I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: The Museum Incident

Amy didn't believe there was any possibility of failure in this plan.

After all, it wasn't a particularly difficult situation, and her own power in the cyber world was too "convenient".

After all, she is a tyrant.

She smiled and visited the museum with her brother, while also secretly taking control of the entire museum through the network.

The process went very smoothly.

It was as smooth sailing as could be, with no obstacles or discomfort. Having received an upgrade from the "Savior" once before, Amy's ability to manipulate the network had become even stronger.

Although, it had not yet reached a qualitative change.

Ryan, on the other hand, was completely unaware of his sister's situation. He could not imagine what she could do and how incredible it was.

He was even less aware that there was a large organization called "Babel Tower," and its founder and mastermind was staring at him in the museum.

Bai Yan stood calmly in the corner of the museum, already sporting a brand new face as he gazed at the siblings.

'Amy, you're still not cautious enough, are you?'

Was it because there had been too much grievance and humiliation over the years, and it had been suppressed for too long?

Bai Yan was well aware that she was a determined girl, mature in mind, valued unity, possessed a strong sense of responsibility, was kind, loving and almost perfect in character.

However, Amy also had flaws, she was arrogant, proud, and had a strong desire for control… Moreover, in fact, she might not even be aware of it herself, but subconsciously she actually enjoyed "showing off".

This was also the case in the Babel Tower meetings, where Amy was often the most talkative person.

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Bai Yan was well aware that this was the result of long-term pressure, and even though she smiled gently every day, her injured body and terrible abilities still made this underage girl bear tremendous pressure.

Yes, normally a girl at this age should be enjoying a beautiful youth.

If it wasn't for the overwhelming pressure, she wouldn't have developed such a fondness for peculiar things……

Amy could have easily controlled everything from home, but she insisted on bringing her brother along to witness the whole thing as a "spectator."

Clearly, this filled her heart with great satisfaction.

Many criminals act this way, even returning to the scene of their crimes repeatedly to observe the reactions of those around them… Bai Yan could sympathize.

This could provide a more delightful pleasure than satisfying one's sexual desires!

"Amy, there might be some unexpected trouble today, perhaps even something you'll regret for a very long time… But let me take care of it for you right now."

Bai Yan smiled and put down his cellphone.

Just now, he had controlled Amy to complete the game "Babel Tower".

Well, the result will be out soon.


[Cybertyrant, you have been chosen.]

The familiar and ruthless voice sounded.

Suddenly, Amy felt like her body was no longer under her control!

Sitting on the wheelchair, she was momentarily stunned, but then she realized that she could still move her eyes, mouth, and tongue, allowing her to speak and make facial expressions…

Amy knew that it was the "Savior" manipulating her, and she felt calm, without the initial nervousness.

"Bro, what do you think?" She smiled and bantered with her brother who was sitting nearby.

Ryan stood beneath a so-called "masterpiece", a painting crafted by a renowned artist of the highest echelon whose name is "&".

The name itself is already very novel.

Ryan shook his head and said, "Honestly, I'm having some trouble understanding. What exactly is art…those famous paintings have dreadful prices, yet the only thing I can understand is the price."

"Hehe, actually, I'm the same as my brother. I don't understand it either."

Amy chatted and found herself beginning to "distract", as her power manipulated the network monitoring route outside the museum at the same time.

Oh, who are those people?

She suddenly noticed a specially fortified black car stopped outside the museum, and through the camera, she could see that there were many armed militants wearing black masks and holding weapons.

"What's going on…"

Soon, Amy obtained relevant information on the internet through skull comparisons.

These people all come from the notorious professional criminal group "Spider," whose head is a mysterious person with a bounty of up to 30 million, nicknamed "Red Spider." They specialize in robbing the wealthy and attacking weak defenses, taking advantage of profitable places, and are ruthless in killing innocent people. The museum has obviously become a target!

It's such a coincidence that they ran into what I was looking for…

Amy frowned. The next moment, she realized that her thoughts had already turned into actions.

By the way, at this moment, it is the "Savior" who is manipulating me!

She immediately realized this.

The doors of the black car parked outside the museum suddenly couldn't be opened, and the criminals were all locked inside, no matter how they pounded, they couldn't escape from it.

At the same time, Amy also discovered through the camera that there were a large number of lethal weapons in the car, which could instantly "clear the field" of the entire museum.

She was immediately frightened and broke out in a cold sweat.

Although having the power to do whatever she wants in cyberspace, and even sometimes thinking she has the talent bestowed by the God of Cyber, and is truly different from everyone else, in reality, both she and her brother Ryan only have mortal bodies and can easily be killed by firearms.

I…almost made a big mistake.

She should not have come here herself, much less bring her elder brother to the scene. Instead, she should have always remained behind the scenes.

Amy closed her eyes, knowing objectively that she could not be blamed for this unpredictable emergency. No one could have foreseen the sudden appearance of a group of criminals.

However, subjectively, Amy still fell into uncontrollable self-blame, while also feeling grateful for the helping hand of the "Savior."

"Thank you."

Under the powerful force of "Cybertyrant," soon some of the weapons in the black car exploded on their own, and none of the criminals inside survived.

These people never understood why they died on the spot from the beginning to the end.

The sound outside the museum was extremely loud, and all the visitors inside were stunned, wondering what the sudden explosion outside was about.

"What's that sound?" Ryan asked, frowning and instinctively protecting his little sister.

Amy squinted and said, "Maybe it's fireworks, bro?"

"How could there be fireworks at a time like this… are you stupid?" Ryan rolled his eyes.

At that moment, an alarm sounded!

All the doors in the museum fell automatically, the metal protective doors quickly rose, and a large number of mechanical guards appeared inside and outside the museum at the same time.

Suddenly, the unexpected incident made everyone look astonished, including Amy, who didn't want to look too special in the post-monitoring video… Bai Yan in another place was the same.

Therefore, the inside of the museum at this time is a look of shock from everyone.

Amy also finally realized that she was no longer remotely controlled by the "Savior" and a faint smile appeared on her face.

Well, actually it doesn't matter if the expression is different, she can just edit the content of the video again.

"Let's begin."

At the next moment, a powerful explosion's sound occurred, which attracted everyone's attention in the scene.

That was a massive exhibition stand in the corner.

Made from a special lightweight material, the towering white mecha "Liquidator" that had retired for years, surprisingly came to life.

It flew off the stand and towards the gate, with the protective door that had already closed, automatically rising up again. The mechanical guards had no intention of stopping the mecha.

Everyone in the museum was stunned.

Amy narrowed her eyes, knowing that the enforcers on the 115th floor would soon track down the 'Liquidator' that had fled.

However, no one would discover it.

Even though it was right in front of people's eyes.

The Ring City, area of the 115th floor.

On the street, one surveillance camera after another started malfunctioning, and law enforcement officials found themselves completely unable to locate the massive mech that had just escaped from the museum.

Although it was such a large metallic object, it disappeared in broad daylight like that!

How is that possible?