I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Waiting

"Deep Red - Divine Punishment."

Bai Yan's palm placed steadily on the male elf's chest, using "super acceleration" on his upper body.


In a moment of intense concern, the entire upper body was shattered, leaving only the lonely lower body, as blood and bodily debris splattered in all directions.

A death that was too ghastly to behold.

With a smile on his face, Bai Yan steadily pressed closer to the next Mr. Mystery.

"You are a monster, I have understood it, you are a monster in the true sense of the word!"

Abner was growing weaker, constantly retreating in the workshop with a hint of confusion and fear in his eyes.

He knew that the other half of his body was burning his soul, and as long as the soul burned completely, even the "half-body" on this side with any lifespan left would die completely.

Meanwhile, "himself" on this side was facing an enemy that he absolutely couldn't defeat!

Abner was truly struggling to find a winning move… but the enemy was just too powerful.

The compound type all-powerful monster named "Profligate" possesses the abilities of all known members of Babel Tower, as well as remarkable combat intelligence, and is virtually without weaknesses.

"Oh, you're thinking I have almost no weaknesses."

Suddenly, Bai Yan spoke, voiced the thoughts of Abner, causing the latter's expression to grow more serious.

"The inability to utilize the possibilities of other timelines, perhaps that is a weakness… No, it is merely a 'shortcoming'."

Bai Yan murmured to himself as usual, his smile on his face giving a sensory experience as if bathed in a warm spring breeze, but Abner could only sense coldness and murderous intent after looking at him.

Whether in the Fallen Angel form or in psychic power, Bai Yan couldn't use them temporarily.

This is normal, as the current "Power Possession" is still not the highest level, and he knows this well.

At this moment, Bai Yan smiled and clapped gently, Abner tensed up, thinking there would be a balloon explosion, but nothing happened.

Bai Yan smiled condescendingly, saying, "How much more? How many more times should I kill you? Tell me, what tricks and traps do you have? Let them flow out as much as possible, so that I can enjoy the process, won't you?"

Deep Blue World.

In the next moment, Bai Yan had already arrived behind Abner, and effortlessly shattered his skull with his finger.

This was not a battle.

Instead, it was a unilateral massacre.

Over a dozen Dark Beasts emerged from the shadows on the ground and attacked Bai Yan, but they only landed on a metal chair in an office.


The Reanimation Spell… Instantly, Bai Yan swapped places with the metal chair.

Why is this self-proclaimed "Profligate" humanoid monster so powerful? Is there really anyone below the Crown-level who can pose a threat to him?

Abner was deeply shocked and keenly aware that this was a gap that could not be compensated for by experience, calmness, or strategy.

From the moment he saw the other party, his death was already inevitable.

Now, all he can hope for is the success of the "half-body" on the other side.

The one-sided battle continued relentlessly, and the Dark Beasts attacked fearlessly, like moths to a flame.

Bai Yan calmly utilized the abilities of several Core Operators, constantly switching, combining and coordinating.

Whether it was offense or defense, mobility or reconnaissance ability, he was completely lacking in nothing: Deep Blue World, Deep Red - Divine Punishment, Substitute Puppet, Explosive Balloon, and Sensing Curtain…

Abner's eyes revealed a hint of fear. "Profligate" was undoubtedly the most formidable foe he had ever encountered in his entire life and had no weaknesses.

Moreover, this man…

Enjoyed it very much!

He was enjoying the process of slaughtering, which made Abner feel uncomfortable from deep within. The other person was joyfully absorbing his pain.

That was an unusually and extremely special cruelty.

Once, the person standing in the position of the "hunter" was often himself.

Abner suddenly realized that the other was not just a monster, but a complete lunatic.

Amidst the howls of the beasts, Bai Yan smiled as he vanquished all the Dark Beasts and slowly said, "So, do you have any more tricks up your sleeve? Like summoning another Spawn? Come on, show them all!"

Abner remained silent, making no response.

To be frank, Bai Yan didn't know why, but he felt a special joy in his current state.

Reckless and arbitrary, do whatever you want!

In reality, Bai Yan lacked combat experience and could only try a little bit at a time. Through repeatedly slaughtering enemies, he became more and more proficient in combat and felt a clear pleasure.

After all, although Bai Yan had used superhuman powers before, it was his first time fully unleashing them in combat.

It was not until then that he became aware of one thing.

He had surpassed mere mortals.

After being killed time and time again, Abner finally reached the end of his rope. What made him even more hopeless was the clear realization of his own failure.

"It ended…"

His emerald-like pupils gradually lost their brightness.

After the soul was completely burned to ashes, Abner sat there and slowly lowered his head, and the body that was left behind became completely motionless.

