I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: The Black Prince Nightsaber

In reality, these skins called "Possibilities" had a very important role, besides the ability to change the Core Operator's ability set after loading.

After the Core Operator's strength reached the "Crown" level, each "Possibility" would provide a necessary "inspiration" for the Core Operator. On the one hand, the "inspiration" could significantly enhance later combat effectiveness, on the other hand, only the Core Operator with all skins collected could activate the true…Apocalypse!

That was already the realm of Demi-gods, difficult for mortals to reach or understand, but just one step away from true immortality.

Of course, for Babel Tower, the more important thing at present was to find a way for Core Operators to reach the "Crown" level.

"Crown Ceremony".

Only those who could complete the Crown Ceremony could become extraordinary individuals at the "Crown" level. For most people, the most troublesome thing was not how to complete the ceremony, but rather…they didn't even know which Crown Ceremony was suitable for themselves.

Many potential crown extraordinary individuals could only imitate others and try to complete a "Crown Ceremony" they had heard of. As a result, even if they managed to complete the ceremony with much difficulty, they still couldn't become "Crown" level extraordinary individuals.

Thus, they could only try to find another "Crown Ceremony" and try their luck again.

Theoretically, all "Crown Ceremonies" could help extraordinary individuals to advance, but in reality, different ceremonies had completely different advancement rates for different individuals.

From a one in a million chance to nearly an absolute certainty, there were many unfortunate souls who remained stuck in their misfortune for their entire lives.

Of course, these extraordinary individuals were largely isolated or unconventional, and major powers and even ancient cults had established means to determine the "Crown Ceremony" best suited for their members.

Prophecy, oracle, Relic… there were numerous methods through which they gather information and access vast resources, hence the so-called "power foundation".

Bai Yan knew that the way for each Core Operator to reach the "Crown" was held within the Library of Ruina, with each Operator's ideal "Crown Ceremony" being uniquely different yet likewise attainable through the Library's guidance, leading to their promotion.

This was also the primary reason why Bai Yan immediately highlighted the importance of the Library of Ruina.

Refusing to delve into it would impede one's progress towards attaining enhanced proficiency, advancement, and awakening…

Completing the "Crown Ceremony" was symbolized in the game through the completion of a highly challenging and exclusive mission.

Without hesitation, Bai Yan tapped on the "Library of Ruina" icon on his mobile phone.


A dialogue box appeared on the phone screen with a black game prompt beside it.

"Please enter the knowledge you wish to obtain."

Bai Yan began typing without hesitation, writing "The 'Crown Ceremony' best suited for completion by Nightsaber."

Someone had conducted a survey and found that there were over a hundred known "Crown Ceremonies" in Noah's world, but there might be countless "Crown Ceremonies" in the entire multiverse.

Consuming 50 Source Energy Points.

The image of the library appeared on the screen, with golden dots scattered in the sky.

Bai Yan quickly found the answer he was looking for, but was slightly stunned.

There were a total of three answers.

Three Crown Ceremonies.

He had to choose one of the three Crown Ceremonies for Nightsaber to complete.

Some were relatively easy to complete, but the "promotion probability" was not high; while some were very difficult, but the "promotion probability" is almost one hundred percent.

Eventually, Bai Yan decided to complete the "Crown Ceremony" which had moderate difficulty and a high promotion rate. Its biggest limitation was the "specified completion time of the ceremony."

"The ceremony needs to be held on the '25th night of the odd-numbered month' with an 85% promotion rate… The library's search capabilities are really cool - perfect timing for Mu Ling to catch up with the ceremony."

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😅)

Bai Yan pondered on how to upgrade Nightsaber to the "Apocalypse" level before the Second Doomsday Crisis, to reach the so-called game's "late-stage" power phase.

Therefore, there was a high possibility of successfully passing through the Second Doomsday Crisis in Babel Tower.

Although the Second Doomsday Crisis was still far away, Bai Yan had been considering even further scenarios.

Then, Bai Yan began to try out two "new skins" for "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer," leaving out the skin of "Cybertyrant" as it was not combat type.

Soon, he sat on the sofa and opened the livestream to see Mu Ling's next move.



Today, Mu Ling dressed casually in a black outfit and came alone to the familiar coffee shop. Just as she sat down, she found out that the coffee shop manager had changed.

The new store manager was an unfamiliar middle-aged man, and the previous young man was nowhere to be found.

She hesitated slightly, somewhat puzzled and asked, "Excuse me, where did Mr. Mu, the previous store manager, go?"

The new store manager walked over and was clearly stunned by Mu Ling's beauty.

