I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 134 Part 1

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Chapter 134: "Nightsaber" Beast, Super Evolution! (1)

Inside the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan sat on the crystal throne, contemplating silently.

Was there any moment of joy that could rival "ten summons" while playing mobile games?

Actually, it did exist.

At least, in Bai Yan's opinion, one way was to overcome a seemingly unbeatable enemy, and the other was to hoard a massive amount of resources like a hamster, and then experience the moment of greatly improving the operators.

Well, his powerful character had been upgraded, didn't that make him invincible?

In fact, it wasn't possible to be invincible, being able to crush the current BOSSes was already good enough.

In many mobile games, even the strongest existence after version updates could easily become a thing of the past…

In total, Bai Yan obtained five Awakening Souls, a new Relic, and a new Mystical Power, not counting the earned Source Energy Points. Now, he pondered on whom to bestow these enhancements.

Firstly, the Blade of Annihilation that can ignore defense will be allocated to the "Psychic Dancer," which paired with her "Deep Red - Divine Punishment," would serve as a horrific long-range killing weapon.

At the same time, it also encouraged her team spirit.

"Softening", this Mystical Power currently served little purpose, so let's leave it for now.

As for the Merlin's Cloak that can transform into various animals and monsters, Bai Yan decided to give it to Nightsaber to enhance her "versatility" and compensate for her clumsy combat style.

"That's the gist of it." Bai Yan took a bite of his apple and said quietly.

"Nightsaber": Awakening Level - Superior Rank (65% awakened)

"Psychic Dancer": Awakening Level - Lower Rank (20% awakened)

"Mysterious Magic": Awakening Level - Intermediate Rank (35% awakened)

"Cybertyrant": Awakening Level - Lower Rank (20% awakened)

Actually, it hadn't been long since the last upgrade, less than half a month. So the degree of growth they achieved through their own training didn't affect their level of awakening.

In the real world, the concept of "awakening level" didn't actually exist, just like charisma and loyalty, they are all subjectively quantified data in "Babel Tower."

Bai Yan remained silent for a long period of time, then, made a determined decision.

He continuously fed "Nightsaber" with three Awakening Souls.

Watching "Nightsaber" awaken from 65% to 95%, Bai Yan's mood also became excited.

"Just like that, a powerful Potential Crown was born…"

Potential Crown.

It was undoubtedly a top-tier combat force in Tatsumi City and one of the three strongest of the Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency.

"Ace" Lin Bian, Director Mr. Trap, Raven Reaper!

They represented the order of this city, and any one of them could have easily killed "Nightsaber" if she had challenged them over a month ago.

But in just a short span of a month, everything changed.

Bai Yan even believed that the current "Nightsaber" might have surpassed them in actual combat strength.

After all, she possessed the super-standard power of "Deep Blue World".

Perhaps in this city, no one was Mu Ling's match anymore, except for "Queen of the Scarlet Moon", "Pastor," and the unfathomable "Moon Witch"…

However, what was most exciting was not the intensity itself.

It's the speed at which she was becoming stronger - what kind of power was causing her to do so?

In just over a month, the power of a super being could be forcibly enhanced that much? If other forces were to know of this incredible thing, they would be shocked to the point of insomnia for three days and nights, and even dream of Babel Tower at night.

Although Bai Yan really wanted to further enhance "Nightsaber," it was impossible to do so.

Awakening Soul could only increase the degree of awakening, but in order to make Core Operators go from "awakening" to "Crown," other important props were still needed.

For now, they couldn't be obtained…

As for the remaining two Awakening Souls, Bai Yan gave them to "Psychic Dancer" and "Cybertyrant," respectively, allowing them to directly advance to the middle awakening.

Even if both of them were given to Alan, he would still not be able to achieve a higher level. Therefore, it's better to completely ignore this guy!

After an unfair and unjust distribution of rewards based on "merit", all the character cards of Core Operators underwent a certain degree of alteration.

Well, upon inspection of the cards, Bai Yan noticed that only "Mysterious Magic" had undergone relatively minor changes. By the way, the status of "skin" had already been manually removed by Bai Yan on this side.

Core Operator:

Title: Nightsaber

Gender: Female

Plane: Material Plane

Level: Awakening (Potential Crown)

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Infiltration/Destruction.

Milestones: Crime-hunter master, the Hound of Babel Tower, and the hero of Tatsumi City.

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 113+50 Self-healing Specialization (What kind of experience is tearing apart a giant dragon with one's own hands?)

Intelligence: 70 (Applying intuitive intelligence in battle)

Skill: 125 (Able to precisely control the subtle movements of all muscles in the body)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 10 (No one can ignore her beauty, unless they are already blind)

Loyalty: 9 (A loyal blade dedicated to a worthy master)

Mood: 8 (Hmm, this world is always worth looking forward to)


With feline grace (skill improvement speed greatly increased).

Embrace fear (fighting against stronger enemies, skill and intelligence increase greatly).

Oh, my dear people (in battles where there are innocent bystanders present, skill greatly improves).


Deep Blue World (100% Skill Level, Time Stop for Five Seconds)

Bloodline of Crime Hunting Darkness (Evolution in Progress)

Self-healing Specialization

Secondary data:

Physical attributes: 170cm tall, 92-56-87 measurements.

Likes: Honor, victory, omurice with a cat-shaped egg, Babel Tower, Savior.

Dislikes: Cultists, criminals, overly salty dishes.

Possessions: Nyx's Cover (1), Anathema's Star Chains (1), Merlin's Cloak (1).

Description: The descendant of the legendary demon-hunting family, born with immense responsibility and a strong sense of family consciousness. Succeeded in avenging and restarting the family's glory, moving towards a new tomorrow.

"The future Queen of Night, invincible ruler in the darkness."


Bai Yan was slightly taken aback, noticing that Mu Ling had grown a little taller?

Oh, that's right.

"This child is not yet twenty years old and can still continue to grow taller and bigger."

He recalled that his height in this life seemed to have been stuck at 1.83 meters for a long time, and it was likely that his bone joints had completely closed and he would not grow any taller.

The "Profligate" that was molded was even taller than the original, standing at 1.85 meters. If he stood next to shorty Maryse, the difference in height would be like night and day.