I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: "Samoyed"

Bai Yan gazed at the unparalleled beauty in front of him. Without a doubt, she was a charming creature with a charisma of 10, and almost everyone would find it hard to harm her.

Except for him, of course.

His not so strong hands slowly clenched and started to exert force.


Merete Chambers' stunning face displayed an expression of disbelief as she reached out her hands to touch Bai Yan's palm, lightly tapping it, signaling him to ease up.

However, Bai Yan completely ignored her, tightly grasping her delicate neck, as if he really intended to kill her.

"Wu, wuwu! Wu!"

She struggled to get up, constantly hitting Bai Yan's body with her hands, grabbing his face, but it was all in vain.

A desperate and regretful expression appeared.

Gradually, Merete Chambers seemed to be suffocating…

"Is it fun?" Bai Yan raised an eyebrow and asked with interest.

"Well, it's alright."

Merete Chambers' expression returned to normal and she smiled.

Despite being tightly choked by Bai Yan, at this moment her eyes showed no sign of pain, but she smiled calmly.

"As a woman like you, a monster, even if your uterus is ripped out, you can still perform well, can't you?"

Bai Yan shook his head, released his hand, and turned to leave.

"You should go home and entertain yourself. I won't accompany you any longer."

Well, he has to admit that playing with Miss Witch occasionally is quite interesting.

Especially when watching someone who is overconfident becoming at a loss, he felt a subtle excitement inside himself.

However, this was not the most important matter at the current stage.

Bai Yan shook his head.

In fact, even if Miss Witch betrayed Demon Hunt Agency now, it would not have much to do with him. After the strength has been improved, he was now less fearful of her.

Yes, the improvement in strength had already changed the situation.

After the hyper-evolution of "Nightsaber", she had already possessed the tremendous strength of the Potential Crown. And nowadays, Bai Yan could make the abilities of Core Operators multi-integrated through "Power Possession".

Although he had not had a real fight yet, he was somewhat confident that he could contend with a genuine "Crown" level expert.

With the capability to call upon Operators for help at any time, as well as the ability to hide inside the Babel Tower, the current Bai Yan was not afraid at all of whatever the "Moon Witch" may want to do to him.

Let her play by herself.

Considering Miss Witch's true intentions, Bai Yan was very clear in his mind that she would not harm the people around herself or "enclose" them.

Because, as a suspected member of the "Babel Tower," he was one of her presumed future teammates.

Out of self-interest, she could not afford to offend him.


After Bai Yan left, Merete Chambers stood still for a long time, silent, and finally smiled and shook her head.

"Bai Yan, you have many secrets."

"You have always been fearless, perhaps you are highly favored by the master of Babel Tower?"

Could it be that the owner of Babel Tower likes men?

She returned to the bathroom and took out a white book from her pocket, which was not the "Book of Concealment", but a completely different book.

It was more like a diary.

After opening the diary, Merete Chambers calmly began to browse through it.

The book documented the life of one person after another, and all these recorded individuals were the cream of the crop of various professions, each with very rich experiences.

There were even a few individuals who were transcendents, awakening level transcendents.

The diary recorded the life stories of dozens of people. After careful consideration, she chose one page and lightly plucked it out with her fair fingers.


Soon, this sheet of paper twisted and turned into threads of light on the ground, and a large number of golden threads of light danced, entangled, slowly building up a living person.

She was a girl with delicate features, probably around 15 or 16 years old, with short white hair.

On her expressionless face were tightly closed eyes.

She was blind.

Although it was only autumn now, she was wearing a white winter down jacket and a small black snake pendant around her neck.

"My master, do you have any commands?"

The blind girl knelt down on the ground with indifference and lowered her head.

Merete Chambers said, "I need you to help me investigate something immediately…Specific summoning and counter methods for the demon lord 'Sburnak'. It shouldn't be too difficult for you, a former demon expert."

After speaking, Merete Chambers calmly reached out her hand. The kneeling white-haired girl hesitated for a moment, but gently touched her master's palm with her head.

Merete Chambers smiled.

"Be careful, don't be too playful, 'Samoyed'… Although several years have passed, the Demon Hunt Agency has not lifted the wanted order on you."

"It has already been several years?"

"Samoyed" looked extremely shocked, slowly stood up, and hesitated, "Can I go and take a look…"

Merete Chambers held her in her arms and quickly stroked her hair. Samoyed's white down jacket was thick, but the whole person was actually tiny and slender.

