I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: We Are Friends

Inexhaustible power gushed out continuously from Mu Ling.

She could sense that this was an unprecedented, tremendous change that surpassed her former self!

Her body underwent transformation once again!

She felt as if her body had become very light, heat rising from her lower abdomen, spreading like a volcano eruption all over her body, a tremendous sense of satisfaction roaming through every cell.

All the pores became extremely sensitive, seeming to boil and celebrate, praising the impending surging power within the body!

The deepest hunger in Mu Ling's heart was throbbing, murmuring, longing for a satisfying feeling of being filled with something.

The soul can only continue to chew, swallow, to prevent this huge hunger from engulfing the mind.

In a trance, she became difficult to stop, as the sensation of impact repeatedly converged and spread throughout her entire body, as if her body had been completely occupied by the heat constantly entering her body.

Finally, this heat erupted at its peak, and the girl felt as if her body and mind were flying into the sky, about to lose herself!

Another huge transformation that has been upgraded!

Almost anyone would be immersed in such a significant breakthrough that increased their strength remarkably.

Finally recovering from her daze, Mu Ling tightly clasped her hands, drenched from head to toe, taking deep breaths continuously.

She could sense an overwhelmingly powerful, unlike any before, force.

"Truly, it was a bit too exhilarating…"

Mu Ling, sweating like a downpour, struggled to calmly look at her right hand.

Hmm, compared to now, I feel that the me a few minutes ago is so fragile, like a child.

Mu Ling closed her eyes, yet she could still distinctly feel the slightest movement of the air around her ears, even using it to sense if any objects were moving nearby.

"It's just unfathomable…"

Despite having witnessed many miracles granted by the Savior, she even thought she would no longer be surprised by Babel Tower, yet at this moment, she could not help but be astonished.

The extent of elevation was truly enormous, presumably due to the reward for killing Mr. Mystery, a long-time encouragement from Mr. Savior.

At that moment, a voice emerged in Mu Ling's mind.

[Your performance deserves my bestowal], it said.

The message was not an automated voice, but a live message from Bai Yan through the "voice interaction" feature.

In fact, Bai Yan has already spoken a lot through "live messages" in the battle against Black Star so far.

Sitting on the Crystal Throne inside Babel Tower, he silently watched the girl on the screen, gazing at her face filled with admiration and gratitude.

"Seems like this guy has thought too highly of me."

Bai Yan shook his head lightly.

Well, Mu Ling had indeed become quite strong, but now she's lacking a suitable weapon.

It's a pity that the Fallen Angel form couldn't be sustained indefinitely, otherwise, he could fully exploit it without cost.

Bai Yan fell into deep thought, wondering how to get a weapon that would match up with Mu Ling.


Inside the safe house, in the bathroom.

Maryse stared blankly at her own body.

Just now, she underwent a tremendous change in the water.

And unlike all the other blessings before, it seemed more like a fundamental transformation of the soul.

She had awakened to a higher level of power… a power completely different from what she had before.

She felt that if she were to face Reno now, she would win very easily.

In the past, her Psychic Domination had always been short-lived, lasting no more than half an hour. But now, she was able to maintain it for a longer period of time.

"To be able to achieve this level… Truly, you are a 'good master'."

Maryse smiled mysteriously and spoke in a peculiar tone.

In reality, she no longer harbored any hostility towards the Savior's existence in her heart.

Although he was indeed using her, how many people in this world are not utilizing each other?

The resurrected Maryse had come to realize that the Savior was actually someone who truly cared for her well-being.

If she continued to consider him as a hostile enemy, it would be too shameless of her.


A few days later.

"There have always been various classifications of curses, with no unified theory in the world of Noah to this day."

"However, within the Air Alliance's textbooks, the commonly used classification system is the fifteen categories summarized by the Time of Chord."

"Soul, summon, slaughter, defense, manipulation, transformation, illusion, creation, healing, time-space, prophecy, alchemy, formation, curse, and law."

"There are a total of fifteen types of magic, and undoubtedly the simplest of them are slaughter and manipulation."

"Among them, soul magic is one of the most difficult types of magic, even more difficult than the three more challenging types of magic - summoning, illusion, and creation - only time-space and prophecy can compare with it."

"The power of the mind is essentially an extension of the basic universal power of the soul, known as "spiritual power", and those who possess great power of the mind are more likely to master complex and profound soul magic, much like how a physically strong person excels in boxing."

"Once one masters powerful soul magic, they will possess formidable strength that cannot be underestimated by anyone. Ordinary defensive magic is meaningless against assaults on the soul."

Bai Yan sat in his office, calmly flipping through the book in his hand, "Soul Magic: From Beginner to Abandonment," reading it with relish.

This was the book that Miss Black Vulture recommended to him when he expressed his desire to learn soul magic.

The original author is unknown, the translator is attributed to "Truth Scholar".

It has become Bai Yan's latest habit to borrow and read several books from the Demon Hunt Agency's library every week, and it has even largely replaced his gaming time.

