I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Fleeting Splendor

Bai Yan gazed upon the high school girl before him, with her long black hair flowing down to her waist, a pleasant figure compared to other students, and an exquisitely refined face that could make anyone envious.

Although she couldn't compare to Mu Ling or Maryse in terms of appearance, her beauty was undoubtedly on par with that of Amy's, scoring an 8 or even 9 according to the evaluation in "Babel Tower."

However, this charisma didn't come solely from her natural gifts, Bai Yan was well aware of this. In her normal state, this girl would probably only possess a 7 level of charm.

There was some sort of supernatural power that made her even more beautiful.

"Who are you? Why are you here? I need to find my teacher!"

Li Yin instinctively felt something was amiss and immediately wanted to leave.

However, she was suddenly pinched on the cheek by a little girl who was shorter than her.

"Hey, why did you pinch my face!" she exclaimed.

Li Yin furrowed her brow and looked at the little girl in front of her, her eyes briefly entranced by the girl's beautiful face.

Maryse smiled and said, "Miss, don't be in such a rush to leave, we are the ones who came to rescue you."

What is this dwarf saying?

Save me?

I don't need your help! Leave me alone!

For some unknown reason, a wave of uncontrollable malice surged in Li Yin's heart. Though she used to care greatly about appearance, she had never harbored ill intentions towards others.

Despite suffering from depression for a long time because of the girl, she never once considered driving her away or joining her friends in bullying her.

However, the malice just now was real and not imaginary.

What just happened to me?

Li Yin herself was surprised, why couldn't she control her thoughts just now?

She actually called me a dwarf!

Maryse heard the other's inner thoughts and became extremely angry, starting to grip the other's face tightly.

"Ouch, ouch, it hurts! Let go!"

Li Yin almost cried out in pain, realizing that the other person's eyes were gradually transforming from the vivid green of emeralds to the shining silver of double pupils.

It is very beautiful.

[Obey my command, and tell me of your experiences in the past few days.]

Li Yin's eyes lost all their luster in an instant, standing blankly in place, allowing Maryse to mercilessly pinch her face.

"I am fond of beautiful things."

"A few days ago, I attended a classmate's gathering, and a junior high school classmate told me that there is a miraculous power in a place called 'Equal Wellness Club', which can make me become more beautiful."

"Even more…"

She murmured to herself.

"I am so envious and jealous, I want to have the same appearance as her…I sincerely hope that everyone can praise me from the bottom of their hearts."

"So I went to that place, met many people, and even some wealthy ones."

"One of the beautiful women who called herself a 'master' told me how to draw power from the universe and balance my body."

"In fact, balance… equilibrium… is the true name of that Equal Wellness Club."

"Balance, lies between all things in the world."

At that moment, Li Yin's face revealed a splendid brilliance, extremely proud and happy.

"I did it!"

"Although, I still lacked a little, just a little… but I am already very close to her. Even though she is usually emotionless, she actually looked at me with approval for a while!"

Li Yin suddenly became a bit despondent, her tone low and a tear even slid down from the corner of her eye.

"This is the first time she has ever paid attention to me… and it will only be this one time…"

Maryse furrows her brow, feeling like she heard something strange in the other person's sincere words.

Bai Yan suddenly reaches out and places his hand on the head of the high school girl.


He saw it.

Among many fragments of scenes, Bai Yan discovered the specific location of the so-called "Equal Wellness Club", no, the "Balanced Wellness Club".

It was on the west side of the city… Dawn District.

"Hmm, thank you for the information, now we will come to rescue you."

Bai Yan smiled and waved his hand.

In the next moment, Li Yin's expression had completely returned to its previous state.

"What…what just happened to me?"

Maryse furrowed her brow slightly. The enigmatic senior Profligate possessed such immense power even as a projection, effortlessly removing her "mind control".

Nevertheless, this was to be expected.

As a new member of Babel Tower, it was not surprising that she had grown so much stronger in just a little over a month. "Profligate" had likely been following the Savior for much longer.

It is feared that even the "World" of the Eyes of the Empire may not be a match for his true form.

His strength is unfathomable, referring to this kind of person, and he also has a lot of knowledge.

The more Maryse thinks about it, the more she feels that "Profligate" would make a great teammate.

Fear filled Li Yin's face, these two strange people were undoubtedly superhumans, the mysterious beings that had appeared in videos and news.

"What are you going to do to me?"