He quickly realized that Mu Ling was familiar with the previous store manager and shook his head in reply, "That person sold the store to me very cheaply a few days ago, and the only requirement was that I continue to do the coffee business and not change to other stores…… As for where that person went, sorry, I don't know either."

"But the taste of coffee in our store will not change, please rest assured."

Mu Ling nodded gently and didn't ask any more questions.

"Thank you, I understand."

The new manager smiled and continued, "Beauty, in the future, as long as you come to our store alone to drink any coffee, I have decided to give it to you for free."

"Why?" Mu Ling was confused.

The new store owner looked very happy as he watched several male customers coming in from outside the door.

"Because, this is the benefit for a beautiful woman."

At that moment, a familiar cold voice suddenly entered Mu Ling's mind.

[Your body is about to have new possibilities.]


Mu Ling was stunned for a moment, immediately realizing what was happening, got up from the café and quickly went to a deserted place.

Last time she remembered the disguise vividly, if the "new image" was difficult to show people, it would not be good. So, Mu Ling left the crowded café first.

The new store manager who had just wanted to ask about the order was stunned, and the few male customers who had just come in and hadn't sat down, stood up again.

"Let's go, let's go."

Mu Ling came to the nearby deserted park, with autumn leaves constantly falling around her.

In the next moment, her clothes began to blur, gradually changing, and finally formed a brand new and elegant outfit.

"Is this a costume?" Mu Ling frowned.

White and elegant tight-fitting court men's clothing, even with a pure white cloak, a knight sword with exquisite decoration, even inlaid with diamonds, hung on the waist. Silver pendants that sparkled in the earlobe, and a black cross-shaped brooch on the right chest.

Although the skin was named "Black Prince," only the brooch was black from head to toe.

"The chest is so tight…" Mu Ling frowned slightly and soon discovered that her hair had become shorter, only reaching her ears.

She had never had such short hair before and felt very wronged for a while.

"How could this happen…"

Mu Ling sincerely believed that long hair was very important, and the image of short hair was just as unacceptable to her as a man suddenly becoming bald.

If it weren't for the chest that couldn't be hidden no matter what, her current image would simply be Griffith with short hair, and she would instantly be able to captivate countless young girls.

So, why could the "Black Prince" in another world line, with the chest that cannot be hidden, still successfully cross-dress as a woman?

Because that was a fairy tale world, and even the most sudden cross-dressing would not be noticed by anyone.

"My body has grown weaker…" Mu Ling sighed.

Due to the removal of Crime Hunting Blood, both her physical strength and skills had declined significantly, and it's very apparent.

Just then, a beautiful white unicorn flew down from the sky and walked confidently towards Mu Ling, sprinkling silver light around it.

It sniffed Mu Ling's scent gently and lowered its head happily, seemingly willing to let Mu Ling ride on it.

"Do you want me to ride with you?"

Mu Ling was stunned for a moment, then climbed onto the white unicorn.

Suddenly, huge white wings spread from each side of the unicorn, carrying Mu Ling up into the sky!

The unicorn's speed was very fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had soared into the clouds. Mu Ling squinted her eyes slightly and took a while to adjust.

She suddenly realized that the unicorn was about to crash into a tall building.

But in the next moment, both the unicorn and Mu Ling disappeared in the sky, only to reappear behind the high-rise building immediately.

Mu Ling was stunned for a moment before realizing that this unicorn possessed the ability to teleport others along with itself in an instant.

She drew the knight's sword from her waist and waved it gently forward.

A beautiful rainbow suddenly emerged from the sword, with a very wide range.

Mu Ling was stunned for a moment, then her childlike innocence took over as she continuously waved the sword's blade. The sky above Tatsumi City was covered in her graffiti-like "slashed" beautiful rainbow bridges.

"It's really amazing."

She couldn't help but laugh, feeling extremely happy.

At the same time, Mu Ling also sensed that this rainbow was not just a decoration, but it could transform into a large-scale entity attack according to her own wishes.

"High mobility and wide-range attacks…" she murmured to herself.

After a while, the unicorn landed with Mu Ling in the city center, and soon a crowd gathered around, curious to look at them, a person and a beast together.

"So beautiful!"


"My goodness, so beautiful! I love it!"

"Sis, you're so cool, but I'm a girl…"

The unicorn gave disdainful glances to the men in the crowd, and lifted its head arrogantly.

Mu Ling stood calmly in the crowd without any fear, displaying a peaceful smile. She knew that even if the people from the Demon Hunt Agency came, they couldn't do anything to her.

"It's her!"

"The person who saved us!"

"That's right, it's her!"

Suddenly, an old man in the crowd recognized Mu Ling.

She was stunned for quite a while, unable to comprehend why the "Cognition Filter" had failed.