I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: The Puppet Master Behind the Scenes

The darkness outside the window seemed to foreshadow a terrible fact.

Bai Yan refrained from taking any hasty actions, calmly looking at the captain drenched in sweat. He knew that she couldn't control herself in the face of the power of the "King," and he couldn't blame her for it.

Rather, what was strange was himself.

He shook his head gently and smiled, saying, "Relax, Captain. Her Highness, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, won't kill anyone easily. We all believe that she's a reasonable person."

"Your Highness, the Night Watcher came here just to convey a message to you."

"We are certainly not enemies."

Bai Yan was not afraid at all.

The reason they dared to come directly to Queen of the Scarlet Moon's doorstep was that they knew she wouldn't do anything to them.

Bai Yan was very sure that the cornerstone of the blood clan's foothold in this city was definitely not because Queen of the Scarlet Moon was a capable fighter.

No matter how skilled she was, she couldn't defeat the "Eyes of the Empire".

If the situation got too out of hand and crossed the line, the downfall of Tatsumi City's Blood Clan was inevitable… The reason why the Queen of the Scarlet Moon could stand in this city was because she was reasonable enough.

Yes, reasonable.

The Blood Clan of Tatsumi City and the Dark Light Church fundamentally belonged to the side of order. Whenever the Black Star Faction attempted to destroy the city, they readily came forward to stop it.

The Blood Clan of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon was a high-ranking presence in Tatsumi City's underworld, controlling numerous industries. At the same time, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's existence also restrained the criminals of the Otherworlds

Therefore, when the "Emperor" came, it was only trash talk; he never really intended to level the Blood Clan.

If the Queen of the Scarlet Moon was gone, the Otherworlds of Tatsumi City would undoubtedly become more chaotic and disorderly.

"Rest assured, captain, this kind of low-end trap and confusion will not make the Queen of the Scarlet Moon lose her judgment."

Bai Yan continued, "If the two of us die here, it will prove that the Blood Clan murdered the Demon Hunt Agency captain. The Blood Clan doesn't want to see such a situation arise."

Adelaide nodded gently and said, "We didn't hunt the blood clan, we just want to know if you have touched the Night Watcher?"

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon appeared to be extremely dominant and intimidating, yet in reality, she was quite reasonable.

Despite lingering near the boundary line, she never broke the rules.

Whether it was Lin Bian or Pastor, they had both been brutally beaten by Queen of the Scarlet Moon but nobody had ever been killed by her without reason.

Feather would never be killed by the blood clan.

Bai Yan even believed, rather dramatically, that if he were to commit suicide at this moment, Queen of the Scarlet Moon would definitely kneel down and beg him not to die!

If there was to be a war between the blood clan and Demon Hunt Agency, regardless of the outcome, the inevitable result would be the downfall of the Blood Clan… unless Queen of the Scarlet Moon was able to duel and defeat at least half of the Eyes of the Empire.

"That person, we didn't kill."

The killing intent gradually faded away.

Bai Yan knew that he had completely convinced the other party and turned around with a relaxed expression.

However, he didn't see that "long-awaited" girl.

"She ran really fast."

'It's all right, almost there,' Bai Yan thought silently.

Adelaide breathed a sigh of relief, finally recovering from her fear, and said, "Queen of the Scarlet Moon never lies, but I don't know if we can trust her."

"Let's leave it up to the higher-ups to decide."

Bai Yan nodded gently and pulled out his phone, smiling as he said, "Black Vulture just messaged me about the old man I saw with 'Connection.' We were able to find concrete information on him in the database starting from 'Awakening' level and above."


Adelaide's gaze sharpened as she immediately asked.

Pausing for a moment, he said, "Black Vulture discovered that a prominent figure's physical features are very similar to that of the old man… The Left Hand of Dark Light, the great Bishop of the Dark Light Church."

Bai Yan and Adelaide left the club together, both smiling.

"Then Captain, I'll go back now. The sky is already dark today."

Adelaide nodded absentmindedly.

"Good, we will continue the investigation tomorrow."

It wasn't necessary anymore.

Bai Yan silently muttered to himself and turned to walk into the darkness of the night.

In reality.

When he was just in the car, he was already arranging things for the next steps.

Although the cause and effect of the situation were not yet clear, he knew for sure that the Dark Light Church was causing trouble. So the next two things he had to do were clear.

One was to come here and explain the misunderstanding with the Blood Clan.

The second was to persuade the Demon Hunt Agency to believe that the Dark Light Church was the mastermind behind this.

Of course, there was also a possibility that Bai Yan made a mistake and the Dark Light Church was not the culprit who killed 'Feather'…

That's irrelevant anyway, as the Dark Light Church wasn't a righteous organization and would eventually be dealt with.

At this point, Merete Chambers may have already convinced the Demon Hunt Agency…

He calmly pulled out his cell phone.



On Mr. Trap's desk were presented two pieces of evidence.

One was Bai Yan's extraordinary ability "Connection", while the other was a purple small cube that continuously played a video recording.

Miss Witch stood in the office, smiling at Mr. Trap, and said, "This is the evidence we found, it is highly likely that he killed Feather."

Mr. Trap looked silently at "Left Hand of Dark Light's face" and then glanced at the purple cube.

Inside was an extremely special recording, recording the whole process of the high bishop of the Dark Light Church, "the Left Hand of Dark Light" meeting with Feather, killing him, and draining his blood.

"How did you obtain it? Is it reliable? The prophecy book, as usual, didn't react to this incident."

Mr. Trap fell into contemplation as the prophecy book had hardly played any role in the past month.

