'."

Maryse let out a sigh.

"So, I betrayed them through the power of Babel Tower."

"Is family really that important? I truly don't understand."

"Even until his end, he showed no remorse."

Maryse bit her lip, her hands slowly clenching into fists, while her spiritual eyes glinted with fury.

She couldn't comprehend.

Could it be that I have made a mistake? Should I not have betrayed my family and instead obediently accepted the role of a "secret weapon" or a "toy"?

"I see. So, this is the decision you've made."

Bai Yan replied in all seriousness:

"In the vast, diverse universe, even civilizations constantly rise and fall, and not even the oldest, most ancestral clans are much more significant than dust… What truly matters is what your heart desires, who you truly believe yourself to be… Free yourself from the pain and embrace your true self."

Bai Yan's words were gentle and soothing, yet Maryse couldn't help but associate them with demon-like qualities.

Nonetheless, she lowered her head and subconsciously agreed with his words.

These words were truly taboo in the Augustus family.

Aristocratic families constantly instill a sense of collectivism, telling everyone that the family's status is above that of an individual. In history, many family members have even died for the sake of the family, and others take pride in this.

Personal willpower is often buried deep within oneself.

For some unknown reason, Maryse felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction hearing this completely different idea from Elder Profligate's mouth.

Bai Yan understood Maryse's thoughts. If Mu Ling had heard what was said earlier, she would definitely have resolutely refuted it and may have even believed that he insulted her ancestors.

However, the hunter clan cannot be compared to those decadent aristocrats.

Moreover, he would never say such words in front of her.

The two remained silent for a while, with Bai Yan patiently waiting for Maryse to contemplate his words.

"Thank you for comforting me, but please go, go. I'll wait here and hope for the best." Maryse suddenly changed her expression and said with a cheerful smile.

She appeared somewhat playful and seemed to have suddenly become very unserious.

Bai Yan, however, looked more serious than ever before.

"Wait for me here, Maryse."

"In the future, if you want to return to the family or grasp the Augustus family in your hand, I will surely help you with all my efforts."

Maryse stood still in place.

Bai Yan nodded and turned to leave.

When he arrived at an empty place, he took out his phone and took a look. Suddenly, he found that the current number of Source Energy Points had just reached five hundred.

Does that mean he can start ten summons again?

This time, the pool that he is going to draw from is the long-awaited "Destiny".