I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Suspect

Bai Yan flipped through the contents on his phone, feeling more and more sleepless.

Long before the video of Babel Tower was uploaded, there were actually many rumors about the superpowers in Tatsumi. Only then did it completely explode.

At that time, many people saw the battle and uploaded the video online.

The university was a small society. As the news spread, this incident immediately became widely known.

Later, the account of Babel Tower uploaded a new video as soon as the battle happened.

In the video, the camera was filming everything from the sky. It was definitely not recorded by a phone user, and the camera was very stable.

The video captured the entire process of the beautiful girl in black defeating the monster and the monster being rescued. It was still very clear.

Mysteries Lord: Damn, there’s something wrong with this account!

Mysteries Lord: All of the videos were the beautiful girl fighting, and the scene is bloody and realistic!

Wandering Leaves: No way, no way. It can’t all be true, right?

NobodyRepeat: I saw it! It was all true!

Genius Tailor: OMGGGGGGG!

More and more people followed the account of Babel Tower, and it continued increasing.

100 thousand!

200 thousand!

300 thousand!

The number of followers soon reached one million, and the account soon broke the record of fastest gaining followers.

The DHA didn’t want the videos to spread, but they couldn’t block this account and its videos. They weren't even able to delete the comments.

The monster attacking incident on Central Avenue has dug out again. Many people felt that the video was definitely true!

TheInitialCreator: They said it was a promotional video for a movie. How is that possible?

Black Singer: There really are superpowers! Amazing.

Since they were unable to control the account of Babel Tower, the officials knew that it was useless to scotch the rumors, and they finally lay flat helplessly.

Actually, many people in Tatsumi were also happy to see this.

There were already some people with superpowers who hoped to live in the real world and gain the attention of humans. However, they didn’t dare to cross the line because of the rules.

The rules, set by the two big shots and DHA, were getting into the way of many people amassing a fortune. There were a great many people who wanted to be exposed, even among officials.

This time, the officials didn’t try to forcibly refute the rumors. Instead, they simply sent a brief message that “the officials are deeply involved in investigating.”

However, just this sentence alone caused public opinion to explode!

Although many people had already tacitly agreed that the matter was true, the official attitude was very important. It meant that the entire matter had already come to light!

NoOneRepeated: "OMG! OMG! O! M! G! WHAT IS THE BABEL TOWER???!!!”

Pseudomorphing: “Great! I feel sure that I’ll be the hero! I will have the strongest superpower and live in the grand crystal palace!”

TheInitalCreator: “What? Are you still thinking about the pleasures of ordinary people after obtaining a superpower?”

Scarlet: Hehe, why do you think that you can obtain a superpower?

Bai Yan lay on the bed and read the comments for a long time. He understood that everyone wanted to know the truth about the Babel Tower now. suddenly, he felt sleepy.

‘Little more, more…’ Then he fell asleep, and the phone almost hit his face.

Bai Yan slowly opened his eyes. A gust of breeze flowed in from the window and caressed his face. He glanced at his phone and was surprised to see it was already nine in the morning.

“I was gone so long.” He was a little surprised. Usually, he gets up at eight in the morning. Today, it was an exception.

Bai Yan shook his head gently. He must have consumed too much energy yesterday.

“Ahhhh! No motivation for school.” He lay in bed for a long time without moving, feeling the thin breeze. Life was unreal.

“Do I really belong in this world?

Or am I just here to have some fun?”

After a short term of dreaming, Bai Yan turned on his phone again. The news about the white-haired beauty and the monster was still trending. Even many analysis videos of the Babel Tower appeared, and all the videos are very high up in the rankings. Many senior uploaders and anchors were discussing this matter.

Some so-called “life gurus” on the internet were scaremongering about the crisis, creating anxiety. They believed that the mortals would definitely suffer heavily in the future. On the contrary, some people thought that this was all good. If the superpowers could be industrialized, people in Tatsumi would become rich.

All in all, almost everyone’s attention was on the case.

Bai Yan looked around and logged in to Babel Tower again.

“it’s a new day. Time for training, Nightsaber.”

