I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Homecoming

From a sentimental perspective, Bai Yan certainly desired the revival of Maryse.

Although Maryse was a "lazy dog", stubborn, with an extreme personality, disrespectful to him, and also cursed him behind his back.



Forget it, let her just go die.

No, no… Even though Maryse was like this, she's still his subordinate and companion.

Bai Yan remained silent. Every superhuman, starting from their "awakening", was too powerful compared to the average of their species.

They would become completely different compared to the people around them.

If a person was very wealthy and influential, he or she would be easily prone to becoming arrogant, looking down on others and commanding them.

Even though he may not be consciously aware of it, he would still instinctively behave in this way.

Why was that?

It's quite simple, because he was capable of doing it.

After becoming instantly rich, one's behavior would become reckless and scornful towards ordinary people. They could have as much as they want!

So, how much had the extraordinary ones, who became powerful, really changed? And how much more recklessly could they behave?

From a biological perspective, the awakened superhumans were no longer the same species as humans.

Combined with the exposure to eerie things, forbidden knowledge, frantic battles, and increasing amounts of terrifying monsters…not everyone could maintain their original intention.

There were too many people who claimed to be gods!

Therefore, most powerful beings had some psychological issues, viewing things and people beyond rationality.

Casual bullying, killing, saving, sacrificing… it's okay if it's just a psychological change.

However, if one's thinking was too "inhuman", they would undoubtedly transform into a monster!

Be cautious, because if one turned into a monster, their body would also undergo changes…a complete loss of control!

Mu Ling used to join the university of the surface world because of the ancestral tradition of the hunter family which required them to interact more with ordinary people to maintain their "anchor".

According to the records, the dimension after death is not a pleasant place to be, hence Maryse's quick return will be good for her emotional state.

Bai Yan didn't want to gradually lose the human "empathy", leading to a state of ultimate loss of control.

Rationally speaking, "Psychic Dancer" should also be revived.

Because of… the drawing ratio of operators in "Babel Tower"!

This was not a game where you could get a guaranteed draw or item with just ten attempts!

It was possible for there to be a situation where ten summons resulted in complete failure.

On the contrary, reviving the "Psychic Dancer" may have required over three hundred points, but it ultimately indirectly boosted morale, inspired and strengthened the cohesion of the Babel Tower team members.

As for the two hundred points needed to activate the resurrection facility?

To be honest, this wasn't a cost that required much contemplation… This structure would eventually have to be built, isn't that so?

Bai Yan calmly extended his finger and tapped on the "Resurrection" infrastructure on his phone.

"We still need you to save the world. Even if you die, we'll pull you back and make you continue working."

Oh, by the way, there's one more thing.

To play the role of the "Savior", Bai Yan needed to replicate her spiritual power.


"Chosen, Psychic Dancer."


She had already died.

Finally, Maryse accepted this fact.

She calmly looked around, the white human shadows on the street were blurry and indistinct, entirely impossible to see clearly.

Couldn't hear any sound, nor smell any odor.

It seemed like this was still Tatsumi City? Maryse couldn't be certain.

But why, she couldn't even see these people's faces clearly and it seemed they couldn't see her either…

The world in Maryse's eyes was flickering frame by frame, completely disjointed.

So it turned out that the visual senses of the elf couldn't fully adapt to all dimensions.

Speaking of which, was she really seeing things with her eyes now?

Maryse's confusion remained unexplained by anyone.

It was said that the soul of a mortal would fall into reincarnation after death, becoming a new-born baby or other creature.

However, the so-called "transcendents" possessed true "souls", which would remain in the world after death, until they were resurrected… or encountered incredibly terrifying events, such as being trapped by spells or sealed away in some way.

Of course, one could also forcefully use sorcery to exile the soul of a transcendent being.

Maryse walked calmly in the dimension of the afterlife, where only a sense of emptiness permeated the silent world.

She gradually felt her own emotions become indifferent, only staring coldly at everything that happened around her… the unclear dimension of the living that she couldn't even touch, the two were difficult to interfere with each other.

Maryse passed by a sinister alley and paused, gazing intensely.

Occasionally, there would be soul entities like her, not blurry shadows but vibrant ones, struggling against being sucked into the alleyway.

However, a dense black mist enveloped Maryse's soul, preventing her from being affected by the alleyway at all.

