I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: A New Event - The hand of Dark Light!

Bai Yan glanced at the rewards for the event and confirmed that the "Ten Days' Killing" was nothing more than a small-scale activity, completely insignificant compared to the "Black Star Event."

In Bai Yan's memory, the "Ten Days' Killing" didn't exist during his first playthrough of "Babel Tower."

This was normal, as before Bai Yan completed his first playthrough, the majority of his multiple playthroughs didn't repeat activities… the nearly endless amount of game content was one of the important reasons he was fascinated with "Babel Tower."

The new event, "Ten Days' Killing," had three activity objectives, and the entire event would last for ten days.

"First, prevent 'Mary Scatino' from contacting Pastor, and receive a reward of a Sacred Rune ×1!"

"Second, discover the truth of 'Mary Scatino's' arrival in Tatsumi City, and receive a mysterious reward ×1!"

"Third, kill the target 'Mary Scatino' and obtain 500 Source Energy Points!"

Killing this woman called Mary would result in receiving a ten-summon reward, causing Bai Yan's eyelids to twitch.

Ahem, was a mere ten-summon reward really worth caring about him?

He knew he had to accomplish three goals within the next ten days and the key was to find Mary Scatino first.

And it had to be before anyone else did.

How to find her?

She must have gone into hiding, or else Pastor wouldn't be so eager to find her. Well, actually he was more worried about how quickly Demon Hunt Agency would find her.

He originally intended to report Pastor's deal immediately so that he could have the advantage of early warning. Even if Demon Hunt Agency tried to find her, they would be unsuccessful.

But now he thought it might be better to delay.

Not for Mu Ling's sake, but for the sake of finding Mary Scatino first.

"This way, we can find a way to reach an agreement with Miss Witch, delay for ten days, and keep Demon Hunt Agency in the dark about Mary Scatino's whereabouts."

Bai Yan thought for a moment, then dialed Holly's phone number.

"Holly, how are things going over there?"

Soon, Holly's voice came through the mobile phone, sounding weak and feeble.

"Ah, I'm actually fine, thank you for your concern."

Bai Yan remained silent for a while before hinting, "Your mother will definitely live a long life, Holly. Don't worry, I promise."

"Yes, I know…" Holly's voice was not very loud.

She obviously believed that it was just a consolation.

Bai Yan sighed in his heart, wondering what to do, he couldn't directly tell Holly… Babel Tower would come up with a drug to extend life soon.

Hmm, "Babel Tower" was a supreme presence that could resurrect, create gods, and save the world… Who cared about just extending life?

Bai Yan continued, "Holly, I actually wanted Miss Witch's phone number. You must have it, right?"

"Yes, of course, I have it," Holly said. "Write it down, her number is… do you need to speak to her tonight?"

Bai Yan nodded gently and said, "It is work-related and quite urgent, thank you."

"You're welcome, you're welcome."

After hanging up the phone, Bai Yan silently held his cellphone but didn't make a call.

He utilized the powerful ability "Power Possession: Replication" of "Cybertyrant" to begin searching for the mobile terminal of "Moon Witch".

He quickly locked onto it.

Then, Bai Yan silently spoke into her phone.


East Tatsumi City.

On the dark streets, hardly anyone was walking. The moon was obscured by clouds. On the rooftop of a tall building, Miss Witch was reviewing the Book of Concealment.

Suddenly, she realized her phone was ringing.

"Help me with something, don't disclose Pastor's trading plan to the Demon Hunt Agency. I will provide you with corresponding reward afterwards."

Bai Yan's voice.

After listening to Bai Yan, Merete Chambers' beautiful face slowly revealed a smile as she put away the black book floating in front of her.


"Finally, there is a turning point, Bai Yan, are you admitting defeat? Well, you should understand that I have recognized you."

She took out her phone to check and made a strange sound of surprise.

"No communication records? Bai Yan, how did you manage to do this? Is this your ability or are there other Babel Tower members helping you?"

Miss Witch narrowed her eyes.


Next, Bai Yan left his home and went to the secret location to enter Babel Tower.

He found out the situation of several Core Operators from inside Babel Tower.

The live streaming appeared on the mobile phone video.

Mu Ling was at home, sitting on the bed, at that moment.

She was wearing a set of black lace pajamas, calmly stroking her new weapon with her palm. It was a straight knife emitting a breath of death with a black scabbard and a snow-white blade.

Mu Ling gently touched the blade, feeling the unique aura of death.

"The Heart of Death."

According to legend it was a weapon personally crafted by the leader of the Dead Silence and bestowed upon the most faithful warriors.

Although it was not a Civilization-level Relic, it could still be considered a high-level Relic.

"The Heart of Death" possessed a strong breath of mortality and was capable of causing harm to any living creature that approached it, consuming their life force… not even sparing its own master.