Currently, he has a total of 480 origin energy points. After deducting 10 points for arranging training, he still had 470 points left.

“10 summons with another 30 points!”

When he was checking Nightsaber’s file, he suddenly found that her loyalty had reached six, which means that Nighstsaber will always be loyal to the Babel Tower. There was an additional option to “unlock more information.”

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. Nightsaber’s loyalty had increased, which meant that she thought he was a reliable master?

He clicked on the “Yes” button and unlocked more information.

A brand-new Character Card appeared.

Main Operator:

Name: Nightsaber

Gender: Female

Plane: Material

Level: Evolved

Race: Human

Main skill: Kill, lurk, destroy

Rank: Knight

Primary Attributes:

Strength: 57 (as strong as a whale)

Intelligence: 36 (able to see many unusual things)

Dexterity: 48 (is able to tie her shoelaces with her tongue)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 10 (no one can ignore her beauty unless already blind)

Loyalty: 6 (willing to be loyal to you)

Mood: 8 (It’s a good day)


As graceful as a cat (DEX increased; Speed increased a lot)

Glory and revenge (Greatly reduce the chance of Nightsaber’s mood dropping to 0)


Deep Blue World (Proficiency: 25%)

Demon Knight Blood—Dark (Bloodline)

More information:

Height: 168cm

BWH: 91cm, 56cm, 86cm

Like: Honor, Victory, Kitten, Omurice

Hate: Cultists, Criminals, Salty cuisine

Item: Night Blade x 1


The disgraced successor of the legendary knight clan. She was born with a huge responsibility. Revenge and reviving the family is her long-cherished wish.

“The future Queen of the Night, invincible in the darkness.”

Bai Yan was lost in thought.

“As long as one operator’s loyalty reaches eight, it almost never drops. But few operators can reach ten.” According to the game’s description, eight could be described as loyal, while ten could be described as fanatical.

Some of the operators were arrogant and looked down on everyone in the world. They were absolutely unwilling to submit to others. Their loyalty would never reach ten.

Bai Yan read the information on Nightsaber for a while, but his heart gradually left her.

“Time for another ten summons. who will I get?” Bai Yan had a very subtle feeling when thinking about the core operators in Babel Tower, who had different personalities and complicated backgrounds.

They were all forced to join the Babel Tower and became part of the Salvation Organization, whether they wanted to or not.

“Why do I feel like I’m the mastermind?”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

Startled, Bai Yan instinctively logged out of the game and put his phone away. Calmly he approached the door and peered through the door mirror. The person outside was Alan. Bai Yan heaved a sigh of relief and casually put on a shirt before opening the door.

“What brings you here?”

Alan looked indoors and said curiously, “Wow, bro. I didn’t know your place was so neat.

But your place is really small. There’s only a bed, a set of tables, and a bathroom.”

Although Bai Yan’s house was small, it was very clean and tidy. It could even be described as meticulous.

“I clean it every day,” he replied.

Alan nodded. "Maybe you’re a control freak,” he joked. “At least you don’t run on the idea of ‘that’s all it takes’ and do the bare minimum for the place you run."

Bai Yan smiled. Perhaps. "Why are you learning psychology again?"

Alan smiled and sat casually on the edge of the bed. “I’ve been studying psychology. Actually, I came here today to ask you something.” He became silent for a moment, thinking about how to ask.

According to the surveillance cameras outside the classroom, Bai Yan did not leave the classroom for a long time. He was the last person to have any contact with the Babel operator, “Crime Hunter Mu Ling.”

Unfortunately, the cultists destroyed the surveillance cameras in advance, so they could no longer pull out any useful information. Alan naturally believed that Bai Yan was absolutely innocent and could not be related to any mysterious force. He also did not want to disturb his friend’s peaceful life.

However, he also understood that the situation in the Babel Tower was very critical. He had to investigate carefully and not leave out any information.

He smiled and clasped his hands behind his back. A faint red heptagram appeared on the back of his right hand. Routinely, he activated the Detection of Lies spell.

“I heard that… you were chatting with Mu Ling in the classroom last night. So, what were you talking about?”