I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Settlement and New Infrastructure!

What a great harvest!

After the completion of both "Babel Tower" events, Bai Yan was convinced that he had reaped a great harvest. The only unfinished task in the two events was to kill "Scatino".

Bai Yan gave up.

He hesitated a bit, but after that hesitation, he still gave up the easily obtainable 500 Source Energy Points.

Fortunately, in exchange, he obtained "The Eye of Epimetheus" from Pastor and exposed Pastor's position to the Blood Clan, gaining the Clan's friendship.

Ultimately, he was not a manipulated false Savior of "Babel Tower".

Instead, he was a "player" who wanted to beat the game and save the world.

Bai Yan was very clear that he could not, and didn't want to be, a tool of "Babel Tower", and that the power to kill and survive ultimately had to be in his own hands. He would use his own eyes and thoughts to decide the path beneath his feet, instead of the purest interests.

Only in this way could he be called human.

"As you said, Alan, I have become ordinary now."

As the "weight of a human" increased gradually.

If he were still the one in the past, he would probably not hesitate to make the Core Operators take turns using the "Astarte" Sacred Rune.

After all, "Babel Tower" was just a tool for oneself to achieve the goal.

That's all there was to it.

And, there was no doubt that Scatino was a person with a moral level far above average, who shouldn't die, so there was no reason for him to kill her.

It's quite a pity…

"It would be great if I could find any reason to kill her. So frustrating." He sighed.

Bai Yan sat inside the villa, shaking his head and sighing, sincerely regretting that Scatino wasn't scum who committed crimes such as arson, murder, and robbery.

Then he would've joyfully killed her at the first opportunity.

However, since she was a benevolent person.

If he, who knew this point, still killed Scatino, it would definitely have been considered a betrayal of Mu Ling…

He lowered his eyelids slightly, lost in thought, and then snapped his fingers.

Lady Helen, sitting beside him with a bewildered expression, handed him a deep blue book.

The title of this book was "Dark Light! Our Savior!"

This book was certainly about the Dark Light Church and told the story of the Savior of Dark Light sealing the Outer God and saving the world… Apparently, there was a certain degree of embellishment, but Bai Yan knew deeply that the Savior of Dark Light did indeed save the world of Noah.

Of course, it was the Savior of Dark Light in the past…

At this point in time, He should have already been contaminated.

The only ones who were aware, besides Bai Yan, were perhaps His incarnation, the spiritual leader of the Dark Light Church.

"The so-called Vessel of God is actually a container of the true evil god. Therefore, the events related to saving the world, such as 'Babel Tower,' will have a response… Although it shouldn't have been because of Scatino, but because the Dark Light Church under the command of the evil god had already 'reacted'."

Bai Yan simply let Scatino go, knowing that she was not a true vessel of the evil god, but just an ordinary person who would not have any role in future events.

At the same time, he was also pondering about something.

The two true vessels of the evil gods actually both live in the homeland of the Eruo League, leading completely unrelated lives.

"Perhaps, I must go to the Eruo League once to 'contain' or 'take care of' or 'place' them before the plot unfolds?"

He continued reading the book while calculating his recent gains in his mind.

The activity evaluation for "Ten Days' Killing" is "A".

This was already a relatively high evaluation, only because the third task was not completed, and the previous "Black Star Faction" activity was evaluated as "S".

Speaking of gains, first there was the Sacred Rune rewarded in the first task, which represented the "god of fertility"… whether it was them or him, they would probably collapse once they were forced to use it.

Forget it, let's leave it to non-human operators like slimes and magic swords, or directly exchange it for Source Energy Points from the "Exchange Center" when there's a chance.

Bai Yan remembered carefully and recalled his previous attempts in the game to use the "Astarte" Sacred Rune with the humanoid operator, at that time the operator's emotions and loyalty rapidly dropped…

However, at that time, the game was just a game, not a real world.

It was impossible for him to do that now.

He suddenly muttered to himself, "You all should be thankful, thank me for discovering that 'Babel Tower' had become a real world, not just a game, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable."

The second task was to uncover the truth and receive a mysterious reward upon completion.

Bai Yan did indeed receive a mysterious reward.

In many ways, it was a very important thing.

This was a "privilege".

Only in a few cases would players receive "privileges" in their missions, and these "privileges" often had a significant impact on the game's mechanics, making them very important.

The "privilege" Bai Yan received this time was… the "Card of Regret".

"Card of Regret: After every ten consecutive summons, the Savior can choose three of them to draw again."

Bai Yan smiled slightly and murmured to himself, "From now on, I can only play the ten-summon option. Single draws won't even be an option for me anymore."

