I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Sacrifice

The endless black tentacles, like the despair reaching out from the depths of hell, attacked the perfect angel who had fallen into the mortal world.

Mu Ling's Night Slashing Sword had an extremely strong cutting ability. The thin yet unbreakable blade repeatedly slashed through the tentacles, but more tentacles quickly emerged.


She was almost forced into a corner, with dark tentacles overwhelming the place in excessive numbers.

They could easily crush an entire army within a short amount of time, leaving no place to hide. What use was speed in the face of this?

Mu Ling remained extremely calm, her speed of thought matching her movement as she realized she was about to be surrounded. She immediately turned into a black light and soared away into the distance.

The advantage in speed was enormous, and if Mu Ling wanted to evade or delay, Abner would have no way of catching her.

"If you escape, I will destroy this area."

Abner looked at the black dot in the sky and immediately resorted to a despicable yet effective tactic of making threats.

At the next moment, she discovered numerous black tentacles surging towards the outer periphery of the city center. Mr. Mystery was obviously planning to massacre the ordinary people in Tatsumi City.

The first target was naturally the bus, but Mu Ling remained unmoved. She knew she had cut the ropes of the people on the bus and they had already escaped.

However, she could not simply turn a blind eye to this. If things continued this way, the surrounding areas would still be destroyed by these all-encompassing black tentacles… despite minimal damage possible, since the Night Watchers would arrive soon.

Mr. Mystery was attempting to agitate her, pressuring her into a swift and brutal fight with him. Mu Ling was acutely aware of this.

Deep Blue World!

She rushed into the midst of numerous black tentacles once again, without hesitation. The black sword light penetrated countless evil obstacles, and slashed its way to the calm man's side.

Abner's expression was extremely calm, as if he was not someone who had fallen into despair at all.

His head was once again severed by a black light!

Just then, Mu Ling realized that something was wrong.

A huge purple glowing magic array lit up under Abner's feet, with strange patterns resembling evil pupils, as if some terrible creature was staring at Mu Ling.

The continuous pressure and murmuring whispers made it impossible for her to stay clear-headed.

Mu Ling felt dizzy and unable to move for a moment!

"Your speed is fast, but your attack position is too monotonous… As long as I set a trap in the necessary place, capturing you will be effortless."

One Abner after another appeared nearby, dividing themselves and using one as a bait. They set up a ritual trap in advance to control the action and waited for Mu Ling to approach himself.

Abner waved his hand.

All the black tentacles rolled up and surged towards the stranded Mu Ling!

In the next moment, the tips of these black tentacles turned into sharp blades, aiming to instantly turn the perfect angelic girl into a bloody mess.

Mu Ling took a deep breath.

She began to forcibly consume vitality, transforming it into massive negative energy!

Frantically using "Nyx's Cover" to the maximum limit, attempting to violently disrupt the balance of the evil ritual beneath her!

The consequences of doing so are extremely severe, as the extraction force of the Civilization-level Relic is extremely huge, and Mu Ling is likely to die as a result.

The ethereal light rose around the girl as if the stars were descending from the sky, turning the world into a gorgeous Milky Way!

She knew that as long as she could defeat that man here, she would even be willing to face death without any regrets!

But at this moment, numerous tentacles had already arrived in front of her.

They covered everything in her line of sight.

It was too late, and Deep Blue World was still a little short of the mark…

Tactical Card · Collective Acceleration!

The power from outside suddenly appears!

The ceremony was completely disrupted, and Mu Ling disappeared from the spot in a critical moment. The next second, numerous black tentacles penetrated the ground and tore apart everything in front of them!

Her speed had ascended to a whole new level.

In the blink of an eye, all the vast tentacles swaying around were severed!

Several Abners quickly cast spells and used Relics to try to control even the slightest movement of Mu Ling.

But in the next moment, everyone was beheaded.

For a brief few seconds, there were numerous slashing attacks that were difficult to make out clearly.

Mu Ling finally reached her limit, her vitality almost depleted as she staggered out from the many tentacles.

She gazed upon the multitude of corpses and the dancing group of tentacles not far away.

It's not over yet…

Abner's body was aflame with black flames, and he approached the girl with numerous tentacles.

He appeared like an evil spirit crawling out of hell.

Step by step, he advanced towards the land of his own beliefs.

He would never fall before achieving his dreams, burning with soul and faith.

"I won."

He spoke slowly and confidently, while Mu Ling could only awkwardly step back.

"However, you are also a strong believer, albeit in something wrong."

'As long as I kill her here, there will be enough time to complete the ceremony, and the nearest Night Watcher is only a few minutes away…' Abner thought calmly.

'Master, I will not let you down.'

The frantic outbreak had already drained Mu Ling's vitality to its limit.

Even just standing, she was already exerting all her strength, enduring immense pain.

Mu Ling watched as the other party approached little by little, her pupils gradually dilating.

Why hasn't this demon-like presence fallen yet?

Lord Savior…Mr. Savior, I apologize for disappointing you.

For some reason, in the final moments, Mu Ling's heart called the Savior "Mr. Savior", just like "Profligate".

Perhaps, this seemed to be a more intimate way of addressing him.

In the end of the fierce competition, the two sides were on the verge of their limit and now were within arm's reach of each other.


Mu Ling widened her eyes. Her flowing white hair was pierced by a sudden coin, and at the same time, Abner's chest burst open!

Blood splattered!

Abner's mind raced. Were they her reinforcements? A powerful member of a neutral party, or another member of Babel Tower?

