I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Concerto


The old man, known as "the Left Hand of Dark Light," squinted his eyes and gazed at the man in front of him, then spoke, "This should only be one of your incarnations, right? Where is your true identity?"

Bai Yan was not surprised that the answer was immediately perceived by "the Left Hand of Dark Light."

At the level of "the Left Hand of Dark Light," his Plane should not only be the "material world," but also the higher level of "Formation Realm."

The four Plane levels were the "Material World", "Formation Realm", "Creation Realm", and "Divinity Realm."

The position of every being's soul was inherently different, as was their significance bestowed by the universe.

Any existence that had reached the "Formation Realm" Plane would possess extraordinary wisdom, such as being able to see through many truths at a glance.

The height of the Plane would affect the attitude of the Multiverse towards you.

In the multiverse, everything that existed merely in the "Material World" was considered as insignificant as dust, thus unworthy of attention from the infinite universe, no matter whether they thrived or perished.

Before reaching the level of "Divinity", the correlation between one's Plane and their strength was not entirely positive.

Some higher races were naturally born as individuals with no power, but they were still classified as beings in the "Formation Realm" Plane. There were also monsters that were strong enough to destroy the world, yet they were no more than existences in the "Material World".

However, it's more often the case that the powerful beings among intelligent life forms had a high Plane.

Of course, whether it's the ancient Gods of the past or the new Gods of the present, their Plane was always in the "Divinity Realm". They were the most perfect existences in the multiverse and could negotiate with the world as equals.

As for the Outer Gods.

They were clearly from beyond this system and were terrifying to the multiverse.

They had no connection to the Planes, and thus were the truest example of Outer Worldly beings.

Faced with the old man's question, Bai Yan naturally didn't answer.

He just smiled and asked, "The Piety Chain is a taboo-level infectious type of magic, isn't it? It's the one you are currently spreading in this city, right?"


The Left Hand of Dark Light simply nodded, having no way to refute.

"You are someone from Babel Tower, so interfering with our power means Babel Tower… I really want to know, why are you targeting the church?"

"There's no real reason, we just thought it was necessary."

Bai Yan didn't know how to explain it, he couldn't say it was a mission from a mobile game, could he?

"I see."

The Left Hand of Dark Light seemed to consider after hearing that. Suddenly, he saw two women appear nearby.

Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer… The majority of Babel Tower's combat power in Tatsumi City, only missing "Mysterious Magic".

The Left Hand of Dark Light calmly held an umbrella, the profound and unwavering belief in his eyes didn't disappear at all, there was no fear at all.

"Actually, when I first heard about you guys, I found it ridiculous."

"The owner of Babel Tower, whom you people call 'Savior'. A false god who even dares to proclaim himself a savior, it really makes me laugh."

"Arrogance comes from a lack of reverence for God."

"It is a sin."

The Land of Flames was an 'alternate space' with only one exit. The Left Hand of Dark Light knew that if they escaped from the Land of Flames, they would inevitably appear in the alley.

However, the current alley must have already been surrounded by the Night Watchers.

"Your trap is indeed simple and effective. The Babel Tower members to ambush us here, and waiting outside are the Demon Hunter Agency's people… Unfortunately, there is one thing that you miscalculated."

The Left Hand of Dark Light slowly lowered his umbrella, which turned into a black light, dispersing in all directions.

"That is myself."

A powerful aura emanated from the old man's body, quickly spreading throughout the space!

The extraordinary people in the Land of Flames were all shocked, and black cracks gradually appeared in the "air" around them. Many people were suppressed by the invisible momentum and fell to the ground.

The Left Hand of Dark Light!

A powerful individual with a high status, one of the top figures of the Dark Light Church, the grand bishop, possessing unquestionable strength.

Indeed, his mere existence was a miscalculation. Those who hadn't reached that level could never comprehend the extent of his tremendous might.

Pastor would be no match for him, and even the "Emperor" couldn't confidently defeat such a true powerhouse.

If Bai Yan had not witnessed the outcome in the game "Babel Tower" beforehand, he would have probably felt regret at this moment, and perhaps even pondered…why must they face such a mighty presence?

"Dark Light!"

Just like all the priests of the Dark Light Church, the old man called out "Dark Light" with a steady voice.

In an instant, all the flames floating in the sky lost their color, and the once red sky disappeared without a trace, leaving only darkness between heaven and earth.

A huge black light descended from the sky, obscuring everything around it. The entire Land of Flames began to shake violently, as if it could not bear it any longer!

The unrelated supernaturals were all fleeing in terror towards the exit of the Land of Flames, when some Night Watcher members suddenly emerged!

The "ace" Lin Bian and Raven Reaper.

