I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Mission Accomplished

Half an hour later, they finally arrived in front of the "Equal Wellness Club".

At least from the outside, this is a health club that looks completely normal and can be seen everywhere.

Bai Yan felt that he had touched some kind of barrier as he approached.

An invisible barrier, which would not have been discovered if it weren't for "Mysterious Magic's" super sensing ability.

"Hmm, is it a protective mechanism?"

Bai Yan understood that Church of Ruins must have protective measures, otherwise they would not have been able to advertise so ostentatiously and not have been taken out by the Night Watcher.

"Is it here?"

Maryse blinked curiously behind him, unsure if this was the cult's stronghold.

As the two stood outside pondering, four servants dressed in fine clothes walked out of the building, two men and two women, and approached them with a bow and a smile.

"May I ask if you are here to experience the wellness center?"

Bai Yan smiled and nodded. He had long since changed into ordinary clothing, completely concealing his uniqueness.

"Yes, we came together to experience it. We heard that your health spa can improve our physical condition and enhance our appearance. We are here to try it out and see for ourselves."

The waiter approached them with a smile on his face and said,

"Please come this way to become members. Here is our price list for you to review."

"Membership? Hmm, alright."

Bai Yan nodded and followed Maryse into the health club without hesitation.

The little guy's eyes never stopped moving as he looked around. The decorations in the health club were simple and natural, with artificial mountains and flowing water that made people feel a sense of peace.

"Little girl, you're so beautiful. We've received so many guests, but none of them are as pretty as you."

On the way, the female servant smiled and complimented Maryse, and the little one immediately smiled.

"Sister, you're pretty too," Maryse deliberately said in a childish voice.

Bai Yan held back from commenting. It was obvious that Maryse was someone who cared about others' opinions, but she lacked self-awareness.

Later, they were guided to separate men's and women's areas to change clothes, but Bai Yan always kept track of Maryse's situation with his ability to "parasite the incarnation" to prevent any danger that might occur.

"Hello, please come here."

Bai Yan donned a set of light and breathable blue garment, while also noticing Maryse's red attire change.

Everything seems quite formal, with price lists offering essential oil massages, foot washing, aromatherapy SPAs, blood circulation massages, and the like.

Nonetheless, Bai Yan has had no experience in this realm throughout his past lives and present, and only heard occasional hearsay about what distinguishes unorthodox practices from orthodox ones.

Ahem, digressing.

Then, Bai Yan soon discovered how quickly Maryse unhesitatingly indulged in an aromatherapy SPA session.

Hmm, this little guy is quite an expert on enjoying herself.

Bai Yan also had a slight experience and found out that these people were quite professional. Throughout the process, the staff occasionally mentioned "balance" or "equality", and talked about some health theories about adjusting work and body.

There was no trace of mystery involved.

The situation was completely different from what Li Yin had deduced…

Both sides entered completely different places.

By freezing time repeatedly through "Deep Blue World" and constantly initiating "Connection" through physical contact with the staff, Bai Yan soon figured out one thing.

Without exception, all the staff present were ordinary people who had never dealt with mystery.

The only ones in the entire health club who were supernaturals were himself and Maryse.

Here, it doesn't seem to be the stronghold of the Church of Ruins.

"Fortunately, I have played the game, otherwise, it's possible that I would have been fooled like those patrolling Night Watchers… by you."

Bai Yan smiled, finally understanding why the Demon Hunt Agency hadn't destroyed this place.

Obviously, even the Night Watchers would think it's just an ordinary health club that likes to spout some mysterious theories after coming in.

But that's not the truth.

How can we uncover the real veil?

Very simple.


Bai Yan and Maryse stayed here for a while to "nurture their health". The little guy screamed and cried when her feet were being pinched. If she hadn't had physical enhancement, she might have run away because of the pain.

The two changed their clothes and met again in the hall, staring at each other.

Bai Yan handed over the orange juice he had already bought.

Having made a strategy beforehand, he had already figured out the preferences of all Core Operators.

"Scalpers" like Mu Ling are actually indifferent, but Maryse needs to be cajoled properly, ideally with emotional ties.

"Drink it."

Maryse was stunned as she watched the handsome senior with a gentle demeanor.

"Hey, is this for me?"

It's surprisingly not a carbonated drink, how nice.

Maryse smiled as she took the orange juice, unaware of why every minute with "Profligate" made her happy.

This man was different from Mu Ling; sometimes Maryse even felt that Mu Ling might anger her, but "Profligate" always made her feel joyful.

Could this be the true meaning of "Profligate"? Maryse held the orange juice and even found herself pondering over this thought.

Then she took a sip and strangely said, "I feel like everyone here is just ordinary people, there is no extraordinary power. I wonder if even the Savior can make mistakes in judgment?"


Bai Yan shook his head and murmured, "No."