In the moment before he died completely, he had not a shred of dissatisfaction…nor even a hint of regret for the past.

Bai Yan's smile on his face gradually disappeared as he realized that his enemy had completely lost his vitality, and was replaced by calmness and indifference.

This is the endgame.

The entire orange juice factory was filled with wreckage and bloodstains, yet Bai Yan felt no exhaustion or discomfort. Instead, there was an unprecedented clarity.

After some contemplation, he made a crucial decision.

In the future, he should appear more frequently as the "Profligate" and seek trouble from the cultists.

It's not just because it feels like playing a game to relieve stress, but it's also about solidifying the identity of "Profligate" and having a sense of realism.

"I feel like I'm becoming more and more unbridled, it's not good, it's not good."

Bai Yan shook his head, pretending to reflect.

He slowly walked into the basement concealed under this factory.

In the pitch-black basement, there lies a massive and spacious altar. Cultists had written down all sorts of strange writings around the altar.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes.


One red balloon after another appeared around him. Soon, a massive explosion would bury all the evil.

Before Bai Yan ignited the balloon, he took out his phone from his pocket and his eyes slightly changed.



The chaotic city, in the midst of cries and fear, was gradually saved by the power of order.

The Night Watchers and two neutral forces successively resolved all of Abner's "discarded pieces" in a short period of time.

The sudden chaos in Tatsumi City came to an end.

In the department store, Lin Bian, who had already killed all the Dark Beasts, shook his head.

He holstered his gun, looked at Alan, and said calmly:

"I didn't expect the Black Star Faction guys to be more troublesome than I thought. They held us up for a long time here, fortunately, nothing bigger went wrong. That's the only good news. Sigh."

Lin Bian squinted and said, "But there will definitely be huge changes in Tatsumi City after this."

Alan stood by silently for a long time.

He nodded gently, his tone heavy as he said, "Yes, the people will never again treat the Otherworlds…that can cause great threat with the same casual attitude as before."

"The situation where the Otherworlds and the real world are completely independent will become history in this city."

He finished speaking and let out a sigh.

Alan walked towards the floor-to-ceiling windows of the department store and saw the city destroyed in the darkness, where numerous people had lost their lives and families.

"By the way, the people from the Babel Tower are active again, and apparently they took the opportunity to kill Mr. Mystery."

Lin Bian suddenly mentioned this matter.

Alan nodded in agreement without surprise and continued calmly, "Babel Tower is undoubtedly a righteous organization. The Demon Hunt Agency should try to cooperate with it rather than confront it."

"What did you say?"

Lin Bian frowned and stared at his disciple in front of him.

"Teacher, the power of the Demon Hunt Agency is not sufficient to completely protect this city. We need more power, so we should seek cooperation with Babel Tower."

Alan turned around with a firm expression, staring down the man who was both his older brother and teacher, without flinching and without retracting his earlier statement.

From this point on, in Tatsumi City, the mysterious Otherworlds completely revealed their power before the people of the human world.

Whether it's Night Watchers, vampires, or cultists, the frequency of their activities in the city's videos increased drastically, and the two worlds were completely integrated from that moment on.

In this battle, the Black Star Faction's influence in Tatsumi City was completely eradicated.

At the same time, the Night Watchers within the Demon Hunt Agency…had a significant difference in opinions regarding the Babel Tower.



In Maryse's safe house, with no lights on, Mu Ling sat on a chair in darkness.

Why hasn't Maryse returned yet? What could she be doing?

Mu Ling pondered with slight confusion. Mr. Mystery was already dead, so there should be no danger around Maryse.

By the time she returned from shaking off those ordinary people, Tatsumi City was already firmly under the control of the Night Watchers, and only when the Black Star Faction was completely destroyed in this city did things fall into place.

"Today, there were many things that I wanted to say, but…"

In fact, after losing her worldly status, Maryse became Mu Ling's only friend of the same age. The two had made plans to have dinner together tonight.

Even if many things happened, Mu Ling still would not break the appointment.

This little one had always been willful, disobedient, lazy, and in a sense, beyond saving.

Therefore, sudden cancellation was also very normal because she had always been like that.

"If Maryse was my own child, spanking would definitely be necessary," Mu Ling mused.

"Perhaps she still has something she needs to do…"

With the room unlit, Mu Ling sat calmly in a chair in the darkness, waiting for Maryse to return.

Time passed slowly, and the ticking sound of the alarm clock echoed in the air.

It felt as though a long time had passed.

In the silent darkness, there was suddenly some movement. The girl slowly got up and went to the refrigerator. She opened the door and drank a glass of ice water that was inside.

After setting down the glass, the girl stood there lost in thought for a while before sitting back down and continuing to wait in the darkness.