I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Launch of the New Activity!

Early morning.

The white mist of confusion enveloped Tatsumi City, with very low visibility on the streets and rare pedestrians.

There was a sense of solemn killing spread throughout this city.

Many people know that it has completely changed.

Superhuman power.

Since it was exposed, more and more people have been pursuing its existence, and the mysterious principles no longer need to be followed. There are more and more disputes about extraordinary people in various corners of the city.

Not long ago, the "Pastor" who had dominated the Otherworlds for decades died, making many extraordinary people realize that…

Everything will be different!

Platinum Zone.

The Ferrener family is an obscure small family with few members, but very wealthy. They are also regarded as "nouveau riche" by many orthodox noble families of the Platinum Zone.

After all, these inexperienced wealthy people have only been living here for less than 20 years.

However, at this moment, those who were tired of the Ferrener family may feel either joyful or greatly fearful.

In the grand hall of the Ferrener family, bodies were scattered everywhere, all in gruesome states with hardly a complete corpse.

The patriarch of the Ferrener family was a handsome middle-aged man in his fifties with black hair and a beard. At this moment, he had lost both legs and was gasping for his last breath in the center of the hall.

Every breath brought him closer to death.

The middle-aged man's face was bitter and sad as he said, "Why? Why did you come to us… Where did we offend your Babel Tower?"

Most despairing of all was that he had no idea what had offended Babel Tower, this terrible organization that had appeared out of nowhere.

The only person standing in the lobby was a young man in a black classical robe, with a gentle smile.

Anyone had to admit that he had an aristocratic scholar's temperament, which was very attractive and eye-catching.

Bai Yan smiled and said, "Of course, it's just for fun. You haven't offended Babel Tower in any way."

A look of disbelief appeared on the middle-aged man's face.


He coughed up blood and tremblingly said, "Cough, cough, our family's decades of accumulation, all the planning and efforts for such a long time, all of it has been destroyed by you so easily."

"You actually claimed it was just for fun?"

He was extremely angry!

"But it's just a pile of scum that has been hoarded for decades, and it only indicates the need for a quicker clean-up."

Bai Yan said earnestly, "You are the largest group providing materials for a cult in this city, and the criminal gang I destroyed not long ago was only your lower-level associates… how many families have been destroyed because of you? You rely on being associated with one of the five major families, thinking that you are invincible, but you are too complacent."

After dismantling this place, the illegal casting material pipeline in Tatsumi City and Otherworlds will also be cut in half. He believed that not only would the cultists be affected, but the ordinary supernaturals would also be uncomfortable.

But Bai Yan didn't care.

The "Wettin" family, one of the five major families, would also be angry to seek retribution against their collateral lineage, after all, this small family ultimately belongs to them.

However, Bai Yan is indifferent.

Bai Yan calmly looked at the head of the family and waited for his final words.

The middle-aged man said urgently, "What about my daughter? Please spare her. She's not yet of age… Really, she has nothing to do with all this."

"Your daughter has never killed anyone. Although her character is not very good, I won't kill her."

Through the power of "Cybertyrant," Bai Yan had already conducted many investigations on this dark family, and when he completely eradicated this malignant tumor, he didn't forget to spare the innocent.

However, are children who grow up under the flower of sin really innocent?

Believe it or not, different people have different opinions, but at least Bai Yan wouldn't go and kill a child who has never killed anyone…provided, of course, that the child hasn't thoroughly provoked himself.

Another condition is that the child has never offended any of his friends.


Well, to be frank, Bai Yan himself understands that he doesn't really have any principles from the beginning to the end.

Particularly while playing the role of "Profligate" recently, he increasingly feels like a "player" in a game, just needing to experience pleasure.

The host wanted to say something else, but Bai Yan, who was already bored, kicked his head and broke it.


He saw the game prompt of "Babel Tower" on his phone, so he pulled it back.

"Mission complete, obtaining 100 legend points and 50 source energy points."

Although it was entirely Bai Yan's own idea to cause trouble, and "Profligate" was not recognized as an official member of Babel Tower.

But because he called Mu Ling over, it directly triggered the "emergency mission".

After the incarnation as "Profligate", relying on this method of constantly "false accusing", Bai Yan has also gained a considerable amount of Source Energy Points.

He looked at the bloody corpses around without any discomfort… Bai Yan himself was a bit surprised that he had become so accustomed to taking lives.