"The Savior, cannot make mistakes."

He slowly walked out of the health club and approached the invisible barrier. He extended his pale and feeble hand to touch it.

The Fire that Burns Everything.

The black flames ignited from the deepest point and burned something twisted, causing the air to boil, and the entire barrier started to disintegrate in an instant.

The flames that incinerate everything covered the entire barrier. Maryse, who came out, looked up in amazement and saw that the entire sky seemed to be enveloped in a burning darkness!

"The scent of the Outer God…" she whispered.

Accompanied by the complete collapse of the "bowl" shaped immense invisible barrier, there were gigantic changes occurring behind them at the wellness club.

Bai Yan closed his eyes and activated his powerful perception.

He was able to clearly perceive that, just below the original "Equal Wellness Club", a huge complex of buildings was shockingly revealed.

Yes, the true "Equal Wellness Club", the Church of Ruins headquarters, is located underground!

Passing through this layer of invisible barrier, ordinary people would directly enter the underground Church of Ruins headquarters, while extraordinary individuals and those who want to investigate the real situation would come to the normal wellness center on the surface.

Therefore, during this period of time, the Church of Ruins openly drew people to their headquarters for various "mystical experiences", yet it still hasn't been directly destroyed by the Night Watchers.

"Profligate, what should we do now…?" Maryse asked.

Deep Blue World.

In the next moment, Bai Yan had already paused time, picked up the motionless Maryse and swiftly entered the hall, passing through the wellness club at a rapid pace towards the cult base below.

Time was running out. After the barrier was broken, the cultists would probably start to flee.

Bai Yan knew the game process. The cultists would attempt to escape through an emergency evacuation ritual array.

Time resumed as normal and Maryse found herself being held by Profligate, surroundings changed.

"Hello? What are you doing? Where are we now?"

Bai Yan answered with a smile,

"Relax, I am just leading you on the road… We need to hurry and go down quickly, so as to prevent those Church of Ruins cultists from escaping from here."

Maryse sighed and nodded.



Beneath the health center lies the stronghold of the "Church of Balance" or as it is also called, the "Church of Ruins".

Inside the checkered hall of the Church of Ruins, the priestess Manila is "adjusting balance" for a man and a woman on their knees, claiming to help them reach a transcendental state of harmony.

These two individuals, one wealthy and the other poor, are of the same age but of opposite genders, making them perfect sacrificial offerings.

The so-called "balancing adjustment" in Manila is actually marking the two people, making them unable to escape his grasp, and when the time is right, they will be offered as sacrifices.

However, Manila suddenly felt the disappearance of the barrier at this moment.

"Has the Night Watcher come?"

His expression changed drastically, and he immediately issued a notice to the apprentice beside him.

"Quickly, everyone evacuate from the emergency exit!"

The two people kneeling on the ground were also stunned.

"Master, what's going on?"

The mark hasn't been completed yet. Manila's expression changed and he lied, "You two come with me too. It seems like there's a fire outside, so we must leave quickly."

The two ordinary people believed her immediately.

However, they had not run for long when they saw a horrific scene at the emergency evacuation exit.

The emergency exit of the Church of Ruins was actually a medium-sized ritual array that could transport people directly to various corners of Tatsumi City.

Bai Yan was standing in front of the ritual array, and Maryse was standing beside him, her eyes clearly shining silver.

Several members of the Church of Ruins, with vacant eyes, stood in a row, staring at all newcomers, obviously under the control of psychic power.

"You are desecrating the balance!"

Without hesitation, Manila took out his "Relic" and prepared to make a desperate move. After all, he was also an extraordinary being at "the awakening level"…

Bai Yan blankly waved his hand and shattered his head, his blurry flesh and blood splattered on the ground.

"I'm sorry, I don't care about balance."

Undoubtedly, the ability of Deep Blue World was very useful. Many extraordinary individuals with weak defensive abilities and insufficient survival skills could even die on the spot without being able to demonstrate their true strength.

Well, if the performer of the ritual dies, "Fleeting Beauty" will also be broken.

Those who have gained temporary beauty, health, strength, and intelligence will soon return to their original state, without having to pay a terrible price in the future.

"Thinking of it this way, it seems like we could try exploiting the 'bug', as long as we kill the performer every time, we won't have to pay the price forever."

The astute Bai Yan suddenly thought so!

The two ordinary people who followed were scared and fell to the ground. The man even urinated out of fear, while the woman quickly got up and ran away.

Bai Yan disregarded them and took out his phone to check the rewards for completing the mission.

"Fleeting beauty, the mission is accomplished."

"Mission reward: 100 Source Energy Points. The player may select one Tactical Card or Entertainment Card as a bonus!"

"Designated acquisition?" Bai Yan narrowed his eyes and instantly had an idea.

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