I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: The Ring City

Although several people from Babel Tower were aware of an upcoming catastrophe that the world was about to face, they had never heard of a precise time nor did they know what kind of catastrophe it would be.

Until now, the Savior, finally, was going to explain the exact nature of the cataclysm that the world would face.

Mu Ling fell into contemplation. She was selected by Babel Tower on September 24th, and that meant there were only 99 days left until "Doomsday Crisis."

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Amy slightly furrowed her brow. This "heavy news" was truly an unbearable burden and saving the world was too overwhelming.

There were even some things… that sounded very unreal.

So, were they really relying on just the few of them?

There were so many big shots in Noah's world, including the majestic "Rainbows". Couldn't they play a role?

Amy asked, "If that's the case, we need to become stronger more quickly… but, Respected Savior, I can't imagine how just a few of us can save the world."

"Also, since Noah is facing the Doomsday Crisis, won't the 'Rainbows' as the new gods take action?"

Indeed, this had always been a question in everyone's mind.

While their rate of growth was certainly fast, with the Doomsday Crisis looming so urgently, was it really possible for just these few people to have the potential to save the world?

Moreover, even if one were to become stronger with the help of the Babel Tower at an astonishing speed, nobody would possibly believe that their future self, after just a few tens of days, could be as powerful as the "Rainbows".

Bai Yan had long prepared his words.

[Rainbows, of course, will not allow Noah to disappear like this, but they are not omniscient and will inevitably make mistakes.]

[You have the potential to save the world.]

[The Doomsday Crisis mostly comes from internal situations within Noah, rather than the direct arrival of Outer Gods or the sudden outbreak of a huge disaster… What you need to do is to prevent the occurrence of their descent and the outbreak of catastrophes, rather than facing them afterwards.]

I see, now everyone understood when it was put that way.

They could never defeat the Outer God, nor change the catastrophic event that could destroy the world, but they could potentially extinguish all "sparks" before they ignite.

Although Mu Ling and the others didn't know why it must be them, and not others, to save the world… what did this "potential to save the world" really mean?

"Maybe we truly have a special destiny," Alan suddenly muttered to himself.

He recalled the prophecy he had heard from the prophecy book.

Saving the world…


Without a doubt, he was indeed the one who would save the world, the protagonist of this "story", chosen by the Savior.

Bai Yan may have been a witness to all of this, and was at this very moment, waiting for his own rescue.

'But after finding Bai Yan, this conversation cannot be said to him directly, because he may feel embarrassed.'

Alan thought very seriously.

Meanwhile, not far away, the "Savior" who used psychic power to read people's thoughts, Bai Yan, was trying his best not to burst out laughing!

He couldn't laugh, because if he suddenly burst out laughing here, he would have to find a way to explain the reason…

Well, they'd pretty much discussed everything for today.

If there were any other matters, they could actually be discussed through Cybertyrant's forum.

[That concludes today's meeting.]

Bai Yan promptly adjourned the meeting without hesitation.

He saw the people off.


November 7th.

Night Union.

The Ring City.

The 115th floor.

The Ring City was a vertically dense city divided into 1-200 floors. The first 50 floors were considered the lowest line and the most worthless place for the scraps to live. The air there contained a lot of toxic substances.

It was said that many extraordinary people had established their own violent groups there, making it a terrifying area where the survival of the fittest reigned.

The 51-100 floors were where the impoverished people burdened with excessive debt resided. Most of them would never be able to pay off their debts in their lifetime. The debt would be inherited by their descendants, increasing with each generation. Thus, they laboriously breathed in dirty air and strived to create value for the Rock Morgan Group from the moment they were born, while attempting to repay the debts.

Although everyone had different debts, they all originated from the Rock Morgan group, which was the largest creditor in the city.

Floors 101 to 150 belonged to the so-called "Ring City citizens", who also had individual debts, but most of them would have the opportunity to pay them off before they died and wouldn't pass them on to the next generation.

The citizens were extremely proud of this point.

The air on the 115th floor was obviously worse than that of Tatsumi City, but Bai Yan heard that it was much better than the lower regions, and the "Ring City citizens" were quite proud of this.

