I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: I Will Eventually Leave You All

Bai Yan said calmly, "Let me guess, you are investigating Feather's death, right? Mr. Trap entrusted this matter to his most trusted person."

Raven Reaper didn't deny, but nodded lightly.

In a deep voice, he said, "An anonymous informant told me that something might be happening around here, some people are becoming strange… but what I didn't expect was to meet 'Profligate' of Babel Tower here."

In a short period of time, the reputation of "Profligate" had already been established.

Violent, cruel, and merciless.

Everyone knew that he was also a member of Babel Tower.

But few people knew what he looked like, because only relevant videos of "Profligate" had not been uploaded.

After thinking, Raven Reaper slowly raised his hand and made a gesture, saying, "It is clear that you know a lot, so come with me."

"I will not kill you, Profligate."

Bai Yan, wrapped in a black robe, gently shook his head, revealing a smile that was scholarly in nature.

"It's different."

Raven Reaper was stunned.


Well, the "Profligate" that he was portraying was a character that was deep and unfathomable.

So, he was about to say some more profound lines…

However, it didn't seem like he was just pretending.

Perhaps, this is a part of who he was.

Bai Yan said calmly, "The world we see through our eyes is different. In your eyes, I am a suspicious member of the Babel Tower organization, and one of the witnesses of the 'murder case'… However, I know much more than you do, so our ideas and perspectives are completely different."

"I have more important things to do, if you want to stop me here, that will be impossible for you."

"However, you cannot comprehend this 'impossibility' at all."

Raven Reaper moved.

Flow of Heart - Wind.

Sonic Acceleration.

The body was the completion of the ceremony, and Raven Reaper at this moment used his own body to simulate the flow of "wind"!

Thus the world rewarded him with enlightenment.

His entire body danced in the room like the wind, moving so swiftly that only a faint image could describe it!

In the next moment, Raven Reaper had arrived where "Profligate" had just been.

"Stay calm, we are not enemies."

Bai Yan stood behind him with a gentle voice and a smile on his face.


Raven Reaper swiftly turned around, identified the source of the sound, and launched a fist that cracked the air!

Using the detection of air flow, he aimed to strike Profligate's vital point accurately!

"I told you to calm down."

Bai Yan was even faster!

His right hand had already pressed onto Raven Reaper's shoulder without him realizing!

Immediately after, an enormous and irresistible force began to press him downward!

Flow of the Heart's biggest flaw, or rather, its only flaw, was that it could only imitate one "ritual symbol" at a time.

The tremendous force left Raven Reaper immobilized, his body almost crushed, and he had to immediately switch to a different school of Flow of the Heart.

Flow of the Heart · Weighty Rock.

At this moment, Raven Reaper's posture was as unyielding as a rock that no wave could erode or a mountain that no strong wind could move.

While the ground beneath his feet and the buildings around him were shaking, he stood resolute under the force that could crush a dragon.


The ground could not withstand the force and cracked open, but Raven Reaper withstood the immense power without being overwhelmed and shouted out.


Flow of the Heart - Water!

Gentle as water.

His body turned into a mist of water.

It was at this moment that the people in the house began to wake up to the sound.

Bai Yan's pupils turned silver, and he smiled as he turned his body to the side and snapped his fingers with one hand.


"Please continue sleeping."

The family of four in this house looked bewildered as they turned around and went back to bed to continue sleeping.

Bai Yan appeared calm, while his other arm extended forward, willingly being engulfed by the mist.

However, he calmly switched his target to "Power Possession: Replication."

Sacred Rune · Thor.

Ravaging blue lightning crazily surged around him, the tremendous energy was as meek as a lamb towards him but as ferocious as a wild bull towards his enemies!

Even the water began to boil!

The clump of water immediately retreated and, with a grunt, once again transformed into the form of Raven Reaper.

He retreated several steps in embarrassment and didn't launch any new attacks.

Bai Yan stood calmly in place and said, "The martial artists of the Nine Schools of the Heart-Striving Path, including the Swift Wind, Heavy Rock, and Flowing Water, are all useless. Will you continue?"

Flow of Heart - Heavenly Martial Arts.


A tremendous aura congealed around Raven Reaper, flames and feathers from some mythical beast sprouting across his skin, instantly filling the room with heat.

However, Bai Yan looked at him indifferently.

If this technique were used, the entire building would instantly burn to ashes, and ordinary people would have no chance to survive.

Raven Reaper was silent for a long while, before finally abandoning the stance he had taken.

In an extremely calm tone, he said, "I cannot defeat you."

