I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: No. Nine

“It’s too late. Boys should be vigilant and protect themselves outside.”

Faced with the current situation, Bai Yan felt a little afraid.

At the same time, Mu Ling didn’t dare to approach Bai Yan. She even began to wonder what to do next? Actually, he had hinted to not approach him.

If he wasn’t that mysterious big shot, it wouldn’t matter… but their voices were really the same.

Mu Ling wanted to leave, but she couldn’t resist her curiosity. She finally walked to Bai Yan.

Bai Yan sat in his seat, and his thoughts wandered. As he watched the beautiful, powerful girl walk toward him, his heart began to thump. He was afraid that she would stab him.

Mu Ling slowly bowed and said as respectfully as possible, “I forgot to ask… You’re the leader of Babel Tower, right?”

‘Great! She didn’t know me!’ Bai Yan fell into deep thought. He weighed the benefits against the suffering and decided to pretend to be the big boss of Babel Tower so that she wouldn’t dare to act rashly.

He swallowed hard and put on the poker face. “Ah, you got good eyes.” Said Bai Yan seriously.

That’s it! The same voice!

Mu Ling trembled subconsciously. This was the voice that had terrified her for the past few days!

“I came to confirm…” She explained immediately.

“You did it. You can go now.” Bai Yan didn’t want to talk with the mysterious “Nightsaber” anymore. Saying more could make him exposed.

However, Mu Ling didn’t leave. Instead, she asked anxiously, “Master, can you not train me so strictly?” she was really getting overwhelmed. Although she had always exercised and practiced swordsmanship since she was young, she had never had hellish training like this.

Bai Yan fell into a long silence. He realized that Nightsaber was a real living person, not the fictional operator in the game. It was fine if he didn’t know about it in the past, but how could he continue to squeeze an innocent beautiful girl now?

As he was about to agree to Mu Ling’s request, he thought of the scene of the imperfect ending of the game. During the first round, he didn’t make full use of the operators. Although he cleared the game, many of the missions were completed badly, causing less than 10% people in the world to survive.

It would have been fine if it was just a game. Now, he understood that all of this would be reflected in reality.

He had to clear the game perfectly this time since he realized that everything that happened in the game would be reflected in reality.

‘Can I accept this end?’

If he were to be lenient with Nightsaber and other operators, they would pay for it in blood.

The early-stage missions were nothing compared to late-stage missions, which had to cost lives to complete. Even though the operators have many lives and could revive, the pain and despair of death were still inevitable. Worse still, the decision-making power was in his hands.

On the contrary, if he trained operators hard to accumulate more energy points in the early stages, it would be easier to clear the missions in the late stage. Training more, sacrificing less.

The answer was obvious.

He stared into the girl’s eyes and answered, “No way.”

"Saving the world is not a game. An earnest attitude brings out the best in you, Nightsaber. Your sweat and anger will eventually be rewarded.”

Although it was not in-game, he still educated Mu Ling seriously.

Mu Ling could see that there were many considerations in his eyes. The Babel Tower might indeed be an organization born to save the world. She took a deep breath and nodded. “I got it.”

She was willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Mu Ling has had a strong sense of family and honor since she was young. Of course, she could agree with this. She was even ashamed of her own petulance.

Bai Yan sighed to himself. At this point, the perfect clearing had to be done.

Even if the operators hated him after he cleared the game, he was ready to unlock the achievement of “Is it all worth it?”

‘She’s really beautiful. Will such a beautiful girl follow my words in the future?’

Bai Yan sat there expressionlessly and looked at the girl indifferently, but he could not hold it in anymore.

"There is an enemy for you." A thought occurred to him, and he changed the topic calmly.

“Ah?” Mu Ling was slightly stunned and continued, “What?”

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She looked around warily, holding the cross around her fair neck, ready to come into a battle.

“New danger hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s already destined… It’s your fate to be ready for challenges.” Bai Yan said enigmatically.

