I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: The Conflagration That Incinerates All

Bai Yan's finger tapped lightly.

Soon, the black mist in the "Destiny" pool began to swirl.

Ten glittering cards gradually emerged from the black mist.

The first one!

"Operator Fragment · Moon Witch!"

The second one!

"Operator Fragment · Moon Witch!"

Two Moon Witch shards popped out in a row, causing Bai Yan to blink slightly. If only he could summon them directly, it would be greater.

But it seemed like that wasn't possible yet. His luck wasn't good enough.

"Let her wander around a little more."

Third summon!

"Operator Fragment · Fusion Slime"

Fourth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Fist of Duel"

Fifth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Wishing Lamp"

Sixth summon!

"Mystical Power·the Fire that Burns Everything!"

The Fire that Burns Everything?

Bai Yan hesitated for a moment, then remembered what this thing was.

It, along with "Deep Blue World" and "Deep Red - Divine Punishment," were powers of the Outer Gods.

However, this was not the power of "King of Deep Blue."

Instead, it came from another great Outer God, the Lord of Ashes.

Infinite catastrophes, the source of calamity.

The world where the Lord of Ashes resided was filled with black flames that burn everything. They ignited at the end of everything and had already burnt out twenty huge worlds, and they would continue to burn until the very end of everything.

The seventh summon!

"Operator Fragment · Ninetales Aision"

This fox was in Heart City, and at this time, she should have just met the sinner "Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon," who snuck in from outside.

"She should be shocked by that guy's ugliness, and then despise him like crazy."

"To be honest, his impression of Red Moon is deeper, not just because of her sharp personality charm… she never compromises, never flees."

"More so because she is the only core gameplay character with the pure 'back against the wall' strategy."

Bai Yan thought for a moment, this should be the second piece he drew from her.

"Eighth summon!"

"Sacred Rune · Saul!"

Thor's Sacred Rune actually came out?

Bai Yan was slightly stunned, "Thor" was undoubtedly a very powerful Sacred Rune that could give the user the power to control lightning, this terrible power should not be underestimated at any time.

Although the initial power of Sacred Runes, as part of the power of the ancient gods, were obviously not as strong as the authority of the Outer Gods, they had high growth potential, and could be replaced and equipped by different core operators.

"Ninth summon!"

"Fragment of the Sacred Rune: Yggdrasil"

Tenth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Queen of the Scarlet Moon"

Another one! Bai Yan squinted his eyes.

The seventh Queen of the Scarlet Moon fragment was already obtained, rounding up, most of the person was pulled out, probably up to the extent of missing only four limbs.

He clicked on the newly drawn Sacred Rune and the relevant introduction appeared.

"Sacred Rune · Thor: the powerful force of the legendary ancient god Thor, which had the terrifying power to control divine thunder, destroy gods, demons and kingdoms."

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and assigned it to "Cybertyrant". The reason was very simple: manipulating electricity in the cyber nation had a wide range of applications.

As for the "Sacred Rune · Frigga" originally given to her, it could be replaced and kept for later use when a Core Operator needed it.

Then there was "The Fire that Burns Everything."

Bai Yan assigned it to the guy who lacked nothing except output all this time.


The reason was that he lacked output, but with the only shortcoming being made up, it was obvious that Alan could also exert tremendous power.

"Congratulations, with this, Queen of the Scarlet Moon will soon be within reach. It's a pity, though, Miss Witch is still a bit behind."

Just a little bit.

Hopefully one day it would come to his hand at once with just a soul-bound, and she could just be drawn out directly.

However, it was necessary to start some infrastructure first. It was somewhat backwards to keep summoning without opening some important things quickly.


In the alleyway.

Alan paused and stroked the blood stains left on the ground.

"It seems like it's here. Hmm, I should call Bai Yan to come along."

He was investigating traces related to the "Church of Balance", namely, the relevant clues of the so-called "Church of Ruins".

The Church of Ruins worshipped The Lord of Balance.

The Lord of Balance, the Ruins, the Stone of Balance, and the Unwavering.

Another great Outer God, the latent existence within every entity, and when its entity descended, the whole world would be balanced between two extremes.

No mortal knew what exactly that state was, but a sane person would not want to try.

The slogan and doctrine of the Church of Ruins was "all things return to balance". Apart from the Black Star Faction, the most active sect in Tatsumi City was them and the Dark Light Church of Pastor.

But the Dark Light Church was essentially a temporary legal foreign force, so the Night Watchers' main pursuit targets were the Church of Ruins and the Black Star Faction.

Alan learned that the Church of Ruins had still been operating in secret recently, but their traces were hidden due to the too-noisy situation of the Black Star Faction.

Only yesterday did someone finally reveal their true colors.

"Passers-by witnessed them trading with the foreign sinner in the alleyway, a violent conflict ensued."

"There are indeed bloodstains, why did they fight during the transaction? Is it an issue of insufficient funds…?"

Alan fell into contemplation.

Suddenly, he felt a chilling sensation, penetrating his bones.

On the ground not far away, for some unknown reason, began to crawl black humanoid figures. They looked like snakes, swaying and gradually moving towards him.

"There are actually Shadow Fiends here?"

There was a triggering magical trap on this pool of blood!

Alan steadied himself, realizing that he didn't have a precise attack method to deal with the Shadow Fiends. He decided to move out of the alley to plan his next move.

