I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: Rondo

The members of the Problem Squad were not just called so because of their dark history.

It's even more so because these people were highly emotional and difficult to control.

Companionship was necessary, but excessive emotional expression was entirely detrimental to a team who would often meet life-and-death crises.

Almost every important mission would see a Night Watcher casualty, but not every member would react so dramatically, because…if one could not adapt to all this, the "inner self" would find it hard to survive.

Although Night Watchers who survived until resignation were rare, the majority actually would leave their "field" post midway and resign.

The crying in the alley only just came to a stop.

Holly remained silent, squatting on the ground with her lips pursed for quite some time.

She had not been with the Demon Hunt Agency for long, and had never experienced such partings between comrades before…this was her first time.

Perhaps Holly would become stronger in the future, but for now, she felt a huge sadness surging up uncontrollably.

The big guy remained silent with only the slightest reaction compared to the others.

Just at that moment.

"Bai Yan, he may not have died…"

Adelaide, who had just been crying, suddenly spoke with a solemn expression, but with a hint of hope flickering in her eyes.

Holly and the big guy were both stunned, unable to comprehend her words.

Adelaide sighed, knowing that after crying like this, she could no longer pretend to be the domineering strong woman she once was.

In the past, she was just a weak girl who loved to read.

"The reason I know this is very complex… Rien, you should know, it's because of that curse."

The big guy Rien was slightly stunned, then understood something and furrowed his brow.

"Is it actually related to this, captain?"

Holly was completely baffled, "What? What curse? What are you guys talking about? Could it be that Bai Yan is really alive?"

Adelaide looked at Holly seriously and nodded gently, "Well, since it has come to this, Holly, let me tell you everything about the curse."

"And this…"

"This is why I think there is a possibility that Bai Yan might not be dead."


The Land of Flames.

"Judgment" spoke up.

His voice was full of the magnetic allure of a middle-aged man, which some young girls who were fascinated by this type could not resist.

"Surrender, Mr. Sioro. You are undoubtedly going to lose, and we will not kill you, we just need some information."

"Judgment" seemed to have no intention of completely settling the score with the other party.

The ceaseless onslaught of the black Dark Light in the Land of Flames rendered life extinct with its incredibly formidable and terrifying aura.

Even Lin Bian and Raven Reaper had departed the Land of Flames, for if they had stayed, they would have perished in the aftermath of the battle. In any case, they would have been powerless to do anything here.

This was a power bestowed by the gods!

The old man in the sky had always believed that this was the mightiest force, indisputably the ultimate power that no other force could match!

He gazed silently at the black light surrounding him.

These powers had been with him ever since he was a child.

He was one of the chosen ones of the Savior, and he was the incarnation of His left hand… This was how the people who took him away from his parents once humbly described him.

In fact, that was exactly what happened.

After arriving at the church, he realized that they didn't deceive him.

He was a part of Savior's embodiment!

How could he surrender like a mortal?

Human arrogance was disrespectful to God.

It was a sin.

The Left Hand of Dark Light closed his eyes, revealing a smile that had never been seen before, it was reminiscence and obsession from deep within his soul.

"Oh Savior."

"I am willing to dedicate my past and future, my everything, to you!"

"Only to show you my piety!"

"Grant me your miracle that belongs to you!"

With the old man's whisper, a more brilliant black light burst out from him and his blue soul burned up.

Blossoming in darkness.

Since they couldn't acquire this city and couldn't take away Scatino, they must destroy them as much as possible!

This was also the last thing he could do…

"Pope" knelt on the ground, prostrated herself, tears streaming down her beautiful face.

She struggled to prevent the Land of Flames from being completely destroyed. Once the power leaked out, Tatsumi City would suffer tens of thousands of deaths and injuries in an instant.

Therefore, she couldn't interfere in this battle.

The current situation was actually a one-on-one fight.

"Judgment" was facing "the Left Hand of Dark Light" alone.

In the Eyes of the Empire, "Judgment" was also one of the best, except for three "Apocalypse" level demi-god powerhouses. Perhaps only the "Emperor" and "Judgment" were stronger.

He continuously urged the huge balance, which stood constant in the sky, attempting to use his own power to eliminate the enemy, but discovered that the old man was already burning his own soul.

Once the soul burned out, there was no way to resurrect again, and it was far more dreadful than a normal death.

Regardless of the outcome, the old man had already begun his journey towards complete nothingness… but in a short period of time, his strength had significantly and tremendously increased!

The scale on that side had become heavier.