Mu Ling was stunned and could not speak for a while. Fate… In other words, the Savior was already powerful enough to know her fate. ‘Who is he? How could he build the huge and terrifying Babel Tower and save the world?’

Mu Ling’s heart was pounding with excitement. She felt that she was riding on the big shot’s coattails.

Perhaps the other members of the Babel Tower were stronger than she was.

Bai Yan did not say anything else. To be honest, he hated to talk over his head. Some people would deliberately say half of what they wanted to say! But it’s so much fun being the trickster.

Mu Ling removed the black cross necklace from her fair neck and waited for her impending enemy. ‘Where is the enemy?”

Mu Ling wasn’t so sure. ‘Is the Savior a prophet?’

She waited silently at the door for a long time. It was growing dark, but she saw no enemy at all.

“Will anyone come?” Mu Ling wavered a little.

Bai Yan appeared indifferent, but he was a little anxious. “It’ll be here soon.” In fact, he also wanted to see the moment the game turned into reality.

“Are you waiting for me?” A deep voice came from the dark. In the corner of the classroom, a bald man in black had appeared. Only his pale face was visible. There were still many black lines on his face, like hideous dark tentacles.

Mu Ling was slightly stunned when she saw the black lines on his face. This was definitely the symbol of a sinner!

“You’re a sinner! You’re with the Black Star Faction!”

She took a deep breath. ‘The Savior was right. It was my destined enemy.’

It was the Black Star Faction that had almost destroyed her family.

‘A sinner?’ Bai Yan vaguely remembered that some operators in Babel Tower were sinners. Their mood often drops because of others’ discrimination.

Sinners were the descendants of those who believed in evil gods. There was once a huge kingdom in Noah that was extremely prosperous. It almost unified half of the world at its peak, but it was destroyed because it summoned the Outer God. The entire world suffered.

Natural disasters were happening all over the world now, which were all the result of evil gods.

People angrily spurned the remnants of the kingdom, calling their descendants sinners, and now they were forbidden entry and habitation in almost any city.

The sinners had no choice but to live in a wilderness filled with danger and killing. These people had grown up in the most barbaric world and had very weak morals.

They were trash, traitors, beasts, and demons!

Almost no one would have a good impression of a sinner. It would be judged as self-defense for a citizen of the Air Alliance to kill a sinner under any circumstances.

More than half of the members of the Black Star Faction were sinners. Mu Ling was extremely familiar with this group of shameless “beasts” as a crime hunter.

“Hehe, I’m indeed from Black Star. That big shot called me… No. Nine.” The bald man looked at Mu Ling with an incomparably evil smile.

“I heard that you killed a priest of Ash. You little brat! I’ll take you alive and bring you to that big shot. Your despair will be an offering to the great Chaos Star! Hahahahaha!”

Mu Ling remained indifferent to the bald man’s provocation until he added the last sentence.

“Be a sacrifice. Just like your family!”

Incomparable anger shot out of Mu Ling’s eyes. Her fair hands trembled as she gripped the black cross sword.

“Sinner, I will reclaim the glory of crime hunter with your head!”

Bai Yan was afraid that she would cast away her life, and calmly comforted her. “Take it easy. He’ll be no match for you.”

Mu Ling took a deep breath and said, “I got…”

She was about to say something when she heard the extremely familiar voice in her head.

[Stand by, Nightsaber.]

“Yes, my master.” Mu Ling was horrified, but she couldn’t resist at all. She obediently knelt on one knee beside Bai Yan.

Now she was even more certain that this man was undoubtedly the true leader of the Babel Tower, the mysterious and terrifying existence who called himself the Savior!

‘What happened?’ Bai Yan was slightly stunned. Mu Ling’s behavior also surprised him. ‘What was she doing? Is she swearing an oath to me?’

No. Nine was also extremely shocked!

‘She was from the legendary crime hunter family. How was it possible for her to bow down to a man?’

No. Nine quickly realized that this strange man was looking down at him as if he was a nonentity.

He was definitely not ordinary!

“Who are you!?”