Suddenly, he discovered black mist enveloping around him.

"Why now?"

This extremely dense black mist surrounded Alan. Shadow Fiends howled as they rushed forward, clearly intending to tear him apart during this opportunity!

Alan felt an excruciating pain, unable to control his body.

He gazed helplessly at the encroaching Shadow Fiends, every cell in his body racked with intense pain, leaving only despair as his emotion.

Was he going to die?

At that moment, a surge of black flames erupted from his hand.

The flames are even darker than the darkness itself.

Those monsters who ignore physical attacks and exist in the crevices of shadows were instantly ignited by black flames that don't exist in reality.

Their wails of agony were futile.

This is a flame that will never be extinguished!

Alan's copious amounts of sweat were evaporated instantly, and in no time, the Shadow Fiends were completely incinerated with no traces left behind.

The black flames still burned on the ground. If left unchecked, one day, after countless years, they would burn down everything in the world!

Alan stared blankly at those terrifying black flames, his thoughts stirred and they immediately disappeared without a trace.

Of course, they didn't extinguish, they just went back.

"This is the power of the Outer God, the power of the Lord of Ashes, there's no mistaking it. I've read about it in a book before…"

He swallowed his saliva, recalling the ancient godly power contained in "The Sun Anthem."

Babel Tower, the Savior… Ancient Gods, Outer Gods…

These dreadful words always shocked him repeatedly, even when he thought he couldn't be shocked anymore!

Alan took a deep breath.


Night Union.

The Ring City.

Seventy-ninth floor.

Alone in her small apartment on New Street, Amy sat silently in her chair, surfing the internet.

"The orcs' art style is so crude…"

During this time, she had done a lot of things, no longer limiting the use of her abilities, she had established a top hacker group "Paradox" on the internet under the name Mr. X.

Moreover, she had switched to a brand new high-end simulated body with enchantments of sorcery.

Although she still lived a limbless life normally, she could instantly have a certain combat power as long as she wanted.

The new body was neatly placed on the sofa, and from its appearance, it was almost indistinguishable from a normal person's body.

With her new body equipped, on the outside, she looked no different from an ordinary cute girl.

The only difference is probably the silver halo at the joint… Amy personally thought that it was actually a pretty nice appearance.

Amy had made a decision, and would soon move away from here with her brother. It was always dangerous staying on New Street.

The company's hunting dogs could come knocking at any moment.

Suddenly, she sensed that something was not right.

The black mist she had seen before swiftly surged up again and quickly enveloped her frail body.


Amy took a deep breath and, without too much surprise, gritted her teeth and began to endure.

The acute pain that erupted from the depths of her soul indeed came as expected, with no possibility of resistance. The girl bit her teeth, forcibly enduring as a large amount of sweat poured out.

A dehydration alarm sounded in Amy's mind, prompting the prosthetic limbs that were lying on the sofa like a physical body to automatically fly up and assemble on her. They rattled as they moved, activating the alert mode.

At this moment, anyone with hostile intentions who dared to approach would be immediately shot by the safety device inside the prosthetic limbs. Moreover, as she had activated the VIP privilege, the right to fight back was completely legal.

Small suction pipes extended from the prosthetic limbs, automatically replenishing water for her body without any need for her to do anything extra.

Although the cost of this set of meaning fonts is very high, it was clearly not its downfall as it carried its own significance.

After a long while, Amy was finally able to completely recover.

She soon discovered that the patterns on her abdomen had completely changed.

They were still beautifully patterned and reminiscent of artwork, set against her fair skin. However, this time, they were not white, but rather purplish-blue, appearing to symbolize a sort of ferocity.


Amy hesitated slightly, not expecting that this thing could still be changed. Did the Savior think that she didn't like the previous Sacred Rune?

Well, she didn't really like it.

The new power seemed to be more suited…

She slowly extended her palm, and the purplish-blue patterns began to glow, with arcs of electricity dancing in her hand.

It existed completely outside of the laws of physics, like a docile sheep obeying its master's commands.

"It's truly amazing!"

Amy excitedly played as the current kept moving around the room, but didn't harm any electronic devices.

Extremely precise control.

After a long time, she stopped with a smile.

Babel Tower and the Savior were too shocking, the girl took a deep breath.

Amy lowered her head in thought.

"In this way, the first target of the 'Paradox' needs to be changed."

An introduction to a museum exhibit immediately appeared on the screen in front of her.

It was the prototype of the "Liquidator," a retired military mecha with a double energy system, reaching fifteen meters in height and weighing forty tons, that was going to be displayed in the Ring City's electronic museum on the 115th floor.

Normal mechas in Night Union didn't use electric energy, but the old-fashioned "Liquidator" had a rare double energy system, with electric energy as an emergency backup energy source… yet theoretically, it could still be powered entirely by electrical energy.

Amy raised her hand while arcs of electricity kept flashing. It took a while before she felt any mental exhaustion.

Compared to the destructive power of her ability itself, Amy felt that this almost infinite energy was even more valuable.

She called her brother and pretended to have an unsteady voice.

"Brother, you may not believe it when I say it, but it seems like our family has won the big prize!"

"Hmm, hmm…"

"Yes! We can finally move out!"

"I want to move to the 115th floor."