I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: The Savior Receives Bai Yan


The deserted hospital should have been uninhabited.

A gloomy aura filled the freezing morgue, as though it still contained corpses.

Standing by the window, was a man dressed in a classic black robe, with slightly curled hair, and a noble scholar's demeanour.

He smiled calmly.

"This is the Relic we are here to trade, and you are punctual."

He was holding a white box in his hand.

The man was none other than the recently renowned "Profligate."

In Tatsumi City's Otherworld, no one knew who he really was or where he came from, though many people had heard of him…

He has killed a number of extremely powerful villains.

Furthermore, almost all of them were brutally murdered.

Standing opposite "Profligate" were a man and a woman.

The man was tall, dressed in a white suit, had a gentle smile, and a trustworthy appearance.

The girl was probably thirteen or fourteen years old, with a pure and innocent appearance, also in a white suit, standing calmly behind the man.

"All right."

The man with the friendly smile nodded gently. He was the chief representative of "Shadow Association" in Tatsumi City, and the people of the Otherworlds called him the "Phoenix," responsible for purchasing and trading all kinds of relics and intelligence.

"This is the weapon you need."

Phoenix also held a black, rectangular-shaped suitcase in his hand, resembling a music case.

Profligate nodded gently and said with a smile, "Indeed, it's much easier to deal with a professional in such matters. If I were to look for a weapon myself, I wouldn't know when I would find it."

In the next moment, the two boxes in their hands suddenly exchanged, while "Profligate" remained standing in the same spot.

Surprise flashed in the phoenix's eyes, but he continued to smile.

"It was a pleasure working with you. If you need anything in the future, feel free to come find me."

He said calmly:

"In the Otherworld, both the Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt Agency and the cultists of the organization, as well as the members of various evil criminal groups, make up less than twenty percent of the population… The true building blocks of the Otherworld are individuals like us, who abide by the rules and belong to neutral shadow associations that trade goods and information, various task offices that carry out missions, as well as the "workers" in the sewers, and so on."

"Of course, I am aware of this."

"Profligate" nodded gently, then smiled and said, "Goodbye, and have a wonderful day."

In the next moment, he had vanished without a trace.

Phoenix fell into deep thought and said, "Griffin, what do you think? This guy is a strange supernormal being."

The innocent girl standing behind him nodded with a expression that didn't seem like that of a servant.

Instead, it seemed more like the true mastermind.

Griffon said calmly, "He is undoubtedly strong, very powerful… possibly even on par with them… Tatsumi City has changed since the appearance of the Babel Tower."


At that moment, Bai Yan sat calmly in his office reading a book.

"Well done, the transaction was successful, otherwise it would not have been good to attract the attention of the Shadow Association."

The reckless "Profligate" outside was his parasitic incarnation, while the true body of Bai Yan remained inside the safest part of the Demon Hunt Agency.

The item he traded was a recently confiscated, high-level Relic that he didn't need, which he exchanged for a durable weapon for Mu Ling.

Bai Yan put down the book he was reading, its title was "Destruction and Rebirth! Chronicles of the Incarnation of Dark Light's Descent!"

The book's contents included a brief biography of the Dark Light Church's spiritual leader, the actual ruler of "the Eruo League," and the only Sequence 0, "Divine Executor."

However, Bai Yan didn't learn any useful information from it.

Inside, there were scenes of divine beings coming to earth, saving all things, establishing rules, and promoting righteousness and beauty, as well as legendary stories of the "Incarnation of Dark Light" defeating powerful Spawns and expelling terrifying evil gods.

The fragrance of gardenias wafted over.

Just then, Bai Yan heard a familiar voice.

"Let's go, Bai Yan, we have a mission to execute together today."

He looked up to see Miss Witch, her face beaming with a smile.

"Me and you?"

Merete Chambers nodded and smiled. "Yes, our captain Adelaide has other important matters to attend to today and will be in action with Leader Feather. So, it's you and me together this time."

Bai Yan remembered. It was time to assist the "Babel Tower Support Group" again. He hadn't noticed anything in the past few times, but maybe they needed more drastic measures this time.

However, well…

He didn't really want to team up with Miss Witch.

However, after scanning the surroundings of the office, Bai Yan discovered that the big man was missing, Holly was still in the hospital, and Black Vulture was sleeping soundly as usual…

"Very well." He nodded lightly.

After leaving the Demon Hunt Agency, the two of them looked into each other's eyes.

"How do we get there?" Bai Yan asked calmly.

Merete Chambers slightly startled and said, "Don't you have a car?"

"I haven't passed my driving test."

Bai Yan shook his head, confessing that he could actually drive but he was too poor to afford a car in his lifetime and had never thought of taking a driving test.

