I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: His Majesty Arrives at His Faithful Babel Tower

Ten draws.

This time's ten draws were different from usual because Bai Yan obtained the new Babel Tower privilege "Retreat Card". He could choose three cards he disliked, return them, and redraw them.

Honestly, this privilege was quite satisfying.

Functional or not? It's definitely functional, but most importantly, it made you feel very comfortable.

Yes, everyone understood that there were always some confusing cards that made you feel unpleasant, polluting the precious card pool.

At this moment, possessing the ability of "Retreat Card" would directly make the summoner's mood happy!

The true meaning of "Retreat Card" was to a certain extent prevent players from drawing cards of little use, although it didn't necessarily increase their chances of winning.

Bai Yan took out his phone and took a deep breath for a while.

Who wouldn't like summoning, whether it's "Bai Yan", "Profligate", or the "Savior"?

"Let's begin."

With a seemingly weak tap of his finger, Bai Yan drew from the card pool and the result was… "Different Dimensions."

For some reason, Bai Yan always felt certain that he would draw good cards on this day. Then he remembered something, realizing that it was something he always thought.

In short, it was time to draw now!

Let's begin.

Ten draws!

The first one!

"Potential! Dragon Singer · Psychic Dancer!"

Bai Yan immediately squinted his eyes, revealing a satisfied smile.

Victory! Lucky draw! The first one to draw the permanent skin of Psychic Dancer!

"A decent skin."

Although Bai Yan remembered the effect of this skin, he still clicked to check it out.

"Dragon Singer, a leather outfit that exposes the abdomen and limbs, after loading, tattoos and totems will appear all over the body, just like the wild and mysterious female worshipers from ancient times. The Psychic Dancer in this world line is the shaman of a large tribe, who protects her tribe by signing a contract with a dragon god."

"After loading, the special effect will have a new ability set called "Dragon Summoning", replacing the original "Psychic Powers" ability set, to command dragons to fight."

Second summon!

"Possibility! A Hymn to Nature · Cybertyrant!"

Bai Yan was stunned for a moment before he recovered.

The luck exploded, not only did he draw two permanent skins in a row, but they were both Core Operators that he already had!

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It seemed to be a rare skin that he had never seen in the first playthrough, so he checked the situation.

"A Hymn to Nature completely restores humanity. The attire is like an ordinary cyber world girl, living naturally with the 'human heart.' Cybertyrant in this world line rejected the power of progress and found true belonging in nature and humanity."

"After loading the special effect, Cybertyrant's heart achieved harmony and unity, and her daily mood would reach at least 8. She lost the ability of the Cyberpower group and gained a new trait called 'Great Harmony', which enables her to communicate freely with animals and plants and become friends with them."

Although the skin was not the most effective, Bai Yan thought that communicating with animals and plants might have a miraculous effect.

Third summon!

"Chance! Fairy Tale Black Prince · Nightsaber (Seven Days)"

What happened to his luck today? Well, he had gotten two Nightsaber's Fairy Tale Black Prince skins, which could be fused into a permanent one.

Even Bai Yan himself was confused. He didn't expect his luck to be so good!

If things kept going like this… he was definitely getting lucky.

Fourth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Pyramid of the Sun×1"

Bai Yan still remembered this "miracle". There were two effects - one was to pay Source Energy Points to summon a large number of dog heads and insects, and the other was to resurrect the body of the dead.

Fifth summon!

"Possibility! War God Descends · Drunken Masters Panda Rowen (7 days)."

This was the strongest skin of the inhuman operator "Panda Rowen". The War God Descends. Bai Yan tried it once and it was really strong. It could crush all same-class opponents in close combat.

"Panda Rowen" who loaded this skin could be completely called the strongest Flow of the Heart user of the Babel Tower.

Sixth summon!

"Possibility! Scourge on Earth - Ninetales Aision (7 days)."

This was a skin of the charm flow, similar to the Psychic Dancer's effect. It would have a great impact on the orderly society, but it was useless against monsters and evil gods.

Seventh summon!

"Possibility! Sword Saint - Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon (7 days)."

Bai Yan shook his head gently: it's pretty good. This skin changed the gameplay of the "Desperate Warrior" Red Moon and had the ability group of "Riot".

"Riot" was a branch of the "Nine Ways of the Mind Conflict" and specialized in using weapons.

Furthermore, Sword Saint Red Moon's "See-Through" effect had a powerful ability similar to "Instant Kill", with a small chance of delivering a fatal blow to the boss.

"However, I don't have the Red Moon at all."

