I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Visiting the Vampire Again

Except for Miss Witch who didn't come, the members of the 12th team were all gathered together. Even Black Vulture was sleeping on a wheelchair pushed by the big guy.

Adelaide shook her head and said, "But we shouldn't easily target the Blood Clan. There's also the possibility of framing. There are spells, rituals, demons, relics, and so on that can extract the body's blood."

The big guy, Rien, also nodded and said seriously, "Well, we can't be so arbitrary. I think the director also knows that we must investigate before… taking revenge."

Yes, if the culprit of Feather's murder was really a member of the Tatsumi City blood clan, then there was no doubt that the Demon Hunt Agency would choose to take revenge.

To be lenient, they could also force the blood clan to hand over the murderer.

If they wanted to escalate the revenge, perhaps the Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency would launch a war against the blood clan in the next few days!

Of course, that depended on whether the murderer was actually a member of the blood clan.

However, there were no witnesses at the scene, nor was there any conclusive evidence to indicate the truth. Feather's blood being drained could be regarded as the only clue.

"You are all correct."

Bai Yan nodded calmly and said, "I just touched Feather's body during the personal mourning session and used the 'connection' briefly."

Adelaide immediately asked, "What did you feel? Did you discover any clues?"

"Indeed, I did," Bai Yan said thoughtfully after recalling for a while and nodding again.

"Feather saw an old man before he died- a man in a black suit holding an umbrella. Perhaps this person is the killer, but I couldn't see his face clearly, although I could sense his immense power."

Incredibly powerful…

Yes, Bai Yan saw an unfamiliar elderly man in the vision.

The old man exuded a chilling aura, which made Bai Yan feel immense pressure when facing him. It was as if he was facing the essence of some kind of disaster!

Who was stronger, the old man or the "Emperor"? Bai Yan fell into deep thought and could not determine.

He and Pastor could fight in a pinch, but if they encountered this old man in battle, he could only think of ways to escape.

There is one more thing…" Bai Yan whispered, "That old man, he has a pair of golden serpent eyes."

Adelaide was taken aback for a moment and said, "Golden snake pupils? Then it seems that the culprit is probably not a member of the blood clan. But then again, it might be a disguise of the same clan… Hard to say."

She sighed, "Anyway, we must go meet the leader of the blood clan. It would be better if we could meet the Queen of the Scarlet Moon herself."

Holly was surprised and asked, "Captain Adelaide, is this matter within our team's responsibility to investigate?"

"No, but I don't want to just stand by and do nothing."

Holly immediately said, "Okay, we'll accompany you."

Adelaide hesitated, but ultimately she raised her tone with a commanding voice, "Holly, big guy, you two should go back with Black Vulture, we'll handle it!"

"Ah, well… okay." Holly had to nod.

Half an hour later, the sky gradually darkened.

The black car was parked in front of the entrance of the "Crimson" club. Bai Yan, who was sitting in the co-pilot's seat, turned and looked at his captain with a complex expression.

He asked curiously, "Why did you choose me instead of Holly and the big guy, whose combat effectiveness is stronger?"

"Because their inner selves cannot endure too much, but you're different."

Adelaide looked into his eyes and said, "You have a sort of mad trait, I can see it."

"Sometimes, strength isn't the most important thing. After all, the few of us together couldn't possibly defeat the Queen of the Scarlet Moon. On the contrary, the character might determine the direction of events."

She finished speaking and got out of the car, Bai Yan got out too.

Four Blood Clan guards dressed in black suits stepped forward and stopped the approaching pair.

"What are you here for?"

Rainwater splashed on Adelaide's outstanding and tall figure as she walked forward, and slowly said, "We want to see… the Queen of the Scarlet Moon."

The Blood Clan guards were all stunned for a moment.

"That's impossible."

Adelaide said coldly, "We are Night Watchers from the Demon Hunt Agency. One of our members died at the hands of the Blood Clan a few days ago. We must know whether or not you did it."

"There's nothing left to say, please leave."

The Blood Clan guards shook their heads, evidently uninterested in entertaining two Night Watchers.

In Tatsumi City, most supernaturals who encounter the Night Watchers would speak in a subservient tone and might even offer some goodies.

Many businesses would seek a powerful Night Watcher within the Demon Hunt Agency to avoid trouble.

But the Blood Clan was an exception as they had a more reliable backup and completely disregard the Night Watcher's so-called authority.

Adelaide's tone also grew cold as her ice gun suddenly appeared in her hand.

"Hmph, I knew you would answer like this."

