I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: "The Left Hand of Dark Light"

Since the target of the operation was "The Dark Light Church".

Then the designated BOSS was very likely to be the famous Pastor in Tatsumi City.


Bai Yan squinted his eyes and murmured to himself.

He had killed Pastor in the game process before, but to be honest, Pastor was just a BOSS of Crown level, and Bai Yan's impression of him wasn't very deep.

It was only after entering the Otherworld of Tatsumi City that he often heard everyone praise Pastor, gradually deepening his impression.

In his impression, Pastor's power came directly from the Savior of Dark Light, and he could use divine decrees, as well as the powerful and far-reaching Dark Light.

In addition, Pastor also possessed a powerful Civilization-level Relic.

"The Eye of Epimetheus"

It might be an entity formed by the power of the ancient god "Epimetheus", also known as the "Backward Thinker", which could rapidly decrease the intelligence of those who gazed upon it.

In the context of the game, this manifested as the temporary loss of control over the game character, resulting in random and chaotic actions.

Although the memory was faint, "Pastor" was ultimately a strong practitioner at the Crown level.

Bai Yan was acutely aware that, even with the extraordinary abilities of several Core Operators at his disposal, he might not be a match for the "Pastor" at the Crown level in a solo match.

After all, the leap from "Origin" to "Awakening" and from "Awakening" to "Crown" represented a massive qualitative improvement.

"Furthermore, it is highly likely that the Dark Light Church's Pastor has external support."

Bai Yan fell into deep contemplation and vaguely recalled that the boss of the "Hand of Dark Light" activities was not always Pastor, but could also be someone else.

It might be some other powerful entity sent secretly by the Dark Light Church, which would be even more troublesome.

After pondering for a moment, he glanced at the Source Energy Points of the Babel Tower and realized that the distance to summon was still far off.

Yes, the decision was made.


Bai Yan invested a considerable amount of Source Energy Points, consecutively launching three new infrastructures, all of which were "research facilities".

They were the "Bloodline Mutation Research Institute", "Reconstruction Technology Research Institute" and "Special Development Research Institute", respectively.

The technologies being researched in these three new infrastructures were not the same as those established in the "Alienation Technology Institute" at the beginning.

"Alienation Technology" referred to the ability to mutate individuals, such as "Blood of Darkness", which caused mutation in the Core Operators' bodies.

In pure blood terms, the Core Operators were already a "non-human species".

However, "Bloodline Mutation Technology" only researched a special bloodline, such as Mu Ling's "Crime Hunting Blood". Special bloodlines were definitely inherited by the next generation, and humans with special bloodlines remained pure humans, while elves remained pure elves.

As for the "Reconstruction Technology", it was different from the previous two, and pure reconstruction would not have any hereditary traits. It was more inclined towards the concept of "cybernetic implantation" and "living organ grafting"… for example, one could replace Mu Ling's dragon heart, give Maryse a pair of succubus wings, or give Alan a piglet tail or something like that.

Oh, as for Amy, she wouldn't need anyone to reconstruct her…

Afterwards, Bai Yan slid his finger on the phone screen, reassigning the accumulated "logistics workers" for over a month, evenly distributing them among four research institutes.

When there were new Source Energy Points available, Bai Yan decided to construct a building called "Operator Center".

At that time, Core Operators would be able to freely enter and communicate within Babel Tower, as well as transfer through the "Operator Center".

The Core Operators of Tatsumi City could come to the Ring City at will, and the Core Operators of the Ring City could also easily come to Tatsumi City.

In fact, there were many more buildings that could be constructed in Babel Tower, but it was quite difficult to balance the pace with the summoning.

As for some impressive looking buildings, they were also extremely expensive, costing in the four digits of Source Energy Points.

For example…

"Absolute Wall: A huge barrier that surrounds a single city, isolating it from the outside world, where no one can enter or leave this city without the permission of the Savior. Each city requires 200 Source Energy Points."

"Radiance: Shaped like a second sun, a 32-kilometer diameter sphere that rotates at a high speed around the planet, transforming the wishes of the people into Source Energy Points. It costs 1500 Source Energy Points."

The current "Babel Tower" was still in its infancy, so Bai Yan could only turn a blind eye to these advanced constructions.

"Moreover, Summoning is truly addictive."

Bai Yan exhaled lightly and calmly left the Babel Tower, returning to Tatsumi City, which had already entered the depths of the night.

The night had fallen deeply, and the autumn wind swept through the deserted and remote streets.

Walking on the road, he didn't feel a hint of chill, after all, this body was no longer ordinary.