Eighth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Shadow Kingdom"

Shadow Kingdom?

Bai Yan remembered it as a martial place, which could unlock advanced daily training content and was suitable for throwing in melee-oriented Core Operators for daily training.

Ninth summon!

"Possibility! Water World · Hidden Azure (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan remembered Hidden Azure because she was one of the two "Containers of the Evil Gods."

At this time, "Hidden Azure" should be living a life of hardship in the Eruo League, without awakening extraordinary powers.

There were two assassination-type Core Operators in "Babel Tower", one was "The Final Gun" who used firearms for sniping, and the other was "Hidden Azure" who relied on stealth for close-range assassination.

"Hmm, I should make contact before drawing the two cursed containers of evil gods."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

He became more and more aware that he couldn't just play games at home, and he needed to use external means as much as possible. This was also one of the reasons he left the Demon Hunt Agency.

Being a good Night Watcher in the Demon Hunt Agency had limited his performance too much.

The tenth summon!

"Possibility! Extra-Terrestrial Parasite·Fusion Slime (seven days)"

It's a special type of skin of Fusion Slime that was quite powerful in a sense, but Bai Yan always felt strange because the gameplay after using this skin was very similar to that of a villain.

In short, it was actually the same as the gameplay of "Piety Chain" in the Dark Light Church…

If one could successfully control some powerful hosts, it would indeed be very powerful, and the parasite would not die under normal circumstances. Bai Yan was convincing himself not to have any psychological barriers.

For some reason, Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief after drawing the card.

"Well, I thought I was just too lucky, and as expected, I only summoned some fragments later, which is not particularly satisfying."

He pondered for a moment and decisively activated his new "privilege"…. regret card.

Bai Yan chose to summon "World Line Change Fragment · Pyramid of the Sun,"Scourge on Earth - Ninetales Aision (7 days)," and "World Line Change Fragment · Shadow Kingdom" again!

World Line Change Fragment was something that required a 10-to-1 thing. It should be thrown away if possible. As for the skin effect of "Scourge on Earth - Ninetales Aision," it was a bit redundant with Psychic Dancer and not important.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh."

Three cards disappeared from the mobile phone screen, and the sound effect of reshuffling emerged in his ears. Then, Bai Yan saw three new cards appear in front of him.

He directly opened the first two.

"Probability! Master Hunter Perduto (7 days)"

Although both Mu Ling and Perduto were hunters, the impression that Bai Yan had of Perduto was that he was the only permanent and charming Core Operator Level 10 male.

He was cool, handsome, and a reliable old monster who was not one for many words.

"Probability! White Mourner · Mysterious Magic (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan squinted his eyes.

As previously mentioned, before starting the second playthrough, he had never drawn Alan, and now Bai Yan had drawn the "Mysterious Magic" skin for the first time.

He glanced at the skin's introduction and immediately furrowed his brows.

"White Mourner: Pure white Western-style formalwear, white gloves, top hat and monocle, handkerchief, fully displaying the charm of a pure white gentleman. The 'Mysterious Magic' in this worldline has lost all of his family and friends, become extremely extreme and hopes to eliminate all evil in the world, regardless of whether it is great evil or small evil."

"Special effect: After loading this probability, lose all original magic, obtain a new skill set of the 'death' series, possess the power to manipulate undead, and also gain the trait 'White Judgment', which makes an extra damage to the guilty at the beginning of each battle."

Lost all family and friends?

Bai Yan remained silent for a while, recalling his feelings when he first arrived in this world… No, it would be heavier than that. At least he knew those people were still alive in another world.

But Alan knew that he was left with nothing…nothing at all.

"Such a thing will absolutely not happen in the world line that I can reach…Alan, I assure you," Bai Yan muttered to himself, or perhaps he was swearing to someone.

He knew that this was it, there would be no more good things to come, the probability of the good thing's appearing was not that high.

The last one! Click!

"World line change, Golden Palace!"

The golden light flickered on the phone screen, and Bai Yan was completely stunned in his seat, at a loss for a moment.

Miraculously, a new good thing appeared again, and it was the excellent "Golden Palace" from "Babel Tower"…although Bai Yan actually would have preferred the "Valhalla", getting the Golden Palace was also great.

He stood up from his seat and walked in circles for a long time. Lady Helen, with her bewildered eyes, had no idea what had happened. Her memory was still stuck half an hour ago.

Finally, Bai Yan stopped and smiled, taking a long breath while looking out the window at the busy crowds passing by.

"That was refreshing."


His Majesty has arrived at his faithful Babel Tower!