I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Settlement of the "Black Star" Operation Profits!

Three days later.

Inside the Demon Hunt Agency building, in the public lounge, smoking area.

Two Night Watchers in black suits walked in one after the other, with one man lighting his cigarette first and then lighting the other man's.

The two of them silently smoked for a while, their expressions somewhat gloomy.

The events that had happened recently were truly enormous.

The entire city was in turmoil because of it, and even these ordinary Night Watchers were anxious.

"Have the people outside not left yet?"

"Hmm, and there are more and more of them. I don't know how to deal with it."

"Above, an emergency meeting is being held."

"It's not manageable now. I recall that the Air Alliance has special plans for cities such as Heart City, which don't hide the existence of the Otherworlds."

"These are not things we should be concerned about."

"Then let's change the topic, for example, how do you view the Babel Tower…"

"Damn, isn't this topic sensitive?"

Then both of them fell silent again.

Simply smoking quietly.

Demon Hunt Agency, located on the fifth underground level.

This was a vast and spacious white room, the venue for important meetings in Tatsumi City.

A month had passed since the last meeting, and today Mr. Trap, as well as captains like Lin Bian, Adelaide, Feather, and several others had gathered.

The headquarters' special advisor, "Moon Witch" Merete Chambers, along with Alan, an elite who was expected to succeed as a team captain, had also come to the room to attend the meeting as mere spectators.

There were 25 people, all of them at "the awakening level".

The backbone of the Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency were all present, except for Raven Reaper.

"The meeting is about to begin again," Adelaide muttered to herself, her gaze wandering, obviously not paying attention to the meeting.

Merete Chambers smiled and looked over at the two people beside her.

Alan and Lin Bian were not standing together, they seemed to have become strangers to each other, and their gazes didn't intersect.

Hmm, surely something very interesting happened.

In the white colossal space, one after another enormous illusory figures appeared, with indistinct true faces.

These apparitions were representatives of the Order of the Air Alliance, the spear and shield that had truly maintained the operation of this country for a long time.

Their power was unquestionable.

Eyes of the Empire, the Air Alliance's top ironclad wall, unlike the Demon Hunt Agency which was mainly responsible for internal affairs, was mainly responsible for external warfare. Each member was a well-known strongman.

Time of Chord was founded by "Anomalous Star," one of six Rainbow New Gods and a pioneer of modern magic, when he was young.

It was the largest top-level magic research organization in the world of Noah, with headquarters located in the Air Alliance's independent city… the City of Time Key.

Furthermore, there were the kings of the Hundred Kings Assembly.

The eighty seats were all taken from ancient, everlasting noble families, and the more than two hundred independent cities were actually owned by them personally both in name and law, making them the true rulers of the Air Alliance in terms of jurisprudence.

"How shall we solve this?"

A calm female voice sounded.

"Suggestion: reset the memory of all the people in the city and correct all the deviations."

It was the voice of an aged man.

"I disagree, the cost would be too great."

It was the voice of a cold woman.

"Shall we establish a new special area and fully open the truth about the Otherworlds?"

A calm female voice sounded again.

"I disagree… Although I am the representatives of the kings, there is nothing we can do now."

The Night Watchers listened silently, knowing that the matter had now been decided.

Although they always advocate hiding their extraordinary abilities, however, if the traditional conservative kings don't object…the other forces in the Air Alliance are already advocating revealing the true side of the world.

"Let it be settled like this."

Among the numerous illusions, a man with heavy pupils exuded an imposing aura. His huge illusion slowly spoke up and brought up the next matter for discussion.

"So, what about the Babel Tower?"

The old man said, "Behind the Babel Tower there is a great existence, a power that we, at our level, may not necessarily be able to touch."

"For now, let's ignore it and let the 'Rainbows' above us worry about it… Perhaps, the Babel Tower is also on the side of order."

"Agreed," responded the cold female voice.

The solemn man with the heavy gaze shook his head lightly, his dominance over all creatures made it difficult for Night Watchers to look him in the eye.


"Perhaps the situation has exceeded our expectations. What if the order in the eyes of the Babel Tower, the order that the Babel Tower wants… is different from everything we have built up over the years?"

Everyone remained silent for a while.

It wasn't until the end of the meeting that the three parties didn't reach a consensus on the matter of the Babel Tower.

Alan stood silently in the corner, but he was very clear about one thing in his heart.

That is, no matter how the upper ranks of the Air Alliance think, the greatness of the Savior is so magnificent that the Air Alliance has no way to take Babel Tower.