The "Black Star Incident" that shook the entire city has passed for a while, and those who consumed the "Deep Ones Transformation" potion benefited from the rescue of the Demon Hunt Agency and were not ultimately affected by the potion's effects in their bodies.

Due to the medium of transmission being orange juice drinks, a considerable number of underage individuals became victims.

The Demon Hunt Agency tirelessly expels the residual effects of Deep Ones' medicine from the victims' bodies, day and night.

Fortunately, it can be eliminated…Otherwise, according to regulations, the Demon Hunt Agency cannot leave so many hidden dangers.

Even if it is a child.

If so, the Demon Hunt Agency at that time would have to use Relics at a greater cost, or apply to bring in a stronger person who can solve the problem, in short, it is very troublesome.

"Bai Yan Bai Yan, have you heard?"

Holly suddenly leaned in, startling Bai Yan and causing the book in his hand to shake.

"Heard what?"

Bai Yan arched his eyebrows and promptly reached out to move Holly's rabbit head a little further away.

Holly didn't care at all and said, "Hmm, there's a new Babel Tower member called 'Profligate' and he seems to be quite capable. He singlehandedly wiped out a criminal gang yesterday."

So it's about "Profligate"?

"Oh, why do we care? Isn't there a team in charge of Babel Tower's affairs?"

Bai Yan continued reading his book and couldn't be bothered to pay attention to her.

Holly crouched on the side and continued, "I heard that he is a very brutal guy. There were no intact bodies at the scene, and the leaders of those criminal gangs were all brutally killed."

"Hmm, so what was that criminal gang doing?" Bai Yan asked casually.

Holly's expression became serious and said, "As far as I know, it seems that they were trafficking organs? They provided materials for spells and rituals to cultists!"

"So do you think 'Profligate' did something wrong? Should we arrest him?"

Bai Yan silently gazed at his teammate.

Holly lowered her head, as if contemplating deeply.

"I don't know either. I just have a feeling that he's different from the other Babel Tower members."

Bai Yan was slightly stunned.

Holly continued with her head down, "This person named 'Profligate' deliberately expresses violence and cruelty, just as one savors the pain of enjoying the misery of evil… It is possible that he is not a good person, but only an enemy of the villain."

I hate you for being so intuitive. Bai Yan sighed in his heart, said nothing, and continued to read.

But Holly didn't let go of her thoughts, chattering constantly at his side.

Finally, Bai Yan couldn't help it anymore and gave her a light kick in the butt.


Holly punched the metal table through with a backhand punch!

"Sis, I was wrong," Bai Yan sighed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I couldn't control my emotions…"

Holly seemed to also feel that her reaction was excessive and stuck out her tongue.

Today was an ordinary day.

"Hm, Hm, Hmm~."

After work, Holly happily jumped towards home, boarded the subway, and played with her phone.

After returning home, she discovered that her mother surprisingly didn't open the door for her today.

Recently, Holly's father had been working overtime, leaving only Holly and her mother at home. She pondered about it.


Hm? Why wasn't mom at home? Could it be that she went out?

Holly was stunned and searched her home for some time, hoping to find a note left behind, when suddenly her phone rang.

She took out her pink bunny phone, answered it, and to her surprise, it was her father's voice.

His voice was deep and even somewhat hoarse.

"Holly, hurry up, um, come to the central hospital."

Hospital? Holly suddenly remembered something the elders at the Demon Hunt Agency had said, that they feared most not monsters, but unexpected phone calls from relatives in the hospital.

If it was the family member who made the call, it's fine, but if it was someone else calling for them, that would be the most terrifying…

"Got it! I'll be right there!"

She immediately turned around and ran out of her home, hailing a taxi.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Holly immediately inquired at the reception desk and quickly learned which ward her mother was in. She hurried over with great anxiety.

"Please don't let there be anything wrong," Holly said as she immediately saw the doctor and her father in the hospital room.

Her father was also a half-beast, but he used magic to disguise himself and looked no different from an ordinary middle-aged man.

"Please rest assured, the patient's condition has stabilized now. If not brought in timely, it could have been dangerous. Fortunately, she was brought in early. There is no need to worry anymore."

"Thank you, truly thank you so much!"

Holly's father hugged the doctor's hand, his face filled with gratitude and tears streaming down his face.

When he saw Holly, he immediately exclaimed in excitement, "Holly, it's all thanks to your friend that we were able to find out about your mother collapsing at home. Really, you must thank her a lot."

Holly, relieved, froze. Was it my friend who found out about my mom?

Who is it?

"You finally arrived, rest assured, your mother's condition has stabilized."

Holly turned around and saw Miss Witch's eyes filled with smile, immediately tears welled up in her eyes, she cried as she hugged her.

"Thank you, thank you so much. I didn't know what to do just now."

As she spoke, tears streamed down uncontrollably.

The doctor had left beforehand, and Merete Chambers gently held Holly in her arms, stroking her head and saying, "You don't need to thank me, my dear little rabbit."

"Because we are friends."