He reached out his hand again, wanting to let the black flames swallow Mu Ling, but his body was cut in half by Night Slashing Sword. Mu Ling took a new step at the limit.

He absolutely could not fall here…

With little life left and his soul about to burn out, he stood up once again.

"Bang! Bang!"

The coin, located a kilometer away, struck consecutively, shattering half of Abner's body… A high-speed flying girl, a kilometer away, was rushing towards here.

With closed eyes, Maryse targeted her objective through psychic power, the coin in her hand unleashed the true power of "Deep Red - Divine Punishment."

A high-speed, almost unstoppable, long-range attack was inflicted upon the enemy!

"Great Seed of Chaos, you will destroy this illusory world, lead the people to reality, and we will attain eternal happiness in the real paradise…"

At this moment, Abner knew in his heart that defeat was inevitable, yet he remained calm and recited his teachings without hesitation, launching another attack towards Mu Ling.

Deep Blue World!

Mu Ling severed the tentacles coming at her with all her remaining strength, dropping to one knee in exhaustion.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…"

Three coins that had once passed through Abner's body started to move back and forth rapidly along their trajectory, striking Abner repeatedly and shattering him to pieces.

Finally, the remaining lives of "Mr. Mystery" in this section were completely exhausted.

The black tentacles in the sky shattered and disappeared without a trace, like black snowflakes drifting away.

Mu Ling looked blankly at her dead enemy, and a complex and indescribable emotion surged in her heart.

I have achieved…

Mom, Dad…thank you.

If I have another opportunity…

I will step towards a new tomorrow.

She fell down and the Night Slashing Sword formed by yin energy dissipated, her body gradually becoming cold, death was just one step away.

Mu Ling didn't feel much regret, she had accomplished almost everything she wanted to do, killing Mr. Mystery and saving the city.

If there was only one regret…

She hadn't had time to have children, and her family would perish as a result.

Maryse fell to the ground, gazed at her dying friend in disbelief, and walked over in a daze.

"Don't die!"

Maryse knelt beside Mu Ling, her new companion, feeling a surge of immense anger and fear in her heart.


Few are capable of entering Maryse's inner world, but once they do, it becomes an extremely valuable treasure to her.

In a certain world line, she may even rebel against Babel Tower due to the death of her friend!

"You can't die! How can you die here! Aren't you supposed to be a hero?" Maryse roared loudly, like a wild beast.

I only have two friends in total! How can you die here!


The immense fluctuation of emotions caused a tremendous rise in psychic power. Maryse reached out and pressed her hand on the girl's chest, crazily infusing Mu Ling with life-force energy!

The mind burst forth!

Blood started to flow from her seven orifices, and her body shook violently.

Maryse's far beyond normal extreme personality made her psychic power extremely powerful. Under intense emotional fluctuations, psychic power was able to do all sorts of incredible things.

Mu Ling's body gradually showed signs of life.

A few minutes later, Maryse walked alone towards a nearby dark alley and weakly sat down.

She looked exhausted, extremely weak, with blood all over her face and lifeless eyes. It was evident that she had come to the end of her life.

"It seems like… I have gone too far… There was no need to infuse so much… It was so foolish."

In the excitement of the emotion-triggered special skill, "Heart Burst", which was used for the first time, Maryse, with no experience, accidentally overdid it.

And this was also something that didn't occur in the "pre-determined script".

According to the original "pre-determined script", all the members of Babel Tower should have died, and the victor should have been Mr. Mystery, the other "half" that wasn't targeted by the "Profligate".

However, during these two hours, the changes produced by Bai Yab's own hands were too many, resulting in numerous unexpected alterations…which he had not foreseen either.

"If Mu Ling saw herself as the cause of my death, cough cough, she would surely regret it for a lifetime…no, it won't do."

If she died here, no one would discover it.

The lonesome girl sat in the silent and secluded alley, and slowly closed her eyes.

Psychic Dancer had died.


Had she not died?


It must have been Mr. Savior, he had saved her again.

Feeling weak, Mu Ling gradually opened her eyes, confused, and suddenly found that people were surrounding her, more and more people.

They were the people living in this city, old and young, men and women… Each of them silently gazed at the newly woken girl, eyes fixed.

In the dark night, people spontaneously gathered around the girl who looked like a falling angel.

Mu Ling vividly realized that pairs of eyes were all watching her.

She discovered that on people's faces, there were complex emotions like curiosity, respect, pity, gratitude and they all converge here, expressing their goodwill towards the hunter girl.

"She sacrificed herself for us…"

"Look at this girl's face, she's still so young."

"She is of a similar age to my daughter."

"But she saved us, a true hero, and we all owe her so much gratitude."

The crowd knelt one by one to pray for the hero who saved everything. Mu Ling lay quietly among the kneeling crowd, wanting to shake her head but feeling incredibly weary, unable to even move a finger.

No… the person who saved everything is not me, but the Savior of Babel Tower.

Adelaide, Holly, and the big guy stood on the outskirts of the crowd. They came to provide rescue efforts, but of course, capturing Babel Tower members was also a very important task.

"Maybe we should fight another time, captain. I really don't want to kick someone while they're down."

With her small face lifted, Holly grabbed onto Adelaide's sleeve and begged.

The big guy also looked at Adelaide with a pleading gaze.

"Let's go."

"The matters here have already concluded, and there are no suspicious individuals present. Let us depart."

Adelaide calmly lit a cigarette and turned around.