Even the weight of the souls of "Judgment" and "Pope" couldn't compare to that of "the Left Hand of Dark Light"!

Once the scale reached its peak, the lighter side would face irreversible judgment!

"Judgment" shook his head slowly.

"It has come to this, indeed. It's impossible to solve this issue easily… but I don't want to be hit by the judgment myself."

I must also pay a sufficient price.

"Judgment" took out two Civilization-level Relics from his pocket.

Yes, two Civilization-level Relics. The first was a black jade cup containing clear water, and the second was a small pendant shaped like a lightning bolt.

The first Civilization-level Relic was the "Nile River".


The vast and mighty river poured down from the sky, instantly dispersing any Dark Light it encountered and continuously weakening the "divine grace" accumulated by the old man.

The overflowing Nile River was an endless "water of impossibility" that negated everything it touched.

Under the control of the user, the river water possessing a power of "negation" continuously erased things owned by the enemy.

However, unlike the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes," it was more akin to "Nyx's Cover" and was a Relic that required the user's own power to be wielded.

If it was used by a weaker supernatural being, the amount of river water it could produce would be much less.

Then, "Judgment" threw the lightning pendant in his hand.

The second Civilization-level Relic was the "Roaring Hymn of the Storm."

An abnormally large thunderbolt descended from the sky, gradually condensing into a hundred-meter giant made of countless flashes of lightning and thunder.

It was entirely composed of white mad thunder, roaring and condensing a thunder lance with seemingly infinite power.

The giant holding the thunder lance in his hands seemed ready to tear the entire world apart!

"Judgement" fell to the ground, paying with ten years of his life and several months of weakness, using two powerful Civilization-level Relics.

"The Left Hand of Dark Light" wished to employ a Civilization-level Relic, but was completely unable to do so.

He wasn't even sure how it happened - he had once clearly possessed a Civilization-level Relic, but now it was gone.

What was even more terrifying was that "The Left Hand of Dark Light" couldn't even remember what Civilization-level Relic he had lost… If he was merely a lifeform of the "Material Plane," he might never have noticed the missing relic at all.

It was as if it had never truly belonged to him from the very beginning.

It seemed as though some unfathomable force had taken the forgotten Civilization-level Relic away from him.

Could it be the Babel Tower?

For some unknown reason, in the final moments of "The Left Hand of Dark Light," he suddenly felt that perhaps the people of Babel Tower had stolen his Civilization-level Relic again.


He murmured to himself finally.

The thundering giant, standing one hundred meters tall, had already thrown his thunder lance!

It transformed into a shooting star that sliced through the night sky like the White Emperor's Sword, instantly shattering the already weakened Dark Light Wall.

The darkness in the Land of Flames disappeared without a trace, leaving only white light between heaven and earth.

In endless white, both the body and soul of the Left Hand of Dark Light vanished without a single trace left behind.

The Land of Flames was still shattered.

"Pope," the gray-white haired girl finally couldn't hold on any longer.

Or perhaps there is no need to continue holding on.

The black Dark Light no longer existed and the real Tatsumi City had not been affected, the battle could be declared over.

"It's strange that he didn't use any Relics even at the critical moment."

After the battle, the middle-aged man, "Judgement", who had fallen weakly to the ground fell into silence for a long time, feeling that it shouldn't have been so simple.

"Alice, are you okay?"

"Judgment" turned his head to look at the girl named Alice, also known as the "Pope" in Eyes of the Empire, and asked with concern.

"I'm fine, Father."

"Pope" Alice shook her head gently, slowly got up and said, "I'll go and call someone to help you now."

"Why can't it be you…"

"Because I must maintain absolute purity, as you know." Alice shook her head again and said lightly, "My body needs to communicate with the divine."


In the coffee shop.

Bai Yan, in the guise of "Profligate," sat calmly in the same seat he once occupied, while the perplexed café owner brought him an iced coke.

He pondered for a moment, shook his head, and proceeded to replace it with red wine.

"Profligate" Bai Yan gracefully lifted the stemmed glass, savouring the exquisite red wine while turning his gaze out the window.

A massive thunderbolt flashed, and the white giant gradually vanished.

It seemed that the result was already evident.

"The Hand of Dark Light" activity was completed.

Now, only the final task of "Ten Days' Killing" remained unfinished.

Scatino walked in from outside with a bewildered look, unaware and unresponsive. She calmly sat across from the man, completely unable to control her own destiny.

Bai Yan silently sipped on his red wine, not saying anything.