I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Pastor

"I am the Savior."

"The father of the Babel Tower, creator of all the 'Arbiters.'"

The middle-aged man slowly turned around, revealing a face full of vicissitudes and dignity.

Then, he was stunned upon seeing Merete Chambers.

Bai Yan had already silently activated his psychic powers, starting to extract the other's thoughts.

["How beautiful!"]

["How can there be such a beautiful woman… she's similar to the white-haired woman in the video, but with a different temperament."]

["I really want to… and then… she's really too tempting, I really want to be with her…"]

["If I could gather this pair of white-haired girls, then I could…"]

His face had a moment of trance and then he continued to say authoritatively, "Through recent observation, I can fully see that all of you are people with great potential."

Merete Chambers was stunned, and her excitement grew even more apparent.

"Can I really do it?"

Bai Yan furrowed his brow slightly, feeling bored - this guy was just an ordinary pretender after all.

He had thought that the "false Savior" would have greater power, with some kind of sinister conspiracy behind him.

But as it turned out, that was not the case?

Merete Chambers knelt on the ground, with a smiling face, asking, "Lord Savior! Can we really become 'Arbiters' and gain extraordinary powers?"

"Of course, you can."

"But the premise is that you need to have enough piety."

The middle-aged man's face was serious, but in fact, his mind was filled with unsightly thoughts.

"Xiao Qiu was plain-looking, luckily I held back. Now I must be with the best woman… so let this guy become my 'saint.'"

"Although it may not be apparent, the figure beneath this clothing must be quite good."

The middle-aged man's eyes flashed with excitement and pride, quite clearly.

"I am truly so lucky! I have gained such power! I have changed my life! It is as if God is watching over me!"

Bai Yan was slightly surprised.

Did he just say he gained such power?

So, this guy didn't have extraordinary abilities before, perhaps he was just an ordinary person.

Then, who gave him extraordinary powers?

Bai Yan suddenly felt that behind this false "Savior," there was a shadow of another person lurking.

Merete Chambers's eyes shone with excitement as she asked, "Great Savior, what must I do to be devout enough to gain extraordinary powers?"

"Devotion," Xiao Qiu smiled and said, "It means dedicating oneself."


The middle-aged man nodded solemnly and said, "Everyone must have a heart of dedication and enough devotion, only then can you become a true Arbiter and perfectly protect this city."

"So, what does it mean to dedicate oneself?"

Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes, suddenly stood up and extended her fair hand.

The fragrance of gardenias grew stronger and stronger.

"If I am willing to devote everything… to you, would that be considered devotion?"

The middle-aged man's pupils slightly dilated, evidently having a hard time keeping up the act.

[Ah, this guy… she wants to devote everything to me! I am going to… hahaha!]

At this moment, Merete Chambers' expression calmed down.

She dropped her hands and spoke coldly.

"Sorry, I have played the game enough already."

The three people present were slightly stunned. At this moment, Xiao Qiu suddenly realized something and exclaimed.

"You, you, you are not Miss Millie! Who are you?"

The silent Bai Yan had actually discovered it long ago.

Merete Chambers had used her true identity since arriving here, but Xiao Qiu seemed to have just realized it.

"Moon Witch."

Merete Chambers smiled, and a pale white page floated out beside her.

Bai Yan said on the side, "Are you planning to expose everything here and now?"

Ah, she must have realized that this shallow middle-aged man was nothing but a puppet, and that the true mastermind was the one manipulating him from behind the scenes.


Merete Chambers nodded and smiled slightly.

The pages of the book transformed into a small giant standing over two meters tall, covered in black metal armor and wielding a large black iron axe. It had no exposed face and silently charged towards the middle-aged man!


Upon seeing this sudden change, the middle-aged man's mind went blank and he seemed to have no intention of fighting.

This guy seems to have never experienced a battle…Bai Yan could tell at a glance.

The next moment.


The middle-aged man screamed, holding his head and crouching on the ground, too scared to move, shivering.

Bai Yan was slightly stunned.

Suddenly, a young man appeared in front of the middle-aged man!

An immensely powerful aura, almost like a cutting blade, with no trace of humility…

The young man who appeared suddenly had a scholarly face, was handsome, had black hair, wore glasses, was slender and tall, and had a gold pocket watch on his chest.

He smiled gently, and steadily held something in his hand to block the black ax!

The hidden hand behind the scenes?

Bai Yan felt a bit familiar with this person and suddenly remembered… Wasn't he the owner of the cafe Mu Ling often went to?

He quickly realized what had blocked the ax.

