I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: An Ordinary Ending

"I am really sorry for what happened. I don't know how much longer my projection can exist in this world… When we meet again, I will provide you with the compensation you deserve."

Bai Yan was well aware of the little one's lack of love over the years. All he needed was to give her a good pat on the head… While the approach may vary, when facing Maryse, he must speak kindly.

Maryse actually had a strange feeling. "Mr. Profligate" was very much like the elders she idealized. His attitude towards her was the same loving and caring attitude that the elders in the family had towards her before the age of eight. Once again, Maryse was experiencing love and care from him.

'That's really good,' she thought to herself silently.

Well, it's good that… she couldn't hear his true thoughts.

"Nothing. Don't you think I'm holding you back."

Maryse shook her head and felt that she should leave.

"Hmm, let that woman be with the predecessor for now. When the predecessor needs me, you can call me."


Maryse was "imprisoned" for 20 years, not only lacking in love, but also having poor social skills. It was obvious that she had not thought about how to get along with the opposite sex.

When the little one left, Bai Yan didn't disappear from the villa because he was not a real projection.

He planned to stay in this family's villa for a long time.

The mistress of the house was named Helen, she had golden hair, was 32 years old this year, and her ancestors had been engaged in smuggling for generations.

Their family could bring objects and people from the outside world into this city through special supernatural channels and send goods and people out of this city as well.

When Lady Helen's grandfather started out, he did a lot of illegal activities… but after Helen took over, she didn't touch those morally corrupt things. Otherwise, Bai Yan would not have spared her life.

This family was also a well-known wealthy family in Tatsumi City, although it couldn't be compared with the five major families, it still made ordinary people difficult to climb. They would also regularly get invitation cards to various banquets held by the five major families.

Lady Helen, dressed in light blue pajamas, sat on the bed and supported her head while she pondered with her eyes closed.

She felt very strange. Over the past few days, she and her daughter had been forgetting certain things… and even vaguely felt that there was another person in the house!

"It should be because of too much pressure…"

Lady Helen lay in bed and shook her head gently.

She got off the ground and called a servant to pour herself a glass of water.

Bai Yan sat on a genuine leather sofa in a room adjacent to Lady Helen's, while Lady Helen's daughter Sylve was diligently helping him peel oranges.

Sylve is Lady Helen's only daughter, blonde and only fifteen years old.

She was always the leader in school, occasionally bullying weaker classmates. She had never served anyone in her life, but now she was proficiently performing like the incarnation of a professional maid.

Bai Yan knew the story of this mother and daughter. If it followed the original storyline of "Babel Tower," most situations would involve Lady Helen encountering two storylines.

The first was about the sinner's entry, and the second was about the two of them being used by cultists due to greed, smuggling in some terrible Spawn, and ultimately becoming tragic food.

He had saved their lives, so it was reasonable for him to enjoy their service.

Bai Yan calmly found his excuse, in fact, what was more important to him was… he wanted to cut off the plan of the cultists in this "storyline" in this way.

As long as Lady Helen came into contact with the foreign cultists who should appear, he would definitely be able to detect them immediately.

It was necessary to break free from the constraints of the identity of "Bai Yan" … However, the Night Watchers must have already discovered his disappearance.

He narrowed his eyes slightly.


Demon Hunt Agency.

The members of the 12th team in the office were all silent, and the atmosphere was gloomy.

Bai Yan's sudden disappearance was unforeseen by them… On the day of the siege of the Dark Light Church, Bai Yan vanished into thin air, along with the "Left Hand of Dark Light" and the "Pastor", who had already been officially deemed out of control and a traitor.

Perhaps Bai Yan encountered them at that time?

Would that not be a fate worse than death!

Adelaide shook her head and said in a grim expression, "No… Bai Yan should still be alive. I cannot completely explain the reason, but I am sure of this."

She took a deep breath, lit a cigarette, and memories of Bai Yan began to slowly fade from her mind.

This was the curse of the demon lord "Sburnak."

"The Curse of Disillusionment"

This was also the reason why she could confirm that Bai Yan hadn't died.

Because, if Bai Yan had died, all memories of him would have vanished in an instant.

Adelaide sighed. It was due to the Curse of Disillusionment that she had been pretending to be tough all along, avoiding too much contact with others.

Unfortunately, the teammates were still too familiar. Over the years, Adelaide had gained and lost more and more precious memories. Every night, she spent a lot of time checking her diary records.


Hmm, she had forgotten something again…

It was as if bubbles were bursting in her mind. Adelaide knew all too well the feeling of "precious memories" fading away, which was really upsetting.

