I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Fourth Meeting

The fourth Babel Tower meeting was held as scheduled.

Four black mists gradually emerged beneath the pure white metallic throne, and after a while, four faces that were familiar to Bai Yan appeared in the mist.

"Nightsaber"、"Psychic Dancer"、"Mysterious Magic"、"Cybertyrant".

"Respected Savior, we meet again."

"It's truly a pleasure to see you."

Mu Ling lowered her head, still unable to utter the more intimate phrase "Mr. Savior" face to face, although she had always wanted to address the Savior as "Profligate" did.

She looked at her three companions around her, and saw no significant changes, as they still wore their masks.

Wait, there was a change.

Maryse…why was she dressed so scantily, dressed like a girl from some primitive tribe?

"Sister Nightsaber."

It turned out that I wasn't the only one who change outfits, she must have been forced to change outfits by the Savior too, right? Dressed in leather clothing, Maryse sighed and then smiled as she walked over.

She exclaimed excitedly, "You look really cool in that outfit!"

It was only at this moment that Mu Ling realized she was still wearing the men's court dress and her hair was short… Oh, it was so embarrassing to be dressed like this in front of everyone!

What to do? What to do? What to do?

If only she could leave the meeting immediately…

Feeling extremely awkward, Mu Ling remained silent in her spot.

Of course, in the eyes of others, this version of Mu Ling seemed even cooler.

Maryse squinted her eyes, um, that… is it too big? Will this kind of clothes be too tight to wear?

Could it be that the hunter family has some secret recipes?

If there is a chance, I have to ask myself, because this kind of thing is really too important.

"Respected Savior, I have something to ask you!"

At this moment, "Mysterious Magic" suddenly raised his head, spoke loudly, and directly asked the Savior on the throne.

"I want to know something, about my friend, a very close friend!"

"I want to know, is he still alive?"

After learning from Miss Witch that Bai Yan might still be alive, Alan was restless and spent several days searching for Bai Yan's whereabouts in this city, but he was unable to find him.

Am I still alive…?

Bai Yan fell silent for a moment and was about to answer directly, realizing that "Bai Yan" was completely over. Suddenly, he thought of the description of the "white mourning person."

Such an answer would be too cruel for Alan to hear.

[He has temporarily left the city.]

[You will meet again someday, remember, there is still hope.]

Then he gave a riddle and straightforwardly admitted that Bai Yan had not really died.

Alan's face under the mask immediately showed a joyful smile.


It's good that you're alive, Bai Yan. I won't give up until I find you… Don't worry.

At this moment, Alan's heart was filled with hope.

He knew sooner or later he would have a chance to see Bai Yan again.

By then, Bai Yan would discover that he had become completely different.

Alan believed that he would become extraordinarily powerful, beyond Bai Yan's imagination.

However, Alan was actually worried about one thing, that if he became too powerful and exceeded common sense when he meets Bai Yan again, he might hurt Bai Yan's self-esteem…

"I just saw through the camera that a huge palace with a constantly flickering golden light appeared in the sky above the city where you are. Do you know what it is?"

This was the question posed by Amy sitting in a wheelchair.

Soon, the Savior himself gave a response.

[The Golden Palace.]

[That is the Golden Palace of Babel Tower, inherited from the ancient gods and possessing power beyond the reach of mortals.]

The Golden Palace's "God's Punishment" was an immensely powerful means of destroying any physical existence in the world, and undoubtedly formidable.

Firstly, globally targeted attacks were an extremely exaggerated force.

Sometimes, strength was not necessarily linked to a "Plane".

Ants belonged to the material world, ordinary people belonged to the material world, and the majority of extraordinary people also belonged to the material world… In theory, a giant robot that could destroy a city with one shot was also from the "material world". If the scientists of Night Union knew of the power of the Golden Palace, they would definitely be unable to restrain themselves.

Indeed, it's something from the Babel Tower again!

Several people actually had this speculation in mind, but it was not confirmed until now.

This was the Babel Tower, which often made big moves, shaking the entire city and even the country.

They had long realized that the Babel Tower was likely one of the most powerful mysterious organizations in the world, with a scope that surpassed all other powers in the Noah world.