"It seems that he was not entirely wrong. My 'id' is indeed reckless and arrogant."

Sometimes, Bai Yan would also wake up from terrible nightmares, and in those dreams, he would actually act recklessly towards those familiar people…

Perhaps, he just enjoys making others feel afraid.

Then, he repressed himself from attacking good people.

Regardless, if we speak about "heart", he definitely cannot be considered a good person.

"Mr. Profligate, I have found the item you need."

Mu Ling walked in from outside with no extra expression on her face. She kept a distance from other Babel Tower members except for the "Savior" whom she increasingly admired and the "Psychic Dancer" with whom she was close.

This also applied to the senior member named "Profligate".

The black box she held in her hand seemed like an ordinary birthday gift box, but it was actually what Bai Yan had been looking for.

There is actually another, more important reason to solve the problem of this dark family, and that is the presence of something dangerous in this family.

"Hmm, it's this thing."

Bai Yan's expression became solemn.

"What is it?"

"It's something that could cause a world-ending crisis…" Bai Yan's tone was calm, but his words were very crazy.

However, Mu Ling was slightly stunned and could hardly believe her ears.

"You heard right, this thing could indeed destroy the world."

Bai Yan didn't lie, in his mind the source of the "Doomsday Crisis" was from this family, so he couldn't wait to destroy it.

The criminal gang that Holly had mentioned and was destroyed by him, turned out to be subordinates of this family, which he had been investigating for a long time.

There are many possible Doomsday Crises that could occur, and before the formal announcement of "Babel Tower," players would have hardly known which one was really happening. However, Bai Yan felt it was worth a try to preemptively snuff out the various Doomsday Crises at their roots.

The black box.

It appears to be just an ordinary black gift box, but in reality, it is a "small, little gift" bestowed upon this world by the Outer God "Pupil of Chaos."

As long as someone opens it correctly according to the ritual, terrible disasters will simultaneously erupt around the world.

Generally speaking, it will be triggered during either the "Second Doomsday Crisis" or the "Third Doomsday Crisis".

Upon recalling the Pupil of Chaos, Bai Yan furrowed his brows, just thinking about it caused sharp pains in his head.

He couldn't help but take a deep breath… that dark golden giant pupil he had seen in the "Self Dimension".

It has already seen him.

And it seems to have… set its sights on him.

"So, how can we destroy it?"

When Mu Ling heard that this thing could trigger the Doomsday Crisis, she immediately became cautious and waited nervously for instructions.


Bai Yan thought for a moment. He wasn't sure about how to proceed… Maybe it's better not to destroy it for now. If there are side effects from destroying it incorrectly, both of them might end up dying here.

He could only say, "Actually, I'm not sure either. In that case, let's put it in the Babel Tower first and let the great Mr. Savior keep it safe."

"Yes, that's the best option."

Mu Ling nodded gently before handing the black box over to Bai Yan.

After receiving the black box, Bai Yan furrowed his brow slightly, feeling that something was amiss but unable to pinpoint the exact problem.

There was a delicate sense of discomfort, fleeting yet distinct.

At that moment, his phone vibrated.

Bai Yan was momentarily taken aback, but he didn't take it out in front of Mu Ling. However, she seemed to have noticed the vibration… This fellow had heightened senses beyond disguise.

Mu Ling tilted her head and calmly inquired, "Mr. Profligate, was that your phone?"

Bai Yan nodded gently, smiling. "I have other matters to attend to now, Miss Nightsaber… So let's call it a day. Until next time."

He disappeared without a trace after speaking, leaving Mu Ling alone here.

Quickly returning to the villa, Bai Yan took out his mobile phone, only to discover that the vibration alert was not for "Babel Tower", but for a message…

"Ah, this."

After a brief silence, Bai Yan reached for his phone and opened the message, discovering that it contained an exceptional content.

"We aim to restore balance to all living things, to enable this world to return to its prime, which will prove beneficial to all mankind."

"Please contribute to the universe and usher humanity into a new era."

"Yes / No"

Bai Yan was bewildered by the message and noticed that the sender was "Equal Wellness Club," a name that he felt he had heard before.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated again.


This is the genuine information about "Babel Tower" that has arrived.

Bai Yan opened the message and immediately furrowed his eyebrows.

The waiting period has come to an end, and as "Babel Tower" has notified, there is a certain difference compared to the large-scale event "Black Star Faction". A new medium-scale event has commenced!

"Chaos of Equilibrium"