For hundreds of years, this weapon had slain countless living beings, absorbing a large number of life forces and transforming them into a dense death aura, causing it to become extremely famous.

This new weapon was sent by Bai Yan.

As the cost of the transaction, he also gave the Relic "Enchanted Pistol" and the Relic "Dirty Hymn" that Alan found from the cultist to Phoenix.

Maryse, who had obtained "Deep Red - Divine Punishment," clearly no longer needed that gun, and the cost of "Dirty Hymn" was that the user would fall into corruption, so it wasn't suitable to keep.

After Maryse and Alan had those two Relics taken away, their loyalty and mood didn't drop… after all, they had been given too many good things during this period of time.

Alan was still skeptical that he may be a descendant of the Savior!

Mu Ling looked solemn.

The black aura of death leaked out from the blade, and the originally snow-white skin of the girl began to wither and lose vitality.

However, there was not a shred of fear in Mu Ling's eyes.

"Submit to me, or perish."

She spoke slowly, the wicked blade in her hand continuously swaying. The life force that had been taken away had miraculously returned!

The withered skin restored to its former state, yet Mu Ling's eyes remained unwavering.

The wicked blade had yielded.

At that moment, she heard the voice of her Savior once again in her mind.

[Search for Mary Scatino.]

Mu Ling nodded gently, genuflecting on the bed with sword in hand, and said, "I will complete the mission, Mr. Savior."


Bai Yan looked at what the others were doing respectively.

Maryse, wearing a pink autumn coat, had gone to the outskirts alone, and was constantly practicing the use of "Deep Red - Divine Punishment".

The power from the Outer God "King of Deep Blue" was very strong. If the proficiency could be improved, it may be possible to do more things.

Soon, she heard it again.

[Search for Mary Scatino.]

Alan was working overtime in an office, silently writing a self-criticism report under the lights, acknowledging his improper, inadequate, and inaccurate understanding of the illegal organization "Babel Tower".

While deeply reflecting on his own mistakes, he also expressed gratitude towards his superiors for their care and guidance.

As he wrote, he suddenly stopped and fell into a silent contemplation.

"Damn it!"

[Search for Mary Scatino.]

As for "Cybertyrant"…

Amy, at this moment, was at home multitasking, her new prosthetic eye shimmering silver. The frail young girl searched for rental opportunities on the Ring City's 115th floor while also reading a novel with dynamic graphics.

Bai Yan was slightly curious and zoomed in on his phone screen with three fingers to see the book title Amy was reading.

Adult 'Super Dream' Checklist, Editing the Ten Best Heavenly Scenes!

Bai Yan, "……"

He silently left a message in the dialogue box of his cellphone.

[Look for Mary Scatino who has arrived at Tatsumi City.]


After finishing everything, Bai Yan once again used the power of "Cybertyrant" to infiltrate Tatsumi City's camera system.

Like playing "Watch Dogs", he entered one surveillance system after another, using the power of "Cybertyrant" to issue commands, searching for video clips that contained "Mary Scatino".

He didn't need to know any hacking skills, he didn't even need to learn a day of C language, Bai Yan could make mature programs work by themselves with "Cybertyrant".

They were alive.

However, strange things happened.

There was no trace of Mary Scatino in the surveillance records of the last three days… but this was also within Bai Yan's expectations.

Anyone who had learned a little bit of "illusion magic" or had an extraordinary Relic of the stealth kind could freely move around Tatsumi City without being detected by the surveillance cameras.

In fact, sometimes cultists would engage in extremely bloody battles.

These people killed each other with even more vigor than attacking the Night Watchers… except for themselves, all other cults were heretics!

However, the intense battle seemed as if nothing had happened under the camera.

This was also the difficulty in capturing cultists and supernaturals by the Demon Hunt Agency, as cameras were too easily blocked.

At this moment, Bai Yan was stunned.

The phone actually vibrated again…

"Game tip, "

"New event has started!"

"New event! The Hand of Dark Light!"

"Please save the world by stopping the 'Dark Light Church' from encroaching on Tatsumi City, if the influence of 'Dark Light Church' exceeds 80%, the event fails, the current influence is 15%!"

Bai Yan realized after a while that a very rare situation had occurred.

Dual activity?

Moreover, this time the target was directly aimed at the Dark Light Church!

Well, it was not surprising to Bai Yan that the boss side was related to the Dark Light Church. It even felt familiar… "the Hand of Dark Light" was an important activity replica from his first playthrough.

The Dark Light Church was already restless towards this city that held a special significance to them.

Prior to completing the first playthrough, in almost every one of his numerous gaming experiences, the Dark Light Church had always sought to gain actual dominion over Tatsumi City!