And then came the reward for another event called "The Hand of Dark Light."

The reward for this task was quite bountiful!

It was quite simple, except it wasn't something that could be completed at this stage… Even though it didn't seem very difficult, Bai Yan had to resort to outside means to force himself to complete it.

Without the strength of Eyes of the Empire, the current Babel Tower members had no hope to even survive under the attacks of the Left Hand of Dark Light.

Even if members of Babel Tower and the Demon Hunt Agency teamed up, it still wouldn't work.

The chances of winning were zero.

If Bai Yan had come across a task like this during his first playthrough, he would have probably skipped it and waited for it to expire. Thankfully, there were many "external factors" at play in the real world.

The mission evaluation for "The Hand of Dark Light" event was unprecedented, at an SSS rating, the highest possible!

Due to the ultra-high rating, the final reward for the event was upgraded by two levels. If it was an SS rating, it would have only been upgraded by one level. If Maryse hadn't died during the "Black Star Event," the rating might have been upgraded to an SS level.

The reward for the activity task "The Hand of Dark Light" was simple and direct, honest and weighty.

The original activity reward was 800 Source Energy Points!

And due to the enhancement of two reward levels because of the highest evaluation, Bai Yan received a full 1200 Source Energy Points! Tactical Card "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity" × 1! Entertainment Card "Arriving at Heaven" × 1!

He really had won.

That many Source Energy Points were enough to make people weak in the knees, and the Tactical Card and Entertainment Card obtained were also high-quality items. Bai Yan sighed with happiness.

"With the Source Energy Points I have now, I can finally do some advanced infrastructure."

After the infrastructure was complete, let's move on to summoning.

Bai Yan decided to leave 500 Source Energy Points and draw ten at once, most of the remaining Source Energy Points would be used for infrastructure. After the upgrade of "Babel Tower" a few days ago, many new infrastructures were opened, so coming out earlier would be very useful.

"The focus needs to shift away from blindly summoning."

Bai Yan took out his mobile and selected two new infrastructure projects.

The first item was the infrastructure priced at 250 Source Energy Points.

"Operator Center: located inside the Babel Tower, a place where Core Operators and Non-core Operators freely communicate and interact. It includes spaces such as a lounge, entertainment room, training room, storage room, etc. Through the entrance and exit of the Operator Center, Core Operators and Non-core Operators can freely reach any other location where Core Operators are present."

The second item was the infrastructure priced at 600 Source Energy Points.

"The Library of Ruina: located inside the Babel Tower, it houses the library of dreams for the entire universe. In theory, all the knowledge from every universe exists within the library. However, the library doesn't store any future knowledge. Only the Savior and Core Operators can enter and access any known knowledge by paying a certain price, either with Source Energy Points or other valuable items."

Knowledge was always something of great importance. Demon Hunt Agency provided him with a lot of basic knowledge, but the most important knowledge needed to be acquired through other means.

The Library of Ruina stored a vast amount of forbidden knowledge, including the power that can bring the dead back to life!

On the phone screen, two icons had appeared for the Babel Tower- one looked like a "house" and the other looked like a "bookshelf".

While Bai Yan was in the process of constructing the infrastructure, he suddenly realized that several basic infrastructure items that were launched in the past had now become effective.

The "Bloodline Mutation Research Institute" successfully studied the "Shadow Bloodline" from Shadow Fiend's body.

"Shadow Bloodline: when injected into the host's body, it grants the ability to "submerge into the shadow". The incarnation can become a shadow in a short period of time and become immune to the physical world's influence."

"If the duration of shadowing continues for too long, the host will also mutate into a Shadow Fiend."

"Requirement: 100 INT."

Hmm, having temporary physical immunity was a remarkable ability, but currently no one had 100 INT.

Bai Yan knew that currently no one needed this thing, but in the future, each person could have an additional bloodline +1.

By the way, whether it's mutation or bloodline, each Core Operator could only have one, and if you wanted to change it, you needed to go to a certain facility for "reassignment."

The Special Development Research Institute successfully researched and restored a new special technique called the "Dragon Slaying Technique" by studying the memories of a cultist with special experiences.

"Dragon Slaying Technique: a weapon usage method passed down from generation to generation among the dragon slayers of the otherworld realm, providing additional advantages in combat against large creatures, especially dragons, Learning requirement: 100 physique."

Well, this thing seemed to be tailor-made for Mu Ling.

Ordinary swordsmanship was simply not suitable for her, only this destructive attack-type swordsmanship would truly be useful.

"Ha, I'll leave all the dragon-slaying to you, Mu Ling."


A smile appeared on Bai Yan's face, summarizing and completing the infrastructure, and now came the most exciting part!