I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: It Was Her!

As usual, this class was “kind of fun”. But beyond that little fun, it could only be described as “super boring”.

Bai Yan found his phone more interesting, or rather, Babel Tower.

Sitting quietly in the back row, he took out the phone, looked at Nightsaber in the auto play mode, and checked her daily record.

“Daily record for Nightsaber.”

“Relax in Recovery Spring. Mood returns to 8. Full of energy!”

“Arrive at the school. Think about swordsmanship in the classroom. DEX +1.”

Nightsaber finished today’s training and had battled in the weekly mission three times. There were no random missions, so now she was in the auto play mode.

Her pixel figure was walking around on the screen. Even Bai Yan was simply staring at the phone stunned, he found it more interesting than listening to the class.

After all, she was his avatar, such a marvelous character.

Then, Bai Yan had an epiphany.

In Babel Tower, the Savior wouldn’t always be an outsider. He also had mighty superpowers.

After recruiting two Core Operators, the Savior could unlock his initial ability -- Power Possession.

In the background description, it was a powerful ability of ruling and seizure. The Savior could take his Operators’ power at will and apply it to himself. But actually, there was no sign showing in the game...because the Savior himself would never fight in any mission at all.

“But under the current situation, will I see the effect of Power Possession in reality?” At that moment, a new thought run through his mind.

Since the game became a reality, would it be able to share the abilities with the Savior? ‘I will be a guy with superpowers? ' Thinking of this, Bai Yan took a deep breath.

Although he was sort of excited, it was only his imagination for the time being. There was still a long way to go before collecting enough points for a 10 summons. But imagination was enough for him. The possibility of having superpowers gave Bai Yan plenty of motivation at least!

‘It's not much fun always looking at the pixel figure. Let me watch the video.’

Bai Yan checked Babel Tower’s account and started reviewing its first video. Except for the monster, there was only Nightsaber in the image. He could have a better observation of her without messy passers-by.

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‘She is more beautiful every time I look. She doesn’t look like someone from reality at all.’

‘Wow, nice close-up! I can see her clearly!’

Bai Yan paused the video and zoomed in with three fingers. Watching the magnified image, he frowned slightly. He had a strong sense of deja vu for no reason.

That white hair and amazing figure looks vaguely familiar to him. Gradually, the character in Bai Yan’s mind overlapped with Mu Ling.

He was stunned. ‘No way!’

It was hard to stop as the thought came out. Bai Yan started to recall Mu Ling’s appearance and compared it to the video. ‘The color and length of her hair, the perfect shape of her body...are all the same.’

Bai Yan also remembered something crucial. The other day, she came over to talk with him, even though he knew nothing about her at all.

“Master, why did you come here?”

“Master, I know I’m not powerful.”

“I was just like an insect at the bottom of your shoes.”

“But...thanks for giving me the chance to become stronger.”

That was what she had said. Bai Yan was a smart guy who had an incredible memory. He fully recalled their conversation. Oh, she also said, “I see.”

‘So, it is true?’

Bai Yan clicked open Core Operator’s information. A subtle smile formed on his lips. ‘I can’t believe it...’

Not everything could be explained as coincidence, so he was almost sure.

Bai Yan never expected that Nightsaber was not his avatar but a real living person. She was even his schoolmate, that ice queen in school. Such crazy coincidences made people feel scared.

Yes, Bai Yan was already a bit scared.

‘What if Nightsaber finds out I’m only an ordinary person and kills me?’

‘Let’s take a step back'. Nightsaber is a decent person who refuses to kill innocents.

‘But she will not like being dominated by a stranger.’

‘No one will.’

Bai Yan needed to figure out a way to prevent Nightsaber from posing a threat to him in reality.

‘That’s it, Power Possession!’

As long as Bai Yan summoned the second Operator, he could gain the initial ability of the Savior -- Power Possession, then he might obtain the superpower he dreamed of. And once he could rule and seize Core Operators’ power, he would never fear their betrayal anymore. Constantly thinking about these situations, Bai Yan was absent-minded throughout the class.

The professor noticed that Bai Yan kept staring at the phone during the first half of the class. Only during the second half did he finally put down the phone, but his mind still wandered. He was not listening at all. ‘This boy is incorrigible!’

‘He was a poor student who studied so hard to qualify for Herendor in the past. I didn’t expect him to abandon himself like this in just two years!’

‘Be ashamed of yourself, Bai Yan! Is there anything more important than the class?’

‘What else do you want to do other than study? Save the world?’

Bai Yan had no idea of the professor’s inner thoughts. He suddenly felt his phone vibrate. He took it out immediately and found there was a new random mission. The location of the mission was a university.

‘Could it be in Herendor University?’

Bai Yan gave a little start. Then he chose Nightsaber, whose Mood had recovered, to enter the battlefield of the random mission. The enemy of the mission was a strong cultist. It could shapeshift into a terrifying monster. As a Spawn named “Child of the Star”, it bowed to the Chaos Star. Its form was a giant octopus with ugly black wings, and its body could be transformed and reformed to an extreme extent.

Bai Yan controlled Nightsaber to attack it repeatedly, but there was only a weak effect. The monster could transform its body at will, so it was immune to physical attacks. Only the mysterious power of Hunters could cause weak damage to it.

‘I can handle this.’

If it was in the first playthrough, Bai Yan might be helpless. But since he had encountered monsters like this before, he already knew how to deal with this one.

Nightsaber no longer launched attacks actively. She began to tap the screen edge with her weapon. After a while, several torches fell. Bai Yan controlled Nightsaber to pick up the torch, rushed to the monster, and threw the torch to it.

“Ow!” After hitting by the torches again and again, the horrific octopus cried out in pain, twisting. The raging pixel flame had fatal restraint on it!

Bai Yan’s fingers moved across the screen. This time, he easily got rid of the enemy in one-shot.

“Mission accomplished.”

The beautiful white-haired girl in black gently sheathed her broadsword. Her purple-red eyes were filled with coldness.

The monster fell down and soon disappeared, but it wasn’t captured by black fog this time. Bai Yan frowned. Such a thing was unusual but it was still possible. There might be someone who rescued the monster.

“Victory, Babel Tower Legendary Point +50.”

“Failed to capture new monster.”

“New reward: Blood Evolution Injection K355 (R).”

The earnings were not bad, mainly because of the precious Blood Evolution Injection, which was similar to medicine on the attribute. Without hesitation, Bai Yan used it on Nightsaber.

In no time, Nightsaber’s attribute changed. Her STR instantly increased by 15 from 42 to 57. The effect was significant!

Bai Yan clearly remembered that Babel Tower could even mass produce this powerful injection after the relevant infrastructure was built. Unfortunately, each Core Operator could only be given a maximum of three injections, then it would be ineffective. The most important effect of the injection was to make up for the shortcoming of Core Operators, whose bodies were no different from ordinary people.

“It’s so easy.” Bai Yan let out a sigh and smiled.

He put down the phone and found no one else was in the classroom. It was getting late, and other students had left the classroom and rushed to the cafeteria, restaurant or food stands outside the university.

Bai Yan was sort of shocked.

Mu Ling, no, perhaps he should call her Nightsaber. She was wearing a black V-neck tight dress. A black cross necklace was around her fair neck. Her stunning face was like an angel, and her purple-red eyes looked like delicate gems.

Nightsaber stood at the door, poker-faced. She was gazing silently at Bai Yan. Bai Yan was a bit nervous. His dream girl came to his side just like this.

What did she want to do?