She suddenly froze.

For it was not until this moment that Maryse saw clearly… the black mist resembling slave chains tightly coiled around her neck, with the other end extending into the sky.

So, I was just a slave bound deep within my soul, and even in death, I could not truly escape.

Unconsciously, she returned to the site of her ancestral home and stayed there for a long time, seeing a blurry figure.

It seemed to be Irena.

In a silent, fuzzy world, the white figure, which looked like Irena, moved and lived frame by frame, just like a character in a stop-motion animation.

Maryse stayed by Irena's side for a long time and occasionally saw a white circular shadow falling from Irena's eyes.

She remained silent.

Later, she arrived at a safe house.

There sat a blurred figure of a young girl who looked very familiar.

Maryse sat down in front of the other person, trying to think as hard as she could.

Who was she…

Maryse suddenly realized that she didn't know how much time had passed, and that many things were becoming blurry in her memory.

My name is…

[Psychic Dancer.]

In the completely silent dimension, Maryse suddenly heard a voice!

At this moment, she instantly recalled her true name and remembered many things!

Right, that voice from earlier was the voice of "Savior," an unshakable will. The black mist around her neck seemed to tightened a bit.

So it was this black mist that had been conveying the voice of the Savior all along?

Maryse gradually remembered everything and finally understood who the girl sitting opposite her was.

She smiled.

[You should awaken and not submit to death.]

[Come back.]

Maryse's vivid and colorful soul gradually blurred into a vague white shadow.

It was not the obsession of desiring the resurrection of loved ones, nor was it the sacred light that bathed the hearts of people, but a compelling command that snatched her from the hands of death!

When Maryse opened her eyes again, she found herself floating naked in the starry sky!

It felt like being in the universe.

She feels a marvelous sensation here, as if she has returned to the womb, comfortable and at ease.

Her body has been remolded, exactly as it was before, and after her soul returned, she was successfully reborn.

"Is this place also the interior of Babel Tower…the Savior resurrected me."

Maryse instinctively touched her neck, but she didn't see the black chain again.

She fell silent, overcome with either joy or involuntary emotions!

She had survived.


Bai Yan in black robes sat on the throne of Sky Temple, with a constantly rotating black transparent crystal ball floating in his hand. Inside the crystal ball, a beautiful universe seemed to be incubating.

He silently gazed at the little figure floating in the black crystal ball.

Quite interesting, wasn't it?

Originally appearing on the phone as "spring water", the object inside the Babel Tower resembled an endless sea.

However, the revival equipment displayed as "Mirror of the Universe" in the phone, was merely a small crystal ball in the reality of the Babel Tower's interior.

After the event ended, there would be many newly opened infrastructure facilities, and it was unknown what they would be like.

Bai Yan smiled and said, "Let her stay inside as a figurine forever, cough cough… just kidding. Welcome back, Psychic Dancer."

After his habitual joking to himself, Bai Yan's smile didn't diminish.

He selected the command "release" for Maryse on his phone.


Mu Ling often returned to the unmanned safe house these days, sitting in a chair to daydream.

At first, she thought she was still waiting for Maryse, but then she had suddenly realized… it wasn't like that.

Maryse was probably dead.

She has accepted this fact.

She would continue to sit here, merely out of sorrow.

In the final scene of the new "Babel Tower" video, she clearly saw what Maryse did to her, which allowed her to successfully survive.

This life was given to her by Maryse.

Mu Ling was silent, staring blankly at the white, empty walls.

Once again, after many years, she experienced this kind of feeling.

The feeling of loss.

Actually…Mu Ling slowly clenched her hands.

"Actually, what I truly want, more than revenge or glory, is to be able to protect you all… I don't want to be the only one left."

"I actually really want all of you to come back, I really, really do…"

Even she, in fact, was not made of steel.

She had also longed to be able to smile together with her loved ones and friends.

"Why… why do you all have to leave me?"

Mu Ling gradually lowered her head, a teardrop overflowed from the corner of her eye, and her steadfast heart also had moments of tenderness.

Suddenly, a familiar girl's voice sounded.

"Mu Ling?"

She was stunned.

Mu Ling turned her head suddenly, and her expression, after the surprise, gradually became gentle and joyful.

"Welcome, welcome back."

This time, she didn't lose the person she cherished again.

It was too great.