The freezing cold ice suddenly surged, and all four Blood Clan guards were stunned, realizing that their feet were all frozen in place.

"What do you want?"

"This is Blood Clan territory! You Night Watchers are not following the rules!"

"If you dare touch us, when the Queen comes, your entire family will perish!"

"You are provoking the Blood Clan!"

In the face of the clamor, Adelaide simply said, "If you were ordinary people, your bodies would probably suffer localized necrosis, but seeing as you're vampires, it shouldn't be a problem. Well, I assume."

Bai Yan said, "Also… the so-called peace deal between the Demon Hunt Agency and the Blood Clan never existed in the open."

After speaking, the two of them entered the club together.

The club was brilliantly illuminated with intertwined drinks. There were not many guests tonight, but they were all vampires.

They wore masks and stood under the lights, looking at the two uninvited guests with ill intentions.

"Where is Marquis Scarlet?"

Adelaide asked directly, but the vampires only looked at her coldly, without any intention of answering.

Bai Yan shook his head gently and reached for the nearby wall, using "Connection".

He repeatedly used connections to find useful clues, but to no avail.

The only good news was that Bai Yan learned that the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" had appeared here and knew what she looked like.

Apparently, she looked like this in the real world.

He knew in detail about the past of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon and looked forward to the day when he could meet her officially.

"Then let's wait inside. Come on, we're going to Marquis Scarlet's office," Adelaide said.

"Alright," Bai Yan nodded softly.

The two quickly arrived at Marquis Scarlet's office, where classical music was playing. The architectural structure was noble and elegant, covering an area of at least three hundred square meters.

Marquis Scarlet was indeed not there. The luxurious office was hung with oil paintings and sculptures, but neither of them were knowledgeable about art.

After completing the mission of "Night Visit to the Vampire," Bai Yan was actually very familiar with this room.

He knew that there was something strange about this office, which seemed to have a type of spell to alert intruders, so Marquis Scarlet would soon come and meet them here.

In fact, Bai Yan felt that this was a case of framing.

He even thought that the culprit was likely to be the "Dark Light Church", and the reason for that was the highly fulfilling game activity of "Babel Tower".

The boss of the new activity, "The Hand of Dark Light", was an extremely powerful entity. Even with all the Core Operators of Babel Tower and himself, they were by no means a match.

Bai Yan could probably guess that the third squad leader, Feather, had witnessed the moment when the strong member of the Dark Light Church unleashed their power.

It must have been that one…

"Piety Chain"

However, knowing it oneself is one thing, finding a way to successfully convince the Demon Hunt Agency is another.

They had been waiting there for some time, it was now midnight. Outside the window, everything was black and the rain was getting heavier.

The two of them never saw Marquis Scarlet return.

Adelaide frowned and said, "What's going on? Marquis Scarlet still hasn't returned, I feel like something is off."

"I don't know."

Bai Yan silently activated his powers, controlled the cameras in the club, and checked the current situation outside. Suddenly, he saw that all the Blood Clan members were kneeling down.

It seemed like a big shot had arrived.

Could it be…her?

Bai Yan fell into contemplation. Perhaps they both should retreat directly at this moment.

Just then, Adelaide's phone rang.

Slightly startled, she removed her phone from her waist and answered it, hearing the rather young voice of Raven Reaper on the other end.

"Leave there immediately…"

"Several Blood Clan members have been massacred. Someone at the scene is accusing us, the Night Watchers, for this and you're in great danger now."

Bai Yan's expression froze.

Here it comes!

Suddenly, a wand made of ice appeared in Adelaide's hand, ready to strike!

"Don't move."

A chilly female voice, accompanied by a faint scent, reached Bai Yan's nose.

On this pitch-black night, the fierce wind and rain showed no signs of abating.

INT is an extension of intuition, and both of their INTs are frantically sounding the alarm, sensing the purest form of malice spreading.

Bai Yan realized one thing.

Any movement would mean certain death.

For some unknown reason, both of their subconscious minds accepted this absurd fact, as if gaining the ability to foresee the future in an instant.

Moving meant death.

Just as the sun will shine, the river will flow downstream, and people will need to eat, all of these are the inevitable truths that will come to fruition…

Sweat poured down Adelaide's body like a waterfall, but Bai Yan standing beside her remained unresponsive.

This person who could face Outer Gods in the Self Dimension without going insane, perhaps had a little something special.

Bai Yan understood in just a moment.

The woman standing behind them was the Core Operator that he had been dreaming of but unable to obtain.

Queen of the Scarlet Moon!