I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: "Loyalty" of "Cybertyrant"

In this city where the network covers every detail, even penetrating into many people's bodies, Amy is undoubtedly the "Cybertyrant".

The law enforcers on the streets watched helplessly as the towering mechs flew by, unable to locate them in the network warehouse and use their own weapons and equipment.

They could only watch with their eyes wide open.

Even if they immediately report seeing the mechs, the computers inside the agency would consider it a "false alarm", and the entire network system became a slave of someone's commands.

This was an open daylight "robbery", and soon the entire 115th floor, no, the upper middle district of the city would know of this big news!

Of course, Amy and her brother Ryan must have already left this area during that time.

Amy has already planned to live with her brother Ryan on a more suitable floor, 127, and find a reasonable way to make money… so they can eventually move to the upper district of the Ring City.

Yes, only in the upper district can Amy access 99% of the resources in the city.

In the beginning, she thought it would take at least a few years to make herself and her brother "the lucky ones" to enter the upper district without much suspicion.

However, it is already too late.

Since the end of the world crisis is so close, she doesn't have much time to worry about the risks and must contact everything in the upper district as soon as possible.

In less than an hour, the colossal mecha gradually vanished in the 115th precinct area.

No one had any idea where it had gone.

Only a handful of people including Amy knew that "Liquidator" had initiated a self-destruct function and had now reached… the inner sanctum of Babel Tower through the Gate of the Heart.

Clearly, no one could retrieve it anymore, not even the "Rainbows".

At this moment, Mu Ling was sitting outside the museum, relishing her ice cream.

Two hours ago, she had been instructed by "Cybertyrant" to wait for further orders here.

Due to the long and boring wait, Mu Ling quickly took advantage of the "Deep Blue World" and went to buy an ice cream… which was paid for in advance by Amy in their account.

After giving it some thought, she posted a message on the internal forum of Babel Tower.

"Is it my turn now?"

"It's already over."

"Mr. X", who is actually Amy, replied.

Mu Ling was stunned.

"So, can I go back now? Like this?"

"Well, you were the guarantee of force in case of any accidents. Since nothing happened, it wasn't needed," Amy replied, "but I will still pay you."

Mu Ling thought for a while, took a few more bites of her ice cream. Being an extraordinarily strong superhuman, even in autumn, she never experienced any digestion problems.

It felt great.

She delicately typed with a fair finger on her phone and posted it seriously on the forum.

"For some reason, I feel like your plan is too simplistic."

"In fact, only a fool would design plans that are overly complex, because the more simple the plan, the lower the margin for error." Amy replied with certainty.

Mu Ling was silent for a while. Saying so, she should not be among the ranks of fools… After all, she rarely designed any complex plans.

Hmm, it turns out that I am quite smart.


That night, a group of people dressed in black windbreakers and silver mechanical masks arrived at the museum and took over everything without any hesitation.

Upon seeing their credentials, the museum's managers immediately gave up any ideas of resistance.

Inside the surveillance room.

"Is this the museum?"


The leader of this group is a sturdy white-haired middle-aged man with a face that carries a sense of vicissitudes. His eyes are both silver and have no pupils as they are prosthetic.

He wears an oversized red coat with a black lining and is the only person who isn't wearing a mask.

The subordinate said, "Boss, please take a look at these. They are all the surveillance videos from inside the museum."

The computer turned on.

"The retired 'Liquidator' robot suddenly took off without warning, as if being controlled by hackers, though the possibility of magic, ritual or some sort of supernatural intervention cannot be ruled out."

"Hmm, that's equivalent to saying nothing, all it contains is meaningless words."

The grizzled man with white hair nodded slightly, wearing a face of disdain.

He continued to watch the surveillance footage, swiftly memorizing the appearance of everyone who appeared in it.

Never again will it be forgotten.

The staff of the museum stood behind, not daring to make a sound.

They were well aware that these people were not to be messed with, they were the most famous lackeys of the Rock Morgan company.


Although the company has always claimed through various media channels that the agents of the Maintainers are the good guys who maintain order, they are the heroic figures of The Ring City, and there is no need for any normal and kind citizens to fear them.

But in fact, many people understand that the "Maintainers" are nothing more than a group of cold-blooded killers who have the privilege of not being responsible for their actions.

