I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Church of Ruins

Bai Yan immediately recognized the new target of the activity.

Church of Ruins.

It was definitely them, the followers of the Outer God, the Balancer, and the Ashen Ruins…there was no doubt that they were the ancient cult of Noah's world.

Bai Yan actually knew quite a bit about them.

In fact, Church of Ruins, like many cults, never considered themselves as heretics…they always thought they were doing good for the universe.

The Night Watcher and those who obstructed them were undoubtedly malignant tumors that had to be eliminated, all for the balance of the world.

In a sense, they could be understood as "extreme environmentalists," willing to resort to any means to restore balance to the universe, even if it means destroying all life.

"Well, I guess I can't really understand…if I could understand a cultist, I'd be almost crazy."

Bai Yan shook his head and repeatedly tapped his fingers on his phone screen, carefully reading the details of the new event.

"New Event: Chaos of Balance"

The black and white balanced font floated on the screen.

"This activity comprises of four tasks, one can earn a partial reward upon completion of each task. However, upon completion of three tasks, one can choose to complete the activity and receive 'all rewards'…But, if all tasks are completed, the 'Savior' will additionally receive a 'mysterious reward'."

Afterwards, on the game interface displayed on the mobile screen, four pictures resembling seals appeared, and on each seal, there were four different-colored artistic fonts.

"Accumulation of impure desires."

"Fleeting beauty."

"Raging anger."

"Approaching death."

Bai Yan gazed at the four sets of vocabulary on his mobile screen and found himself lost in thought. Oh, finally it occurred to him - this is the activity he had done in the first playthrough.

He reminisced carefully for a while. In that case, this time, he will make it more perfect…no one dies, and he clears the game with a single life.

Bai Yan switched screens and exited the game interface of "Babel Tower", then re-opened the message he had just received.

He read the contents carefully once again.

"We aim to restore balance to all living things, to enable this world to return to its prime, which will prove beneficial to all mankind."

"Please contribute to the universe and usher humanity into a new era."

"Yes / No"

Hmm, if you click "Yes" here, you will be forced to become one of the "sacrifices".

Bai Yan couldn't help but frown.

This is obviously a ceremony that requires consent before it can be launched.

Many ordinary people don't have this awareness and will easily agree to things, clicking these jokingly "Yes" and "No".

However, in the mysterious world of the extraordinary, many vows, promises, and commands possess a powerful and mysterious effect, so one must never speak, decide, or swear rashly when idle.

"Who knows how many people in this city have fallen victim, with the majority lacking any concept of precaution in this regard."


He tapped on the text on the screen and began searching for relevant pieces of information, but he didn't find much useful content.

Bai Yan shook his head, set down his phone, and rose from the sofa.

"Even with the Church of Ruin's profound resources, preparing for such a ritual would likely require a great deal of time, money, and effort…seems like a premeditated plan."

He didn't return to the game interface nor did he open any task, but left the villa.

The time was still early morning, with white mist surrounding everything outdoors. More and more people were beginning to come to the streets of Tatsumi City, struggling for survival.

Bai Yan didn't hesitate to start "Deep Blue World" and set off. In no time, he arrived at a location in his memory.

"Yes, it's here."

He arrived at an old school.

The 17th High School of Tatsumi City.

This is an old high school located in the Hikarishi district of Tatsumi City, where the students are mainly ordinary students from the surrounding area with average grades and an average student population.

There doesn't seem to be anything particularly special about it.

However, Bai Yan remembers that the second task, "Fleeting beauty," can be solved here.

He suddenly furrowed his brow and muttered to himself:

"But in this school, there is a big big… trouble, and when completing the mission, she must not be alarmed… Otherwise, everything will go in an unpredictable direction."

"But considering her personality, she probably won't be bothered with these things without a reason."

Bai Yan took out his phone again.

"So, I need a reliable Core Operator to assist me. Who is lucky enough?"


Li Yin always thought she was beautiful.

Indeed, since childhood, her parents have always taken pride in her beauty, and almost all the neighbors and visitors would compliment "the little girl is really pretty."

Li Yin knew that these praises were sincere.

In junior high school, she never lacked suitors, but Li Yin felt that studying was more important. She also thought that the immature boys were simply not worthy of her, so she never had a relationship.

But Li Yin loves the feeling of being confessed to and also enjoys the admiring gazes of others towards her beautiful appearance.

Therefore, starting from junior high school, she earnestly learned how to dress up and make herself more beautiful. The teachers in school also praised her as the school flower.

Until… she entered high school.

On the first day of school, Li Yin dressed up very beautifully, hoping to directly become the school flower of this old school and let everyone notice her.

I will bring new vitality to this aging school.

Afterwards, she caught a glimpse of that girl.

The girl who was sleeping on the table behind her, until she was awakened by the teacher… The moment she lifted her head, she stunned everyone in the classroom and was extremely beautiful.

Why are there such beautiful creatures?

The other's beauty stunned Li Yin for a long time, and then she realized something terrible, which completely discouraged her.

That girl didn't even wear makeup…

Is she really a human being?

After wandering for a long time, for a whole year, Li Yin was suppressed by the dullness of the girl behind her, and her mood was depressed.

Although she was not as lively as herself, and not as gentle as herself, everyone in the class was attracted by her beauty.

She knew she was jealous.

It was not until a strange incident at a middle school classmate gathering before the start of her second year of high school that Li Yin encountered something peculiar.

She suddenly realized that one of her ordinary middle school classmates had become extremely beautiful! Even enough to compare with her own appearance!

What on earth could this be?

She was greatly perplexed, feeling there must be a reason, could it be cosmetic surgery?

After the party, Li Yin stopped her classmate and begged persistently to know the reason for her sudden increase in beauty.

"Yes, it's the Equal Wellness Club…"

After hesitating, the girl still smiled and revealed the secret.

Li Yin finally learned the secret to becoming beautiful, then she found the place…soon realized that it was a special health spa about mysterious knowledge and extraordinary power.

Initially she was skeptical, but the news about supernatural events has been plentiful lately… making Li Yin feel that this health spa shouldn't be a fraud.

After all, extraordinary power truly exists.

As expected, in just a few short days, the Equal Wellness Club made her renewed and refreshed!

It's said that she achieved a harmonious balance with the world, her body became more symmetrical and consequently more beautiful.

Li Yin didn't really understand, but was amazed by this miraculous effect.

However, there was still a little bit missing, her beauty was still slightly inferior to the other girl's.

That girl was simply too stunning, even the renewed Li Yin fell short. She contemplated daily on how to make up for this gap.

Today, as usual, she was anxious. She was the first one to walk out of the classroom after school, and suddenly saw a man and a woman.

They were standing in front of her, smiling and gazing at her.

The young man, dressed in a black classical robe, was handsome with a gentle smile on his face.

The other girl seemed to be a junior high school student or even an elementary school student, with golden hair and emerald-like beautiful eyes. She was very pretty and could even compare to that girl in the future.

"Have you also been to the Equal Wellness Club?" Li Yin asked the little girl in confusion.

Maryse smiled and turned to say, "Elder, I found her, it's really her."

"Our mission objective."