The sky here was not particularly bright, but Bai Yan could at least tell it was daytime. The streets were full of brightly colored screens and explosive amounts of information, constantly trying to cram into people's minds. Consumerism had penetrated deep into the city's core.

There was a lot of garbage on the streets, and it didn't look much cleaner than where the poor reside. Bai Yan turned around and gently closed the black door belonging to Nightsaber.

He had just passed through the black gate and in an instant crossed over countless mountains and rivers from Tatsumi City of the Air Alliance to the 115th floor of the Ring City of the Night Union.

Today was the day "Cybertyrant" would steal the mecha, and in the end, the only ones who chose to help were Mu Ling…and himself.

Due to the low level of difficulty in stealing, Amy didn't bring more people. She didn't reach an agreement with Maryse in the end.

An unmanned bus pulled over on the side, and Bai Yan walked up and paid using the power of "Cybertyrant."


The bus started quickly and didn't force Bai Yan who pretended to be rich out of it.

A row of androids stood on one side of the bus, male and female, expressionless and indifferent to everything around them.

Androids have been extensively used in the area above the 100th floor of the Night Union, and Bai Yan was well aware of this.

In fact, one of the Core Operators of "Babel Tower" was an android named AX450.

At this point in time, she should have just been born in the highest level laboratory of Noy Military, and perhaps at this moment she was learning everything about humans.

AX450 had been puzzled by why the "creators" would be so keen on war and domination, killing and exploitation.

In Bai Yan's impression, AX450 was particularly persistent in the concept of "mother." If the scientist who created her died, AX450 might become corrupt, just like that troublesome "Psychic Dancer" kid.

No, that individual could be more troublesome.

One of her skins was known as the "Enemy of Humanity"… in a certain world line, AX450 would personally initiate the "AI crisis" of the Night Union.

"My destination is the 115A Museum."

Bai Yan uttered a word towards the computer in the empty bus.

Unmanned buses didn't stop at every station, only when a passenger wanted to get on or off at a certain stop.

The scenery outside the window was incredibly fresh and Bai Yan gazed at it for a long time.


The bus had arrived at the station.

Clad in a black robe, "Profligate" stepped off the bus and gazed upon the magnificent Crystal Museum ahead of him.

Only a few visitors were waiting outside the entrance, dressed more flamboyantly and colorfully than the people of Tatsumi City. Some of them even had customized android companions, indicating that using androids had become a common and natural thing for people who lived above the 100th floor in the Ring City.

Bai Yan slowly walked up to the still-closed museum doors and took out his phone.

As expected, the phone vibrated.

Game prompt:

"Emergency mission!"


"Moment of Truth!"

The red font conveyed a sense of anxiety.

Bai Yan was not surprised at all by the appearance of the "Moment of Truth" task.

He was well aware that today's plan was full of variables, as the culprit behind the attack on the museum was not just the "Cybertyrant".

In addition to the old mechanical armor in the museum, there were other more important things.

Today, the reason why it was the "Moment of Truth" was that if he stood by and did nothing…

Amy's brother would die in the museum.


The museum's door opened automatically, and numerous exhibits inside slowly rose and floated in mid-air, with dazzling colors like auroras shining inside the museum, illuminating the place with a magnificent light display.

All visiting guests had made appointments and paid in advance, one by one entering the venue for the tour.

In fact, below the 150th floor, only a handful of people would come to see such things. Most of them were those who had already paid off their debts, accumulated a certain amount of wealth, and dreamed of going to the "upper floors"… on the upper floors of the Ring City, if one didn't understand art, it became difficult to integrate with the circles of the company's executives.

As long as one reached above the 150th floor… however one managed it… as long as they could get there…

In the crowd, Amy sat on a wheelchair, dressed in a white outfit and wore a small hat, appearing like a friendly girl-next-door.

Beside her was her brother, Ryan.

Since coming to the 115th floor, Ryan had felt very lucky. The funds he invested in rose sharply, and the stocks he bought also increased several times.

Meanwhile, Amy had also made a lot of money online recently, which directly caused Ryan to become slightly inflated, even having the confidence to bring Amy to such a place to broaden their horizons!

In the wheelchair, Amy smiled and whispered softly:

"Brother, it's great to be here. Our family finally has money."