A business card.

A black business card… On the fair hand of the cafe owner, it firmly blocked the power of the black ax that could "move mountains and split rocks".

The young man explained with slight remorse:

"I apologize to both of you, this is a misunderstanding. It was my bait that didn't catch the expected fish, but instead caught the Night Watcher."

"Bait for the fish?"

Bai Yan slightly stunned, asked, "Who are you?"


Merete Chambers remained calm, squinted her eyes, and made the reply in place of the young man.

"Pastor","Queen of the Scarlet Moon".

The two powerhouses of the Otherworlds in Tatsumi City have always been the two mountains that press on the heads of many transcenders. Bai Yan didn't expect one of them to appear in front of him like this.

However, Bai Yan didn't have much of an impression of him, only knowing two things.

Firstly, this fellow is not the Core Operator of the Babel Tower, and secondly…he is the representative of the Dark Light Church in Tatsumi City.

The Dark Light Church is a very peculiar existence, at least in the Air Alliance it is so.

They are the actual ruling powers of "the Eruo League", led by the highest spiritual leader Incarnation of Dark Light, worshipping Savior of Dark Light, one of the "Rainbows" and regarding him as the supreme Sacred King, believing that the other five "Rainbows" are all followers of Savior of Dark Light.

Then, the Air Alliance currently has a good relationship with the Eruo League, so a small group of the Dark Light Church came to the Air Alliance… but at the same time, they were openly prohibited from preaching and revealing the existence of extraordinary powers.

Pastor gazed calmly at the two people, revealing a slight smile as his sharp aura suddenly subsided.

He humbly said, "The Lord summoned me to wait here for the members of the Babel Tower, but now it seems that there have been some errors in my plan, and instead of the members of Babel Tower showing up because of this fake Savior, it was actually the Night Watcher who came forward first."

It turned out that this fake Savior was set up as bait. Bai Yan finally understood why this grassroots aid organization seemed so irregular, and why this fake "Savior" was plundering ordinary people's possessions, greedy for beauty, and seemed so… vulgar.

Yes, vulgar. The former antagonist wanted to bring down the Outer God, and the latter may have wanted to rule the world, while you were stuck in the middle dreaming of swindling, deceiving, and cheating…


So that's it, Pastor just wanted the members of Babel Tower to come knocking on the door.

At this moment, Bai Yan really wanted to say, you have indeed succeeded in "fishing"!

"I am the king of fish!"

Bai Yan nodded and calmly said, "Hmm, your fishing plan is full of loopholes. It is evident that the people from Babel Tower are too lazy to bother with you."

"As a Night Watcher of the Demon Hunt Agency, we must intervene in the investigation. I think the Dark Light Church is also violating the regulations, right?"

Pastor also shook his head lightly and said, "I was too naive, thinking that the people from Babel Tower would come to maintain the reputation of the so-called 'Savior'."

"Oh, how naive."

Merete Chambers smiled.

Perhaps she felt that Pastor might not have caught the wrong fish, but that the "fish" was just wearing clothes.

"What is going on? Who are you all?"

The middle-aged man who was trembling on the ground stood up slowly, and everyone looked at him.

All three of them had an expression that looked at "unimportant things".

It seemed that his dignity had been hurt, and this "fake Savior" suddenly became angry!

"How dare you lay hands on me? You are now an enemy of Babel Tower, and I demand that all of you pay the price!"

He roared with anger as a violent black light burst out from his body, seeping through the ceiling into the clouds above.

The entire building shook violently, while screams echoed from the floor below.

Bai Yan steadied himself, his brow furrowing slightly.

He had not expected the "false Savior" to possess such immense power. If he were to unleash it indiscriminately, the entire building would surely crumble!

He could of course flee unscathed, but doing so would expose his own strength. Moreover, what about the more than one hundred Babel Tower supporters still in the abandoned building?

"It was me who shared a small portion of Savior's power with you."

Pastor suddenly waved his hand lightly.

His voice turned suddenly divine, as if it was etched into everyone's hearts.

"Return it."

The black light rising into the sky disappeared in an instant, and the swaying building resumed its calm.

The middle-aged man in the black robe instantly became desolate, his hair disheveled, and his once-black cloak transformed into a vagrant's coat. He sat dumbfounded on the ground with a bewildered look on his face.

"How, how did I end up here?"

After easily quelling the disturbance, Pastor calmly turned around and said to the two of them, "Let's end this matter here. I want to make a deal with you."

"I have news about Mu Ling, a member of the Babel Tower."