I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: First Experience

Amy was greatly shocked inwardly and had a sudden realization like a bolt from the blue; since she could go to Tatsumi City of the Air Alliance through this door in front of her,

Then, can other people also use their own doors to come to Ring City of the Night Union?

She could not suppress her curiosity and controlled her wheelchair through the door.

Clean air… This was Amy's first impression of Tatsumi City.

Even cleaner than the air on the 115th floor where she had finally moved to, Amy had heard long ago that people from the Air Alliance and the Eruo League didn't need air purifiers or medication to breathe air directly. When she was a child, she thought it was just a rumor, and everyone in the whole neighborhood even believed it was a rumor.

Clean air could not possibly be so cheap…

However, as Amy grew up and acquired more knowledge, she gradually realized that this was actually a fact, and at that moment she witnessed it with her own eyes!

"Ordinary people can also breathe clean air and use pure water sources…" Amy fell silent for a while.

Under her control, the wheelchair automatically walked on the street, and the girl saw some passers-by. These people were dressed very plainly, while her clothes from Night Union looked a bit too brilliant.

Some passers-by looked at her with curious eyes. An automatically-driven wheelchair was obviously a rarity in Tatsumi City.

In just a few minutes, Amy became convinced that many things in Tatsumi City were completely different from those in Ring City. Everyone actually lived on the same level, unlike the Ring City which had a total of 200 floors where people lived like ants in the vertical density of altitude.

She took a deep breath again.

The air was so fresh that she felt like she would lose something if she didn't breathe it in…

However, Amy quickly calmed down. During this period, she repeatedly monitored and investigated the information of the Air Alliance and Tatsumi City. In fact, she knew that in this country and city, many people still live ordinary and worrisome lives.

Essentially, there is no difference between the Air Alliance and Night Union. In any society in the Noah world, only the ruling class has the best life and resources.

"Let's think about how to deal with our own problems first."

She spun her wheelchair, turning on the road, looking at the door standing in the middle of the street, as if only she could see its existence, while the other passersby around her were ignoring it.

"Is it invisible? or…" Amy speculated about the specific situation of this door in her heart.

Just then, a large truck suddenly came towards her.

It rushed towards the door, with no intention of slowing down. Amy was stunned for a moment and instinctively wanted to control the truck's speed by using the power of the "tyrant"!

Then, she was shocked!

This truck surprisingly was not equipped with any electronic system! It wasn't even connected to the network!

How is it possible?

This car clearly has windows and wheels…yet it astonishingly lacks even the most basic electronic system.

Upon seeing the wheelchair-bound girl in the middle of the road, the truck driver gradually slowed down, and then Amy watched as the truck crashed into the door.

However, the door didn't actually come into contact with the truck at all; they seemed like two different layers in the real world, with no substantive intersection.

"What is going on…" Amy furrowed her brow slightly, there had just been too many strange things happening today.

"Hey! Little girl, what's going on with you?"

The truck driver exited his vehicle and quickly approached, anxiously inquiring, "Why are you sitting in your wheelchair in the middle of the road? Where are your family members? Should I help you push to the side of the road? It's very dangerous here."

Amy paused for a moment, then smiled and said, "I'm fine, sorry."

She controlled the wheelchair and moved quickly to the roadside, without obstructing the normal traffic flow of vehicles.

The truck driver shook his head and grumbled as he got back into his vehicle.

Amy silently observed this completely different city from the roadside, gradually moving forward with her wheelchair, recording everything around her with her own eyes.

It was simply a dazzling new world.

"Well, the processing speed of this device is still too slow. Should I switch to an electronic computer?"

Amy's wheelchair stopped at a busy corner, feeling slightly overwhelmed and fully realizing that this was a world with minimal "online usage."

Even the use of virtual currency was not widespread, and there existed a physical entity currency known as "cash," which was quite interesting.

At that moment, a gentle voice sounded.

"Cybertyrant, to be honest, this nickname doesn't suit you at all."

Amy was slightly taken aback, immediately becoming cautious as she saw a young man dressed in a black classical cloak, with a handsome face and a smile on his face suddenly appearing beside her.


She calmly asked, "Mr. Profligate, what brings you here?"

Bai Yan held a box of fruit cakes in each hand, kept one for himself, and handed the other box to Amy.