Bai Yan calmly said, "In reality, our time is already limited. The Dark Light Church has initiated an attack on this city. There is no meaning in us fighting each other."

"Attack?" Raven Reaper asked, "What you say, is it absolutely true?"

"It's just a theory of Babel Tower, you can believe it or not."

Bai Yan turned calmly and said before leaving, "Night Watcher, investigate the forbidden spell 'Piety Chain', and you will have great rewards in this neighborhood."

Raven Reaper fell into silence.

Soon, Profligate disappeared.

Arriving on the street, Bai Yan took out his phone from his pocket and saw the urgent mission message from Demon Hunt Agency.

But he had no intention of leaving.

Bai Yan lifted his head and sighed softly towards the moon in the sky.

"It's time."

Yes, it was time.

In this way, he would find a suitable opportunity to let "Bai Yan" die in their eyes.

Although it was regretful towards them, it was necessary.

The Demon Hunt Agency and his identity as its member had increasingly become restraints rather than aids.

He had become increasingly aware of this.



"Everyone in the whole building has been affected. The Piety Chain is indeed a taboo spell of the Dark Light Church used during their outward colonization."

Alan walked out of a residential building and reported the situation through his earpiece with an uneasy tone.

The entire block has been covered by Night Watchers. After a careful search, a large number of people and animals affected by the "Piety Chain" spell were found very quickly.

This type of forbidden spell in the "warfare" category was unique to the Dark Light Church.

Virtually impossible to forge.

And its terror was well-known, causing shivers down the spine.

"You have done very well."

Mr. Trap's voice came through the earphones, seeming somewhat fatigued.

"Since that's the case, the kings should also make up their minds."

"Immediately head to the headquarters of the Dark Light Church!"

"This will be the outpost for a war; the Left Hand of Dark Light's actions are a provocation by the Eruo League against the Air Alliance, so we don't need to hold back."

"From now on, apprehend all members of the Dark Light Church, and as for those who resist arrest, kill them on the spot."

"There's no need for any more scruples… the Eyes of the Empire will soon send reinforcements."

War… Alan took a deep breath, lifting his head to look at the moon in the pitch-black sky. Just at that moment, a cloud moved to cover it up completely.

Mu Ling stood calmly on top of a tall building, looking out at the busy Night Watchers in the distance.

The task of removing the "Piety Chain" didn't belong to her. She just needed to continue searching for "Mary Scatino" as instructed.

She fell into contemplation.

However, where exactly was that woman?

Why, despite searching for so long, was it impossible to detect her whereabouts? Mu Ling's figure vanished into the darkness.

"Where could she be…"


Another corner of the city.

Maryse calmly walked into a quiet alleyway, wearing a cute pink sweatshirt.

"Phew, finally arrived. This place is so remote. So, have you two any information about that woman?"

In a small alleyway where no one should have been, two young men suddenly appeared, one of them wearing sunglasses with a bald head.

They were both "sewer" workers, specializing in providing business, prey and intelligence for powerful supernaturals in the Otherworlds.

Maryse's indifferent gaze startled the two, but they persisted, "This news is very important, and it will cost five million to sell it to you."

Maryse raised an eyebrow and said, "Didn't you say two million before? Why the sudden price hike?"

The sunglasses man with a bald head immediately said, "Because the news is very important, and besides you, someone else also wants to buy it."

Maryse was slightly stunned, there was another buyer?

Oh, whatever.

"It doesn't matter how much money you want." Her smile became gentle.

The two men looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Because I had no intention of paying from the beginning."

Maryse's eyes gradually turned silver-white as she prepared to give orders.

The gaze of the two individuals in question became bewildered.

Just then, a male voice of extreme gentleness was heard.

"Excuse me, I am willing to pay more money to buy that piece of information."

Maryse turned her head coldly to look over.

It was a middle-aged man with golden hair, a full beard, a friendly face, and dressed in robes of the Dark Light Church.

What was most peculiar was his height, approaching three meters, a height that humans could not possibly reach.

He looked at the two providers of information, and then turned to Maryse with a benevolent smile.

"I see, the other buyer is actually you. You are also looking for her…"

Maryse narrowed her eyes and stared back at him.

She could smell the stench of an Ogre on this creature with a seemingly human face. In a sense, they were natural enemies.

"How did you know the importance of that person? Who told you?"

"Well, I don't know who you are, but I plan to take your head back and see if Mr. Theodore can recognize your true identity."

The blonde priest smiled and said, "As for the parts other than the head, please allow me to enjoy them thoroughly…"

"May I? Beautiful lady."