As soon as the two of them rushed in, they were engulfed by an overwhelming aura and an endless black light that easily swept away everything in the Land of Flames within reach.

All the shops were reduced to nothingness under the power of the Dark Light.

"Too strong, it's like a calamity in human form. How could we possibly stand a chance against it?"

Maryse shook her head continuously, but she couldn't escape directly because her whole body was under the control of the "Savior".

In a "void state", she maintained an almost unassailable state, but her body trembled.

Well, even if she died here, she could be resurrected. So, she just let the "Savior" guy control her… Even if she didn't really think that way, she had no way to refuse.

Mu Ling, in her black windbreaker, didn't hide, but stood in the face of the godly power of the Dark Light, resisting it with her mighty body. She gazed at the old man at the center of the black light.

The Left Hand of the Dark Light stood tall in the sky, shrouded in black light pillars, which destroyed anything in its path.

Mu Ling was currently under the control of the "Savior".

She was repeatedly hurt, but each wound healed again and again as she unleashed the forbidden Mystical Power.

Deep Blue World.

The next moment, Mu Ling pulled out "The Heart of Death" and slashed towards the old man in the sky!

The blade struck the black light, but it remained completely motionless, despite all the attacks, it had no effect.

Unable to penetrate it…

Mu Ling took a deep breath and immediately retreated under the control of the Savior, discovering that the figure of "Profligate" had disappeared.

Time resumed normal flow.

The overwhelming Dark Light possessed an unstoppable power, and both "Ace" Lin Bian and Raven Reaper were easily knocked out.

The Land of Flames, the hidden space the size of a street, could no longer hold up after so many years.

Complete Devastation!

"I grant you judgment."


In the dark sky appeared an enormously magnificent white balance scale, soaring into the clouds like a miracle, and standing on one end of the scale was none other than the Left Hand of Dark Light.

The old man stood on the balance, his expression unchanged, but in his eyes there was already a sense of resignation to death.

The end of the balance where the Left Hand of Dark Light was, began to rise.

While on the other end of the balance stood two people.

One was a tall and thin, middle-aged man dressed in all white, with black hair and a mask shaped like eyes on his face, exuding an aura that is difficult to behold.

The other person was a young girl with long gray-white hair, wearing a black and white clerical dress, who was kneeling quietly on the ground, seeming almost nonexistent, silent and still.

These powerful individuals had made an abrupt move unexpectedly, but it was also understandable.

The "Judgment" and "Pope" of Eyes of the Empire.

The Left Hand of Dark Light let out a sigh.

"Sure enough, I knew those decadent kings would not be able to stop your actions."

"Judgment" spoke softly and the voice spread across the Land of Flames, "We are here in this city under the orders of Mr. 'World' to observe the situation, and indeed, everything is as Mr. 'World' predicted."

The scale where the Left Hand of Dark Light was present gradually tilted upward, and his soul was gradually losing weight, even the overwhelming Dark Light was unable to stop all of this from happening.

The girl with grayish-white long hair prayed softly, as if communicating with God, and tears of compassion flowed from the corner of her eyes.


"I pray to you, I kneel before you, and I beg for your illumination, and plead for your forgiveness."

"Please smooth out all oppression and tyranny."

White light began to fill the surrounding area, and the Land of Flames, which was about to collapse, unexpectedly began to restore itself. The immense power of the Left Hand of Dark Light didn't spill over into reality.


Meanwhile, Pastor had already left the Land of Flames, but what he saw before him was undoubtedly hundreds of Night Watchers.


He fell into silence.

The Night Watchers launched their attack without hesitation.


He finally broke free from the encirclement with great difficulty.

Although Pastor walked unharmed in the dark, his divine grace was almost completely exhausted and he was about to collapse.

"Scatino… wait for me."

Just then, he caught sight of a man's figure.


The youth in the black cloak smiled.

"Follow me…"

Pastor furrowed his brow, unsure of what the other party wanted, but with no choice left at this point.

Those Night Watchers would catch up soon!

When he followed "Profligate" into an alley, he suddenly found that the other had disappeared.

"What's going on…"

Pastor felt that the current situation was not quite right.

It was then that he discovered a black-haired man lying on the ground in the alley, covered in blood, who seemed to be one of the Night Watchers.

Pastor blinked slightly, not knowing what had happened.

"Who are you?"

The man lying on the ground struggled and looked toward him with eyes full of immense terror.

"I…I am Bai Yan…"

This Night Watcher named Bai Yan, weak as a thread, was evidently on the brink of death.

Although Pastor hadn't been able to figure out the exact situation, his instinct suddenly told him to leave the place quickly!

At that moment, the Night Watchers caught up.