"I just happen to be here. Hmm, Lady Tyrant, try this. It's a food from Tatsumi City."

The prosthetic arm took the box of fruit cakes, and the fragrance wafted in the air.

Amy fell into contemplation. Cakes are also available in the Ring City, so they're not really a specialty food… Wait, these fruits seem to be real!

Amy took a deep breath, and in the Ring City, where fruits were undoubtedly luxury goods and collectibles, only high-level company executives had the chance to taste real fruits.

However, the existence of fruits in this city was quite common.

She tasted the flavor of the fruit, closed her eyes, and suddenly smiled.

"At this moment, I really begin to thank the Savior, who allowed me to easily experience something that I might never see in my entire life."

"I can imagine that the future will become very interesting."

"I want to take this box of cake back and leave half of it for my family to taste."

Bai Yan nodded gently and smiled, saying, "Indeed, our future will be quite interesting, but what is actually more important than the future and the past is to stand firmly in the present."

"You're right," Amy nodded in agreement.

"Then please listen to my plan for the next steps, Mr. Profligate."


After trying out the new facilities, the members of Babel Tower returned to the conference hall.

Amy smiled and said, "I just went to the Heart of Babel Tower, and the things inside were amazing, truly amazing. I believe Babel Tower will reveal even more things in the future to keep me in awe."

Alan nodded, surprised behind his mask, and said, "I didn't realize that we could travel to other cities through the Heart of Babel Tower."

Mu Ling and Maryse, who haven't yet been to the Heart of Babel Tower, were stunned. Both of them were extremely surprised. In other words, they could go directly to the Night Union where Amy is located?

No need to cross the extremely dangerous Sea of Fantasy?

Is there really such a good thing in the world?

Alan looked serious and spoke in a very solemn tone, "Although there are some methods that can indeed enable people to go directly from one kingdom of Noah to another, these methods often have great limitations."

"If any country, any major force discovers the doors within the Heart of Babel Tower, they may use them to do many things… In fact, those doors have the power to change the entire world!"

Yes, Alan is right. The faces of the people present changed. Obviously, they all understood how terrible the strategic value of the "doors" in the Heart of Babel Tower was!

Amy raised her head and respectfully asked, "My Lord, I have a question of great importance. Can we members of Babel Tower use the door of 'The Heart of Babel Tower' as we please?"

"Of course,"

The response of the "Savior" was exceedingly swift and resolute, without any hesitation.

"Excellent. That makes things much easier," said Amy with a smile.

Amy smiled and turned to the other three, saying, "Dear 'colleagues', in fact, I have an important request to ask for your help."

Several people also looked at her, wondering what it was about.

"In two days, on the afternoon of November 7th, there will be an exhibition in the 115th floor museum of Night Union in Ring City, featuring an important exhibit. I need you to help me get it."

Amy continued to explain, "This theft is necessary. That exhibit is very important to me, and I also guarantee that no one will be harmed in the process."

Mu Ling nodded lightly and was the first to respond, "Ok, as long as you don't harm the innocent and provide me with a small reward, I will help you… Sorry, Hunter's family rules require us to take a reward."

"I might be busy," Maryse replied with a sly smile. "Well, I may have some free time. Anyway, I'll see how it goes."

Alan shook his head. He still had work to do for the Demon Hunt Agency while also searching for Bai Yan's whereabouts. He didn't have much time to get involved in other affairs.

"I don't have the time, I won't go."

He truly didn't have the time, completely unlike Maryse.

Amy could also see that the attitude of "Nightsaber" was straightforward, while "Psychic Dancer" wanted to talk about price and would never accept her commission for free, and "Mysterious Magic" genuinely didn't want to participate.

She smiled calmly and said, "Okay, I will pay a large amount of points to the participants, please don't worry."

At this point, Amy sighed and said, "Actually, I know that stealing is a bad behavior, but I always feel lately that perhaps we don't have much time left."

At this moment, the lofty "Savior" suddenly inserted his voice into the minds of the crowd.

[We don't have much time left to leave.]

[You should know…]

[There are only fifty-six days left until the arrival of the catastrophe that will destroy everything.]

The catastrophe that would destroy everything was about to come!

Such a frightening message was like a bomb that immediately changed the expression of everyone present, and shocked expressions appeared on the faces behind their masks!

The world was going to end in fifty-six days?