Merete Chambers tilted her head and smiled, saying,

"Alright, let's take a taxi. I'll pay for the trip there, and you'll pay for the trip back."


After a short period, the two of them arrived at the location where the "Babel Tower Aid Group" had gathered initially.

The abandoned building.

Merete Chambers had disguised herself using an illusion, making everyone around her see her as Adelaide.

"Hey, Little Xia is here again!"

"I truly wish to become a member of the Arbiter."

"Next time, I'll have the opportunity to obtain extraordinary power!"

There were obviously many more people at this gathering, causing Bai Yan to slightly furrow his brow.

It seemed like there were over a hundred people there, and with so many people, it would be a serious problem if something went wrong… They should inform the Demon Hunt Agency to increase their intervention efforts.

"Hehe, after the recent Black Star incident, Babel Tower's popularity in Tatsumi City has skyrocketed like never before."

Merete Chambers took out a pure white mobile phone and handed it to Bai Yan beside her. There was a news that had just been reported on it.

Bai Yan glanced over.

Yesterday, some netizens blackened Babel Tower online, saying they were just some showy rubbish. As a result, they were found and had their hands broken by someone following the internet connection that night!

Oh, I also have a fandom now? Bai Yan was completely stunned.

"What do you think of Babel Tower?" Merete Chambers suddenly asked.


Bai Yan shook his head lightly and said, "Recently, there are also many Night Watchers in the Demon Hunt Agency who have a good impression of them. Is Miss Merete also a sympathizer?"

"Yes, yes, I think Babel Tower is very powerful."

Merete Chambers nodded repeatedly, with a sincere face, looking very obedient.


Just then, the username "Autumncamesoon", who called herself Xiao Qiu, also walked over.

Short in stature with dark, flowing hair, and glasses perched on her nose.

Despite her lack of confidence, people around her immediately felt grateful upon seeing Xiao Qiu, and she would distribute food that had been blessed to them.

It is said that eating this food can make one's body healthier and prolong their life.

Adelaide took a piece of the food for analysis and found that it was just an ordinary health supplement.

"Xiao Xia, you're here again."

Xiao Qiu walked up to the two of them with a smile.

"Yes, Lord Qiu."

Bai Yan silently activated his "Power Possession" to replicate the power of the "Psychic Dancer" and listen to Xiao Qiu's thoughts.

"More and more people are coming lately, and we can offer more assistance to Babel Tower, securing the safety of this city."

"The Savior must be very happy too, right?"

"I truly wish that one day I could fight alongside the warriors in the video."

Unable to detect any anomalies, Bai Yan fell into silent contemplation.

Merete Chambers suddenly burst into laughter.

"Oh Xia (meaning summer), Xia, haha, you're summer and she's autumn. I think you two are quite compatible."

She was clearly mocking Bai Yan's impromptu fake name.

Xiao Qiu's face flushed and she lowered her head to say, "Don't say such things. Um, Mr. Xiao Xia, there's actually something important I want to tell you."

"What?" Bai Yan pretended to be unaware.

"You're so clueless. She's about to confess her feelings!"

Miss Witch pinched her chin and analyzed seriously.

Excitingly, Xiao Qiu said, "Mr. Xiao Xia, your dream has come true! Although your contributions may not be much, the Savior has taken notice of your sincerity and intends to make an exception and summon the two of you!"

"Even me?"

Miss Merete Chambers, pretending to be "Millie" as Adelaide, was slightly stunned.

"Yes, Miss Millie," Xiao Qiu nodded gently, with a smile all over her face.


[I envy you so much, being praised by the Savior as a person with potential.]

[Maybe they can also get extraordinary powers like me…]

Bai Yan thought, it seemed that Xiao Qiu was really an ignorant child, although she also had extraordinary powers, but at most she was only being used by people behind her.

"Follow me."

Xiao Qiu turned around and led the two away from the crowd. In no time, she actually brought them to the top floor.

A middle-aged man, wearing a black robe that exuded a sense of vicissitude, stood in front of the group with his hands behind his back.

"Lord Savior, I have brought them here."

Xiao Qiu approached, kneeling down in awe with devout head bowed.


The middle-aged man didn't turn around, but simply nodded, his voice full of worldly experience.

"You have done a great job, Xiao Qiu."

"Lord Savior, Oh Lord Savior! I finally meet you!"

Miss Merete Chambers' face was full of shock, excitement, and adoration, tears rolling in her eyes.

She also knelt down, devoutly gazing at the "Savior."

"I, I want to become an 'Arbiter'! Really! I want to protect this city! I want to join the Babel Tower!"

Quite the performer.

Bai Yan silently scoffed in his heart, but couldn't help but smile.

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"Oh, so you're the 'Savior'."