Several hours ago.

Inside the barrier where Mu Ling's family resided, a light rain was falling, completely different from the weather in Tatsumi City.

Outside the residence, a meticulously dressed elderly man holding an umbrella stood calmly as the rainwater flowed down the black umbrella.

He stared at the former residence of the crime hunters with his serpent-like golden pupils.

"Crime hunters… I never expected them to be in this city." The old man reminisced about many old stories and shook his head lightly.

"Mr. Theodore, what is it that you wish to do?"

Pastor, wearing glasses, was dressed like a divine envoy in a white suit, standing calmly beside the old man.

He appeared to be very respectful towards the old man, standing slightly behind him.

In fact, Pastor was well aware.

This old man only needed to move a finger to destroy everything within this barrier.

"It's nothing, Adrian. I'm just here to take a look. I'm not here to declare war on the mysterious Babel Tower."

The old man remained silent for a long time, his snake-like golden pupils slightly retracting as he continued to speak, "The divine envoy sent me here for two main purposes - first, to take Mary Scatino away; and second, to make Tatsumi City listen to the glory of the Lord."

"He didn't command me to be enemies with Babel Tower."

Pastor nodded gently and said, "I agree with your decision. We must not make too many enemies."

"Too many enemies, huh…heh heh."

The old man laughed, with a hint of disdain in his tone.

"You have been dispatched for decades, and this time is too long. Such a long time can change everything, and perhaps it has already made you less devout… I can feel your hesitation towards what is to come, Adrian… Or should I say, Mr. Pastor."

Pastor Adrian remained silent for a while.

"I'm just not sure if it's really a good thing for us to break the order voluntarily. For decades, the Air Alliance, the Euro League, or rather the Church, have been living in peace and having good relations with each other."

"If you really make a move here, then… maybe it will lead to war!"

Pastor smiled wryly and said, "My hesitation doesn't mean that I am not devout, but that I have to be cautious. The consequences of our actions could be tremendous!"

The old man's tone was cold and resolute:

"Time's up! Pastor!"

"The appearance of the Babel Tower will accelerate everything, and we don't have any more time… God has informed me, our biggest advantage is that the Air Alliance doesn't understand the importance of this city! Take down this city before they realize it!"

The time had come… Pastor's face froze, becoming complicated.

"I understand."

He immediately said, "Mr. Theodore, in addition to the mysterious Babel Tower, you must also be careful of the 'Emperor' who may come at any time and the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, the leader of the local blood clan."

Hearing the familiar name "Emperor," the old man was not surprised, but simply said, "The leader of the blood clan, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon… is she very powerful?"

Pastor nodded and said seriously, "She has spared my life several times."

"I see."

The old man turned his head and gave a serious order, "Pastor, you must capture Mary Scatino within ten days, otherwise kill her directly. In any case, she must not fall into the hands of outsiders."

Pastor knelt down on one knee and lowered his noble head.

"I understand, respected 'Left Hand of Dark Light,' I will respond with loyalty to any of your commands."

The old man remained silent, turning his head and looking towards the hunter's camp.

Babel Tower…

What exactly are you?

However, no matter who you are, under the power of Savior, you pose no threat.

Shortly after, the two left the Hunter's base and walked out together from the women's restroom of a department store, just happening to bump into a middle-aged woman who had just finished using the toilet.

Both Pastor and the old man had expressionless faces.

"What's the matter with you?"

She was full of astonishment and had not had time to scream when she saw the old man's golden snake pupils.

"Let's begin."

The old man solemnly said, "Let's start with you."

A black light flashed through the golden snake pupils, the middle-aged woman was stunned, her spirit seemed to have been transformed inadvertently, and her gaze gradually became confused as she began to mutter to herself.

""Dark Light,Savior,Dark Light,Savior,Dark Light……""

She muttered as she left the toilet in a daze, seeming to have completely lost herself.

Eventually, she encountered a passing young woman.

The middle-aged woman immediately gazed at her.

After exchanging glances, the young woman's eyes gradually became dazed, and she began to murmur to herself.

""Dark Light,Savior,Dark Light,Savior,Dark Light……""

As the young woman began murmuring to herself for a few seconds, the middle-aged woman gradually regained her clarity of mind.

"What- What happened to me?"

The middle-aged woman stood still, but couldn't recall what she had been doing just now. Feeling only a little tired, she shook her head and went home.

She seemed to have returned to normal.

The young woman returned to her own home, facing her family with lifeless eyes.

"Dark Light,Savior,Dark Light,Savior,Dark Light……"

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