I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Dragon Singer · Psychic Dancer

"The Cognition Filter" failed. Was it because of Mr. Savior? Mu Ling fell into contemplation.

If the great Savior wanted to do this, he must have his reasons. She herself didn't need to worry about it.

If the person who made the "Cognition Filter" disappear wasn't the Savior, then she couldn't stop it at all.

With too little information, Mu Ling couldn't determine the situation.

She just remained silent, accepting the gaze of the surrounding people.

Soon, a family of three rushed over nearby, a young couple and a little girl who looked only five or six years old.

"I really appreciate you, we couldn't survive if it weren't for your help back then."

They were all victims of the "Black Star Incident," who almost died on the school bus. They knelt down to Mu Ling in gratitude.

The sound of the cameras around her fluctuated continuously, leaving Mu Ling momentarily perplexed and disoriented.

Her social skills had always been very poor and she had never encountered such a situation before.

"This is what I should do," murmured Mu Ling quietly.

The young mother shook her head immediately, "No, no one should have to save another. What you did for us, we will never forget for the rest of our lives!"

Suddenly, the little girl approached her curiously, causing everyone, including her parents, to feel a bit nervous and stunned.

The white-haired girl and ordinary people were ultimately in two different worlds.

Would she allow anyone to get close to her?

Under the gaze of the crowd, the little girl took steps forward and touched the fluffy thigh of the unicorn, smiling all the way.

The unicorn's face was filled with joy, obviously not at all opposed to the child's touch.

Everyone relaxed at the scene, and then the young mother, who was no more than 30 years old, walked over and touched her child's head first, and then reached out curiously to touch the unicorn.

Mu Ling immediately noticed the disdain on the unicorn's face, and yes, it was very obvious that it was unwilling.

But it still forcefully endured for a few touches from the other party.

As a result, when the little girl's father wanted to touch it too, the unicorn glared at him directly and even snorted heavily.



The man was startled and immediately dared not approach.

"Then, I'll pass."

Mu Ling awkwardly smiled. It was really a unicorn who looked down on people, just like the legend… If she couldn't ride it after getting married, she would have to "persuade" it using her fists.

This is how the hunter family's animal taming guide is written.


Mu Ling suddenly realized something.

Why hadn't the people from the Demon Hunt Agency appeared after such a long time today?

What she didn't know was that the Night Watchers had actually decided to change their approach to dealing with Babel Tower. They wouldn't come knocking on the door anymore when they were idle.

The reason was simple- there was that strange black mist present.

Even if the Night Watchers were to come immediately, it would be meaningless. Everyone actually knew that even if they didn't show up themselves, the members of the Babel Tower were unlikely to harm ordinary citizens.

So the Demon Hunt Agency temporarily let the members of the Babel Tower do as they pleased.

At this moment.

Bai Yan was sitting on the couch in the villa, holding his phone silently and looking at Mu Ling on the live stream.


It was a good idea to take a look at the situation on the other side.


[Psychic Dancer, you are about to have greater possibilities in you.]

At this moment, Maryse was standing on the roof, holding two coins in her hand and training herself in "Deep Red - Divine Punishment".

The girl suddenly heard this voice.

She frowned slightly, remembering that she seemed to have heard similar words when she temporarily gained "psychic power"?

"I'm not sure what's going on, why do we have to do something again?"

In the next moment, Maryse realized that her clothes were beginning to blur, and soon white patterns appeared on her skin, giving her a slightly wild sensation.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?"

Maryse was filled with alarm, hurried down from the rooftop, and controlled the members of this family to open the door for her.

She walked into their living room and stood in front of the full-length mirror.

"What is this?"

She found that her fashionable clothes had disappeared, replaced by a cool leather outfit that exposed her limbs and stomach, and she didn't even have any shoes!

Her face, limbs, and abdomen all had a small amount of white patterns, giving her a wild overall appearance.

"Darn it!"

It's autumn now, did the Savior have some kind of problem… Maryse sat on the ground, silent for a while.

Although she had undergone bodily enhancement, she wasn't immune to coldness.

After a while, she attempted to steal the family's shoes to wear, only to find out that she couldn't put them on at all!

Maryse immediately went to the bathroom and tried to change clothes. While what she was wearing came off easily, she was unable to wear anything else.

Damn it!


She was extremely agitated.

Never mind, Maryse shook her head and decided to focus on the positive aspects.

After gaining new abilities from cross-dressing last time, what could be the case this time?

She returned to the rooftop terrace to experiment a little and discovered that she did indeed possess new powers!

"So that's how it is."

Maryse, standing on the rooftop, pointed one hand to the sky and the other to the ground. Her smooth and fair feet drew circles on the ground, performing a completely unnecessary and meaningless action that was typical of a teenager.

"Ha! Summon!"

She could feel a wonderful, almost contractual "mysterious thread" that allowed her to communicate with a powerful race from any world.


After a few seconds, a waist-high circular "black hole" appeared next to Maryse.

Then, a lazy silver-white small dragon crawled out of it, with a body comparable to a large dog and dark circles around its eyes.


The silver-white dragon lay on the ground, looking as lazy as can be, seeming completely unwilling to move.

"What is this? A lazy dog?"

Maryse stood still in shock.

She shook her head, determined not to allow any dragon to be lazier than herself, so she immediately picked the little dragon up from the ground.

"Hoo, hoo, hoo…"

The silver-white dragon, once lifted up, continued to sleep and completely ignored her.

Maryse sighed and had no choice but to put the silver-white dragon back down, this was looking like a trap.

The previous summon had consumed quite a bit of her psychic energy and she seemed to be able to use "Summon Dragon" only one more time.

"Let's try again."

So she changed her posture, took a deep breath, clasped her hands in front of her chest, and then suddenly opened them wide to both sides!

"Ha! Summon!"

The next moment, a huge "black hole" appeared beside Maryse.

A considerably large red dragon crawled out from within, covered in scales as hard as armor, flames raging from its mouth, and with an extremely fierce gaze, like a real monster crawling out of hell.

However, at the moment it saw Maryse, it had a sense of familiarity like seeing an old friend after many years.

Maryse, also smiling, felt very fond of the two dragons summoned.

"Great! Isn't it obviously strong at first glance?"

The red dragon also roared angrily towards the sky, spreading a terrifying dragon's might in all directions, and many people were scared and trembling.

Maryse herself, on the other hand, was completely immune to the effects of the dragon's might, feeling quite amused in her heart.

"Alright, then I'll be the dragon knight!"

Maryse ran towards the red dragon, hoping to climb up, but the red dragon was gazing at the silver-white dragon nearby with some contemplation.

The silver-white dragon, who loves to sleep in, lay beside them, with disdain in its eyes as it looked at the red dragon.

The little silver-white dragon was munching on a burger and resting its head on a soft pillow, Maryse had completely failed to notice when it acquired them.

The silver-white dragon seemed uninterested in everything around it…

As if all things were utterly dull.

Perhaps it would be best to just keep sleeping.

Just then, it suddenly caught sight of something that piqued its interest, squinting its eyes involuntarily.


A huge golden palace materialized amidst the clouds above Tatsumi City.

The palace below the slanting sun was entirely composed of gold, so large that clouds couldn't cover it, constantly glittering with golden light in the white clouds, and endless rays shining upon the clear blue sky.

All the people in the entire city raised their heads and witnessed this miraculous scene!