The power of the Savior is incomprehensible to mere mortals, and Alan secretly thought that at least the "Rainbows" should take action to be considered an equal match!

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Once he had looked up to the great men, but they could not compare to the Savior of the Babel Tower. Alan suddenly felt a subtle sense of superiority.

Hmm, it's like a strange feeling of 'me and the Savior fighting together, unbeatable in the world'!


Bai Yan's home.

The handsome man sat calmly on the sofa, gazing up at the news being broadcasted on the television.

"At noon today, Mr. Trap, the head of the special department 'Demon Hunt Agency' in Tatsumi City, made a statement expressing his grief and anger regarding the recent attacks in the city and assuring the citizens that they will be given a satisfying explanation."

"For the first time, the true existence of 'the Otherworlds' has been officially acknowledged by the authorities…"

While the Air Alliance's core policy was to conceal the existence of the mysterious, there were still several special cities that had openly acknowledged the existence of supernaturals. It seems that Tatsumi City would be one of them.

In cities where the existence of extraordinary beings was publicly legalized, development often tended to be better, and this was an indisputable fact.

There was a group of people in the upper echelons who had a comprehensive and mysterious idea that encompassed all independent cities. They advocated for a better and more widespread regulation of extraordinary powers, even to the extent of incorporating it into the educational system, providing greater assistance for people's livelihoods, military, and scientific research.

This faction, known as the "Eyeballs," was mainly comprised of members of the Eyes of the Empire and the Air Alliance's high-level officials.

The Imperial Guards possessed great power, but they themselves lacked the right to vote in decision-making. Some were even not of noble birth, and so a small group of kings supported them to interfere in politics.

However, the descendants of the founders of the Air Alliance, most of whom held the highest legal power, were actually against it.

They had been consistently casting negative votes against the "Eyeballs" faction… Presumably, whenever the members of the "Eyeballs" group supported something, these people strongly opposed it.

The conflict between the two sides had a long history, and in recent years, it had become particularly intense, to the point where there were even calls for the direct replacement of the leader of the Imperial Guards, "World."

Over the years, "World" had not made any overt statements, but had silently been dealing with the Air Alliance's opponents in the outside world, with a brilliant military record.

Bai Yan remained silent for a long time, then slowly picked up the remote control and turned off the TV.

"There is no news related to the Babel Tower, it seems that this topic is not to be mentioned, isn't it?"

He took out his phone, not speaking for a long time.

Maryse died.

Although it was unexpected, it was actually within reason.

He left home and looked for a way to enter Babel Tower, where he began talking to himself.

"It was my own failure that led to Maryse's death… I didn't have complete control over the changes in the 'future'."

"Furthermore, I have not done enough in other aspects…"

After reflecting on himself, Bai Yan silently began to tally his profits.

The gains this time were quite abundant, yes, truly only the word "abundant" could describe it!

They captured over thirty "logistics personnel" and seized several ordinary Relics. Additionally, all the support options available during the missions in the "event" were obtained upon successfully clearing them.

In some of the missions, there were no rewards for cancelling midway, but instead, the rewards obtained were "Relic · Merlin's Cloak", "Mystical Power · Softening", and "Relic · Blade of Annihilation".

"Merlin's cloak" allowed the body to transform into various animals and magical beasts. "Nightsaber" once used it during an event.

"Softening", a common mystical power, only allowed the user's body to become soft, transforming them into the ultimate yoga master, similar to a rubber person.

"Blade of Annihilation" was actually something even better than the previous two rewards.

This was a rather powerful "civilization-level relic", and the cost of using it was that "after each use, the user will be transported to a random nearby location".

It is a nearly transparent crescent-shaped weapon. Once "thrown", any object that is attacked will be "annihilated", making it a powerful relic that ignores defense.

And then, came the biggest gain in the activity settlement!

Due to the overall "almost perfect" evaluation after the complete activity settlement, Bai Yan received Awakening Soul x5 in one breath!

Five Awakening Souls! The biggest benefit!

It can completely elevate the strength of the Babel Tower team to a new level!

Bai Yan couldn't help but smile when he saw the Awakening Souls in the item menu.

Besides that, there was also a considerable income of Source Energy Points, and with the points obtained in the past few days, Bai Yan could even immediately perform another Ten Consecutive Summon.

Current Source Energy Points: 575 points.

However, Bai Yan sighed.


Reviving Maryse also required spending Source Energy Points, not only the revival cost of 341 points, but also the cost of 200 points to activate the revival facility.

Now, was it time for a ten-summon?

Or choose…to revive Maryse?