I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Reversal!

Maryse gazed at Bai Yan for a long time.

Adorned in a black classical robe, exuding an air of nobility and scholarship, with slightly curled hair, a faint smile on his face exuding confidence, his handsome countenance impossible to ignore - this man was none other than "Profligate"!

She swallowed a bit of saliva.

He was a prominent member of the Babel Tower, a trusted confidante of the incredible Savior, one who had conquered several worlds with his might!

Her senior, Profligate.

Just recently, he had sent a message informing her that his "projection" would temporarily come to this world to meet her.

The request was… for her to bring "Mary Scatino" with her.

Out of curiosity, Maryse obediently brought the person along.

So, she finally got to meet this legendary senior here!

Well, he looked quite handsome…

This was Maryse's first impression.

But, just how strong was he? The elf girl narrowed her eyes slightly, still unsure.

She sat across from Bai Yan, propping up her chin and inviting the bewildered women next to her to join her.

"I brought her here with me. This cafe is quite nice, very tasteful, isn't it, Senior Profligate?"

Bai Yan nodded gently, smiling, "I really like the coffee at this cafe. They specialize in coffee-based drinks and don't sell other beverages. That purity is something I truly appreciate."

"Many so-called cafes these days have started selling things like milk tea. I don't like it much."

Hmm, a bit aristocratic. Maryse nodded lightly and smiled, "Senior, what do you think of my work? I was the first to find her, even before any of you."

Maryse attempted to peer into Profligate's innermost thoughts, but quickly discovered she couldn't glean any information!


She was deeply surprised in her heart, but her exceptionally beautiful little face showed no trace of it.

Well, if it's this "Profligate", it's normal for him to be able to do this.

Indeed, very powerful.

In fact, Bai Yan had used "Power Possession: Replication" to copy Maryse's psychic power. As a result, the psychic power of both sides was neutralized, and they couldn't hear each other's thoughts.

"You performed quite well, Psychic Dancer. Your power is quite practical."

Bai Yan smiled and looked at the little girl in front of him, with a double meaning in his words.

He was very aware that this guy actually had the mentality of a child and age of an adult and liked to slack off and curse behind people's backs.

Maryse called for a glass of iced coffee and asked, "So, what's the next step after finding this person?"

"Let me take a look first."

Bai Yan calmly extended his hand and touched the golden-haired woman.

Scatino, around thirty years old and with golden hair, sat calmly in the chair.

She was completely unaware, her beautiful profile remaining unchanged, ignorant of the danger surrounding her.


After touching Scatino's forehead, Bai Yan immediately gathered large amounts of information, visual fragments, one after another constantly surfacing in his mind through connection.

He gradually learned many things about this woman.

Her name was indeed Mary Scatino, and she had indeed been a priestess of the Dark Light Church before defecting and coming to this city.

These were the same things Pastor had said, with no difference.

But there seemed to be something unusual.

This woman's defection seemed to have been guided by someone else, but from the fragmented pieces Bai Yan gathered, he didn't know who that guide was.

Then they could only let her speak for herself…

"Psychic Dancer, release her mental shackles, I have something to ask her," Bai Yan said calmly, subconsciously using imperative language.


The commanding language made Maryse slightly stunned, and she continued unhappily, "No, senior, she is my prey, you can't just take her away like that."

As usual, Maryse had a slight psychological shadow about being "used", and those who gave orders would remind her of her father.

Bai Yan glanced lightly at the elf girl and smiled.

He snapped his fingers gently.

The next moment, Scatino was released from the hypnotic state, and her demeanor immediately became full of intelligence.

She looked around in confusion and became alert.

"Who are you?"

Upon witnessing this scene, Maryse was left speechless with shock - how could this be possible?


How could this happen?

Her own heart's control was effortlessly lifted!

This could not be possible!

She gritted her teeth and lowered her head, struggling to accept this reality.

Well, it's not entirely impossible to accept, after all, "Profligate" was a powerhouse who has conquered numerous worlds.

A true powerhouse of Babel Tower…

Truly unfathomable!

Maryse squinted and said, "So, senior, what do you want to ask her?"

Bai Yan looked calmly at Scatino and spoke gently, "Who instructed you to come to Tatsumi City? Why did you come here? And most importantly…why are they so persistent in finding you?"

Scatino frowned, took a deep breath, and said, "I don't know who you are, nor do I know your purpose."

"But if you want to kill me, go ahead. I won't betray anyone else."

"Oh! Oh! You're in big trouble now."

Maryse sneered and said, "He is the notorious 'Profligate', extremely brutal. He has killed a lot of people during this time, regardless of gender."

"He will probably start by breaking some of your bones…"

Confronted with the threat, Scatino sighed, closed her eyes, and remained unmoved.

Bai Yan calmly smiled and said, "Even if you don't want to say it, sooner or later, I will find out."

He would not subject Scatino to cruel interrogation.

The reason was simple, Bai Yan only did that to bad people…And from what he gathered from the fragments with "Connection", Mary Scatino was not a bad person.

On the contrary, she was a very kind person.

Although living in a country with a clear racial hierarchy, she always maintained a good heart towards everyone, even suffering punishment for sheltering the so-called "lower race" several times.

The reason why she could hide for a long time in Tatsumi City was because she used the Relic given by the Instructors and hid in the shadows, becoming part of the darkness.

However, Mary Scatino was found because she… helped the innocent.

Two "workers" who betrayed her, both of their grandmothers were robbed by bandits. Scatino, who was hiding, had to save the old people when she saw the scene.

However, the two "workers" betrayed her without hesitation.

"If Mary Scatino had been hiding and watching all the time, I'm afraid even Babel Tower couldn't have found her quickly," Bai Yan thought silently in his heart.

"I have a way to make you tell the truth. I just wanted to let you say it out of respect," Bai Yan said calmly.

Bai Yan's eyes were filled with silver radiance and he calmly snapped his fingers.


Maryse, sitting across from him, was struck with astonishment.

What is the reason behind those eyes?

Could it be that he possessed extraordinary abilities like hers?

Does this mean that "Profligate" is also a practitioner of psychic powers?

Scatino was taken aback and had no chance to retaliate as she was instantly controlled by psychic power.

Her expression became completely perplexed.

Bai Yan calmly continued, "Now, Mary Scatino, answer my three questions."

"Who ordered you to betray? Why did you come to this city?"

"And the most important question of all… why is the Dark Light Church urgently searching for you?"

Scatino was in a daze and slightly clenched her teeth. Tears began to stream down her face for no apparent reason.

"The person who gave me instructions was…the person who instructed me to betray was…"

Just then, a gentle male voice sounded.

"It's me."

Bai Yan was incredibly calm, without any nervousness, while Maryse was momentarily stunned.

She turned around to look, and the next moment, every hair on her body stood on end.

The elven girl shuddered violently, and tremendous fear seeped out from deep within her heart.


The handsome, black-haired man had a scholarly face, wore glasses, and had a slender and tall figure, with a golden pocket watch on his chest.

He was standing just outside the coffee shop, slightly bowing his head.

"Come with me, Scatino."

Pastor murmured in a low voice, and suddenly a black light erupted from his body, incredibly fierce, engulfing the entire coffee shop in an instant!

Dark Light!

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