She had heard about many recent superhuman crimes, and they were extremely terrifying. A girl from the nearby school even unknowingly became pregnant and ultimately dropped out and moved away, completely disappearing from Tatsumi City.

Li Yin was truly scared, Bai Yan shook his head and smiled to reassure her.

He said gently, "Hmm, actually it's not needed anymore. I think what I wanted to do for you is already done."

Of course, Bai Yan was referring to the already established "mind control" and "connection".

The intelligence gathering conducted through extraordinary powers is clearer than asking the person themselves.

"It's already done?"

Li Yin paused for a moment, and immediately thought of a possibility, although it was a bit far-fetched, but perhaps it was really possible!

Could it be that she herself was like the girl from the neighboring school who was already pregnant…

Her countenance paled instantly, yet upon scrutinizing Bai Yan's visage, fixating on his profound gaze, her mood slightly ameliorated.

Well, actually, it's not that…

"Fleeting Beauty".

Bai Yan stated calmly, "You are undeniably very beautiful now, more so than before, but what you possess is only a fleeting beauty… it is 'youth' that has been compressed."

Li Yin froze, what did he mean by compressed youth?

Bai Yan continued, "They will not disrupt the balance. In a few years, you will begin to age rapidly, becoming older much faster than others."

"This is the price."

Li Yin was stunned for a while, then suddenly screamed.

"Impossible! How could such a thing happen! You must be lying to me!"

Bai Yan's tone was calm, but also sincere, "Lies don't make you fearful, only the truth can hurt, you actually understand it."

Li Yin remained silent and bowed her head.

"Save me, please…"

Her tone became pitiful, like a dying little bird.

"I, I know I was wrong. I just wanted to become beautiful. I just love beauty."

Tears flowed from the girl's eyes.

"I just…"

Bai Yan reached out and rubbed the other's hair.

"Well, of course I will save you. I just wanted to prepare you psychologically for the soon-to-be restored appearance."

Li Yin fell silent for a long time and nodded.

"Thank you."

"Okay, goodbye."

Bai Yan and Maryse turned and left. Class was over, but the students around the school paid no attention to their presence, completely ignoring them.

Li Yin stood in place, looking lost and dejected. She muttered softly, "If the cost is sacrificing my life, it's better than accelerating aging… I can't accept it."

Bai Yan and Maryse walked out of the school gate. At this moment, a flawless black-haired woman was standing on the rooftop of the school, looking at the two of them leave expressionlessly.

Maryse giggled and said,

"Hey, that woman is really vain. I think I'm pretty obsessed with my appearance, but I rarely see someone so fixated on it, and so fond of being praised by others. Are other people's opinions really that important?"

Bai Yan smiled and said, "In fact, this kind of person is not uncommon in the world. Perhaps some people have the same personality as her, but they are not yet aware of it."

"I always feel like you're mocking me …"

Maryse instantly understood and pouted, squinting at Bai Yan.

"Is it?"

Bai Yan smiled, neither confirming nor denying.

Together they headed to the Dawn District. Along the way, Bai Yan bought something for Maryse to eat. She was quite accepting of all sorts of small favors and soon became in a better mood.

How should I say it…

Bai Yan contemplated that during his first playthrough of "Babel Tower," Maryse seemed like a timed bomb in the game, but now it appears to be entirely due to his inability to micro-manage offline.

Both he and Mu Ling treated her well. Even if that maid were to pass away someday, he believed Maryse would not collapse because of their presence.

Thinking of this, he felt a tinge of pity for Maryse.

The girl who had been imprisoned by her father for twenty years has been constantly guarded by her closest family members, so it is normal for her to have psychological distortions, and Bai Yan is well aware of this fact.

"Let's go, let's go, we'll go together to fight against the cult." Maryse impatiently urged, swinging her legs and getting up from the bench in the park after finishing the small favors and treats.

"Hmm, I am no longer called 'senior', but rather quite confident," Bai Yan lightly nodded.

"When we arrive at the cult's stronghold, be careful and stay cautious," Bai Yan gently nodded and continued with a smile.

Don't just casually die, this time I want to receive a higher evaluation.

Maryse squinted and said, "If I find myself unable to fight off the enemy, I'll hide and cheer you on first, don't worry."

She pondered for a moment, would she really hide herself if this situation really happened?

It's unlikely.

After all, "Profligate" is also my friend.

Whatever happens… we cannot let him die!

Then, Maryse immediately shook her head, realizing that the "Profligate" here was just a projection, not the real person, and she had been thinking too much.