"This palace is just floating in the sky above the city, won't it cause any problems? For example, attracting some strong people who want to investigate?" Amy asked again.

[Mortals cannot touch it.]

Bai Yan's response was very concise and indifferent.

It seems that the Savior has some means to keep it safe. Amy nodded lightly, pondering another matter.

She had already reached the 115th floor, and was about to take on the "Liquidator" in the museum. She didn't know if they could get the help of the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan conveyed a new will.

[Babel Tower will open new places for you. Just chant 'the Library of Ruina' or 'the Heart of Babel Tower' in your mind to arrive immediately.]

The so-called "The Heart of Babel Tower" was actually the Operator Center in the game. The official name given by "Babel Tower" was more elegant.

Mu Ling was slightly surprised, but quickly became happy. She had been wondering when Babel Tower would open up more areas and permissions for "newbies" like them.

And now, the Savior had finally recognized them!

Although she was overjoyed inside, she tried to keep a neutral expression on her face. Wearing a mask further prevented others from reading her complex emotions.

Only Bai Yan, with his "mind-reading" ability, knew that Mu Ling was a girl who didn't talk much but had a lot on her mind.

After spending more than a month in "close contact," he got to know her better.

"May I ask if we can now proceed to those two areas?" The person asking this question was Maryse, whose small eyes behind the mask were full of curiosity.

[Of course.]

"Then I'll go!"

Maryse nodded her head lightly and began to recite "the Library of Ruina" in her mind.

The next moment, she found herself in a completely different and brand new place.

In an endless space of darkness, only the front was bright, and golden light constantly fell from above. The bright place had rows upon rows of classical bookshelves that were hundreds of meters tall, with countless books on them.

This place was filled with mystery, and Maryse could even feel an indescribable, Outer God's breath emanating from it.

The knowledge contained here seemed to overflow into the world.

The next moment, Maryse saw a swirling white mist in front of her, gradually transforming into pale white words.

"This is a library that records both the past and the present."

"Whatever answers you seek from the past and present, you can find them all here. I hope you can find the books you need."

"However, all knowledge and answers come at a price."

The answer of the past and present? All of them? Maryse was immediately stunned.

She remained silent for a while before slowly speaking.

"I want to know… if that man ever truly loved me as a daughter."

"To obtain the answer to this question, you must sacrifice a year of your life."

"Very well."


In the Babel Tower hall, the other people all watched as "Psychic Dancer" suddenly disappeared, leaving them all stunned.

Thus she disappeared rapidly, without the slightest preparation.

"I also want to go take a look."

After Amy finished speaking, she silently repeated "the Heart of Babel Tower" in her mind.

The next moment, she found herself abruptly transported to a completely different place.

This sudden change of scene, without any warning or preparation, was as if she had been there all along. Amy began to observe her surroundings in silence.

It was a long white corridor.

"This is what they call the 'Heart of Babel Tower', strange…"

She opened the rooms, one by one, in the hallway.

The rooms were unexpectedly ordinary, with what appeared to be a mundane lounge, an unremarkable entertainment space, and an average training room.

The only extraordinary feature were the doors standing tall at the end of the corridor.

Doors that were completely different on all four sides.

What's going on with these doors? Amy furrowed her brows slightly and looked at them one by one.

The first door was black, completely pitch black, with no hint of color, located on the far right.

The second door was a mixture of pink and red, with a heart-shaped design in the center.

The main color of the third door was gray-white, with many pictures on the door panels that looked like magical props.

The last door, on the far left, was silver-white, with a graphic in the center of the door panel that resembled a mechanical chip.

Amy could tell that this silver-white door represented her, but what about the other three doors?

"What does the door represent?"

She maneuvered her wheelchair forward, extending her prosthetic arm to open her own door.

The silver door slowly opened, revealing the familiar Night Union behind it. It was right where she and her brother had moved to on the 115th floor.

Amy immediately had a presumption, were the functions of the other three doors the same?

She promptly opened the door belonging to "Mysterious Magic" next door.

Inside the door was a clear and sunny street she had only seen through the cameras, which was spotless.

Amy took a deep breath, her eyes filled with disbelief!

"Isn't this Tatsumi City right here?"