She knew very well that if Bai Yan didn't return, she would probably…forget most of his existence in a few months.

"We must find him," Adelaide said painfully.

Adelaide noticed tears at the corners of Black Vulture's still sleeping eyes.

Holly drooped her bunny ears and clenched her hands.

"Bai Yan, where are you?"

Perhaps he had encountered "Pastor" and barely escaped, lying somewhere badly injured and crying, praying for his companions' rescue…

Holly felt even more uncomfortable in her heart.


Bai Yan calmly sliced a piece of fresh steak, put it in his mouth, and chewed repeatedly, carefully savoring the texture and flavor of the meat.

In the villa restaurant, both Helen and her daughter, as well as the surrounding servants, looked confused, doing their own things.

No one noticed that "Profligate" was having fun in this luxury villa.

"Mother, I haven't been causing any trouble at school lately, so don't worry." Sylve whispered to her mother.

Lady Helen shook her head and said, "Recently, I don't know why, but I have been feeling somewhat uneasy."

"Tatsumi City has experienced a huge incident that hasn't happened in a hundred years. Who knows what will happen next? We should be cautious from now on."

She thought for a moment and said, "Sylve, I have already arranged for you to study under a famous and accomplished 'awakening' level wizard. Starting this year, you will officially begin studying magic."

"I will also help you purchase the necessary potions and books to make you extraordinary."

Sylve was slightly surprised, nodded her head gently, and excitedly said, "That's great! I've always wanted to become extraordinary! Thank you so much, mother, you're truly wonderful!"

Not only was knowledge of magic valuable, but all knowledge of the Otherworlds was incredibly precious. Only the Night Watchers could borrow books from the library and read them freely… in fact, these knowledge benefits were the greatest reward for Bai Yan's joining the Demon Hunt Agency.

Lady Helen fell silent. Summoning a powerful and extraordinary 'awakening level' wizard came at a great cost, but it was worth it.

In a chaotic world where order was gradually lost, power remained the most important thing, and she was aware of this.

While money still had value, it was important to exchange it for power as soon as possible.

Lady Helen pondered that she was merely one step away from "awakening", and that as long as she had the opportunity to cross that threshold, the development of her family would become much easier.

After her grandfather, there was no longer such a powerful extraordinary in her family!

Unfortunately, her grandfather was once too greedy and actually transgressed, killing a True Blood member.

His actions thoroughly angered the Blood members, and ultimately he died at the hands of Marquis Scarlet in his own home…

Blood members, the kings of the dark world in this city!

Marquis Scarlet, that terrifying and mysterious entity, was a true big shot that she couldn't even hope to meet.

She didn't even have the slightest thought of revenge, and for over a decade, she actively contributed a large amount of money, hoping that the high and mighty Blood members would treat her and her daughter like dirt, and thus ignore them.

Lady Helen had done everything to not offend them all these years.

"If only I could receive the care of powerful extraordinary ones…"

She sighed, but what exactly should she do in the end?

Assistance from the real masters of the Otherworlds was serendipitous and elusive. One would find it hard to even encounter them.

Truly, the path ahead was fraught with confusion…

Bai Yan sat quietly beside them, observing the two women with different expressions, yet neither of them noticed the presence of another individual beside them.

He took another bite of the beef and murmured to himself:

"Breakfast is quite good. I have been impoverished here for so many years that I have forgotten the taste of premium steak."

Henceforth, he would have to live here.

He was afraid that he would not return to the Demon Hunt Agency in the short term…


Bai Yan let out a soft sigh.

"Captain, Holly… The time I spent with you all was actually quite enjoyable."

"However, I was never truly a Night Watcher from the beginning."

Rather, I am the Savior of the Babel Tower.

Lady Helen beside me suddenly stood up, her eyes bewildered, and unknowingly poured a glass of red wine for him.

This was Bai Yan's own "role-playing" setting.

"Profligate" preferred drinking red wine.

He took out his phone and used the function of Babel Tower to check the location he had agreed upon with Pastor.

An old man was there.

The old man and Pastor arrived there together.

"Indeed, he kept his promise."

Bai Yan squinted his eyes.

After finishing his breakfast, he took a piece of orange peel from the lemon water next to him, and then threw the still fragrant orange peel out, incarnating into another "Bai Yan".

The new incarnation of Bai Yan transformed into a pure white bird, flapped its wings and flew out of the villa, quickly soaring towards the location agreed upon with Pastor.

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