The white-haired man known as "BOSS" is named "Leon", came from the lowest floor of The Ring City, the first level district, and now resides on the 199th floor, possessing formidable strength at the Crown level.

"White Lion Leon".

He is the most famous predator among the "Maintainers", having completed numerous challenging tests and killed many "prey" stronger than himself.

Prey is just prey, and it doesn't matter how strong it is. As long as the hunter prepares adequately, they can always corner the "prey" completely.

"Hmm, there's also the outside explosion. Who are those people?"

The subordinate said, "They should all be people from 'Spider'. The cause of death is currently under investigation. They are definitely ill-intentioned, but it's uncertain if they're accomplices of the ones who stole the mech."

"Hmm, Red Spider…the super criminal ranked ninth in the bounty list, right? A big piece of garbage."

Leon narrowed his eyes and fell into silence.

Red Spider was not important. The real prey he needed to find was the person who stole the "Phantom Chip" technology through magical power.

With decades of work experience and extraordinary power, Leon understood that his prey must have appeared in the museum.

Super intuition, this was Leon's extraordinary power.

One of its effects was simple- it allowed Leon to come near his "target" without realizing it, even if he had never seen the person before.

His super intuition was always very accurate. Even the masters of prophecy would marvel at how Leon didn't waste time studying it.

However, for Leon, having such supernatural abilities means that he no longer needs to learn any predictive magic, it is more like a "sense of smell", an instinct that leads himself constantly toward his prey.

"I will find you."

After watching the surveillance video inside the museum, Leon narrowed his eyes and knew that this matter was anything but simple.

The "prey" possessed an extremely eerie, even terrifying, supernatural power.

Could that person really control the internet?

The God of Cyber? How interesting.

"Investigate all the people who have appeared in or near the museum in the past two weeks, leave no one behind."



Bai Yan had already returned to his villa in Tatsumi City.

The mother and daughter were both occupied with their own tasks, oblivious to the sudden appearance of a man in their house once again and he had no intention of disturbing them temporarily.

He sat on the sofa in the living room, holding his new phone, gazing at his newly acquired record of rewards.

"Mission accomplished, Babel Tower Legendary Point +200."

"You have successfully acquired data on the mecha 'Liquidator' and can now allocate resources to develop a new special project."

"Emergency mission reward has been acquired: Source Energy Points 100."

Legend points can be converted into 200 Source Energy Points, so the total income is also 300 Source Energy Points.

By doing so, it is equivalent to gaining six summoning opportunities, which is quite good.

"Moreover, the task was actually completed very easily."

At the same time, Bai Yan noticed that there had been significant changes to the character card of "Cybertyrant".

Core Operator:

Title: Cybertyrant

Gender: Female

Plane: Physical Plane

Level: Awakening

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Special/Control/Surveillance

Milestone: Mr. X, the Plunderer

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 3 (Without a doubt, if she fought a goose, the goose would obtain a definite victory!)

INT: 16 (Occasionally feeling a chill down the spine)

Tip: 91 (Specialize in hacking to better understand her abilities)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 4 (severe disability, but perhaps highly rated in some people's eyes)

Loyalty: 7 (grateful for the Savior's actions)

Mood: 7 (I seem to be starting to act recklessly)


A gentle heart (one that uplifts in others' joy and falls in others' pain)

The Unconquerable Blossom (mood cannot reach 0, loyalty cannot reach 10)

Persevering through Pain and Suffering (due to a drug testing experience, possessing an extraordinary power of endurance through pain and suffering)


Tyrant (proficiency level: 77%)

Secondary data:

Figure: 81cm, 71, 53, 74

Likes: adult-themed comics, videos, internet, saving innocent people, acting recklessly

Dislikes: those who act recklessly, all companies

Items: Mechanical limbs Rundo IV and Artificial eye Sylu 777.

Description: Parents committed suicide due to their inability to repay high debts. She was forced to participate in drug trials to inherit their debts, resulting in a fragmented and broken self. She seldom shows sadness for her own misfortune, however, she is not optimistic and yet she is gentle to almost everyone… but in the world of information networks, she possesses absolute power like a tyrant.

"The god of cyberspace, the king of Night Union."

So it seems, already loyal to seven.

Bai Yan knew very well the significance of his actions, successfully saving the two persons who might have been in trouble and making Amy feel grateful from the bottom of her heart.

In a sense, from this moment on, she finally pledged her allegiance.