I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Prelude

The sky gradually became overcast.

The rain slid down the black umbrella and the old man, who had been bestowed with the name "the Left Hand of Dark Light" by the gods, stood calmly in a dark and deserted alley.

"Have you found any clues about her here?"

Pastor stood aside, nodding gently.


The development of events in recent days had exceeded their expectations.

Sioro, the old man in the black suit and the decades-old black umbrella, pondered on the spot.

Why would the Demon Hunt Agency and the Blood Clan resolve the conflict in just one day… there was no reason for it to be so quick.

Although it was not a murder case with conclusive evidence, at least there were sufficient inducing clues, and both suspicious parties had no reason to believe each other so quickly.

No matter how efficiently the case was solved, there still should have been several days, maybe even a week, of chaos… Yet, in such a short period of time, all misunderstandings were cleared up and "Piety Chain" was found.

As a result, he himself was exposed in an instant, locked down and became the so-called "abandoned child" of the church.

It was highly likely that a new force had intervened. Could it be that Babel Tower…

"Mr. Sioro… What are you thinking about?"

Suddenly, Pastor spoke, waking Sioro up from his contemplation.

"Pastor, I remember you were Scatino's teacher. She should trust you a lot. Can't you find a way to make her come back to the church directly?"

Pastor shook his head and said:

"No, she will only agree to meet us here."

This was "the Land of Flames," a place that was difficult to escape from. There was only one entrance and exit.

Sioro fell into contemplation and said,

"In fact, it's all the same, as long as I see her, she will have nowhere to escape."

After a moment of contemplation, he said, "The plan to occupy Tatsumi City must be temporarily abandoned. The city's waters are deeper than we imagined. Let's immediately bring Scatino back."

Sioro had been constantly spreading and disseminating the "Piety Chain" in these days, but unfortunately, Night Watchers had been following closely behind, constantly extinguishing those devout flames.

If the Demon Hunt Agency had been dragged into chaos for a week, Sioro was confident that half of the citizens would've become "flames", and finally the whole city would have become a "pious sea of fire."

But now, it was very clear that there was no reason to stay any longer.

The most decisive and wise decision would be to take the target "container" Scatino and leave quickly!

"Mr. Sioro, may I ask you something… does she still have a chance?"

"Chance? Scatino?" Sioro shook his head gently and said solemnly, "Scatino is the Vessel of God, as you know, we must never violate God's commands!"

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Pastor fell silent.

Just a few months ago, Sacred King…their great Savior of Dark Light issued an unquestionable and important command.

Twenty names.

The Savior of Dark Light gave twenty names to the high-ranking officials of the church, ten males and ten females, along with their date of birth, with no chance of error.

These twenty people were scattered all over the Noah world, with completely different identities and statuses, and they were "the Vessels of God".

God's command was very simple but urgent…these people must be immediately brought back to the church for sealing! Or killed! At any cost!

In short, these twenty "vessels" must never fall into the hands of outsiders!

The Dark Light Church was the dominant force in a country, and their complete dedication was extremely terrifying. In just a few months, they had already captured twelve of them, completely sealed them, and executed three "vessels" who could not be brought back.

There were still five names left.

And Pastor knew that his former student, "Mary Scatino," was one of them.

The complete sealing by the church…being in that state was actually more painful than death. They clearly had consciousness, yet they could only wander in endless darkness.

Pastor took a deep breath and nodded. "I understand, I will definitely capture Scatino."

Sioro frowned slightly, realizing that something was wrong with Pastor, and gazed at him, saying:

"Are you sympathizing with her? Pastor, don't disappoint your teacher."

Pastor's teacher was none other than the famous "Incarnation of Dark Light," the great leader of the church, the actual ruler of the Eruo League, and quite possibly the most powerful human in the world!

"Well, of course," Pastor lowered his head.

The two of them entered an unmanned alley in the rain, but didn't stop at the entrance of the alley, instead going directly to the deepest part of it.

In the alley, there was another space.

It was one of the many gathering places for the superhumans in Tatsumi City.

"The Land of Flames".



Inside the Demon Hunt Agency, in the 12th team's office.

Adelaide's phone suddenly rang.

She hesitated for a moment, picked up her phone, glanced at the number, and anxiously answered.

"Hello, Bai Yan, where are you?"

A feeble voice like floating tendrils slowly sounded, it was Bai Yan's voice, and it was very weak!

"Save me……"

Bai Yan seemed to be seriously injured and on the brink of death.

"The Land of Flames, I'm hiding here……huff, be careful, those two are also here……"

The faint voice on the phone disappeared, leaving only static.

Adelaide was stunned for a moment and immediately realized that this was not something that she or the 12th team could solve on their own.

"I know where Bai Yan is, I will go and find the director immediately."

She stood up amidst the surprised gazes of Holly and others.


The Air Alliance was the only country that kept its extraordinary existence confidential.

Consequently, a unique phenomenon called "the Otherworlds" emerged.

Throughout history, the extraordinary individuals of the Air Alliance had established exclusive "Otherworlds" spaces in various independent cities, in order to facilitate free trade and communication.

The Land of Flames was one such place where extraordinary beings converged.

It was one of the three "inner" locations of Tatsumi City.

After entering from the alley outside, the gloomy rain disappeared entirely.

Although it looked like an ordinary commercial street, it was shrouded in floating balls of flames in the crimson sky, burning continuously without any end.

On both sides of the street were various shops, appearing ordinary but in reality were trading spots of the extraordinary.

Every day, hundreds of extraordinary individuals would come and go in the Land of Flames, running businesses, shopping, exchanging information…

There was an administrator in every "district", and in charge of the management of the Land of Flames was the "Arbitrator" Mr. Que.

He used to be the captain of the Demon Hunt Agency Team 1, and also the teacher of Lin Bian and Raven Reaper. After retirement, he took control of the Land of Flames…

Mr. Que was also one of the few Night Watchers who had lived past sixty and retired normally.

Without Mr. Trap, the current director of the Demon Hunt Agency would probably be him.

Only influential figures with nothing else to occupy themselves are able to hold power over a "district".

Mary Scatino sat calmly in front of a coffee shop.

She was dressed in black and had golden long hair, exuding an intellectual air.

She slowly lifted a cup of coffee and turned her head to two individuals walking towards her, suddenly revealing a smile.

When Sioro approached, he saw the smile and immediately sensed something was amiss.

This person didn't seem to be Scatino… Had Pastor betrayed him?

Before he could speak, Pastor's expression changed drastically and he stepped forward, warning, "This is a trap, Mr. Sioro! Be careful, that is not Scatino!"

Sioro was momentarily taken aback, it seemed that Pastor was also deceived.

Then, who was this "woman" in front of him?

"Scatino's" body and appearance gradually changed, revealing his true identity… The air of an aristocratic scholar, a black classical robe, slightly curled hair, and a charming and mysterious smile.

Bai Yan knew very well that "the Land of Flames" had only one entrance and exit, the perfect place to ambush "the Left Hand of Dark Light".

"Hello, 'the Left Hand of Dark Light', Mr. Sioro, I am…Profligate."

Even though it wasn't raining, Sioro remained silent under his umbrella.

Bai Yan continued,

"Abandon the idea of escaping, the Night Watchers are everywhere outside."