"No, no, no, 'Samoyed', no, I told you, you're still wanted."


Samoyed's mood became somewhat low.

Merete Chambers suddenly said, "But if you can complete my task perfectly… perhaps, your situation may also have a chance to improve."

The face of "Samoyed" immediately brightened up.

"Thank you… oh, it should be… thank you, Master."


When he got back home, it was already late.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, decided not to cook dinner, and instead used the power of "Cybertyrant" to order take-out on his way home.

By the time he arrived home, the take-out had arrived as well.

He was having dinner and browsing the new log intelligence.

"Logs intelligence of Core Operator · Nightsaber."

"After mastering powerful force, gave up Flow of the Heart and continued to practice swordsmanship, Skill increased by 1."

"Continuous breaking of practice weapons, Mood decreased by 1."

Opening the video, Mu Ling was practicing swordsmanship in the courtyard. However, her new weapon clearly couldn't withstand the vigorous movements, soon showing cracks and ultimately breaking apart.

That thing, after all, is only made for human use.

Upon reaching this part, Bai Yan fell into contemplation. He truly needed to come up with a way to replace Mu Ling's weapon with a better one.

Her "exertion" was too great for conventional metal weapons to endure. Even some of the "Relics" couldn't be used for long.

"If only you'd trained in some martial arts. Your fists are harder than alloy now."

That was just a joke, but if Mu Ling had a powerful weapon, it would obviously give her an edge.

"Core Operator·Psychic Dancer's log intel."

"Practicing the use of 'psychic power,' Skill +1."

"Manipulating a passerby uncle to buy me an ice cream, Mood +1."

"I went to attend classes in the first year of junior high school at a nearby school, experienced the life of students, regretted the past, and felt upset. Mood -1."

She was no longer slacking off as before. Good.

"As long as you are willing to repent, you can still be a good classmate. The next time I revive you, I won't hesitate for five, six, seven or eight seconds."

Bai Yan shook his head slightly.

Would she really go to school?

Could it be that deep in her heart, there was still such a small wish?

Bai Yan contemplated silently and concluded that, yes, it made sense based on her past experiences.

"Intelligence report from Core Operator Mysterious Magic's log."

"Thinking about Bai Yan's upcoming birthday, Having difficulty deciding what to give him as a present."

"Caught two Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices and handed them over to the Adjudication Section."

"Saved more than ten children who were imprisoned in the underground chamber of the black wizard, legendary points increased by 20."

His birthday was coming soon?

Bai Yan paused for a moment, then realized that it was indeed the case.

Every year, he couldn't remember his own birthday, but every time Alan surprised him… well, no one else remembered his birthday besides him.

After all, it didn't matter at all.

"Intelligence report from Core Operator Cybertyrant's log."

"Formally recruited the third top-level hacker into the 'Paradox' organization, legend points +30."

"Stayed up late reading ten adult comics, three sensual novels, Mood +1."

"Mobilized clean funds for the charity organization, Mood +1."

Even the behavior of the subordinate organizations could add legend points, just like in the first playthrough.

At this point, many things in "Babel Tower" had changed compared to the first playthrough, and Bai Yan had to be even more careful.

Legend Points and Source Energy Points had a one-to-one ratio. Bai Yan checked and, combined with the Source Energy Points obtained today and the accumulation from a few days ago till now…

It was enough for ten consecutive summons again.


Bai Yan was not surprised by a certain behavior of "Cybertyrant" in the log intelligence.

Ah, this kind of thing was known from the first playthrough, it's her hidden preference, a way to relieve stress.

A severe enthusiast.

Many people have unique preferences, there was no need to be amazed, especially those who lived in that kind of place, Bai Yan could fully understand…

At least, her mentality was more normal than some pleasure-seeking operators.

"Some new infrastructure has been unlocked, should I do the infrastructure first?"

"Forget it, next time for sure, this time I still want to summon……"

After finishing his dinner, Bai Yan suddenly felt too lazy to clean up the remaining takeaway, so he used the power of "Mysterious Magic" to easily "transport" the post-meal trash away.

He showed a sincere smile.

"Hmm, indeed it is a very useful power. Compared to you, they are not worthy opponents in such situations."

Coming out of the room, Bai Yan arrived at a deserted area of Tatsumi City and entered Babel Tower.

He sat on the crystal throne and took a deep breath.

"Next up is the turn of summon!"

Last time he drew 'Different Dimensions', and this time the pool to draw from was… 'Destiny'.