This was a bad omen, indicating that the Outer God was watching this world…

Merete Chambers smiled, her expression very earnest, "This is the live content that I restored using the Relic, tracing back through time, so it is very reliable."

"This is what really happened."

This was a lie.

Actually, the first set of portraits was genuine, but the second piece of evidence was fake, entirely fabricated by Merete Chambers.

Mr. Trap said calmly, "What exactly do they want to do…"

Merete Chambers replied with a smile:

"It's the 'Piety Chain'. I wonder if the director has ever heard of this spell, a mysterious and powerful one, which can even be considered a taboo-level spell."

"Piety Chain!"

As soon as Mr. Trap heard "Piety Chain", he frowned.

Miss Witch continued speaking.

"As you may have seen in the footage, Feather witnessed the dissemination process of the 'Piety Chain' and was immediately silenced, with the Dark Light Church trying to shift the blame onto the Blood Clan in order to cause chaos."

Different from ordinary spells, some spells that are too powerful in the Otherworlds are referred to as "taboo."

In reality, only true masters can wield spells at the "taboo" level.

Falsifying evidence was not Merete Chambers' decision, but Bai Yan's.

He wasn't concerned about being exposed as a liar.

Because, as someone who had participated in many Babel Tower activities with the Hand of Dark Light, he knew these things were mostly factual!

In fact, the conspiracy of "the Left Hand of Dark Light" could have caused confusion for both the Blood Clan and Demon Hunt Agency, despite its simplicity.

But that was only if Bai Yan didn't actively intervene.

He used a method of creating false evidence instead of looking for evidence to deduce the results, which "the Left Hand of Dark Light" never thought of.

As a "prophet," Bai Yan already knew who the "wolf" was!

All he had to do was convince everyone.

Mr. Trap fell into contemplation and his expression became serious as he said, "In this way, they will go to war."

Miss Witch smiled but said nothing.

"Convene an emergency meeting immediately!"

At this point, it was no longer just about "Feather".

The case of killing a senior Night Watcher directly involved the ruling class of "the Dark Light Church" in the "Euro League", which was not a decision that the Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency could make!

Therefore, the prominent members of the Air Alliance needed to make a decision!

As Merete Chambers left the director's office, her phone suddenly rang.

She was slightly startled, as the voice of that man came through her phone.

"It's clear that you listen to me well. Hmm, 'This is a reliable account that I reconstructed using my own Relic.' Well said…"

"Don't worry, Miss Witch, I will fulfill your dream sooner or later."

Merete Chambers was stunned for a moment.

"You're telling me that you can monitor the Demon Hunt Agency director's office?"

Merete Chambers squinted her eyes, a smile appearing at the corner of her mouth. Hmm, things were getting more and more interesting.


In the darkness, the lights of the city remained undiminished.

People were not aware that true "darkness" was already stirring.

"Profligate" had appeared.

After parting ways with Captain Adelaide, he naturally didn't go straight home but had something else to do.

Bai Yan stood calmly atop the building, gazing down at the city streets and issuing his commands to Babel Tower's Core Operators via his phone.

In the role of the Savior.

Bai Yan believed that he would trigger the "emergency mission" soon.

Because the Core Operators would act upon orders, the Dark Light Church would also be forcefully searched by the Demon Hunt Agency. With so many people affected by the "Piety Chain", it's absolutely impossible to find nothing.

This city was about to fall into chaos once again.

Then, he leapt down.

Feather died on this street.

Therefore, the spread of the "Piety Chain" definitely started in this area, and what Bai Yan needed to do was naturally to eradicate them.

Bai Yan quickly moved through the streets and soon arrived at an ordinary house.

It was an average family of four: a couple, a little girl, and an old grandfather, all sound asleep during this late hour.

Bai Yan's arrival didn't awaken anyone.

He had already noticed something suspicious about some people on the street from the surveillance footage, and this family was one of them.

"Let's remove them from here…"

Obviously, these people all had been influenced by the "Piety Chain."

Bai Yan squinted his eyes gently, unsure of how many others in this city have already been affected.

If left unchecked until the day of the mass outbreak, Tatsumi City would be "assimilated" by the Dark Light Church in an instant. As for whether the church could keep hold of it later on, that's another story.

He lifted his hands lightly and unleashed a powerful force.

The Sun Anthem!

Intense golden sunlight burst from Bai Yan's body, instantly illuminating the entire room, causing a faint dark light to emanate from everyone, even the pet parrot glowed with black light.

This dreadful "Piety Chain" didn't only affect creatures with higher wisdom!

The golden sunlight was the nemesis of all evil, and under its illumination, the dark light melted away like snow in the scorching summer, disappearing without a trace!

During the entire process, the sleeping people didn't perceive anything unusual.

Standing in the center of the living room, Bai Yan appeared like a shadow in the darkness.

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He flipped open his phone and glanced at it, his brow furrowing slightly.

"The current influence of the Dark Light Church: 27%."

It seemed like there's still a lot of work to be done. But as long as the Demon Hunt Agency started to mobilize their investigation, this influence could easily be contained.

Babel Tower's greatest lack at the moment was manpower…

"What are you doing?"

Bai Yan had already sensed someone's arrival before he heard the voice.

He turned his head and saw the visitor, then revealed a gentle smile.

The person Bai Yan saw had a tall stature, a dark brown fitted suit, a bronze raven mask, and black leather gloves.

The famous Raven Reaper.

He stood beside the dim and lifeless window, gazing at "Profligate", who had just performed "The Sun Anthem" in the center of the living room.

Faint voices roamed in the darkness.

"Are you the member of Babel Tower, Profligate? Why did light just emit from here?"